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You're Reading:Profit Bank By Millionaire Society Review – Scam From The Get Go

Profit Bank By Millionaire Society Review – Scam From The Get Go

by Tasos


Aug 20, 2015



Is it really possible to work only for 3 minutes and grant $7000 per week?…Yes , it is , in some cases though.If you have spent the last 10 years in building a business giant and you have hundreds of employees working for you , then it may be possible.But is it possible for someone that is just starting a new business?…Do I really have to answer that question?

With This Review I Am Taking A Closer Look At The Product Called “Profit Bank” Created By Millionaire Society


When you land on that website the first headline you come across is pretty intriguing.Who does not want to generate $1000 profits per day using a One Click Software?…But is this software a magic one?

Next move was to watch their video , right away the person who is speaking illustrates his Clickbank accounts.We did not start very well , not at all.


Now he is presenting his method.He says that his software is unique because he designed it alone.Additionally it has nothing to do with tactics the “Marketing Gurus” try to push down our throats.It is not outdated , is full proofed and risk free.You don’t have to use paid advertising or to deal with any marketing investment whatsoever.

You won’t even need a website , a hosting account , an email list or social connections of any kind.Because this magic software will build a website for you , an email list and will be advertised on its own completely on auto-pilot.He is going to pay and host both the software and the website for you.

Genuine Proof That It Really Does Work & A Shocking Secret


He hates all these liars that only promise you to teach you how to make millions online , he is not one of them.His name is Thomas Black and is the man responsible for this tremendous production.Such a production that took 8 years to complete and gained in the meantime over $50 million dollars in profits.The proof – another screenshot.Oh , not again please.


Background Story


The usual stuff , almost broke , invested in numerous marketing crap products , his girlfriend ready to break their relationship.She left him with a task to complete , he had only 25 days to make it work or otherwise he would have to search for a real job in the offline world.But he was lucky to meet Matt , from San Fransisco , someone with 16 years of experience.

They discussed and realised that in order to make reliable income online they would have to invent a software to do the hard work for them.They devoted themselves on that project for 4 weeks in a row with no stop.





The Profit Bank Money Making Software



No experience needed , it is automating everything for you and you will be making huge commissions every day.No blogging is necessary , no PPC marketing , no article marketing , nothing at all.When you sing up for this software all you have to do is to fill one line of information.You push the button and in a few minutes you have a ready made website that Thomas created for you.

The real secret to this process is that your brand new website will get enrolled in the Patent Pending Profit Bank Traffic Distribution System.Because a website in order to make sales it needs people to visit it.

This is the hardest part for any marketer and Profit Bank solves this problem.That mysterious system goes out and find traffic for you.It spots targeted visitors and redirect them to your website right away.This is real magic , indeed , I am totally amazed.



Following another 5 minute brainstorm of how generous , genius and friendly this system is.This is when they usually put an emergency badge on their offer.I did not predict any wrong , after a few more “Incredible” claims he decides to give away his license only for the first 50 lucky individuals.Because this system is designed for a specific amount of contestants at a given time.It only allows 50 people per day.50 new “Future Millionaires”.Not any bad at all.

How Much Does It Cost To Gain Access To This “Profit Bank”…?



When he revealed his software in action to some of his marketing friends they told him that he would be crazy to sell it under $500 per month.But Thomas is not like them , you see , he is a special person , with kind and human feelings.Now he’s making a deal with us.If we only guarantee that when we use the software we will inform all of our friends to get their license too , then and only then , he will sell it for …for…$25 per month.Hmmm,,,,,I have to be hard , OK , Thomas , you did not let me any chance to treat you “Softly”





Final Opinion – Conclusion – Scam From The Get Go



♦ A magic software to create a website in under 3 minutes.Can it be done?…Yes , but this website will be empty of content.

♦ Can it build an email list for your website?…Yes , a software can do that , but who is going to subscribe in that list?…What your website will offer in exchange to them?


♦ Can it send traffic the same day to your website?…Yes , but what traffic will that be?….Will it be just robots scanning the net?…Will it come from the same developer?…I doubt that this traffic will consist of human beings and therefore that these people will be interested in what (unknown) your website sells.

♦ No empty of content website can rank in the search engines.No one is going to visit an empty website.


♦ Mr Thomas is saying that the software will create a website with no additional information on that matter.Here there are a lot of interesting details to consider….What this website will be selling…?….Is it going to be a landing page devoted to advertise the same Profit Bank software?…What other information will be published on that website?…Moreover imagine that every person that buys this software will have the exact same website with you.


♦ In case you have no idea about websites , I will outline some important things in order to easily understand.Every website deals with a specific portion of the market , a “Niche” as we call it.There are websites that sell or promote physical products , other that are selling digital or information products and services.There are websites about “women shoes” , other about “marketing education” , other about “soccer betting” and so on.The catalogue is endless.


♦ A website is not only one landing page with a BUY button at the end.A website should contain not only great and valuable content , but tons of content.Only to get some rankings in the search engines it would need months.Just to get recognised from people and build a trust around them with continuous work and strong presence in social media channels , you won’t expect much results.

♦ There is no software that can fill a website with original content.There is software to build a website , but only that.Then it is up to you and the people that will be working for you to create the necessary content.


♦ The competition in every niche of the online market is enormous.To become an authority on your niche and to attract tons of everyday traffic it will need time.When you gain that traffic it is when you can proceed with a subscription list to turn some of the visitors into potential customers via the email marketing campaigns.Don’t wait that to happen in a month or two.

♦ Back to the Profit Bank , now seriously , this product is one of the worst presentations that I ever watched.And I mean it,No example , nothing at all.At least show me what kind of website you are going to give me.Not even that.


♦ With such a software that it can really give you a website , the domain and cover the hosting expenses do not expect much success.To be totally honest , do not expect anything.It is a waste for the money and your time.

♦ Even if you get a website , I guess it will be a landing page , with a few images trying to promote the Profit Bank to new visitors under your affiliate link.No one is going to buy from you.That empty websites are nothing but a parasite to the system.


♦ Prepare for more up-sells coming on due to the research I have done online.

♦ What he asks for what he gives is really a joke.$25 per month for such a crap service is “Insanity”…There are marketing training universities that charge even less money than that giving you all the necessary tools to build an online foundation , the education and training that you need and the chance to participate with other online entrepreneurs.

This online business is like every other business out there.It needs time to get started and giving you back earnings.You can check networks like “Affilorama” or “Wealthy Affiliate” , I have reviewed both in the past.


♦ As a last concluding point I would like to direct you in not trusting websites with only one page content , especially when it is a video talking only “Sales”.





How To Identify Scams? – A Mini Guide Infographic


Related Review by Luke – Blogger


Another Discussion about this product in Warrior Forum 





I hope you enjoyed another negative review , but this Profit Bank is indeed one of the most disgusting marketing attempts I have ever seen,If you are looking for online opportunities and want to make it happen , all on your own , I suggest you follow my affiliate marketing tour , here , on this website.

I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Are you familiar with this product?…Do you have any similar experience with other product that you want to discuss it with me?


Till my next review , your online partner















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  1. Simon

    Profit Bank By Millionaire Society sounds like another scammy product littering the web and Social Media platforms.

    Search Engines have deranked duplicate content, only websites consisting of pure quality content written on a regular basis will get high rankings nowadays so where does Profit Bank By Millionaire Society stand with their landing pages stuffed with the same duplicate content in the Search rankings?

    I think the only way to make money from a website is like I have explained above. Choose a small niche market and keep promoting products or services within that avenue. Over time you will gain trust with the Search Engines and rankings will come your way.

    It’s important to note that there isn’t any quick fixes to making money online. Only hard work and determination to put that effort in will suffice. This puts loads of people off as they are convinced there’s a quick fix to making money. All these scammy products are simply there waiting to steal your money.

    Thanks for your review,

    • Tasos

      Who wants to work Simon?..These scammers think that they can fool others so they can make a few bucks now and then.

      Any online or offline business to be successful need loyal customers and definitely you won’t attract many by stealing their money. Unfortunately over 98% of online opportunities are either scams or low quality unethical programs.

      But the websites offering valuable content will climb the search rankings one way or another as you explained so effectively.

      I am glad you are on the “Good” side and thank you for supporting this review. Good luck with your work, wishes for massive success..!

  2. Luke

    There are so many things out there like this. Also, what works for one person doesn’t always work for everyone else. Its good to read reviews on programs like these to figure which ones are legitimate and which ones are not. Hopefully more people can benefit off reading reviews like this before jumping into something like this with high hopes.

    • Tasos

      So true Luke , unfortunately there are so many bad products out there , literally countless.

      I am optimistic about the future though , I can see a slight turn into quality.

      Thank you for visiting my blog , for sharing your experience and your kind comments.

  3. TheDopestMatrix

    Yeah , any company called “Profit bank” definitely seems fishy. I like a lot of your points in the article, the only way you can make a website in 3 minutes is if it’s sloppy and no one is going to sign up for a list if there is no true reason!

    Love the idea!

    Matt TDM

    • Tasos

      Very fishy domain for a purpose.What a website can be set up in minutes.Only the layout.But the content needs time to get published and is never finished.

      Thank you for another visit Matt , you cleared up some elements.

  4. Tamara Rasheed

    It’s amazing the type of products that are out there these days. It sounds like someone who was just bored made a product to try to get money out of people so that he wouldn’t have to work hard himself. Money on the backs of people who have hope that they will be able to run a successful business. Sad. Thank you for reviewing businesses like these to let us know to stay away from them!

    • Tasos

      Exactly Tamara , they are looking only to trick those that are researching for an online career.I would not call them “bored” but “evil”.But on top of that yes , I could call them “lazy” as well.Because they think that they will be fooling innocent victims for a long time , but there are reviewers out there to break these evil plans.People has started NOT to trust easily landing pages empty of useful content.

      Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and for your lovely comments.

  5. Frank

    So let me get this right, a guy with no prior experience, no job, no girlfriend and no money created a piece of software in 4 weeks that is the magic cure for online marketing and is charging $25 per month to 50 people for his service? That’s only $15,000 a year revenue. Maybe I misunderstood, but that doesn’t sound like much of a long term business model to me

    • Tasos

      Hello Frank , yes it is funny but he had a girlfriend and a friend who helped him develop this genius system.The product is available to 50 individuals per day.So if he manage to sell it to those 50 people per day he will reach 18000 customers in a year.

      But who is going to sign up for him?…I won’t expect much success for him.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your participation.


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