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Quiz Funnel Masterclass By Ryan Levesque Review

Video Overview

Bonus : *will be explained in tomorrow’s video in detail.

Here’s a quick overview:

I’ll be building 2 funnels for your business:

  • A quiz funnel with the Ask Method
  • A live XP funnel by combining the “Ask Method” and the “7 Ideals”

I’ll build those 2 funnels from start to finish so you don’t have to do the work. 

I’ll be refining, tweaking, and improving those funnels until they are profitable and can run on autopilot.

This bonus takes away all the pain associated with building the quiz, marketing it online, and improving it.

It’s a huge bonus and I never offered something like it.

Let me know if you have any questions.

What is the Quiz Funnel Masterclass – Overview

What exactly is the “Quiz Funnel Masterclass” training program? Is there potential in building quizzes and quiz funnels? Is this a new method or outdated? Is it effective and why? Is Ryan the right mentor and guide? Is it worth the money?

Is there anything else you need?

These are just a few of the questions going through your mind right now. So, here I am, to answer all the questions you might have and to guide you to make a well-informed decision.

Let’s dive right in!

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is a brand new marketing training program by Ryan Levesque, creator of the Ask Method.

In a nutshell, the ASK Method is a step-by-step blueprint to help brands and wannabe business owners connect with their audience on a deeper level. Also, it’s about discovering what customers really want through surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, and assessments. It’s about segmenting customers into different buckets and creating products and services based on their specific situation or improving existing products to match the needs of the customers. It’s about creating sales funnels, optimization, and marketing automation.

Now, the Quiz Funnel Masterclass is actually an extension of the ASK Method and focuses on quizzes and funnels.

It’s a 6-week online training program based on the Quiz Funnel Bootcamp (in-person) that Ryan hosted last year in Austin, Texas (January 2020).

Ryan also hosted a live bootcamp later in October 2020, but this time it was a virtual live event due to the pandemic.

I’ve watched all the recordings of the bootcamp and I immediately used this approach to my business with extraordinary results. Quizzes, questions, and this kind of funnels helped me acquire qualified leads that converted at much higher rates than before.

I was already using the ASK method to generate leads and customers, but the quiz funnel Bootcamp helped me build quizzes and funnels that convert at even higher rates.

The online masterclass includes live Q&A calls and the recordings, live funnel reviews and the recordings, a 90-day private Facebook group support, checklists and templates, swipe files, and lifetime access to the training.

It also includes access to the flagship product of the ASK Method company, the bucket.io software.

So what is a quiz funnel?

It’s a sales funnel based on a quiz.

A sales funnel is a marketing model that illustrates the various stages of a customer journey. The number of stages varies depending on the theory or marketing approach. The goal here is to convert unknown visitors into leads and subscribers, paying and repeat customers, and ultimately raving fans of a brand.

At every stage of the buying journey, there are opportunities for brands to communicate with prospects and customers, and depending on their actions to provide them with the next step they want them to take.

A variety of marketing and sales channels and methods can be deployed (one of them is a quiz) but we can also automate the process by using online tools and software and by providing content tailored to a prospect/customer’s needs and the stage they are in.

With quiz funnels, a visitor lands on a page on your website and you ask them questions, it can be 1 question or a series of questions, based on your goals.

Now depending on the answers they provide you redirect them to other pages on your website or even to other online properties.

You can follow up with emails or other means of communication and you want to convert unknown visitors into active subscribers, leads, and ultimately, paying customers.

The big question here is…why should I be using a quiz funnel instead of any other funnel?

Main Benefits

  • Incredibly cheap leads
  • Incredibly high volume
  • Incredibly high sales conversion
  • Incredibly valuable data
  • Better sell and better serve

Ideal Audience – Who Is It For

  • Brands and entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Copywriters
  • Wannabe business owners
  • Digital products
  • Physical products
  • Services
  • Brick & mortar
  • Agencies
  • eCommerce
  • Software (SaaS)
  • Memberships
ryan levesque quiz funnel bootcamp

Deep Investigation & Analysis

quiz funnel masterclass quiz examples

You can get a feel of what the Quiz Funnel Method is all about by registering for the free workshop training series.

It’s bundled with free downloadable material to help you understand the concept and apply this new knowledge immediately to your business.


It’s a training program that helps brands create best-performing quiz funnels to approach their customers using a unique angle based on what the customers want.

This training is based on the Quiz Funnel Bootcamp sessions Ryan hosted last year.

The masterclass teaches brands and business owners how to create quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires to approach their customers and give them exactly what they want.

The “Quiz Funnel Method” has been used by some really big names, like Proactiv, Don Clifton, RealAge, RevolutionGolf, SwiftFinancial, various marketing agencies and consultants across the globe, and industry leaders like Jeff Walker, Stu McLaren, Billy Gene, and more.

Ryan’s method has been featured on Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, and on TV.

The method includes these major parts.

  1. Hook
  2. Questions
  3. Bridge
  4. Offer
  5. Pages
  6. Traffic
  7. Optimization & beyond
quiz funnel masterclass quiz creation flow

Pre-Event Call 1

In these 2 pre-event video-calls, Ryan is setting the stage for what’s coming next, the in-person 3-day event. 

He prepares his students by assigning homework, reviewing their submissions, giving them feedback, and introducing them to other team members that will participate in their training.

Viral Quizzes:

How to create a viral quiz to quickly build a massive list of qualified leads.

The focus of this pre-event is to set you up for success when you meet Ryan in-person. It’s a step-by-step process to help you maximize your gains during the event.

Bootcamp live event schedule:

  • 1-day intensive “create your viral quiz step-by-step”: come up with your whole quiz (questions, outcomes), the offer, hook, and gameplan for making your quiz irresistible (and giving it the best chance to go viral).
  • 1-day hands-on tech workshop “build your quiz funnel while we’re together”: eliminate your tech challenges once and for all…and get your quiz up and running online
  • 1-day bonus intensive: Facebook ads with Nic Kusmich: a big mistake is not having a plan around how to drive traffic to your quiz. This training helps you get clear on how to target the exact right people on Facebook to take your quiz and become your customers.

Ryan and his A-Team:

Ryan runs the event with the help of other team members:

Iczel Katz, Peter Li – both quiz funnel experts and marketing consultants, Alessandra Colaci and Kelli Byers, bucket tech coaches, Doug Brown and Dan Giordano, business strategic specialists, and Elliott Pittman, CMO, and Richard Cussons, COO and partner of Ryan. 

And the instructors: Michelle Falzon, head of content, Nic Kusmich, Facebook ad expert. 

ryan levesque quiz funnel masterclass pre-event call

Help with your quiz idea:

  • Outline the quiz creation flow & important information
  • Find possible candidates for your hook
  • Prepare you to test your hook
  • Support to get your homework done and submitted

Mistakes to avoid:

#1 The wrong process – you should create and follow a blueprint. There are certain steps a visitor should take.

#2 The wrong hook 

#3 The wrong questions

#4 The wrong offer

#5 The wrong tool – you may have a survey software with data & analytics but with ugly output, a form creator with a beautiful output but not optimized for conversions, a funnel builder focused on conversions but with a one-size-fits-all option, a quiz creator great for building viral quizzes but clicks do not always mean customers. 

Bucket.io has everything you need, the main slogan here is … quizzes built to convert. Ryan became an investor in this company as he was searching for a solid quiz tool.

The Offer:

Quiz topic – thought starters:

  • What is a topic that customers always ask about?
  • What is a topic your market often searches for help on?
  • and more…

Quiz framework – thought starters:

  • Does your quiz topic lend itself to distinct categories?
  • and more…


Here, Ryan helps students complete a worksheet with 10 ideas for each type of framework, type, killer, and score. 30 different ideas and options. 

Hook combination:

There’s a process to do that and it’s called “Testing your hook”.

Pre-Event Call 2

Headlines format examples:

  • [QUIZ] What’s your blood sugar risk score?
  • [QUIZ] What’s your #1 real estate income killer?

Ryan’s Feedback:

Here, Ryan is giving feedback to his students and explains their mistakes and how to solve them in order to make their quizzes more effective and solid.

ryan levesque quiz funnel bootcamp 02

Ryan underlines what students should avoid for specific score quizzes, what ideas they should include in their hook, how to make their prospects and quiz takers feel less resistant, how to make their hook specific, how many ideas they should be testing with each quiz, how to use effectively killer quizzes, how to make their quizzes easy-understood, what language they should use, how to make their quizzes more clear, which framework they should use in each case, what topics work best for certain niches, 

Deep Dive Survey (DDS)

1st goal:

  • Which hook performs best with Facebook ads
  • Which hook works best with email subject lines

bucket.io walkthrough:

Peter Li is walking us through the survey creation options.

Email subject line split test:

Strategy – we want to find the hook that gets the most opens.


ryan levesque quiz funnel bootcamp 03

Statistical significance:

It’s the likelihood that the difference in conversion rates between the control and the variation is not due to random chance 

Google adwords robot A/B test:

When you gather data from your FB ad and email opens, use the Google tool calculator. 

Facebook ads

Setting up a FB split test:

  • How to setup your FB ad split tests
  • There are also available downloadable resources: ad setup walkthrough, FB ad template, FB business manager setup, FB image sources
  • You also need to setup your ad account in business manager, your FB business page setup and added to business manager, your pixel setup in your ad account, your ad copy template completed


Framework: follow, frequent, fund.

Pre-Event Calls Review

In these long sessions, Ryan proves he is a real teacher aiming to help all his students understand the complex concept of creating a super-effective and attractive quiz that people want to fill out immediately.

This is serious stuff and Ryan goes deep with his reviews of his students’ submissions.

Also, he explains the whole process of creating a quiz step-by-step thoroughly in order to eliminate mistakes.

He sets the stage for what’s coming next in the Bootcamp in-person sessions. This is a perfect chance for the Bootcamp attendees to get prepared so they can get the most out of the Bootcamp sessions.

quiz funnel masterclass facebook ad test

Getting Started Module

Introduction and Offer

The order:

A quiz consists of the hook, the bridge, and the offer. People taking the quiz experience it in this order.

Here, Ryan and his assistant are examining attendees’ results split tests and discuss each case. They also examined attendees’ hooks, in order to find the best performing one to move forward with the quiz.

Split testing:

In this session, all attendees were presenting their “cure”, the thing they were trying to sell and Ryan was giving feedback. They discussed ways to move forward if they get stuck between 2 ideas, how to make a funnel decision.


Outcomes, buckets, what to do when people take a quiz

ryan levesque michelle falzone quiz funnel bootcamp

Self-diagnosis vs expert diagnosis:

The difference between them and why it’s important. 

Then Ryan invited the attendees to complete an exercise called “what are your buckets?” They had 15 minutes to come up with identifying their buckets and giving them names.

Getting Started Module Review

This module got the attendees excited for the whole process and Ryan promised that everyone will have their quiz completed by the end of the 3-day event. 

A very interactive module where attendees were discussing their problems and questions with Ryan.

quiz funnel masterclass team

Hook Module

The Bandaid:

Ryan is asking attendees to describe their hook and their buckets. 

Then he shows ways to get unstuck with their bucket names if they have a hard time finding them.

The exercise:

Ryan gets people to complete the bandaid exercise

The Cure:

There is a gap between the bandaid and the cure. You can’t just go from the bandaid to the cure straight away. There is a segway to do it.

quiz funnel bootcamp audience speaks

The Bridge:

Ryan gets people to complete an exercise, to draw their funnel so they can get a feel of what it looks like visually.


Coming up with your questions:

How many questions you should ask, how to start, how to end a quiz, sweet spot.


Funnel Module

Welcome page:

This session is about setting up the bucket, welcome, lead capture and outcome pages.

Build your welcome page:

This session introduces the bucket.io software to the attendees. 

Ryan had people complete an exercise, to build their welcome page in 25 minutes. 

Then, Ryan, has attendees show their results in front of the group, on stage. Then, Ryan is giving feedback.

Questions, branching, logic

Ryan’s assistant is helping attendees move forward using the bucket.io software to create their questions. build their lead capture pages and the outcome pages.

Outcome page:

There is a quiz outcome page template, an outcome video formula example, and an outcome video template to help attendees complete this step of the process. 

Then, Ryan’s assistant is helping attendees use the bucket.io software to build the outcome page. 

Traffic Module

Facebook traffic part 1:

Ryan introduces Nic Kusmich, his mentor when it comes to traffic.

The objective of this session is for you to have a solid working targeting list of your ideal prospects so you no longer have to worry about targeting on FB ever again.

Nic introduces a new concept to help attendees focus their traffic efforts on a specific segment.


quiz funnel bootcamp nic kusmich

Facebook traffic part 2:

There are templates, checklists, and other resources to help attendees complete this step of the process.

How to start a quiz, how to build trust, when to call people to action.

Nic is helping attendees complete each step and he writes the copy of an ad so that people can follow his footsteps.

Another extremely detailed session that helped attendees move forward with certainty and confidence.

Extras Module

Quiz teardowns

Ryan asked the attendees about their takeaways and aha moments.

He also gone through their quizzes, videos they created and the pages they built during the previous sessions.

Key takeaways

Ryan is inviting people to take a moment, to take their notes, and answer the following 3 questions.

What was your single best takeaway from this event?

What is your micro-commitment next step in your business?

What is your one word that sums up how you are feeling, what’s going on in your mind right now?

Real life example (choose quiz):

Ryan and his assistant underline the most important aspects of the quiz creation process again to ensure attendees get the most out of this event. 


Quiz Funnels In Action

quiz funnel masterclass companies using it

Quiz funnels in action

Golf “Swing Killers” by Jim McLean.

You land on Jim’s website and there is a video saying something like I am Jim and I’d been helping golfers for the last 20 years. And I found that every golfer, from beginner to seasoned, suffers from 1 of 10 mistakes in their golfing. I call these mistakes “swing killers”.

Jim then asks a series of questions to identify every person’s #1 swing killer, and then he provides a tailored solution for that person to fix their mistakes for free. Then, he introduces his paid product for those that want to move forward fast.

Weight loss “type” by Buck Rizvi.

Someone lands on their quiz page, they say something like “Did you know that when it comes to losing weight, there are 4 different weight loss types? Type A, B, C, and D. And if you have a friend who successfully lost weight following a certain strategy and you failed using the same one, then it’s probably because you are a different type of weight loss person. 

This type will reveal what kind of food you should be eating, what kind of exercise you need to focus on, and what type of supplementation you should take to improve your results. To find out your type click the button below and answer a few simple questions, and get your results.

Buck is providing people’s weight loss type for free and then he sells his supplement, the paid product.

Home “sellability score” by Mark Ball.

Mark wanted to generate leads for his real estate practice and created a quiz. On the landing page, he asks this question…Is now really the best time to sell your home? 

With everything happening in the world and the market right now, people ask, should I sell my home?

His series of questions help people discover if now is the right time to sell their homes, and if it is the right time, Mark will get on the phone with those people and offer his services as a real estate agent.

Quiz Funnel Free Calculator

Quiz Funnel Free Calculator

You can use the free tool to calculate:

  • How to slash your advertising costs by 30-90%…
  • What happens when you get 2-3X HIGHER conversions…
  • The effect of getting 5-25x FASTER results…
  • How much just ONE QUIZ Funnel can earn you per day, per month, and per year…
  • And more!

Then, all you have to do is answer one question and select an answer from the dropdown menu:

If you had to pick one, which of the following best describes what you’re selling?

Please pick one of the following options:

  • E-commerce: Selling Physical Products Shipped to Customers
  • Digital Info Product / SaaS: Selling a Course, Membership or Software
  • Affiliate Marketing: Selling Other Companies’ Products as an Affiliate
  • Client Services: Selling Coaching, Consulting, Agency, or Freelancing
  • Local Small Business: Selling to a Local Geographic Market
  • Lead Generation: B2B or B2C Online Lead Generation

Immediately, you are getting access to the free calculator.

ryan levesque quiz funnel free calculator inside the tool

The quiz funnel template swipe file

Ryan also gives you access to a 71-page pdf report along with the free calculator.

It includes:

  • Quiz templates and canvases
  • Outcome page templates
  • Quiz “real-life” case studies (eCommerce, digital products, affiliate marketing, client services, local small business, lead generation)

The Power Of Quiz Funnels

the power of quiz funnels purple-background-with-quiz-word-colorful-people_2795614

Illustration by pikisuperstar/freepik

What is a Quiz Funnel? How It Works

A quiz funnel is essentially a sales funnel that is created on the back of a quiz. 

A sales funnel is a marketing model that illustrates the various stages of a customer journey. The number of stages varies depending on the theory or marketing approach. The goal here is to convert unknown visitors into leads and subscribers, paying and repeat customers, and ultimately raving fans of a brand.

At every stage of the buying journey, there are opportunities for brands to communicate with prospects and customers, and depending on their actions to provide them with the next step they want them to take.

In most cases, marketers divide a funnel into 3 major sections, the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel.

The top of a funnel is centered on people’s needs and wants and is being used to drive brand awareness and generate leads. Brands use a multitude of channels and methods (blogs, reports, case studies, free downloads and material, eBooks, checklists, social media, paid ads, SEO, videos, podcasts, influencer marketing, or even cold tactics like phone calls, cold emails, guerrilla tactics like street advertising and so on) to get people’s attention and drive them into their world by providing valuable, interesting, and engaging content.

People that are interested in a brand move further down the funnel, from the top to the middle. At this stage, brands communicate with acquired leads to further engage with them, nurture and educate them, and monitor their behavior. Email campaigns, webinars, workshops, training, live events, and other methods are being deployed to prove a brand’s value and inform leads and prospects about the quality of its products and services.

The bottom of the funnel is where brands try to convince and persuade prospects into doing business with them. Here, we try to eliminate objections, position our brands as superior, communicate our products and services’ unique advantages and benefits in order to inspire action. Brands use salespeople or automation, phone calls, CRM, the power of communities, and other channels to close the sale.

As we can see, a variety of marketing and sales channels and methods can be deployed but we can also automate parts of the process by using online tools and marketing automation software and by providing content tailored to a prospect/customer’s needs depending on the stage of the funnel they are in.

But marketing does not stop there, in fact, it never ends.

Even when brands have successfully converted unknown visitors into leads, prospects, and customers, they keep on engaging and delighting paying customers to turn them into repeat buyers and ultimately raving fans and promoters. 

Now, quizzes are mostly used at the top of the funnel as a method to drive awareness and generate leads (lead magnets) and are based on a series of interesting, attention-grabbing questions.

When people complete the questions, they are being asked to share their email address so we can deliver their results, usually in the form of a report, email, video, etc. This way, brands acquire leads and are able to tag/segment quiz participants based on their answers in their marketing automation software or other means.

We follow up with content tailored to a quiz participant’s answers to provide value in advance, address their needs, and nurture them into our brand’s values, principles, and ethics.

We also get invaluable data and insights that we can use to improve our product line quality, create new products and services that the market needs, and solve people’s problems.

In some cases, brands might use quizzes in the middle or bottom of the funnel to engage with hot leads and prospects. The questions’ nature and style will be different though than those used at the top of the funnel.

How Brands Use Sales & Quiz Funnels

History: In 1898, E. St. Elmo Lewis developed a model that mapped a theoretical customer journey from the moment a brand or product attracted consumer attention to the point of action or purchase. St. Elmo Lewis’s idea is often referred to as the AIDA model, an acronym that stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. This staged process is summarized below:

  • Awareness – the customer is aware of the existence of a product or service
  • Interest – actively expressing an interest in a product group
  • Desire – aspiring to a particular brand or product
  • Action – taking the next step towards purchasing the chosen product

During the last years, sales funnels have gone mainstream, especially when ClickFunnels, a software company offering automation tools in an easy-to-use platform, entered dynamically the industry in 2014.

There are many different marketing theories and approaches to sales funnels but the idea behind them is to attract visitors, convert them into subscribers and leads, and paying customers. 

Now, quiz funnels have become extremely popular when Ryan Levesque, creator of the ASK Method, found a unique way to discover what customers want using surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, and assessments. 

He applied the ASK methodology to a number of brands and corporations and then he decided to create the ASK Method Masterclass, a training program teaching the methodology to entrepreneurs all over the world.

A couple of years ago, Ryan created the Quiz Funnel Masterclass (that is a part  of the ASK Method), a training program focused solely on quiz funnels.

Since then, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs enrolled in this training program and started using quizzes in their businesses with massive results.

Ryan is using a holistic and proven approach that starts with research, which is the most important step in any marketing approach. Getting to know our prospects and the market better.

He then identifies problems, untapped opportunities, people’s needs and wants, and builds an automated machine that serves his ideal customers, provides solutions, and satisfies their needs.

He builds sales funnels based on a series of questions to automate the whole process and create multiple income streams.

We use sales funnels extensively on this website. In fact, there are over 500 active funnels right now. We use a variety of lead magnets, call-to-action buttons, banners, and other media.

We use sales funnels for our clients as well.

We started using quiz funnels in 2018.


Illustration by macrovector/freepik


Quiz funnels can be used in any business, industry, or niche. They work for physical and digital products, services like coaching and consulting, local businesses, eCommerce, membership sites, software, and so much more. 

Brands of all sizes, sole entrepreneurs, bloggers, marketers and agencies, coaches, consultants, copywriters, software companies, and service providers use quiz funnels.

The main benefits of a quiz funnel:

  1. Cheap leads/low cost (businesses can cut their costs, often 1/3rd to 1/1oth the cost because quizzes are getting completed at higher rates than other marketing forms and magnets)
  2. You minimize risks and avoid big traps and reduce production costs by focusing only on products people really want to buy
  3. Fast results. Quizzes often go viral as people love them and share them on their networks, so you are getting traction pretty quickly. 
  4. High conversions. People who complete a quiz have higher chances of converting into paying customers because brands can identify people’s wants and needs in a unique way
  5. High volume – people love quizzes, quizzes are getting completed at higher rates than other marketing forms, and people share them with their network. Also, they love to get asked questions about themselves and they hate being sold to products and services without any real interaction
  6. Incredibly valuable data. Insights into people’s desires and needs, the language they use, and so on. 
  7. Better sell and better serve your ideal prospects. You can focus on the “right” people and ignore people that don’t have a real interest in your products. More importantly, by giving people exactly what they want, you gain raving fans and brand advocates
  8. Segmentation: we get to categorize prospects into different buckets, different groups of people.
  9. Personalization: we get to provide content and experiences tailored to their specific needs based on their answers. 
  10. Improved user experience: people enjoy learning more about themselves, and feel understood when we provide content and experiences tailored to them

Quiz funnels outperform other types of funnels in terms of cost per lead, engagement, and conversion rates.

We also get to collect valuable data and feedback from prospects so we can better serve them. We gain insights into the language people use so we can take advantage of it in our copy and landing pages, and in other formats of digital content we produce, like articles, visuals, videos, podcasts, etc.

Plus we get to provide unique and personalized experiences. 

We direct people to different versions of the same product or service or even different products and solutions based on their answers and specific needs and goals.

Every customer is treated differently and so we get to improve user experience as well.

You can find more information about quiz funnels and various examples of quiz funnels in action on this page.

Case Studies

Case Study #1 – Janeen Alley (Ryan Levesque’s student)

Janeen is a health & life coach.

Janeen was not 100% ready when she launched the quiz, she was afraid, for sure, but she took uncomfortable action. Ryan believes that this is just the beginning.

A 4-kid family woman living in Colorado, Denver.

She helps busy moms lose weight and gain vibrant energy even if they don’t have enough time or be able to stay consistent.

She says…I help you to make time, stay consistent, lose weight, feel better, get fit and transform your life!


She was teaching classes in her basement. She also had read the book “Ask” by Ryan and she knew about list segmentation.

She created a membership and she was wondering where to find people to join her membership.

In 2018, she started a podcast. She was broadcasting at least once per week and that was taking much of her time.

She also had a list of 170 people. After the podcast, her list grew to 250 people and she had 30 paying clients into her membership.

But when she created a quiz funnel for her business, she was able to get 1,100 people opting in, and that happened in just a few weeks.

And after just 16 days she got 370 leads and 3 sales.

ryan levesque quiz funnel case studies janeen alley what type of super mama are you

The quiz title was “What type of super mama are you?”

She asks questions like:

  • Which of the following best describes your situation during the week?
  • Which of the following age range applies to you?
  • Which animal best describes your parenting style?
  • Which of the following best describes your morning?
  • What is your current favorite activity with your kids?
  • Which one best describes your nighttime/sleep habits?
  • If you could choose one superhero sidekick, which one would it be?
  • Which one best describes your Super Mama Kryptonite?
  • How would you best describe your efforts to feel better?
  • If you could pick one, which reason resonates the best with your desire to obliterate your kryptonite?

When people complete the quiz, Janeen sends them a short video explaining their results and offering some valuable advice, and diagnosing their current situation.

When people watch their explanatory video of Janeen, they feel like Janeen knows a lot about them. Because it speaks to their specific situation. It’s like Janeen is able to read their minds.

The next step in Janeen’s funnel is a webinar where she provides additional information and invites them to work privately with her.

Simple stuff, no overcomplicated sales funnels. Just a quiz, a follow-up video, a few emails, a webinar, an invitation to work with her.

A lead costs $0.35 on average to Janeen, she had experienced a 53% optin rate.

In her last month’s webinar, she had 5 people attend it live and 4 out of them purchased her offer.

These numbers might seem small to you but consider the conversion rate, it’s 80%.

This is huge.

Janeen, an ordinary mom without credentials or degrees, used her experience to help other moms become productive, get healthy, and regain energy.

This story shows the real power of what happens when you decide to help other people and you are only 1 or 2 steps ahead of them.

You don’t need a Ph.D. nor a professional research paper to justify your actions.

“Choose Ask Build” Challenge June 2021

Day 01 – June 07 – You

More than 25,000 people attended the first session. An amazing experience that left people excited about the second day. 

There were over 1,900 comments, and this was something expected because online challenges are interactive, people love them and they take massive action.

The “Choose Ask Build” methodology is all about choosing a niche market you want to serve, then asking people what they need help with and what they want, so that you can build your quiz funnel to solve those problems, serve the market, to give people exactly what they want and need in your business. 

Ryan invited people to share their “WHY” using the hashtag #MyWhy.

What’s your big reason why? Why you do what you do? What’s your primary motivational force? Is it because you want to leave a legacy for your grandchildren? Is it because your family and close environment is not supporting you right now? Does no one believe in you? Do you want to prove the world wrong? Do you want to prove what it takes? Do you want to provide a better life for your family and kids? Or maybe you want to take care of your parents and help them live a better life and enjoy their retirement. 

People responded – here are a few examples:

#mywhy to build a dream of owning my own business. Wanting to work from home and live a financial freedom life that my and my family deserve to experience. No more working for the BOSS.

#MyWHY To create a life I love! One where I get to travel when I want to, work when I want to and have the freedom to choose!

#MyWHY I want to provide for my children as a single mother it’s been hard also I want to give others permission to dream and find their purpose

Today’s focus – YOU:

Why you are here, who you are, your identity, and based on that information, getting clarity on answering the first important question..what is your entrepreneur business type?

There are 4 types of entrepreneurs

  • MB – Mission-based: the type of person who wants to “right” some wrong in the world, a cause they want to support, some type of evil in the world that you want to eliminate to help and serve people. It’s a mission that you’ve been called to, you’ve been drawn to, it’s what drives you, it’s part of your through-line, it’s why you are here. An example – Christy Kennedy is a student of the ASK Method and she uses quiz funnels. She is a mom whose son was born autistic. And when her kid grew up and went to elementary school, her son was bullied in the schoolyard. And like any mon, she stepped in, she got involved, she intervened, she talked to the teachers, to the principals, and she made her a mission to eliminate bullying not just of her son but of all kids in the school. One thing led to another and the school asked her for her help to extend her work to the entire school district. Then, she was invited to extend her work to the entire state. Fast forward today, Christy’s mission is to eliminate school bullying across the entire country.
  • PB – Passion-based: this type of entrepreneur is in contrast to the mission-based entrepreneur. This type of entrepreneur does not move the world away from something evil. They want to move the world toward something they love and are passionate about. It can be art, sports, a hobby, a subject that you absolutely love, something that you want to introduce to the world and share because it is your life’s passion. An example: Charlie Wallace was a traveling musician living in the back of his van, playing the guitar to share his passion, music with the world. But he had a problem, he was a broke musician like many are. He had to make some money so he decided to build an online business using the ASK Method and the power of a quiz funnel and in less than 9 months, grew his business completely from scratch, making $2.2 million per year by sharing his passion, teaching other people how to play the guitar.
  • OB – Opportunity-based: is the type of person that sees opportunities everywhere, they don’t have a through-line passion or a mission that draws them. But when they look around them they ask themselves…how is it that nobody has ever solved this problem? They have a million ideas in a million days. They are pulled into a million different directions, trying to discover the next opportunity to pursue. An example – Dana and her husband Michael, were new parents, had their first child, and they struggled as newborn parents getting their infant to sleep through the night. Things got rough and no one was sleeping at all. And Dana performed some serious medical research. She found a solution. Later that month, she had dinner with some of her neighbors that were struggling with the same problem, and she helped them. One thing led to another and soon she became the go-to solution for moms across her city. She never thought of building a business around this topic but she decided to pursue this further. 10 years later, Dana and Michael have created a training program called “Sleep Tense that helped over 100,000 parents worldwide to this day. She never intended of doing this, it was just an opportunity knocked at the door, but she was open-minded to discover the hidden potential.
  • U – Undecided: they know they want to start a business, they know they want to be their own boss, they want to control their own destiny, to have control of when they work, where they work, and for how long. They just don’t know what kind of business they want to start. If you are undecided, this is perfectly OK. An example – Ryan Levesque, your host was in your place once. In this case, you should begin with a practice business. You just pick something, doesn’t has to be something you will do for the rest of your life, it doesn’t have to be your legacy business, it’s something to get you off the ground. You will learn the process of evaluating demand in your market, identifying a hungry group of people online who will pay money to solve a problem. It’s what Ryan did when he got started when he tried the scrabble-tile jewelry market. It was not his passion, it was not his mission, he just decided to pick something so he can learn the process. And in that process, he was able to build a massively successful business. After all those years, Ryan has built many businesses and now one of them has become his mission, to help as many entrepreneurs as he can to adapt the ASK methodology.

The dark/shadow side of each type of entrepreneur

You have to be aware that each type of entrepreneur has a dark side and you need to prepared for when this creeps in. So you can recognize it and push it away without letting it take control. 

  • A mission-based entrepreneur is so drawn to the mission, that in many cases they walk away broke. They are so consumed by the mission, consumed by helping people, and they end up making no money at all. 
  • A passion-based entrepreneur often struggles with what was once a passion, now becomes a J O B. A job. And they end up losing their passion. 
  • An opportunity-based entrepreneur often has to deal with the feeling of being “empty” inside. They may have built a business that fills their bank account, but it does not fill them inside simultaneously. It does not fuel their soul, they wake up one day and ask themselves…why did I spend the last 25 years of my life doing this? what was the point?
  • The undecided entrepreneur often struggles with what we call “Analysis Paralysis”. One more idea, not this one, one more and they never get off the ground. They stay in this undecided state forever. This is where the practice business comes in.
choose ask build challenge ryan levesque - day 01 diagram 02

The 4 types of online businesses

  • PF – product-focused business: here you are reaching a large audience selling digital or physical products. You are serving a large number of people in a relatively small way. If you run an eCommerce store, if you are writing books, if you an affiliate marketer, you probably don’t know the names of your individual customers and readers. You are not working with them on a close 1-on-1 basis. In these cases, you don’t have a close relationship, your customers are only names in an order receipt. 
  • CF – client-focused: here, you are serving a relatively small number of clients in a deep way. You know your customers by name, you may provide coaching or consulting services, or you are a freelancer, or an agency working with clients directly. You may not have millions of clients but you serve your clients in a deep and profound way. You have the chance to change their lives. 
  • MF – membership-focused: This lies somewhere between the previous 2 zones. You create some form of membership or online community, where you are serving a group of people on an ongoing regular basis. You have an ongoing recurring relationship with those people. You might not calling them on phone, you might not interact with them on a 1-on-1 basis, but your customers are not just numbers in an order receipt. They are members of your community. Your community might start small and grow over time. 
  • EF – event-focused: here, there is a starting and an endpoint. You do things for a concentrated period of time, and then you have an end to that. For example, this challenge is an event-focused type of business. It has a starting and end date. 

As you are evaluating these different types of businesses, you can mix things up. But Ryan suggests that if you are just starting out, focus on one of those types. Don’t try to do all things at once. It’s OK to be a serial entrepreneur, but take things one step at a time. 

A product-focused and a membership-focused business are most suitable for introverted personalities. You are not interacting with people on a 1-on-1 basis, If you are very introverted, then a product-focused business is the perfect fit for you. If you are less introverted, then a membership-focused business is the best fit. 

A client-focused and event-focused business is a better fit for extroverted personalities. If you are very extroverted you might want to pick the event-focused business and if you are less extroverted you may choose the client-focused type.

There are no hard rules, if you are introverted and you are drawn to a client-focused business, it’s OK to pursue your dream. 

Then Ryan invited people to leave their feedback and give a 4 letter acronym describing what type of entrepreneur is the best fit for them and what type of online business mostly attracts them.

People responded – here are a few examples:

Start as PBPF moving into PBMF



and all sorts of mixed answers. 

My entrepreneurial type and type of business:

As I am a very advanced entrepreneur with years of experience, I probably fit into all those categories. 

First of all, I am an introverted personality, very introverted. 

I started out with a product-focused business, my family’s manufacturing company. We were selling women’s clothes abroad but some of our clients were visiting us and we had dinner with them. So it was like a client-focused business as well.

I run a hotel which is a client-focused business. I run other local stores which are all client-focused and product-focused businesses. 

Now, when I got started online, it was a product-focused business, an affiliate business where I was selling other people’s products and services. I still do, this is part of my business, but only a small one. Even this side of business turned to be client-focused as I was helping people with marketing and extra bonuses, sometimes 1-on-1 or in groups.

Then, it was transformed into a client-focused business. Now I provide marketing and other services directly to clients as an agency and I work on a 1-on-1 basis with them. 

I provide private training workshops, another client-focused business. 

I did events and I had built a membership section on this website as well.

I was an undecided entrepreneur when I expanded online, but I quickly decided to pick up a practice business that later became my mission.

I’m also an opportunity-based entrepreneur that jumps from idea to idea.

But I got started doing 1 thing only. When your business grows, and you run multiple businesses, you will be able to expand upon new types.

choose ask build challenge ryan levesque day 02 diagram 01 results of the day 01 quiz

Day 02 – June 08 – Who

Another amazing session that left people excited about what’s coming next.

There were over 2,200 comments, and this shows the tremendous power of online challenges that are highly interactive, people love them and they take massive action.

Ryan started out by sharing the results of the 1st assignment where people were voting what type of entrepreneur best describes them and what type of online business they are most attracted to. The assignment was completed by half a million people. This number covers people that participated in the challenge (around 25,000) and those who took the same quiz Ryan built years ago.

  • MB – mission-based entrepreneurs – 14.3%
  • PB – passion-based entrepreneurs – 40.9%
  • OB – opportunity-based entrepreneurs – 21.8%
  • U – undecided entrepreneurs – 22.9%
  • PF – product-focuded business – 36%
  • CF – client-focused business – 16.2%
  • MF – membership-focused business – 28.7%
  • EF – event-focsed business 19%

There are 16 possible combinations based on the type of entrepreneurs and the type of business. Here are some examples and their statistics:

  • MBMF – a mission-based entrepreneur with a membership-focused business – 3.6%
  • PBPF – a passion-based with a product-focused business – 16.1%
  • MBCF – a mission-based entrepreneur with a client-focused business – 2.8%

Here’s why quizzes are so powerful:

Ryan explained that having access to this data gets you in a vantage point. Over 500,000 people completed this assignment, and now Ryan knows so much about this market. 

Now he can customize his marketing and messaging, products and services.

For example, if Ryan is talking to a membership-focused business entrepreneur he will illustrate examples of other membership site owners. 

Example: A free quiz to find out what type of business to start:


  1. Is the business you are thinking of starting…a brand new business or an extension of an existing business?
  2. When it comes to financing your new business, which of the following best describes your situation…I am funding the business myself or I am funding the business myself with a little bit of help or I have already raised millions in venture funding
  3.  If you had to pick one, which of the following best describes you?…Champion a cause (you are looking to champion a cause you would die on the hill for) or transform a hobby (you want to transform your hobby, passion, or interest into a business that makes money) or pursue an opportunity (there is one or multiple opportunities you’ve stumbled upon that you are interested in possibly pursuing) or undecided (you are unsure what type of business to start)
  4. Right now, if you had to pick just one, what’s driving you more than anything else?…freedom (financial freedom, time freedom, freedom to travel and choose) or impact (it’s more than making money – it’s more about making an impact) or legacy (making my mark and leaving the world in a better place) or all of the above
  5. Which of the following best describes how much time you will have for your business…side hustle (something I will do on the side working another job, studying or caring for family etc or full-time (something I will do full-time as my main focus)
  6. Which of the following best describes the business you see yourself creating…lifestyle (creating a $100K – $1M business that provides you with a great lifestyle) or empire (creating a billion-dollar empire that takes all of your time and focus – lifestyle can wait)
  7. Which of the following best describes you…I love talking on the phone or I love being in my room writing all day or I love being on Facebook and connecting with friends or I love starting a party
  8. What type of business should you start? enter your email address to get a custom report plus a video explaining your results and what to do with that information today

Today’s focus – WHO:

Who are you going to serve? Who is your potential customer? The most important question before building a quiz funnel and your business. 

Yesterday, was all about you and why you do what you do. An introspection. 

Today is all about the market, our prospects. 

Why is this decision about the market so important? 

Because choosing the wrong market can be proved devastating for your efforts, morale, and your business.

You need to spot a market that has potential and where people are looking for products and services to satisfy their needs and they are actually paying money to accomplish their goals.

What is a market?

Ryan asked people what is a market and people responded.

Here are some answers:

  • A place to sell your goods
  • A group of people with a need
  • People who want what you’re providing
  • Potential customers
  • Willing people ready to make a purchase 
  • People with a problem that needs to be solved

All these are great definitions.

Ryan defines a market this way: A market is a group of similar people who have a common conflict in their life.


  • CEOs that want to become better leaders
  • Actors who struggle to memorize their lines
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own business
  • Parents who are looking to get their children to sleep through the night

Sometimes, some markets are similar on a demographic basis.

For example…if you are serving women going through menopause, these women are all of the same age. If you are service Christian singles who are looking to find the one, their partner for life.

In other cases, markets can be geographically specific.

For example…you might be serving vegetarians who line in Austin, Texas. Or it could be ex-patriots who live in China.

In other cases, people inside a market are demographically and geographically spread out. Like people in the community of the “Choose Ask Build” challenge.

What makes a good market – The 5 market must-haves

Ryan underlines that everyone starts from the base. Million-dollar businesses require million-dollar budgets. If you are just starting out, you need a vehicle to get your business going and take it to the next level.

Ryan has built businesses in all sorts of obscure niche markets, from orchid care to scrabble tile jewelry to memory improvement and beyond.

The 5 market must-haves:

  1. Evergreen – relevant today, and it’s going to be relevant 10 years from now,. Don’t choose a fad market that is super popular today but it’s not going to stand the test of time. Like for example, when Ryan immersed himself in the scrabble tile jewelry market, he got some traction and he was making some good money, but one day everything stopped. 
  2. Enthusiast – this kind of market is in contrast to a market where people want to solve a specific problem and when they do, they stop spending money in that market. An enthusiast market is one where people keep spending money for years or even decades to come. They remain consumers for a very long time. Like the dog market, where pet owners spend money on insurance, food, supplies, toys, collars, and so on. 
  3. Urgent problem – a market where people are looking for a solution to a burning problem right now. Like in the orchid market, you buy a flower, you bring it home, you are taking care of it, and then, all of a sudden, a morning you wake up and all the blooms have fallen off. Or like in the dog market, if you bring a new puppy home and it messes up your house, you need to solve that problem right away. 
  4. Future problems – After you’ve solved that first initial problem in that market, you want to make sure it’s a market that gives you the opportunity to continue supporting your clients and solve problems for them. Like in the dog market, once you’ve reached someone how to train their puppy not mess the house, the next step might be to train their puppy to stop barking or biting. Like in the orchid market, after you’ve reached people how to keep orchid blooms you might teach them how to grow other variants of orchids, or how to grow orchid in a greenhouse and so on. We are looking for customers for life.
  5. Players with money – you can’t serve broke people. You want to make sure people can afford your solutions, products, and services. And that people are willing to spend money in that market. Like dog owners spend money on organic dog food, insurance, operations.
choose ask build challenge ryan levesque day 02 diagram market must haves

Evaluating markets live with Ryan

Ryan invited people to suggest a market for a live review. 

Weight loss

Is it an evergreen market? Yes, people are looking to lose weight for as long as they exist. 

Is it an enthusiast market? Yes, people buy all sorts of things over and over again. 

Is it an urgent problem market? This problem is conditional, but it can become an urgent problem under some circumstances. For example, when people have to go to a wedding. Or when weight threatens your health. 

Is it a market with future problems?  Absolutely. People may lose weight but they may go extra skinny. Clothes don’t fit the way they expected. They might wanna change their lifestyle. It opens up doors to other activities for people.

Is it a market with people willing to spend money? Of course, people spend money in this market for decades. 

Drumming: drumming has a very long learning curve to master this specific skill. It checks all 4 must-haves but how exactly do you create urgency in this market? It’s very difficult to speak with confidence, so it’s a market that checks 4 out of 5 boxes.

Senior-living: it checks all 5 boxes.

How do you decide if the market you want to pursue is worth it?

A market that checks all 5 boxes is a green-light market. It’s worth pursuing it.

A market that checks 4 out of 5 boxes is a yellow-light market. Proceed with caution.

A market that checks 3 or less out of 5 boxes is a red-light market. It’s a market you do not want to pursue. It’s hard to accept it, but it’s all about the logic here. It means you may have to shift, pivot, and change direction until you find a 5/5 market. 

Then Ryan invited people to leave their feedback and give a 4 letter acronym describing what type of entrepreneur is the best fit for them and what type of online business mostly attracts them.

Today’s assignment:

Take some time to think about the market you want to pursue. Ask yourself if the market checks all 5 boxes. And post your answer inside the Facebook community. 

And if you are undecided and have not yet picked up a market, then Ryan has you covered with his “101 profitable niches for 2021” list. It’s a list of green light markets that check all 5 boxes. You can evaluate 1 of these markets as an exercise. 

My marketing agency business evaluation:

It’s a market that checks all 5 boxes, absolutely.

It’s an evergreen market, there are always new brands and aspiring entrepreneurs that want to start or scale their businesses.

It’s an enthusiast market, brands spend money on all sorts of services and products. Lead generation, traffic acquisition, branding, direct response marketing, SEO, social media, influencer outreach, video marketing, multimedia production, etc.

It’s an urgent problem market, brands want to get off the ground as fast as possible because they want to make money, they probably invested in their business and want to break even and become profitable, and aspiring entrepreneurs want to become independent as soon as possible.

It’s a market with future problems. Startups that get some traction and attention, need conversions, then they need to retain their customers and gain fans for a lifetime.

It’s a market with people that are able and willing to spend money. There are brands that spend billions of dollars on marketing and advertising services.

Day 03 – June 09 – Where

Another amazing session that left people excited about what’s coming next. Over 27,000 have joined the private community.

There were over 1,400 comments, and this shows the tremendous power of online challenges that are highly interactive, people love them and they take massive action.

Ryan started out by sharing the results of the 2nd assignment where people were evaluating markets.

  • Stacy Liddell: #MyWho – people who want to improve their health and fitness. All 5 boxes checked.
  • Robert D. Lee: niche/market – blogging/cultural arts tours, type PBPF, all 5 boxes checked.
  • Laura Bohling: helping people become the absolute authority on their big dreams. All 5 boxes checked.
  • Judy Jordan: success coaching kingdom entrepreneurs leaders, all 5 boxes checked.
  • Stanley Young: helping introverted professionals and executives set the pay promotion and recognition they deserve, all 5 boxes checked.
  • Rachel Woods: she tested 3 different markets. 1 proceed with caution, 1 green light, and 1 for future reference.
  • Joey Lai Pei Yen: 3 boxes checked, needs help with the 2 boxes though.

Today’s focus – WHERE:

Where do we find our ideal customers online?

On Monday, it was all about you and why you do what you do. An introspection.

Yesterday, it was all about the market, our prospects.

Answering the question “Where” will show us if the market is active and if people are looking for solutions and if they are willing to spend money.

5 places where your market is online

  • Facebook (groups): FB groups are places where people share a common goal, interest, or conflict. Are there people in related groups in your market that are actively engaged and having conversations right now? We are looking for evidence that people in these groups have questions, problems, and challenges so we can solve those struggles as entrepreneurs. Ryan uses FB to search for the term “orchids”. then he filters by groups. He discovered a ton of active groups with hundreds of posts per day. 
  • Google (forums): Ryan uses Google to search for the term “orchid forum”. The “OrchidBoard” forum is active. Total number of members – 43,000, active members today – 648. The “Orchid” forum is not so active. The “Houzz” forum is not so active either. The “OrchidTalk” forum is not so active. The “GardeningAssociation” forum is active. The “SlipperTalk” forum is very active as well.
  • LinkedIn (groups): a great place for B2B businesses. Ryan searches for the term “business consulting and consultant”. He is not using the term “orchid” because this is a hobby for consumers mainly. He filters by groups. There are active groups but most of them require us to join them to track their activity. They are not public groups.
  • Quora (topics): this is a Q&A forum. We are looking for people’s problems, struggles, challenges, and needs and if they are willing to spend money in this market. Ryan searches for the term “orchids”. He then chooses the topic filter. There are 14,000 people. One asks my orchid needs help…Is it possible for an orchid…what is the best way to…How long can orchids go without water? Quora also provides spaces related to this search term. 
  • Meetup (groups): a great tool for local businesses and people that meet up locally. Ryan searches for the term “orchids”. In the area of Austin, Texas, there are no groups available. He expands the radius to 100 miles, still nothing. He expands the radius to any distance and finds some events, but not very specific to orchids. He then searches for events in Miami, Florida. No great results here either. That tells us that the orchid market is not a great candidate for a local business, people prefer to meet up virtually.

Live examples

Ryan invited people to share some ideas for markets to evaluate. 

  • #1 home brewing: on FB – groups: there are many active groups. Google – there are active forums.
  • #2 zero waste living: by searching on FB for the term “zero waste” Ryan discovered other interesting keywords. The keyword “homestead” revealed a group with over 110 posts a day. Ryan explained that we need to be flexible. We can’t negotiate our destination, but we may change the vehicle that helps us reach our destination. There are a million ways to make a million dollars. You have to pick one and in the way, you might change. 
  • #3 python coding: Ryan search on Google for the term “coding forum”. He also searched for the term “coding for kids forum”. It’s hard to discover forums for kids as most websites protect this kind of content. It would make sense to search for adult forums where parents discuss about their children. Sometimes, you have to dig a little deeper. He used FB to search for the term “coding python” and filtered by groups. There was some activity going on. 
choose ask build challenge ryan levesque day 03 where to find ideal customers online

Today’s assignment:

Find and identify at least 3 groups of people online in your market. Groups that represent your ideal customer and that are active. We’ll use these communities in tomorrow’s training, it is the 2nd layer of research where we’ll try to spot people’s struggles, problems, and questions. We’ll also discover the hyper-responsive segment of your market that most needs help with today. This is the key to find an opportunity in your market where you can build a quiz funnel to solve people’s needs and problems. Make sure that you join these groups as well.

Tomorrow is all about the “WHAT”. What people want to buy in your market, what is the one thing that people would buy without second thought?

My marketing agency business forums & groups research:

My ideal clients are startups.

The FB group “Small Startups business” has 30,000 members and 230 posts a day. Many of the posts inside this group are spam ads but there are some questions people ask. I clicked to join this group. 

On Google, I discovered a forum that is coming soon. The StartupNowForum in Greece. I bookmarked it.

I joined “Startup Nation”, a forum I had reviewed in the past.

I requested to join the “Startup Specialists Group” on LinkedIn, 618,000 members.

I also requested to join the “OnStartups” group on LinkedIn, 838,000 members.

I followed the topic “Startup Founder” on Quora, 313,000 followers. 

There are no startup-related events on the “Meetup” website in Greece.

Quiz Funnel Workshop June 2021

1st Session – The Personalization Phenomenon

The evolution of the internet – how we got to where we are today:

  • Digital Marketing Phase I 2000’s: it was all about your website
  • Digital Marketing Phase II 2010’s: it was all about the marketing funnel, instead of just having a static website like in the previous period, here we were taking people through a series of steps, from one place to another, from visiting a website to buying a product
  • Digital Marketing Phase III 2020’s: now it’s all about interactive personalization. It’s not enough to communicate and sell to people in a one-size-fits-all way. 

The personalization phenomenon

  • Digital Marketing Phase I 2000’s: it was all about your website
  • Digital Marketing Phase II 2010’s: it was all about the marketing funnel, instead of just having a static website like in the previous period, here we were taking people through a series of steps, from one place to another, from visiting a website to buying a product
  • Digital Marketing Phase III 2020’s: now it’s all about interactive personalization. It’s not enough to communicate and sell to people in a one-size-fits-all way.

What is a quiz funnel in a nutshell?

  • Someone lands on your website
  • You ask a series of questions
  • To better understand their situation
  • So you can customize the product, offer, or message…
  • Based on that person’s situation

A quiz funnel is not a quiz like those you find on BuzzFeed.com

3 Big Reasons Why Using Quiz Funnels

#1 Incredibly cheap leads: often 1/3rd to 1/10th the cost

#2 Incredibly high conversion: customize your copy and offer, can often 2-3X conversion rates

#3 Fast results: less than 30 days, 

3 psychological forces behind quiz funnels that make them so effective and powerful

  1. Self-discovery: quiz offers an irresistible promise to help people discover more about themselves. The old way of selling a product online is to say something like…click the button below to get MY eBook, or to watch MY webinar, or to attend MY conference. The quiz way is to say…click the button below to learn more about YOU and get YOUR results
  2. Micro-commitment: when people invite others to do business with them online, they often make the mistake of asking too much too soon. Instead, it’s much more effective to ask people to go through some small steps, so they can micro-commit one baby step at a time. With a quiz, that’s exactly what you are doing, you ask a series of non-threatening questions to get people to take action and commit. You warm people up and learn more about their situation. This way, you are hacking the person’s fear response.
  3. ADP (Attract-Diagnose-Prescribe): Just like a doctor who diagnoses your situation, your illness and then they prescribe the next steps you should take, this is what you do with a quiz funnel. You tap into the desire that all human beings have, to be treated as individuals. Not to be spoken in a one-size-fits-all way. So we demonstrate empathy and understanding. 

Is a quiz funnel right for you? 6 ways to know

  1. Multiple products or services: a quiz funnel is the best way to route people to the best product or service that you sell due to what we call “pure customization”. While at the same time you segment your list into different buckets. 
  2. Single product or service: when you sell only one product but that product can help people in different situations, then a quiz funnel will help you with what we call the power of “perceived customization”. You sell one product but you talk about it differently based on people’s answers and current situation.
  3. Different challenges: when people deal with various kinds of problems, a quiz can help you provide a tailored solution.
  4. Different situations: for example, if you sell a product to CEOs, or HR directors, and directors of technology, these are all different types of people that you need to speak differently to them
  5. Different stages of a journey: for example, you sell a product to beginners, or advanced people, or experts. 
  6. Just getting started: if you are starting a new business, a quiz funnel is the best way to begin with. You perform market research and put people into different buckets. 

5 types of business that quiz funnels work so well

  1. Physical products online: eCommerce, books, supplements
  2. Digital products: courses, memberships, SaaS)
  3. Getting clients: coaching, consulting, agency, freelancing
  4. Local business: local services, brick n mortar store
  5. Lead generation: B2B, B2C

3 fastest paths to cash

  1. Pre-launch quiz: if you are thinking of creating something new, a quiz can help you. The biggest people make is they create the product first and then they try to sell it. A quiz does the opposite, identifies a starving crowd and their needs and then helps you build products to solve those people’s needs. 
  2. Affiliate quiz: for example, Robby Blanchard created an affiliate weight loss quiz. He uses Clickbank, an affiliate network, he spots the top 3 weight loss products and creates a quiz to route people to these 3 different products based on their answers
  3. Quizzes for clients: the skill of building quiz funnels for other people and brands. And based on the fact that there are many people in the world that have more money than time, this is a perfect business path for some of you. You can charge 1,000’s of dollars and monthly retainers. Some even charge royalties on gross sales.

Training Material

6 Modules – 6-Week Step-By-Step Live Training and Other Material ($5,000 value)

Module 1Your quiz hook. 

In this module, we’re going to come up with your hook and test that hook together. We’ll also cover:

  • How to come up with the BIG IDEA behind your quiz…
  • How to come up with a quiz that attracts buyers and not a bunch of freebie-seekers…
  • How to “pre-test” your quiz idea with your market to ensure your quiz is irresistible before you actually build it…
  • How to come up with a catchy name and title so it stands out in your niche…
  • How to create a quiz that people not only take, but ALSO share with their friends…
  • In other words, how to systematically create a compelling quiz that’s so good, it takes over your market and goes completely viral…
  • And much, much more!

Module 2: Your quiz offer.

In this module, we’re going to talk about how to create an irresistible offer on the back of your quiz funnel. We’ll also cover:

  • How to get people to buy from you immediately after they take your quiz…
  • How to use the “Bandaid / Cure” transition to seamlessly go from delivering your free quiz results to creating instant demand to purchase your paid product…
  • What to do if you’re selling a low ticket product, high ticket product… driving people into a launch, a webinar, or even into a phone call…
  • What to do if you’re selling a digital product versus a physical product…
  • What to do if you’re selling a service, someone else’s product as an affiliate, or if you’re not selling anything at all, and you’re simply using your quiz to build an audience or launch your email list…
  • We’re going to cover how to build a QUIZ Funnel for a product that doesn’t quite “fit the mold”…
  • PLUS the 9 secret elements of an irresistible post-quiz offer (and how to make sure your offer checks off each of these nine boxes…)
  • And much MUCH more…

Module 3Your quiz questions.

In this module, we’ll cover how to come up with the right questions to both DIAGNOSE a person’s situation and simultaneously create DEMAND for your product or service. We’ll also cover:

  • The 5 types of questions you should always ask PLUS the 3 questions you should never ask in your quiz…
  • We’re going to cover the optimal number of questions, the optimal question length, and the optimal number of answers for each question…
  • All based on analyzing 200 million data points from over 12,000 QUIZ Funnels created through our platform…
  • We’re going to cover the psychology behind “question sequencing” and how to structure your question flow to create maximum momentum and demand for your product or service…
  • How to come up with good quiz outcomes when your diagnosis part is a little trickier and more nuanced…
  • How to choose between “question scoring” vs “outcome mapping” to put people into different buckets based on their quiz answers…
  • PLUS: The 7 biggest mistakes people make with quiz questions and how avoid the single most common trap of overcomplicating your quiz…
  • And much MUCH more…

Module 4Your quiz pages.

In this module, we’ll cover ALL the pages you need to set up your QUIZ Funnel, including…

  • How to structure and set up your pre-quiz landing page to convert like crazy for getting people to take your quiz…
  • How to structure your quiz lead capture page, to not only get people to opt-in to your list to get their quiz results – but also pre-frame your offer so that they’re primed and ready to buy…
  • How to structure your post-quiz outcome page to take people from reading about their quiz results to take the next step in your sales process – whether that’s buying the product or service you’re selling or getting on the phone with you to close the sale…
  • Whether you should use video or text only on your quiz pages based on your niche, the product you’re selling, and the type of traffic you’re running…
  • PLUS: for every single one of your quiz funnel pages, you’re going to get access to a detailed, step-by-step page TEMPLATE, including fill-in-the-blank copy checklist with the exact word-for-word language and structure to follow for your videos, headlines, and more…
  • I’m even going to share with you 5 of our best-converting QUIZ Funnels right now across multiple markets (so you can emulate what’s working now without having to reinvent the wheel…)
  • And much MUCH more…

Module 5Your quiz follow-up.

In this module, we’ll cover what happens AFTER your QUIZ, including the entire email follow-up sequence designed to funnel an email lead into becoming a paying customer…

  • How to create a quiz report that not only delivers their quiz results, but also serves as a sales tool to create demand for your product or service…
  • How to format, structure, and design your report – including a step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks template to follow – along with examples of reports using this template in a bunch of different markets…
  • Post-QUIZ email segmentation: based on people’s quiz answers, how to decide whether you should create segments, move people onto different email lists, or retag them based on their answers…
  • How and where to customize your emails based on a person’s quiz answers… Including the 3 most important things to customize plus one thing that is a complete waste of time…
  • How to keep the people subscribed to your email list engaged and connected – so they don’t become cold subscribers not opening your emails a few days or weeks after taking your quiz…
  • How to get people to TRUST you and want to talk to you when you send out emails so you can build an audience that loves you and wants to work with you… How often you should follow up (and what you should say…)
  • The optimal number of emails, specific types of emails, and specific length of emails as well…
  • PLUS: In addition to email, we’re also going to cover how to modify all this to implement a post-quiz SMS and FB messenger sequence as well…
  • And much MUCH more…

Module 6Optimization & Scaling.

In this module, we’ll cover what happens AFTER you launch your quiz to take it to the next level, including…

  • Not only how to launch your QUIZ Funnel profitably and get your first 1,000 leads and email optins… But how to scale that quiz to 10,000 people… 100,000 people… And beyond…
  • We’re going to cover the exact conversion rate benchmarks you should be looking for in each individual step of your funnel, including your landing page, lead capture page, and each individual question…
  • We’re going to cover what to do if you’re not hitting these benchmarks… Including what to test, in what order, so you know when to tweak your questions vs. lead capture page vs. trying a new traffic source vs. testing a completely different hook for your quiz to begin with…
  • We’re going to cover the exact tweaks and changes to make on your outcome page if you’re struggling to convert leads into buyers after they’ve taken your quiz…
  • PLUS: I’m even going to take you behind the scenes of actual, real-life QUIZ Funnels that started out not working, but became profitable after making a few tiny, but critical tweaks…

Training includes:

  • Live Q&A calls (recordings available). Every single week you’ll have an opportunity to get your questions answered.
  • Live funnel reviews (recordings available). We’ll be doing live funnel tear-downs and critiques with the opportunity to get your actual funnel reviewed.
  • Step-by-step checklists & templates. Every step along the way, you’ll get access to fill-in-the-blanks templates, checklists, and diagrams.
  • Examples: the ultimate quiz swipe file. 10 years of examples, for the best-performing QUIZ landing pages, outcome pages, ads, and more…
  • The private FB support group. You’re never more than a few hours away from getting feedback and support through the members-only FB Group.
  • Lifetime access to the training. You get LIFETIME access to the training, meaning you can review, study, and rewatch over and over again.

Bonus #1 – Bucket 2.0 Software Enterprise ($4,500 value)

They’ve been working on this software for the past 18 months. The ONLY way to get EARLY ACCESS to this brand new AI-driven ENTERPRISE QUIZ Funnel Software is through THIS Quiz Funnel Masterclass offer.

Built on a cutting-edge AI platform designed to convert clicks into customers, based on over 30 million users and 200 million data points from the first-generation software, there is no other QUIZ Funnel platform like it.

Through this special QUIZ Funnel Masterclass offer, the $2,000 setup fee is waived, your first month is FREE, and the monthly subscription is reduced from $200 to just $99/month. Here is just a taste of everything you get access to, beginning with…

  • Bucket Canvas: This drag-and-drop interface lets you build and see your entire QUIZ Funnel in one place. Start from scratch or use a pre-built template.
  • Page builder: The fully-customizable drag-and-drop page builder lets you design and build ALL your pages right inside of Bucket – this replaces the need for any external page building software.
  • Template library: It’s easy to get started with one of our high-converting, pre-built quiz funnel templates, all built based on analyzing the conversion rates of over 12,000 different quiz funnels…
  • Integrations: Bucket integrates with your email… SMS… webinar… and shopping cart platforms, which means ALL the data you gather in your quiz can get pushed to virtually any other piece of software you use in your business.
  • Analytics: Detailed analytics let you track EVERYTHING from conversion rates and drop off on your quiz, opt-in rates per bucket…which ANSWER combinations give you the highest conversions, and more.
  • PLUS – Advanced Features
  • Pixel segmentation & Facebook integration
  • GDPR compliance & mutli-language support
  • UTM tracking & Google analytics integration
  • Filed logic & customer merge fields
  • Real-time lead scoring

Bonus #2 – Quiz Traffic Secrets Training ($2,500 value)

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Free vs paid traffic
  • How to structure ads
  • How to come up with the copy for your hook, headlines, and call-to-action buttons
  • Tssting
  • Ad formats
  • Ad templates
  • Audience targeting

Bonus #3 – “Choose Ask Build” Business-In-A-Box Training ($3,500 value)

No market? no list? no product? no business? no experience? no problem.

  • How to choose your market
  • What your market wants to buy
  • Build your quiz funnel and generate your very first sales

Bonus #4 – We Build Your Quiz For You ($10,000 value)

Yes, that’s right, that’s huge. You give your content, copy, and questions and they handle all the rest. They usually charge $5,000 for this service. The reason they are including this bonus is that they want to make a splash with their new 2.0 software and create a killer gallery of quiz funnels as quickly as possible.

  • Landing pages
  • Question pages
  • Branching logic
  • Outcome pages
  • Tracking
  • Email service provider connection

Extra Bonus – Our pack of bonuses to help you with your marketing and custom website development ($priceless)

Yes, I believe in this methodology because it simply works. It works better than other methods and that’s invaluable for me. I helped clients and my business using these quiz funnels, both online and offline!

Payment Plans/Guarantee

14-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Complete the course work from Module 1 to show them that you at least gave it a try. If after completing the work from Module 1 you decide that the course isn’t for you, simply let them know and you’ll receive a swift and full refund.


Behind the scenes

Live Documentary:

I’m building a quiz funnel using Ryan Levesque’s “Ask Method” and enhancing it with live events using my “7 Ideals” method.

I’m going through the 2022 live quiz funnel workshop that Ryan is hosting this week and various other resources and guides, and my notes from past workshops.

This is the introduction.

I’ll be releasing daily videos documenting my progress.

My Final Review

I first started using questions in my marketing back in 2016 when I came across a book, Ryan Levesque’s “Ask”. Since then, I’m using questions in forms, sales pages, pop up messages, emails, social media, anywhere.

I use questions for clients as well in funnels, landing pages, emails, and more.

Questions really work because you create a bond with people. You’re perceived as someone who cares.

As Steve Jobs said:

one of the biggest secrets in creating successful products is to CARE.

Additionally, surveys, quizzes, and assessments get completed at higher rates than other media and people love to share them with their network.

In the beginning, I mentioned that I am already using the ASK methodology. It’s comprehensive, detailed, and analytical. It goes deep, very deep.

It goes above and beyond other marketing training programs to ensure your brand gives customers exactly what they want.

Now, the quiz funnel methodology is based on the ASK method and is focused on providing extensive training and insights into the creation of successful quizzes and funnels.

It’s a method that really works with phenomenal results for me and my clients. And I tested these methods both offline and online, this means a lot.

The training is structured based on micro-commitments and it’s focused on helping students take action on what they learn. And that is extremely important because knowledge without implementation is just information.

Ryan and his coaching team will give you the tools, the knowledge, and feedback on your work and progress.

Plus, you have access to the private Facebook group that is priceless. 

The quiz funnel methodology works for any type of business, online or offline. It works for established brands and also people that want to start a business from scratch. 

It’s a method that can save you a ton of money and most importantly, time. Because it helps you attract only the right prospects and repel those who have lower chances of converting. 

If you want to avoid months or years of trial and error and save yourself tens of thousands of dollars in testing, then the Quiz Funnel methodology is the right method for you.

The BIG QUESTION: Will It Work For Me?

It’s OK to feel like this amazing opportunity might not work for you.

You can come up with a hundred reasons to stay away and play safe.

We, humans, operate based on emotions, beliefs, and experience.

But we also enjoy challenges, they help us become better.

When something great knocks our door, we think it’s a trap.

We are afraid of trying because we might fail. And then, we would be ashamed in front of our loving ones, although they will never stop caring about us.

So, subconsciously we try to avoid the big journey and we say next time.

But time is valuable.

Take me for example:

I run businesses since 1992 but when I discovered the online world in 2014 I had to start all over again. From zero.

What a challenge!

And all these gurus, and sophisticated marketers making millions while they sleep, who was going to pay attention to what I have to say?

But I discovered that these celebrities are just humans, like me.

They once had to fight against titans and celebrities of their time.

That’s life.

That’s why I am here to let you know that I can be your guide online, and I will show you how marketing works and how to make this program work.

Important things to Consider:

The Quiz Funnel method is an advanced marketing methodology and it needs some time to implement it to your business.

Your first quiz won’t be your last and you will refine and improve it as you progress.

It’s a method that works in any marketing, industry, and niche.

Also, it’s based on the ASK methodology which is a method that stood the test of time, it works for 10 years now and is being used by top industry names, leaders, and influencers. This alone is “proof” that this system is valid.

The method helps you identify what people want but then, it’s up to you to create awesome products that match those needs.

More importantly, the method works best for brands with multiple products and services to their arsenal. Because this method is relying on segmentation and on offers that are different for each segment (bucket) and are part of a funnel.

I believe the method is more appealing to existing brands and business owners with connections and a following that want to improve their product line and conversion rates.

This doesn’t mean the method won’t work for you if you’re just getting started but you may hit a wall using social media and organic traffic if you’re on a budget. In this case, patience and consistency will be your best friends. The best way to jumpstart a new business is by using the quiz funnel methodology in combination with paid advertising. 

In contrast to these concerns, if you’re a newcomer you can alternatively use the method as a marketing weapon for other companies that want to implement it. This way, you could fund your new business and move forward when you’re ready.

Two of the pages I’m using the method:

The Quiz Funnel strategy helped me acquire 30% more leads in the same amount of time compared to other marketing models.

I helped clients locally:

  • a toy store inside a big shopping center where we organized a quiz to collect phone numbers and email addresses when couples with children were entering the store. They were answering a 5-question quick quiz to help them identify patterns of their children’s behavior. Every participant had the chance to win a 30% discount on certain items and we can now follow up with emails and SMS messages.
  • a coffee shop that got hit hard by the lockdowns and re-opened just a few weeks ago. They were in need of new customers as things changed for the worse during the last 2 months. I organized a mini quiz of 6 questions and I printed it out on small paper. Then, we assigned 2 employees of the coffee shop to get out in the streets nearby and deliver the quiz to people and car drivers passing by for a whole week 2-3 hours daily. On the back of the paper were a photo of the coffee store, the telephone number, an email address and a map. People filling out the quiz had the chance to win 4 free visits for them and a friend and we collected valuable data and email addresses. Plus the coffee shop acquired new customers in less than 10 days in an area with enormous competition.

All in all, it’s an exceptional methodology and training program.

Ryan is obsessed with details, analysis, and data. He created frameworks, techniques, and methods for various stages of the program to make sure you communicate with your customers in a more meaningful way.

It’s not an easy task to deliver products that people really love without hard-selling.

Overall Value

If we consider everything you’re getting for the money you’re paying, then this offer is absolutely a no-brainer.

The main training modules, the epic bonus where they build your quiz for you, and the swipe vault with over 10 years of split-tests are a goldmine for any business.

Plus the access to the Facebook group will ensure you get the most our of this training. Having support from the Quiz Funnel team and interacting with other business owners on a daily basis will make a huge difference for you.

It’s one of those programs that I include in my ELITE list. This list contains only the best of the best programs, those that live up to their promises, those that bring results for the people.

As you can see, this is a very short list of carefully selected programs compiled since 2015. There are only a handful of programs there, not 100’s.

If you can’t succeed with one of these ELITE programs, I don’t know which program can help you.

Ryan is a trusted name in the marketing world with huge experience and has helped thousands of brands and business owners. I believe he can do the same for you.

In this premium training program, he goes very deep and he shares his best-kept secrets to help his students achieve the results they need. He holds nothing back and the Quiz Funnel method students will have a unique experience.

It’s a program you should not miss by any means.


Have in mind that just because you’re investing in such an ELITE training program that does not mean you’ll get the results you need.

There’s hard work associated with this training and with all the ELITE training programs I whole-heartedly recommend to my readers, followers, and subscribers.

If you’re not willing to work hard, practice, and apply this knowledge then this program is not for you.

Don’t become someone who just pays for a course and never finishes it. 

Invest in yourself and learn everything that’s included as quickly as possible. Why? To gain a competitive advantage and draw attention to YOU.


I believe so much in this program, and although the value you’re getting for what you’re paying is tremendous, and although there are huge bonuses packed by Ryan and his team, I’d like to offer you some additional bonuses that can help you get the results you want faster.

Quiz Funnel Masterclass RATINGS

  • Training 98% 98%
  • Marketing Tools 99% 99%
  • Support 95% 95%
  • Forum, Community 95% 95%
  • Other Services 98% 98%


Final Score

Wait, There’s More…My Bonuses

Let me make sure you move forward, apply what you learn and help you with your marketing

But before I announce the bonuses I need to introduce myself very briefly.

I’m a marketing consultant.

I first came across marketing at the university as part of my business administration studies, back in 1992.

I do online marketing since December 2014. I live, breathe, and dream of marketing. This is what I do for a living. I offer marketing and advertising services to clients directly and as a marketing publisher indirectly through this website.

Additionally, I provide live training and private workshops.

I helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services on the web.

I worked with networks, marketplaces, business owners, communities, and local stores.

I helped names like Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Nick Stephenson, Ray Edwards, Matt McWilliams, Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton, Jeanna Gabellini, software companies like ClickFunnels, OptinMonster, marketplaces like EnvatoMarket, Designmodo, InkyDeals,  Renderosity, Dealjumbo, Snappa, communities like HopeWriters, Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, and on and on.

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, we lose customers, and without customers, we lose business.

Marketing is responsible for bringing people in, and getting eyes on your products, services, offers, and programs.

Marketing also helps you retain customers for a lifetime.

If you need a boost in visibility, if you want to build brand awareness, I can help you.

You can also browse through our network page displaying some of the brands I cooperated with.


I am a huge fan of quality and I don’t promote mediocre or incomplete programs.

So, here are my bonuses

If you enroll in the Quiz Funnel Masterclass program before the deadline you will get access to me personally to help you increase your online presence and authority and maximize your earning potential

And you’ll get to know my marketing methods and how I use various platforms and websites, and how I pay for traffic, when I do it, and all this cool stuff.

This is like combining 2 marketing programs together. Imagine the impact you’ll have in a few short months.

7 ideals banner 666

Bonus #1

Full access to my “7 Ideals” methodology (real value $priceless)

Bonus #2

Lifetime access to me and ongoing support via live chats, emails, social media, mobile apps  (real value $priceless)

To Get Your Bonuses

Please Enroll in the “Quiz Funnel Masterclass” Using The Link Below

And Complete The Form

That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time…

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Business Organisation & Administration, Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, Summer Dream.

Reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and family comes first.

Some of the links on this page are "sponsored". For more information, I refer you to the Disclaimer page


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