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Experts Academy Elite | Killer Intro – Disappoints Me At The End

by Tasos


May 3, 2015


I’m filming the last part. The finish line (Feb 02). New office setup (April).


A sophisticated 7D strategy that works both for hiring affiliates and becoming an affiliate for other brands.

My approach takes a new angle, it requires 2 critical steps before any initial action.

For hiring affiliates, we will use a never-seen type of contract that might even shock some people, and for becoming affiliates for other brands, we will demand a certain type of guarantee and a new – revolutionary way of tracking and invoicing.

Plus, much much more.

Something had to be done, as the industry is falling down.

Stay tuned!

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You see online gurus learned their lesson well somehow, they do not make claims about “getting rich quickly” often. They use alternative scenarios like I wanna help the world, or I wanna share my secrets that made me a millionaire, or I am the expert #1 in that industry and then keep talking blah blah blah

…Then in the last video of their Free series here comes the Bonus, my personal coach, access to my personal blog and stuff like that and then they slap you in the face with their proposal. An unknown content product of around $2,000, a 30 days very strict guarantee including the shipping dates from the destination to you and back. Therefore you only have a limited time to respond and then the offer is gone.

The Experts Academy Elite Online Course

Experts Academy is a bunch of Free Online Videos and other material on Personal Coaching that is Promising YOU to Become a Millionaire if you work hard though…and Pay the Charge of $1997 up front

The author made an impressive introduction, his speaking skills were easily recognized but the upcoming videos got me totally bored because he was focused on promoting only himself…Brendon Burchard was talking about general things, like how great and successful we gonna become if we use his methods and techniques.

The rest of the material followed a motivational pattern to inspire his audience in getting started with “entrepreneurship”, and there was one video of testimonials inviting us to a live webinar to change our lives forever.No information about what is gonna be, just unlimited impressive speeches and boast of his personal business wealth and status.




Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions



Experts Academy Overview


His academy will teach us how to make a difference in our lives, how to help others with our knowledge and get benefited as high-paid experts. Although that can be achieved he never gives a clue or a sample of his work whatsoever. He made his colossal research and he found out how he would become an expert, and he became an expert indeed. With his last 4th video he is gonna give us 4 bonuses that would normally cost $65,000.


Author, Speaker, Seminar Leader, Coaching and Online Marketing


There are 5 areas, 5 domains – resources according to Burchard’s lecture that you can succeed in. As an author, as a speaker, as a seminar leader, as a coach . as an online marketer. Not only you gonna succeed but you will become an authority, a high-paid expert just as he did from point zero to multi-million dollar success in 18 months


Domain number 1. If you decide to continue as an author you wanna write an e-book or a real book and Brendon will guide you how to write it well, how to find a “right” publisher, how to publish it even on your own, how to promote it. Like the way, he did it, the blessed ‘as he calls himself’ experts.

Domain number 2. What you need to learn as a speaker, how you position yourself, what promotional materials you need to put together, how you build such a business. He is getting paid $10000 to $25000 just to speak in colleges, corporations and other facilities, he travels the world and speak at other people’s stages, where he offers his own programs

Domain number 3. Seminars, how to build one, how to structure it, how you get people to attend it, how you make money on the front end of the seminar, how you do that on the back-end…While nobody was teaching that when he started he managed to become the expert, so now he provides the tools so we can teach that too to other people that will pursue our seminars. But how he does that stuff, not even a clue. He keeps them all for the paid procedure at the end.

He made $4,6 million fortune in 18 months and people like Tony Robbins, John Grey, the Dalai Lama himself are among the personalities he personally coaches.

Domain number 4. Life coaching business ?…Another repetition. This is the greatest industry because a lot of people are lost and confused. He says they do not know what to do with themselves , If you know how to coach them and do a good job as a coach and help them improve their lives, and grow their businesses …man you go anywhere ,and he was blessed again having clients that pay him $10,000 up to $50,000 every year just for his group coaching.

He does not have to speak with every person 1-on-1 he does that as part of a group. How do you structure something like that? what are the ingredients, how you make money out of it? .But all of those questions will be answered when you finally PAY….

Domain number 5. As an online marketer you should be able to tell people what information to put on web pages , how to get people read that pages, how you add value to them, how you capture their names, how you get sales of them, how you create online products, everything is included inside the Experts Academy.


The Best Secret of this Academy Lesson Course is that you don’t need to Master your Abilities on all of those Areas to be Successful…He was the first in that industry to put a product together, an innovative product that covers all of that. The Experts Academy Lead Coaching Program, the most comprehensive training in the world, according to his words. He trained more experts than anybody else, in those 5 domains. I have awaited4 hourly videos in a period of 2 weeks to learn something from Brendon and now that time has come.


Home Study Course – The Complete DVD Set


…..He reveals the whole table in front of him, the camera backward and what we see?….the same DVD cover repeated 20 times, the Experts Academy knowledge , the whole package altogether , all the wisdom of the world in a table in front of our shocked eyes….oh and 3 big books cover all of them with the same logo…I am not convinced yet and do not know what is inside this material

Why is this system so powerful.? he seems to wonder… I was very anxious to hear something useful at least after all those hours





Brendon ….please say something man …but but but…Once again the same repetition I have heard 10 times already. Those DVD’s are the resources, the tools we need to get in action and we gonna learn not just from him but from power experts …like John Gray another book millionaire speaking how to build a good script…now I feel secure.

Scott Hoffman #1 agent in the world, he is Brendon’s agent and agent of the New York most selling authors, he is extraordinary and brilliant. Then we got Steve Harrison, teaching how to get our message out with a book,

The speaker section, he manages to do that as he positioned and promoted himself as an Expert and that we can do the same promoting ourselves as Experts, people will take the bait and they will buy. Roger Love, for example, teaches how to use our voice and tone to speak as authorities and persuade the attendees.

And he mentions “Jeff Walker” the guy who invented the Product Launch Formula, But at least Jeff had something to share, he offered ideas that we can use and he did it for Free, he was not only sharing general theories. Besides, what Brendon shared it can be found easily on the internet for Free as well.

Resources, Tools, Check Lists … and Bonuses



The 1st secret uncovered from the wall, 5-week marketing mastery valued $5000, every Monday a new video online and every Friday we gonna speak on the phone directly with Brendon for Q&A (questions and answers sessions).

2nd bonus – $10,000 marketing strategy planning, a secret video he never released before, the millionaire marketing formulas.

3rd bonus – Promotions a Partnership Crash Course

4th bonus – 2 Free Tickets for the Experts Academy LIVE




Experts Academy Price


The final price announced after 5 hours of anticipation – $1997 – that is a price I meet quite often…a 30 days guarantee and the super bonus access to his own personal blog, He normally values that $30,000…Be careful though…The guarantee very strict because you have only 30 days to get the DVD’s delivered and then to return in that time frame, impossible unless you live next door to Brendon…Not even a PayPal option, he only wants our credit card data.



Experts Academy Testimonials


Following some testimonials, selling authors and speakers talk the best of Brendon of course. He helped them grow their businesses fast and become High Experts Gurus. And finally, he does not believe in getting rich quickly, only in hard work, .but what he offers…???…..consider it with your self. They only claim that you become a millionaire buying his products if you work hard.




Call me skeptical or afraid, but I have tried a lot of luxury programs that were only promising and they never delivered any great value. I hope that the Experts Academy is not one of them but I am not convinced from 4 general talking videos and the sequence of testimonials how to become an Expert.

Experts Academy is full of shining theories but before I evaluate a product and proceed with a purchase I have to be 100% sure of its quality. I need some proofs that the system works, and I don’t mean testimonials. I need some samples, at least 1 chapter, 1 section, 1 teaching module, just to get a feel of what’s in there. With the Experts Academy, you have to take a leap of faith without knowing what to expect.

Just because someone put together an encyclopedia of knowledge, that does not mean that if you read it all you’ll become an expert. In order for someone to help you earn money you need essential practical stuff to put in action.

The price is expensive, the content of the DVD’s remain a mystery, this hype used a hundred times. Usually, there are a lot of upsells coming up. The information Brendon shared can be found easily on the internet…plus I do not like this kind of marketing strategies that are shady and probably deceitful to make rich only the producers…

I really wished that this was a positive review. I am waiting for your participation in the discussion, Till next time.

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  1. senka

    Brendon is like an elite dealer selling an immediate high without having to ingest anything to a roomful of dry drunks. He has found a way to tap into people’s dreams and make them giddy with excitement and expectation, but it’s all an illusion. People like Brendon arent showing you how to run business that is providing a valuable service, but how to be a carnival huckster exploiting people’s hopes and dreams.

    Seriously, pay a friend $25 a week for them to tell you a few times how wonderful you are and you can do anything you set your mine to. Its the same thing, but a lot cheaper. And your friend can probably use the money.

    In the meantime, find a business consultant in your field who can take you through the ropes.

    • Tasos

      Hi Senka

      I got hooked to your comment from the very first words and I read it very carefully. I was disappointed by this program, too. I was expecting too much maybe.

      Thanks for taking the time to discuss it!

  2. David George

    So I have to ask, did anyone on this comment list actually go through any of Brendon’s materials they are claiming are scams or useless? Sure, there’s lot out there that is weak and not really the value it claims to be, but I’ve looked at and attended a lot of materials and courses since first getting into success motivation back in 1990 and with respect, I will stand up and say Brendon Burchard’s materials are definitely head and shoulders above most of the others. Yes, I’ve bought his books, four of his online courses, attended his High Performance Academy (October 2015), and will be attending his Experts Academy next month. I’ve been getting more into his material ever since 2012.
    Sure… there’s an up-sale at the end of every one of those products, too. But it wasn’t until the end of the day an up-sale was presented. And even then it was quick, to the point, and on to the next thing. No pressure. I’ve been to numerous presentations in the past 20 years where there was an up-sale every 15 minutes! It was like watching a movie released on regular TV (in the US): stopping for commercials every 10 minutes!
    But Brendon didn’t and doesn’t do that. he gets on with the material and stays on it from the beginning of day 1 all the way through day four.
    I met him while at his training. I was 20 minutes late getting back from lunch, didn’t have my name tag on or the usual stuff to indicate I was anything other than a hotel guest. Only a button down shirt and slacks. I stepped off the elevator in the lobby and began to turn to walk towards the event rooms, he was about 50 feet away, walking quickly with one other person, neither of them looking in my direction, and just about to turn down a hallway going directly AWAY from me. But then another elevator door opened and the ‘ding’ sound caught his attention and he glanced to look just as he rounded the corner. There wasn’t anyone else in the lobby other than the people behind the counter. He looked right at me, stopped in his tracks, his assistant (?) slightly tugging on his arm as they were still in mid-stride, then turned around and walked across the lobby to where I was. At first I looked behind me thinking there must be someone else he was looking at. No, he walked all the way back, across the lobby, just to come over and greet me. He could have easily taken TWO more steps and been around that corner and out of sight and I wouldn’t have even thought he’d seen me. But that’s not what he did. And there wasn’t a crowd or anyone around for him to “impress” either. I wouldn’t have even seen him if I hadn’t been looking in that direction when the door opened. And as there were 900+ people in the room when he was on stage, I seriously doubt he was able to see me all the way in the back third of the crowd.
    I’ve met enough public figures to have an idea of what to expect: they scurry away and hide unless they’re making an appearance for the crowd or camera.
    I “almost” met Dr. Daniel Amen while there, too. He did not make the same choice as Brendon. I was in the cafe, alone, after 10:30pm right before they were about to close up the doors, he came walking in, saw me sitting three tables away from him and he stopped like a deer in the headlights – just standing there like he was wondering what to do. I suppose he didn’t want to be bothered by anyone as he had headphones on, a journal in one hand, and his laptop in the other. I looked down and took a sip of my tea. He was still “stuck” there looking at me. I figured he was wanting to hide and work without interruption and trying to decide if I was going to bother him or not. So I put my tea down, looked back up at him and gestured to one of the tables around the corner. I picked up my tea again and went back to reading my notes. I could see he remained standing there for another 15 seconds or so before finally going around the corner to where I had gestured. But that’s how he chose to handle “encountering” someone.
    When I was done with my tea, 30 minutes later, I packed my stuff and walked out. He never looked up as I walked by a mere 5 feet away.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like the work Dr. Amen has done. It’s truly some life saving and empowering stuff! I even had my head scanned at one of his affiliate clinics three years earlier at the tail end of 2012 – before I’d even learned much at all about Brendon Burchard. Since then, I’ve retrained myself 100% in how to eat, supplement, and it has completely made the biggest difference in my ADHD than anything else for the past 27 years! If you don’t know who he is and what his lessons are, look him up. His material may be more critical to your goals and dreams than anyone else’s!

    Now for those of you complaining about how long it takes to go through “all those DVDs” … wait – did you notice that? “Complaining” Since when do “high performers” complain? They don’t. There’s a lesson for you: if you’re being negative, and investing your energy to put down or nay-say anything, you’re on the wrong path going the wrong direction. It doesn’t serve you. After you’ve spoken or written your “rant” will your dreams be any closer? No. You’ll simply have that much less energy to spend on what matters most.
    Now for those of you complaining about how long it takes to go through “all those DVDs” … how long would you expect to invest in a standard college course? Last time I was in college (University of Houston in ’96) there were basically two class schedules: 1 hour on Mon-Wed-Fri, or 1.5 hours on Tue-Thurs. That’s 6 hours per week sitting in a classroom, watching and listening to someone while taking notes. Hmmm…. sounds a lot like watching someone on a DVD!
    So if you sat down in front of your TV/Computer/Mobile/VideoPlayer and watched/listened to those disks for 6 hours a week, it wouldn’t take you very long to get through them. If they’re typical audio CDs, each one only holds 74 minutes of audio. Let’s assume you can only get 30 minutes of listening time in on that M-W-F schedule, too, just to make it “real.” That’s 3×30 minutes = 1.5 hours per week. Or 1.5 CDs per week. In a short one (1) month you’d have gone through all the material and taken notes while doing so.
    Now… back to the college course. They typically last 8 weeks (two months). So you could go through the material a second time, while taking notes during the second month. By then you may have already gotten good enough with the material to actually begin implementing it and enjoying the improvements in your life. Could you do the same with that college course?

    Now I DO have a college degree and wasn’t able to use much of the course materials immediately (if at all) during the first year I took the courses, let alone in the decades since. I can’t say the same with Brendon Burchard’s material. Much of his material I could literally use that same day.
    Now I’m not going on and on about how great Brendon is – because he’s not. He’s just a regular guy like many others who choose to be exceptional at their craft. But he’s darned good compared to so many others in the same field!
    So is Stephen Covey! Darned good!
    Tony Robbins is good.
    Zig Ziglar is good.
    Jim Rohn is good.
    Darren Hardy… etc., etc.

    Some of you have complained about “just wanting it for free.” Well… guess what? A great deal of his material IS free. It’s just in little bite sized pieces. Have you looked at this YouTube site? His entire Motivation manifesto is free via pod cast from iTunes.
    You can literally learn most everything Brendon has to offer by finding all the little bits and pieces he’s posted online. But there’s the rub with ANY education: It takes SO long to learn it all piece by piece.
    Some people have learned the value in paying $2K to go to the source and get it all in one chunk! It saves years off the learning time. THAT is what you’re paying for.

    Now here’s what I have to offer to you, for free – as in no money invested, but it did take your time to read through this, so don’t discount that part of your investment.
    Your life is all about your choices. Every hour, every day, every week, every month, it is your choices that create your world, your friends, and your income. Your choices are created by your BRAIN. Whatever you FEED your brain, both literally by eating it or by thinking it, directly impacts how well your brain – your decision maker – will operate the following week.
    What does this mean for you?
    If you want to get to your goals and dreams faster do the following:
    Eat only REAL food. Real, as in God made, as in found in nature: Vegetables, fruit, and meat. (nuts, berries, seeds, and grains, too)
    If it’s “processed” it’s not “real.” I’m speaking generally, here, so have some flexibility. But in short, the body can’t really do much with processed food. It’s kind of like being given a huge box of “stuff” that you really don’t have time to go through. So you take a few things off the top, and shove the box into the back of your closet to maybe dig through some other day. You do that because it takes less effort than going through it all right then. Well guess what, the body does the same thing.
    If you do that (eat only real food) your body and your BRAIN will work better. Which means you’ll make better decisions, like things that cost you less money and instead make you more money. (like quitting watching that hour long TV series and instead choosing to meditate for 20 minutes and then go for a short jog each day) Then you’ll be able to afford that $2K program or class you want to attend.
    Next time you go shopping, take a look at the prices for all the processed (fake, man-made) stuff and compare them to the prices of the produce items.
    What’s that? You “don’t like” veggies, so you refuse to eat them? Spoken like a true “adolescent.”
    Regardless of how old you are, if you’re still making choices based upon how you “feel” or how something tastes, you’re an adolescent.
    Growth requires intentional effort. Especially emotional growth. An adult will still feel their emotions and tastes, but instead of using a “good/bad” judgement on them, they use them as only a piece of information. They will make the choice that best serves their long term desires and goals IN SPITE of how it feels or tastes.
    That’s enough for me. And I’m totally okay if no one even sees this or if it starts a flame war. Because it’s not wasted typing if no one sees it. I’m going to copy/past this into my Evernote and I’ll use sections of it elsewhere.
    And in the event ONE person reads it and finds only ONE piece that helps them enjoy life better or get ONE step closer to their dreams, then all of this effort was worth it. 🙂

    • Tasos

      Hello David , wow , that was a long message , but is OK.I understand your perspective and I am very glad to meet someone that shares a personal experience.I bet it was a fascinating moment when you met Brendon.

      Now do not get me wrong , I did not evaluate his DVD courses , I only reviewed his presentation.Most of the comments belong to other bloggers.

      Personally , I do not have the time to invest in all these DVD courses without even knowing what to expect.Furthermore I do not feel comfortable in paying $2K just at once.I rather prefer monthly payments or any other convenient way.

      Anyone can attend Brendon’s oline presentation and can make his own decisions.

      Thank you for sharing valuable information and for visiting my blog.All my best to whatever you do.

    • CannaGary

      As is usually the case, confusion and layers to hide the facts.
      If it takes longer than 5 minutes to understand what of value is being offered and at what price that is done with intent.

      The intent is not in the buyers favor, is full of hype and unrealized promises.

      In order to be successful in any business clarity about the product for sale and its benefits are essential, not subjective.
      All the big name Talk motivators make tons of money off the weak minded while very few ever do anything with the motivational talks they pay large sums of money to attend.

      Most are simply opportunities for the talkers to Sell more Shit!

      In order to learn how to Safely Earn Online perhaps it is best to follow the path of someone that does not have to sell snake oil!
      I prefer education to Hype, to prove it at age 59 I am still a student persuing my A.A.S. in Networking and IT Security, after 25+ years of being a network and PC technician.
      When folks follow my path by dropping me a comment at this site I will share … [last part removed by admin – too commercial]

      • Tasos

        Thank you for your input.Good luck

  3. James

    You are misleading you said you reviews his course but you only reviewed his free promotional commercial that is available for everyone to watch. Your review is useless.

    • Tasos

      Welcome James , but I am not saying that I have reviewed the DVD courses.I express my opinion on the free promotional material that is available to anyone.How could I review the courses?…I would need at least 6 months to watch all these videos and apply his techniques.

      Thank you for this visit and for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Jessica

    So now the scammers are becoming altruistic? Now that is a laugh. I really couldn’t stop smiling while reading this and thinking how dumb it all is. For that price tag, you could pay for a semester at college and get a better education than what is promised here. And who in their right mind would want all of those DVDs? Would you seriously ever be able to watch all of those. Of course when the first video is all about a guy talking himself up about how great he is and his vague product, you know it is a scam.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Jessica , despite the fact that there are many positive reviews online for the Academy Elite , I was disappointed.Yes , a semester at college would be a better solution and you will have the chance to interact with others.

      Now as concerns the whole project of getting this giant package of DVDs and watch them all you have a great point.Although he mentions that he will be helping all along the way , watching videos is not always the best practising method.

      I would not call him a scam , but he is talking about himself and that only.Everyone can make their own conclusions.

      Thank you for this visit and for taking the time to discuss it with me.All my best.

  5. Michelle

    Hi Tasos

    Well, I’m completely lost! If I didn’t read your article first I wouldn’t have a clue what I was buying into. The latter would be ideal given the upfront hefty price tag.

    Maybe we could all learn something from him without buying his product – that is to market our programs completely opposite to the way he does lol.

    Thanks for the entertainment 😉


    • Tasos

      Welcome Michelle , I agree , there is a mystery veil surrounding the product.In no case I was expecting “that” final price which blew me away.If there is no transparency how can I be convinced?

      I am sure that Burchard knows a lot but the way he market his program is driving to unwanted results.

      I am glad you enjoyed the article , thank you for your support.All my best.

  6. Lynne

    Hi Tasos
    I could barely understand what he is offering because I am still reeling from the prices lol.
    I don’t care how good his program is $1997 is a huge amount of money. There are ways to learn how to make money online without spending that amount of money, not even close.
    The way I felt after reading your review was that this product is left wanting!

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Lynne , you seem aggressive but I can not blame you at all.We are talking about a lot of money here for a program that is mostly focused on motivation and inspiration.

      There are a lot of questions remaining after this video series.

      Thank you for another visit and for sharing your experience and insights to this important subject.

  7. Alan Roy Hocking

    Hi Tasos

    Thanks for your views on the Experts Academy

    After watching one of the sales pitch videos I feel exactly the same as you do.

    Brendon Burchard comes over as a very professional speaker and it’s not until you get well into the video that you realise he has just waffled on about his fantastic program but not really revealed what it actually does!

    I will certainly not be buying into it.


    Alan Roy Hocking

    • Tasos

      Welcome Alan , yes , as you described it.I was so excited during the first parts of those videos but I got disappointed in the end ,mostly about the price and the fact he was not revealing any detail.

      I believe all the marketing products that cost over $1000 per year should implement a monthly payment plan for those that can not afford easily losing $1K and because they might not be interested after a while.

      Brendon is a great speaker but the offer seems very expensive (aggressive).

      Thank you for this visit and for taking the time to discuss it with me.

  8. Darren

    The internet is full of programs/systems/scams such as The Experts Academy. All the videos follow a similar pattern. Someone will ramble on for half an hour to an hour and tell you absolutely nothing in all that time. That’s a skill in itself. Something politicians have mastered. These programs also display images of bank accounts or Clickbank stats showing unbelievable amounts of money being earned in a very short space of time. It’s all BS. I really wish it wasn’t, but it is.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Darren , agree with your points , this technique has a lot in common with the way politicians speak.But I would not call Brendon a scammer because he did not show any bank accounts.Additionally he has great motivational skills but he did not reveal anything as concerns the content of these DVD courses.

      But I was disappointed at his pricing method , which requires an one time up front payment.He would instead offer training courses and proceed payments on a monthly basis.

      Thank you for this visit and for sharing your experience here.

  9. Liz

    I have seen so many of these types of things out there. I spent 2 hours once watching a live webinar,in which nothing was really explained, then at the end they wanted $7,000! REALLY?? For what? That was 2 hours of my life I could not get back. It sounds a lot like your review. My question is: How many people actually sign up for these things? There are so many better options out there. Thanks for the review!

    • Tasos

      Exactly my point Liz.The time we lose on such webinars can not be replaced , it is gone forever.These shady marketers believe that just because they are talking to someone for a few hours , they can sell over hyped products and services.

      I remember once , I had watched an interview of someone famous in the marketing world.He explained how wealthy he was and how much experience he had.And that was it.But in the coming days I received an email to watch a new webinar from this authority person.He did reveal some good techniques throughout his lecture , but not something that you could not find anywhere else.At the end of the presentation he offered training programs for something around 10 thousand dollars.Oh come on…I really can’t believe that there are people willing to pay such high fees , just to get some information or private coaching.

      There are logical solutions that are worthy in the marketing education field , we don’t have to pay over-priced Gurus.

      Thank you for the visit and for stating your own experience here.

  10. Robert Connor

    What a great site! We love looking for reviews on products we are thinking about buying. Just so many scams out there and over hyped products.

    Of all ways to make money online which one do you suggest to someone new on the internet?

    I have a limited time because of a day jog, but can put in a few hrs per night!Thanks for your help.. Robert

    • Tasos

      You do the right thing when researching the legitimacy of online opportunities , Robert.There are way too many scams out there.Fortunately the Experts Academy is not one of those but is very expensive.

      The easiest way is to get involved with Affiliate Marketing , in which you can promote other companies products or services to your website , without having to own anything.You don’t have to provide customer support and there are low risks compared to other business models.

      Few hours per night is fine , you will need more time to get your website recognised by the search engines and build trust with your visitors.

      I wanna thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments.

  11. Stu

    Very good article man!

    It’s times like these when I really count my blessings.. I can remember a time when I was scouring the internet for something real, and couldn’t find anything. It was one of the most depressing, lonely, and hopeless feelings I’ve had as far as trying to figure out what was genuine. I would always come up short and get really sad and confused..

    Anywho, keep up the great work!


    • Tasos

      Hello Stu , finding decent online opportunities is a daunting task.It is like trying to find water on a desert.Of course that can lead to depression and loss of money.

      Thank you for your visit and for sharing your experience here on my blog.

  12. Allan

    I, too, have heard of Brendon Buchard, and I will admit that he does a fine job of motivational speaking. I have not reviewed the experts academy program he is marketing, but after reading this I don’t think I will. It sounds as he is using his motivational speaking prowess to launch yet another online money making scam. There are too many programs out there that promise the world, take your money, and don’t tell you up front that the only way to be successful in this business is hard work and dedication.

    • Tasos

      I am with you on that Allan.Burchard is a motivational speaker but motivation alone does not mean a lot to me.There are hundreds of free resources for motivation online.Inspirational sites dedicated to that specific segment.Although Brendon is actually mentioning that it won’t be easy to succeed online and thta it takes time and dedication he is not revealing any of his techniques.But I am not willing to pay $2000 at once , not even $100 , not anymore.

      Because there are way too many scams promising the perfect system and when you pay it is when you realise that you just wasted your money.I really wish he will change his price and the method of the one time payment.$2000 for the vast majority of people is expensive.

      Thank you for dropping your line on my post

  13. brandon

    Anytime somebody talks about all this great stuff and then asks for a huge upfront cost to learn more I never trust.There are way too many scams out there and just like the comment above motivation is great but not if there isn’t an action plan behind it. Plus on top of that no samples of what you’ll receive and you expect me to pay almost two thousand dollars before I get any info.That is just absurd and doesn’t seem reputable to me.

    • Tasos

      Exactly Brandon.May be Experts Academy is different from all these scams but when all of them using alike techniques who should you trust?How can I pay $2000 up front?I am not paying even $100 anymore to any of these presentations.I used to pay but no more.I want to test the education product first.Give me 1 week free or something else instead.Or he could split that $2000 payment in monthly chunks where I could pay for one month and if I was not satisfied I could quit.But paying $2000 at once is way too much for me.

      Thank you for stating your opinion on my blog

  14. Cathy

    Hi Tasos,

    I got to know about Brendon sometime ago on YouTube when I first started my online business. I thought he is quite an aspiring motivational speaker, but after reading this article of yours, I am surprised to discover that his teaching method is no different from other gurus out there. Very self promoting and what’s up with the Dalai Lama anyway???

    $1997 is way beyond my budget so no thanks. I’ll stick to something more practical and down-to-earth like Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for the heads-up 🙂

    • Tasos

      When I watched his 1st video Cathy I checked on reviews and just like you I found out that he was named as one of the most motivational speakers.But the rest of the videos were only repetitions.I agree , he is a motivational seminar leader.But what can I do with motivation alone?..When someone is looking to grow his business he needs some “Action”.Brendon did not lay his cards on the table.He kept everything as a secret until he announced the price.Well this price for me is too expensive for something that only is promising to make me a leader.Only general tips that can be found anywhere on the internet for FREE.

      Although everything he claims is right anyone can grab that information easily with just a few searches in Google.So I was not convinced.Not to mention that all the time he was boasting himself as the top author and stuff.Now about Dalai Lama he only called his name once in the last video as one of his attenders.

      And that price?.How can I trust him with such a HIGH initial cost..?…and if his methods won’t give me any progress..?..I believe that nobody can guarantee that his methods can work for everybody else.Some people use other methods and techniques.I did not expect that he would charge $2000 after all.If he placed a normal price let’s say , $50 – $100 per month then I would not only have rated him much higher but I would like to take a further step and sign up and use his methods.But paying $2000 at once for something “That it will work” leaves me outside.

      I really hope that he change his pricing method in the future so that anyone can test his program.Thank you for sharing your thoughts,have a nice day..!


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