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What is “Self-Education Revolution – Project Next”

What exactly is the “Project Next” training program? Is there potential in creating and delivering digital products and services? Is self-education, the knowledge industry growing? Is this a new method or outdated? Is it effective and why? Are Dean, Tony, and their guests the right mentors and guides? Is this training complete and comprehensive? Is it worth the money?

Is there anything else you need? 

These are just a few of the questions going through your mind right now. So, here I am, to answer all the questions you might have and to guide you to make a well-informed decision.

Let’s dive right in!

Project Next is the brand new training masterclass suite created by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins and it’s the evolution of the 2019 “Knowledge Business Blueprint” and the 2020 “Knowledge Broker Blueprint” training programs.

After carefully listened to students’ feedback and questions, Dean & Tony decided to redesign the training program to better fit the needs of the market.

In a nutshell, the Knowledge Business/Broker Blueprint is a step-by-step blueprint to help students extract their current knowledge or report on the knowledge other people have acquired, identify their best clients, and transform this knowledge into products and services that can be delivered in the marketplace. Masterminds and workshops (virtual and in-person), live events, and more.

Now, the Self-Education Revolution Project Next training suite is a step-by-step blueprint focused on helping students transform their knowledge or the skills and expertise of other people into any form of digital products and services, including courses, training, coaching, but also masterminds, live events, workshops, and so on.

The training suite is divided into:

  • The Digital Product System (an online course in video format that is fulfilled immediately)
  • An 8-week LIVE masterclass course walkthrough with Dean and elite guests to make sure people not only take action but also graduate
  • A VIP ticket to the 3-day virtual live event – the Mastermind World Summit
  • Access to the Mastermind platform, where students can upload their courses, training, masterminds, or other digital products making them available to the public
  • Access to the Self-Education Revolution private Facebook community.
  • Access to bonuses and other material

Notice: Project Next is included in my Elite marketing training programs list. More on that later.

Main Slogans

  • In order to truly gain ownership over your success and your legacy, you must explore and pivot into NEW strategies. We live in a new world…what used to work simply doesn’t anymore. 
  • Crush outside noise & inner self-doubt
  • Craft your “own your future” roadmap
  • Unlock the path to true mastery over your life
  • Get the Immersion, Repetition, Implementation & Mastery needed to stop standing on the sidelines, unlock your next level of creativity and thrive in today’s self-education revolution

Ideal Audience

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • People that are just getting started online
  • People with an online presence that want to create digital products and services
  • Marketers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Practitioners
  • Business owners in any industry that want to add digital products to their portfolio
  • Solopreneurs
  • Influencers
  • Experts
  • People with a passion
  • People with a following
  • Anyone with a message
  • Anyone with experience on a field
  • People that want to share their stories, experiences, skills, expertise, knowledge, and impact other people’s lives
  • People that want to express their creativity and emotions and connect with others on a deep level
  • Those that want to become knowledge brokers and report on other people’s skills, expertise, knowledge, experiences, and passions

This program is for you if:

  • You have an internet presence and do not yet have products and services

  • You have a business and want to add digital products and services to your portfolio

  • You have neither a business running nor an online presence

The Main Advantages of this Business Model

  • Low-cost entry
  • Thriving industry while our economy is dying
  • Huge demand
  • Big margins
  • Serving people at the highest level possible
  • Skills, unlike currency, are inflation-proof. If you have a skill that is in demand, it will remain in demand no matter what the dollar is worth
  • Minimum operating costs
  • Massive potential, no limits on profits
  • Lucrative
  • Work from home
  • You’re targeting the whole population
  • Timetable flexibility
  • Recurring income
  • No need for employees
  • Scalability, unlimited partnerships
  • Creative
  • Meaningful
  • Impactful
  • It’s an asset that never goes away, you don’t have to warehouse it, you can sell it over and over again, and it doesn’t cost you anything
  • It doesn’t matter were you are, where you live, or what you do, in this booming and phenomenal industry, there’s room for all of us
  • It works for any niche and market

Dean Graziosi’s Background

He’s one of the most respected entrepreneurs of our generation. With a billion dollars in sales to his name, Dean is paid tens of thousands of dollars for just hours of his time.

Dean wants to make self-education the new norm in this information age.

dean graziosi

He is the creator and founder of Motor Millions and Think A Little Different, both of which are successful business-opportunity infomercials that teach people how to make money with cars and real estate. He has been on TV every day since 1999 and has shipped a total of over one million manuals, tapes, and videos. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

According to his official biography:

Dean Graziosi knows how to create success. From extremely humble beginnings Dean started with a firewood business in high school, to a collision repair shop and his first real estate deal before the age of 20. From there he went on to create a multimillion-dollar real estate business, became a Multiple NY Times best-selling Author, 16 years every day on TV and is one of the most watched real estate and success trainers of our generation. Dean maximized the success and profits in each of these endeavors along with his evolution and his businesses and brand have generated nearly $1 Billion Dollars in revenue. Dean is obsessed with sharing the Success Habits learned along this journey with the world.

He’s also the author of books like:
  • Millionaire Success Habits
  • Totally Fulfilled
  • 30 days to real estate cash
  • Be a real estate millionaire
  • The Underdog Advantage
He’s also the creator of courses like:
  • Real estate profits from home 
  • Underground millionaire mastermind
  • The DG inner circle

Tony Robbins Background

Tony is one of the world’s most sought after success coaches and educators – filling arenas with hundreds of thousands of people annually while changing millions of lives. 


He is an American best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, life coach, and the nation’s #1 life and business strategist. Robbins is known for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books including Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. In 2015 and 2016 Robbins was listed on the Worth Magazine Power 100 list.

He has dedicated his life to helping people discover their true purpose and leverage their unique gifts to achieve massive success – to make their life a true masterpiece. If you’re feeling stuck, or unsure of your next step, Tony will lead you to clarity, focus, and action.

Mr. Robbins has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries through his audio, video, and life training programs.  He created the #1 personal and professional development program of all time, and more than 4 million people have attended his live seminars.

He is the chairman of a holding company comprised of 40 privately held businesses with combined sales exceeding $5 billion a year. He has been honored by Accenture as one of the “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World”; by Harvard Business Press as one of the “Top 200 Business Gurus”; and by American Express as one of the “Top Six Business Leaders in the World” to coach its entrepreneurial clients. Fortune’s recent cover article named him the “CEO Whisperer,” and he has been named in the top 50 of Worth Magazine’s 100 most powerful people in global finance for three consecutive years.

The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Digital Economy

Project Next Self-Education Revolution Review

dean graziosi tony robbins project next review real people real results

When legends of the business world, icons, and influencers are involved in a training program like this one, you know you deal with a masterpiece. The big mind behind the training though is Dean Graziosi who is obsessed with making extraordinary things and taking anything that he deals with to the next level.


Dean, Tony, and their guests are sharing their best strategies to help their students extract their current knowledge, passions, skills, expertise, stories, and experiences or report on other people’s skills and knowledge, and transform this knowledge into digital products and services that can be delivered in the marketplace. Courses, training programs, coaching and consulting services, masterminds, workshops, and events (live, in-person, or virtual).

Additionally, the masterclass suite provides next-level strategies, tools, and mindset training to give students confidence, clarity, and a proven path they can follow to get attention in the busy online world and make an impact on people’s lives.

It’s a step-by-step comprehensive program in which Dean and his partners show the real opportunity that exists today online.

It’s also packed with an 8-week live masterclass training. Students will get coached by Dean and elite guests to overcome objections and obstacles, get their burning questions answered, get the confidence they need to finish the course, and ultimately launch their products and services to the world.

Alongside the “Digital Product System” and the live training program, students get access to the Mastermind World Summit.

Additionally, you get access to the powerful Mastermind platform, where you can upload your courses and make them publicly available. It’s an intuitive and very easy-to-use software to go from theory into practice and implementation at a moment’s notice.

Founding students get also access to some amazing bonuses that add extreme value to the already insane package.

The social media complete success guide with Jenna Kutcher, who is one of the most successful former KBB (Knowledge Business/Broker Blueprint) students, and she is going to help you get attention in the ultra-competitive social media landscape.

Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics, will help you become unstoppable with her “Overcoming Imposter Syndrome” bonus training. She is revealing how she used to go from a waitress to selling her business for $1.2Billion.

Russell Brunson, the co-founder of Click Funnels, will be teaching students the “Reporter Method” so they can share other people’s knowledge, skills, and experiences, with absolute confidence.

There are more bonuses (see below).

The private Facebook community is the go-to place for asking questions, interacting with like-minded entrepreneurs, giving and receiving valuable feedback, learning, and growing.

For that matter Dean says…it’s a course that is changing people’s lives.

It’s for those looking to create an online business and change their lifestyle, it’s for people with a desire to create income online, and to share their passions with the rest of the world.

But it’s also a program designed to help influencers, experts, people with passion, people with a following to extract their knowledge and package it into a product.

Dean made self-education the new norm in this information age.

Based on the tremendous success of the 2 precedentors, The Knowledge Business and Broker Blueprint, where over 50,000 members enrolled and graduated, I predict that the “Project Next” will be the biggest training program in the internet’s history.

Digital Product System Review

dean graziosi project next review digital product system module 2.1

Digital Product System Overview

The “Digital Product System” is a complete training program on its own and it’s all about the immersion, getting your hands dirty,  learning, and applying knowledge into your business (real value $5,000).

There are 6 modules and it helps you discover the right entrepreneurial mindset which is the first and most important step to success, there are strategies, frameworks, methods, and tactics to discover your unique superpower, what you are going to create, who you will be targeting with your products and services, how to market your products in order to generate leads and convert them into paying customers.

There is also training on how to produce valuable content with confidence, how to use the Mastermind platform and software, and how to become a knowledge reporter or broker so you’ll be able to gather, organise, and systemize the knowledge of other people.

I got early access to the training program, a rough draft version before it was completed and officially available to the public.

The majority of the lessons are recorded live with Dean delivering the teachings on Zoom. He’s interacting with students in real-time and he invites some of them to participate and helps them progress with their projects.

He helps students implement the teachings to their specific situation and he gives feedback, answers questions, and makes recommendations and suggestions.

An incredible experience, to say the least.

project next review dean graziosi tony robbins story teach action framework

Digital Product System Modules

The first module – becoming unstoppable is all about the entrepreneurial mindset. Overcoming inner negative and those so-called limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, and objections. Dean and especially Tony will guide you through some powerful strategies and techniques that will make it so easy for you to transition, and adopt the right mindset from day one.

Without the right mindset, none of this matters.

You will learn what it takes to succeed and Tony’s secret to success and his secret to energy for life, the real potential of the knowledge industry, the meaning of actions, the power of results, how to gain certainty and believe in yourself, and mindset secrets to scaling your business.

You’ll discover your unique superpower and what makes you stand out from the competition.

You’ll discover specific skills you’ve already developed and that can be proved critical to your progress.

You’ll discover epiphany moments in your life that you can use to target like-minded people all over the world.

You’ll be able to eliminate stress.

You’ll be able to identify your ideal clients, their biggest pain points, and their biggest desires.

You’ll learn how to connect on a deep emotional level with them.

You’ll carve out your niche, this specific group of people you are destined to serve better than anyone else.

You’ll create a mission statement for your business, taglines, and headlines.

You’ll be immersed in the secret art of storytelling and you’ll be able to extract what you’ll teach using the story, teach, tool framework.

You’ll learn why people actually buy feelings and why this is extremely important for your business and how to apply it.

You’re going to use tools like the clarity tool,  the needle movers, the one big thing, negotiation secrets, ideas worth doing, the connections tool, the networking tool, the wrap-up tool, and so much more.

You’ll create a not-to-do list and be equipped with success habits to achieve phenomenal success.

You’ll take massive action, that’s for sure.

project next review dean graziosi with a student digital product system module 2

So now let me analyze some very important lessons from module 02 – what to sell and who to sell it to.

You’ll create your own framework on what you are going to offer in the marketplace. You’ll use the seven levels deep technique to really niche down your target market, which is key to achieve results in this very competitive world.

You’ll learn that underdogs have nothing to lose and this is a huge advantage when it comes to business.

You’ll define your “dot”, that specific thing you are so comfortable teaching and giving out to people with real confidence. You’ll learn to use riffs, headlines, and taglines to introduce yourself to the market.

You’ll learn the 4 ways/methods to create products and services (mess to message, skill or expertise, passion, the reporter method).

You’ll identify problems and pain points in your market you can solve, how to look out for experts.

You’ll learn how to work backward with the end result in mind and how to organize your ideas in an order that makes sense.

There are so many real examples both from Dean’s side and more importantly, from other students that will make this process so easy for you and you’ll be able to apply it to your case.

Dean is helping students during the live sessions and goes deep on each student’s questions and gives feedback. This is absolutely priceless.

Additionally, you’ll take action and implement teachings immediately using worksheets and workbooks, completing tasks and exercises.

dean graziosi project next review mastermind moment

You’ll identify the people you are going to share knowledge and information with by using criteria like demographics, psychographics, and more.

You’ll define their goals, dreams, and needs and how to satisfy them and help them get results.

You’ll also start to practice marketing to target those people and drive them to your ecosystem.

You’ll use a solution statement that describes what you do, who you are doing it for, and what they get to avoid, and what they gain. 

You’ll do your homework to work on your solution statement because it needs refinement and to make it consistent.

You’ll learn how you are going to share your knowledge and teachings whether it is about your own skills or other people’s. 

You’ll learn how to use the Mastermind platform. 

You’ll learn the story, teach, action framework. How to come up with your origin story so you appear real, authentic, and transparent.

You’ll learn how to teach and put together knowledge into products and services using advanced strategies, tactics, and social proof. 

project next review dean graziosi mastermind example 01

Module 3 – how to market your message through service is all about marketing your products and services ethically and elegantly to attract leads and convert them into paying customers.

Dean, the main and only instructor in this module is teaching the marketing philosophy. Dean is an exceptional marketer with vast experience. I always learn something from him although I’m experienced too.

You’ll get to see the big picture here and you’ll overcome your limiting beliefs about selling, because selling, in its essence, is just serving.

When you realize that, nothing could stop you and you’ll overcome anxiety once and for all.

You’ll learn that if you want to make this world better, you’ve got to get better.

You’ll discover that what you do is helping people move from where they are to where they want to be.

You’re going to love what you do so much that you will feel bad if people say no to you.

More importantly, you’ll discover that inspiration and motivation do not create transformation. Selling does.

Selling is the only way to get to impact people’s lives.

Selling is serving.

You’ll get used to loving your product so much that you won’t wait to share it enthusiastically with the world.

You’ll learn the 4 things that make the big difference.

You’ll be equipped with marketing stamina.

You’ll learn what organic marketing is.

You’ll learn how to be consistent and be in the game for as long as it takes.

You’ll learn to measure what works and what doesn’t.

You’ll learn how to shift your mindset and understand sales at a deep level.

You’ll learn how to market your message with next-level marketing, persuasion, and sales.

You’ll dive deep into the hook, story, close framework and you’ll be able to use bridges and CTAs (calls-to-action).

Dean will show you examples from his book “Millionaire Success Habits”.

You’ll get to watch video ads and commercials Dean produced to sell that book.

These are priceless teachings.

You’ll learn the phenomenal power of the value ladder and how to create various products and price them differently for different groups of people.

You’ll learn the power of copy, the words that you write, and how critical they are to the success of any product.

You’ll learn how to build great thumbnails, create impactful videos, and write compelling copy.

There are plenty of examples that Dean is going through to help you implement the teachings immediately. He analyzes courses, training, and other products other people put together and if they perform well or not and why.

You’ll learn the incredible power of overdelivering in everything that you do.

project next review digital product system module 3.3

Module 04 – finding your perfect clients through social media is all about understanding how to become competitive in a very crowded space. 

You’ll identify your ideal customers and locate them exactly where they spend time on.

You’ll be able to communicate with them in an interesting, fun, and compelling way so you’ll be able to drive them to your ecosystem and to your offers, products, training, and other services you deliver whether it is on your website, the mastermind platform or any other online property.

You’ll learn how to run challenges like the “Own Your Future Challenge” Dean, Tony, and their guest speakers organized this month. This way, you’ll give away so much value in advance, create reciprocity, build trust, and eventually propel people to take massive action before selling anything to them.

When we say “online challenges” we mean a marketing methodology that brands adopt that is based on challenging people via live events to participate and interact with them in order to provide a unique experience, educate, nurture, and entertain the ‘challengers’, build brand awareness, or promote a new product or service, and much much more. The philosophy is the same with contests, competitions, and tournaments.

There’s also a 2-hour bonus masterclass training created by Tony, where he shares things he never shared before. 

You’ll learn how to use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and all the other major social channels.

project next review dean graziosi with a student singer

In module 05 – how to sell like a pro and feel good about doing it, you’ll learn how to stack up irresistible offers people simply can’t deny. 

It’s all about selling, closing the sale, and driving people to take action and commit to your products and services willingly.

You’ll learn how to sell elegantly on the phone, on video, writing scripts and emails, using landing and sales pages, podcasts, and any other medium. 

Selling is a service and it’s all about convincing people that already showed interest in your offers to say yes and move on to the next step.

Without selling, you won’t be able to impact people’s lives and you’ll end wasting valuable resources, time, and money building the perfect course, training, or coaching service.

It’s a necessary step and I know, it does not sound amazing and for many, it is not sexy.

But it’s absolutely critical.

I remember when I first started knocking on doors trying to sell my family’s clothing to stores all over the country. I was a little boy, damn it. I had no experience, no guidance at all.

You know what my dad said and how he helped me sell stuff?

…There you are, you’ve got samples of our clothes, you have your car, what are you waiting for? Go on and sell.

I said, how? What exactly am I supposed to say?

He said…you’ll find your way.

You see, I learned the hard way. It took me weeks and weeks to be able to overcome my inner demons and look at a store owner’s face with confidence and proudly present my clothing. 

When I realised that I was doing a legal service, I knew that the quality of my product was great, and I had enough lessons learned from past failures and attempts, I was able to go out fresh, fueled with energy and passion. When I made my first sale, nothing could stop me.

Why am I saying all these to you? 

Because I wish there was a book, a training to learn how to sell, to follow a method other people use. 

And in this module, you’ll learn some big secrets to selling ethically, proudly, and you’ll enjoy doing it.

When you’re done with this module, you’ll sell better than the majority of salespeople on the planet. 

project next review dean graziosi whiteboard value ladder

Module 06 – how to deliver your message in today’s new world, is all about creating products and services.

You’ll learn how to create courses, training programs, workshops, masterminds, coaching and consulting services, books, and so much more.

You’ll learn how to deliver your product to the world and how to use a number of platforms including the amazing mastermind system.

You’ll learn how much to charge for your products and services. 

You’ll learn the marketing wagon wheel, social media, and email marketing secrets, launch secrets, how to create irresistible offers, and more.

You’ll learn how to put love first, and Tony will share his best advice for entrepreneurs. 

You’ll learn how to run events, masterminds, and workshops. The psychology behind this kind of service. 

The importance of “who” compared to “how”.

Where to run your events, how to communicate with your attendees, create event assets, event logistics, room preparation, and Tony will share 10 things that will change your life.

You’ll learn the enter process, thank you secrets.

You’ll learn how to become a highly successful knowledge broker and reporter. What it really means, how to get experts to commit, getting them to say yes to your offers, the foundation of a successful broker business, and the 5 things you must give up to succeed. 

There are also productivity hacks and boosts, confidence training, money mastering course, success secrets from Trent Shelton, must-have habits training, how to hire “A” players, massive action and reciprocity, feed and condition your mind and body, your role model, proximity, the success loop, and so much more.

project next review digital product system module 3 market your message

My final review of the “Digital Product System” training

The most successful courses and those that bring results for people are those that first teach you the right mindset.

Without the right mindset, you can’t really implement what you’re learning.

Dean and Tony are masters at passing this knowledge to you. You know how powerful Tony is, he coaches presidents, celebrities, and world-record athletes.

Dean’s unparalleled strategies when it comes to identifying your superpower, his secret frameworks like the hook, story, close, the 7 levels deep, the value ladder, his marketing philosophy, and how he approaches sales will make a huge difference in your business and life in general.

I know they did for me. I use his methods for many years now and my business exploded because of these strategies.

If I say that the “Digital Product System” is a complete, comprehensive, and solid training it would be an understatement.

This course is worth $3,000 alone, hands down.

You’ll learn new things, this is for sure.

But you will be able to implement this knowledge from day one. There are workbooks, worksheets, bonuses, to help you move forward and stay accountable.

Countless real business examples, discussions and interactions with students live with Dean, and so much more.

There are really no words enough to describe the brilliance of this training.

If KBB (Knowledge Business/Broker Blueprint) was a masterpiece, then what DPS (Digital Product System) is?

It’s a masterpiece as well, but this time, the training is focused on helping students and people with no experience at all stand up at their feet by getting their first course or training to the world as fast as possible. And then scaling just one course to an empire of products and services.

Indeed, Dean and Tony listened to their students throughout the years, and now they created a program that fits many different buckets of people, from newbies, experienced and advanced business owners, to highly successful entrepreneurs and helps them launch, grow, and scale digital products and services without feeling overwhelmed.

It’s a proven path to success, but only if you do the work.

8-Week Live Masterclasss Review

project next review 8 week live masterclass

The live masterclass training is all about the repetition and implementation of the teachings in real-time (real value $2,000).

For Dean and Tony, it’s not enough to deliver their knowledge, strategies, tactics, and methods in videos and leave their students on their own.

In today’s world, the need of people changed. The majority of people who enroll in a course, training program, mastermind, workshop, bootcamp, never finish what they start.

People need to be kept accountable, they need inspiration, motivation, to give and receive feedback.

You might think that this is what private groups on social media are for. Yes, but partly.

It’s one thing interacting with text and messages and another thing having the creators of a training program going through the whole process with you in real-time.

You will get coached each week by Dean and elite guests, like Pete Vargas, Russell Brunson, Jenna Kutcher, and other amazing people.

You’ll overcome hurdles, eliminate stress, and gain confidence and momentum. This is the most important part. To gain momentum, have the wheels spinning.

You’ll get your burning questions answered. You’ll interact with fellow students, give and receive feedback on your work and progress.

But more importantly, you’ll be empowered to finish the course.

And, of course, you’ll be able to create and launch your product, your course, training, workshop, mastermind, or event.

I’ve watched Dean’s teachings countless times. He goes deep, he holds nothing back. 

And this is the same strategy he uses with everything he creates, whether it is a book, an online course, a private workshop, a high-ticket mastermind, or an event.

Having the chance to implement this knowledge with Dean and his elite guests in real-time is not worth $2,000 as they say. It’s priceless.

Mastermind Platform Review

project next review mastermind platform

The Mastermind platform is the absolute tool and software to deliver your products, services, and offerings to the world.

After spending $1 million to create the powerful MindMint software, 2 years ago, Dean and Tony realized that they ended up offering something complex. Simplicity wins complexity every single time.

They sat down, this time they cooperated with Russell Brunson’s tech team, and created something new, from the ground up.

The result is phenomenal.

You are getting 3 months of free access to the platform (the launch plan) (real value $141).

You receive mindset training, tools, and support.

It’s a very easy-to-use platform where you can upload your course, training, workshop, or mastermind in literally minutes.

And the directory of the platform is accessible worldwide (meaning anyone can find your product or service online).

The dashboard:

  • My Directory: categories, price, recurring payments, tags, rating, sort by featured, hits per page
  • Directory: the mastermind platform filled with courses, training, masterminds, workshops, and so much more. You can filter by authors, organizations, categories, price, recurring payments, tags, rating. 
  • Chat notifications
  • Dashboard: here you add products and services
  • My Products: the list of your assets
  • Members: members, admins, optins.
  • Optins
  • Upsells
  • Planners: here you can add course planners
  • Organization: settings, members, invitations, subdomains, data analytics (directory visitors, mastermind visitors, traffic sources, sold masterminds, revenue, new or returning users, progress), billing & usage, switch orgs
  • Payment gateways: Stripe, PayPal
  • Community: your feed, groups, topics, posts, questions, discussions
  • Feature requests
  • Articles & docs: advice and answers from the mastermind team. new features, getting started, troubleshooting, billing, FAQs, compliance, change log (new changes) – mastermind application
project next review mastermind platform dashboard


  • Launch $47/month: includes 3 masterminds, 20 live sessions, 720 minutes of live stream per month, 720 minutes of live stream recordings per month, 1 subdomain, 30 max sessions per mastermind, 10 max attendees per live session. Crazy simple course creation, zero complexity live workshops and masterminds, 14-day fast track training, worldwide reach through the searchable directory, personal directory to do your own marketing, keep what you earn, instant live training conversion into course, choose your payment structure, compliance assistance & review, always there for you support 
  • Grow $97/month: all in launch plus upgraded course creation, upgraded live workshops and masterminds, weekly no one left behind meetings, preferred listing on the directory
  • Accelerate $297/month: all in grow plus elite listing on the directory, monthly implementation coaching, advanced video mastery training from Dean Graziosi

In-depth analysis and walkthrough of the Mastermind platform in the video.

Mastermind World Summit

It’s all about mastery.

A 3-day event 10 hours long each day, full of immersion and next-level strategies (real value $1,497).

If you enroll in the Project Next program, you finish the 8-week live masterclass training, and use the mastermind platform to upload your product and training, you’ll be able to scale your business and enter the knowledge industry dynamically by attending this huge event.

It’s a world-class event where you’ll get to meet the biggest minds in the knowledge industry.

People you met in the “Own Your Future Challenge” like Russell Brunson, Jamie Kern Lima, Bossbabe, Rachel Miller, Glo Atanmo, Pedro Adao, Pete Vargas, Trent Shelton, Prince EA, Dave Hollis, Chalene Johnson, Jenna Kutcher, and other elite guests and speakers.

Events like those give you the confidence to move forward, unparallel support, community, being understood and heard, clarity, and a plan to help you grow and scale your digital business.

This is where those just getting started in this industry all the way to the entrepreneurs, course creators, influencers, coaches and those who know they are meant for more will discover how to create true, meaningful success and impact. 

You’ll gain the secrets of those who didn’t just create successful online courses and trainings but actually scaled their reach expanded their capabilities and created a thriving business that generates impact and income far beyond what a single course ever could.

Each day is a step towards mastery. 

Day #1 is all about becoming irresistible. By the end of day #1, you’ll have the exact strategies needed to create your own irresistible offer that is truly strong & attractive enough to become the heartbeat of a digital product empire.

Day #2 is all about mastering your marketing. To be equipped with the tools that are currently creating more impact and reaching more people than almost anything else in the world…setting you apart from 99% of entrepreneurs alive.

The 3rd day is all about exponential growth. To be on a brand new path toward unimaginable impact, exciting results and a business with the potential to scale alongside the exponential growth of this industry. 

And this is what you get if you attend the Mastermind World Summit. 

  • A preferred Mastermind World Summit Ticket.
  • Access to the powerhouse private group
  • 3 pre-summit fast-track prep sessions
  • 50 meals donated to “Feeding America”

Plus, there are official bonuses to complement your decision to attend the event.

Spending 30 hours with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi? Do you even have to think about it?

Self-Education Revolution Private Community

project next review self-education revolution private fb group

The private community Dean and Tony created in 2019 is the most engaging community on the planet. Passionate people sharing valuable information, knowledge, stories, and experiences with the world.

You will also meet people from the KBB (Knowledge Business/Broker Blueprint) training program and you’ll unite under a common goal, to grow this movement.

Educators, teachers, business owners in any industry imaginable, bloggers, marketers, knowledge enthusiasts, people that immersed in the self-education movement.

This community will help you move forward, get unstuck, get your questions answers. It’s a place to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs and knowledge brokers so you gain the confidence needs to make this a success.

It’s becoming part of a family that cares about you and your progress. It’s about keeping yourself accountable.

It’s about collaboration and getting things done.

You’ll also receive weekly live training sessions to keep you “in the know” on the most cutting-edge strategies that work today.

This way, you will be empowered, you will keep on learning and growing, and gaining next-level capabilities.

Don’t underestimate the power of community.

When I got started online, I had the help of an amazing community of marketers and entrepreneurs that answered all my burning questions and helped me move forward. They dedicated their time to help me with no other incentive than their love for what they do.

No one can make it all alone. Why not take that road and move as fast as you can? Time is the most precious asset we have.

The real price of being part of such a community is absolutely priceless.


Some data and facts:

  • Giant companies like Google, Costco, WholeFoods, Starbucks, or Apple don’t ask for degrees or credentials.
  • The rise of platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, CourseraCreativeLive, or Teachable where you can learn from others any topic, any subject, any profession, in detail.
  • The rise of training programs like those included in our ELITE list. Programs created by industry leaders like Eben Pagan, Steve Olsher, Kevin Harrington, Jeff Walker, Dean Graziosi, and Tony Robbins, and so many more.

The new movement:

Ordinary people like you and I don’t seek out professionals and college degrees.

They need skills they can use today in their business and life.

They seek advice from people that are active in their field and are successful.

They want to be part of a tribe, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and students.

They need action and they need it now.

People are wondering…should I go back to college or stick with this job or let me go find somebody who’s already done what I want to do and pay them to condense decades of knowledge into days.

Shiftelearning highlights

It’s no secret that the training landscape has changed dramatically over the past ten years as eLearning and mobile technologies have gone from early-adopter novelties to mainstream essentials.

In 2011, 77% of American Corporations were using online learning (in 1995 this number was only 4%)

The eLearning market is now more than 13 years old (the word “e-learning” was coined in 1998).

Self-study e-learning (asynchronous) is on the rise now accounting for 15 % of all training delivered.


American corporations using online learning in 2011

How old is the eLearning market in years


Self-study eLearning percentage in the market

According to Forbes, E-Learning is the future. Market research firm Global Industry Analysts projected “E Learning” would reach $107 Billion in 2015 and it did. Now, Research and Markets forecasts show triple the revenue of 2015 – e-learning will grow to $325 Billion by 2025.

That’s nearly $1 billion a day. 

eLearning market's revenue by 2025 in billions of dollars

A Tremendous Opportunity

We are in the middle of a big problem right now. But the biggest breakthroughs in life are when a big problem is solved.

For example…no one knew it was a problem standing on the side of the road holding your hand up in the rain, trying to get a taxi, until Uber came along and transformed the industry.

It’s the same here. The education system is broken. That’s a huge problem. We hope it repairs but it’s not right now. Everyone knows that Universities and colleges are going down.

The famous management guru, Peter Drucker, in 1997 predicted…

Universities won’t survive. the future is outside the traditional campus, outside the traditional classroom. Distance learning is coming on fast.

Universities provide generalized knowledge when in fact, people are looking for specialized knowledge.

Tell me about it. Here’s my university story.

More Reasons:

Right now, Millenials have $1.5 trillion worth of debt.

The knowledge industry is a $129 billion industry.

$4,108 spent every second, $246,000 spent every minute, $14M spent every hour, $355M spent every day.

Knowledge Broker: Definition, Opportunities, Options

A knowledge broker is using mainly information to create products and services that can be sold in the marketplace. Information products are very popular and people are always looking for new products to fulfill their ever-changing needs.

And although there’s a huge amount of free information online, still, people are looking for speed, they need organized and specialized information about specific topics and subjects from sources they can trust. Also, this free information is found on millions of websites scattered. It’s not organized.

And there’s another problem. Not all information online is legit, and there are thousands of information producers that misdirect people.

People want to solve problems, overcome obstacles and challenges, and to improve their lives and businesses.

This is where a knowledge broker comes in, to help people find what they’re looking for.

Knowledge Extractor

A knowledge broker can extract his own knowledge, skills, and expertise to create products and services. He doesn’t have to be an expert on a field, but someone who is 2-3 steps above his target audience. 

Alternatively, a knowledge broker can use life experiences as his vehicle to organize and create information products and services. 

A knowledge broker can turn bad experiences, tough situations, and mess into a message. A message that attracts like-minded people who want to learn from someone that has been through what they deal with today.

Knowledge Reporter

A knowledge broker can report on other people’s knowledge, skills, and expertise to create products and services.

A knowledge reporter collects valuable information from trusted sources to organize and transform this knowledge into products and services. 

He can also become a partner with other experts or other knowledge extractors or reporters as a part of a joint-venture.

Knowledge Carrier

He organizes, transforms, and delivers specialized knowledge in the form of products and services. He’s a carrier, a transporter of knowledge and information.

An information carrier is an entrepreneur that explores and identifies “hot” market segments where people’s needs are not fully met. He creates information products to fulfill these needs.

An information carrier is an expert or soon-to-be expert with a unique voice and a loyal fan base. 

Knowledge Promoter

A knowledge broker can also promote information products and services from other experts, brands, or individuals he trusts.

Types of Products and Services

There are hundreds of opportunities and different products to be made and thousands of niches, markets, and problems to be solved.

  • eBooks, physical books, audiobooks
  • Webinars, seminars, presentations
  • Workshops online or in-person
  • Videos
  • Podcasts and audios
  • Other multimedia
  • Reports
  • Paid newsletters
  • Online courses and training
  • Website memberships
  • Coaching services (online or in-person, or even group sessions)
  • Consulting
  • Speaking
  • Live events
  • Masterminds

What Else A Knowledge Broker Needs To Be Successful?

It’s important to have the mindset of an entrepreneur.

A knowledge broker needs to be motivated, inspired to take action, and lead others.

He needs marketing skills (as with every business) to perform market and competition research, to identify “hot” market segments and untapped opportunities, spot and track his ideal clients, and attract them. To organize product launches, to create anticipation, and to be able to convert his leads into paying customers.

He needs an advertising budget or knowledge to reach his ideal clients effectively with the least amount of time and money.

Experience in sales can be proved extremely valuable as well to overcome objections, follow up with leads, and close deals.

He also needs a strong online presence even if he only plans to work offline.

Important Notes From Dean & Tony

Tony remembers…we are all equal as humans, equal as souls, but we are not equal in the marketplace. And when someone develops a special skill or specialized knowledge so he can help others improve their lives or their businesses, that’s where the real power is. You’re getting paid for adding value.

You can create masterminds, workshops, and group training events either as an expert or as a reporter.

When I was interested in leadership, in influence, persuasion, negotiation, and sales, the #1 guy at that time was Tom Hopkins. And he was filling arenas full with people speaking on stage. And I was wondering how I’d be able to reach that level.

So, I interviewed 50+ people that were making half a million dollars a year in the sales profession. And I did it. I was like a reporter.

I gathered that knowledge and started doing seminars. The seminars started to grow, from 50 people to 100 people, to 1000 people, and so on.

Tony Robbins Interested in Leadership

Dean highlights that most of us get started as reporters, not as experts.

If I was doing a weekend workshop on how to become a wedding photographer, and I said “Hey, come to this weekend workshop and I’m going to show you how to get in the wedding photography business, how to market, how to have a great style, how to brand yourself, how to get someone else to do the work, and you’ll be earning $230,000 a year in 18 months, give me $1000 for a weekend workshop, but I only have one disclaimer…

I’ve never taken any pictures, and I’m not a wedding photographer.

I did that in front of 9,000 people, in Chicago, and I said, who would buy from me?

Not even one person raised their hand.

But then I said…Well, OK, let’s recap, I will teach you how to market, how to brand, how to take pictures, do all these things, but I have to disclaim though, for this $1000 weekend online workshop, I’ve never been in the wedding business…


Here’s what I did. I went on Instagram and found the 10 top wedding photographers making the most money in America, I sent them personal messages, I contacted them and got them on my phone, and I extracted the 10 best strategies from the 10 best photographers in the USA, I correlated that information, and I want to share this with you.

Who would buy this workshop?

The entire room raised their hands.

Dean Graziosi Remembers...

Tony continues…being the reporter will eventually turn you into an expert, because you’ll be getting specialized knowledge that only a few people have access to.

Tony shares something very important…

Right now, I own 50+ companies, and when I reach out to a new company, the first thing I need to find out is who is the ideal customer, who is going to buy this product or service, who is the person that needs this product even when the economy is in bad shape, and I want to know everything about them, their desires, their fear, and then my job is to meet their needs. This is when I offer something extremely irresistible.

Dean reveals that they spent over $500,000 to create the MindMint software. A tool that will help you extract your current knowledge and how to put everything together. 

The most common objection people have about this business model is they fear that people won’t respond to their offerings. Someone might say, well, I’m not Tony Robbins, who knows me, I can’t make it.

This is happening because these people are focused on themselves. And that’s a mistake. You have to be focused on the customer. Focused on serving them. Find out what they want, what they need, find ways to give them more than anyone else.

The problem is never the absence of resources. The thing is to let yourself be resourceful. If you’re passionate enough, you’ll find the answers, if you are determined to succeed, you can make it happen. 

Training Outcome/What You’ll Learn

  • Adopt the mindset of an unstoppable , fully-equipped, entrepreneur with a vision and a mission to help others
  • Immerse yourself in the self-education, the knowledge industry
  • Discover your niche, your dot, this specific group of people you are destined to serve like no one else
  • Extract your current knowledge that can be transformed into a course, training program, mastermind, workshop, event, or group training, coaching and consulting services and packages, speaking gig, or even books and other products and services (there is no limit)
  • Report on other people’s skills, stories, experiences, expertise, and knowledge and transform this knowledge into digital products and services
  • You will build a business around your digital products and services
  • You will be able to create something meaningful that impact other people’s lives
  • You’ll learn and apply cutting-edge marketing strategies, methods, frameworks, and tactics
  • You’ll learn to use social media to your advantage and identify your ideal clients and drive them to your ecosystem
  • You’ll learn how to sell ethically without being salesy
  • You’ll learn how much to charge for your services
  • You’ll learn how to run events, masterminds, and workshops. The psychology behind this kind of service. 
  • You’ll graduate the course through the 8-week live masterclass training 
  • You’ll interact and collaborate with tens of thousands of students, receive and give feedback, and progress with tremendous help, guidance, and support
  • You’ll learn to use the Mastermind platform and upload your products and share them with the world in an instant – implementation
  • You’ll master every aspect of the self-education mentality by attending the 3-day Mastermind World Summit
  • You’ll learn branding and how to become valuable in the marketplace
  • You’ll learn to grow and scale your business with various methods
  • and so much more

Quick Recap – Everything Included

Main Training Program (Real Value $5,000)

  • The 6-module training “Digital Product System” – the immersion.
  • Module -01 becoming unstoppable with Dean and Tony
  • Module 02 – what to sell and who to sell it to
  • Module 03 – how to market your message through service
  • Module 04 – finding your perfect clients through social media
  • Module 05 – how to sell like a pro and feel good doing it
  • Module 06 – how to deliver your message in today’s new world
  • Workbooks, worksheets, other bonus material and downloads

8-Week Live Masterclass Series (real value $2,000)

Get coached in a small group each week by Dean and elite guests to overcome hurdles, get your questions answered and be empowered to confidently finish the course and launch your product – the repetition.

VIP Ticket to the 3 Day Virtual Live Event (real value $1,497)

Join the greatest speakers at the Mastermind World Summit where knowledge turns into mastery, imposter syndrome goes away and your next level ignites during an epic 3-day full immersion experience.

Course walkthrough and graduation party

3 Free Months To the Incredible Implementation Tool (real value $141)

Tony and Dean spent over $1 million dollars to create the super-easy  Mastermind tool to make this real and spread your message to the world! Go from theory to selling online in just 3 steps – the implementation.

Self Education Revolution Private Community (priceless)

This is truly your ultimate secret weapon. Join your new family where you can go anytime for a confidence boost, accountability, advice, LIVE weekly trainings, and collaboration – collaboration, feedback, accountability.

Official Bonus Package (only available during the “Own Your Future Challenge” period – May 2021

  • Tony Robbins – modeling mentors
  • Jenna Kutcher – Unleashing your creativity
  • Tanner Sheldon – mastemind.com a-z
  • Jamie Kern Lima – becoming unstoppable
  • Russell Brunson – the reporter method
  • Bossbabe – insider course selling secrets
  • Glo Atanmo – build your brand shortcut
  • Rachel Miller – Facebook group mastery
  • Pedro Adao – how to do challenges
  • Pete Vargas – master your message

The EXTRA WMS Bonuses – Real Value ($25,000+)

Payment Plans/Guarantee

  • 1-time payment option: $997
  • 4-payments option: $299 each payment – total=$1,196

There’s a 30-days money-back guarantee:

This program won’t work if you don’t work. But if for some reason you aren’t on your way to real success in the first 30 days, email us and we will take care of your refund!

My Final Review

project next review dean graziosi and tony robbins in the studio

Before I analyze “Project Next” I want to let you know how their previous training program, the Knowledge Business/Broker Blueprint helped me.

Tony’s teachings got me thinking. You see, for a pretty long time since I got started online, I did not have the guts to stay in front of the camera and shoot videos.

After listening to Tony’s advice I was liberated and started recording videos. 

In just a few weeks I delivered my first training workshop. Since then, I delivered hundreds of training workshops online and in person.

Dean’s unparallel and unique strategies and methodologies enhanced my marketing knowledge.

I never stopped using strategies like the perfect application page, the gatekeeper secret, the story, teach, tool framework, and the hook, story, close framework. 

These are advanced strategies used by a minority of marketers around the world and are responsible for insane conversions for me and my clients.

Now, Project Next is the evolution of the KBB training program, bundled with incredible bonuses and live training to help students implement this knowledge immediately in their businesses.

It’s the best project ever created by Dean and Tony.

Dean is always obsessed with perfecting things and this time he was even more motivated by the feedback he received from their 40,000 KBB community members.

There were many students that were afraid of running masterminds, workshops, and live events. Because this is what KBB was focused on.

And so, Dean has created something unique, a more friendly approach to delivering knowledge either as a teacher or as a reporter.

They also discontinued the MindMint software that became a little bit complicated.

The new version, the mastermind platform is very easy-to-use, you can upload training and courses in minutes, and spread your message to the world in an instant.

Throughout my online career, I have never seen any training program like that.

The Digital Product System is a standalone training on its own.

The 6 modules will help you immerse yourself deeply into the self-education industry.

The majority of the training sessions are live recordings with Dean helping his students in real-time.

This is absolutely phenomenal.

The Digital Product System will help you adopt the right entrepreneurial mindset and become unstoppable. This is the most important and first step you should take in any business.

You’ll define your dot, your niche, your target audience, what to create and deliver, and who to deliver it to.

You’ll be able to use your past experiences, stories, your mess, skills, expertise, knowledge, or report on other people’s skills and knowledge and how to do that in a unique and remarkable way.

You’ll learn marketing with Dean’s unmatched teachings and unique strategies and frameworks used not only by me by some other big names you may already know.

Marketing is the mainspring of any business, and it’s the only tool to get your message and offerings to the marketplace.

Without it, we lose customers, and without customers, we lose business.

You’ll learn how to use social media to your advantage and spot ideal clients all over the world. You’ll create groups and pages so you can get discovered by thousands of potential customers that are willing to share your work with their network so you can grow and scale your business exponentially.

You’ll learn sales and how to get past your inner demons. Remember, selling is just service. Not selling is actually a disservice to your people. Only by selling, you will be able to impact other people’s lives.


Because when people pay, they pay attention.

Of course, you’ll provide knowledge for free but not always. You will need to ask for the sale in order to make a change in other people.

You’ll learn how to create courses, training programs, workshops, live events, speaking gigs, masterminds, and so much more.

The world is hungry for information from people just like you and me. They are waiting for your message.

The Digital Product System is the absolute training on everything that has to do with the digital economy world.

I can’t really express how excited I am for this training alone.

The 8-week live masterclass series is something only a few people do on this planet.

Dean is dedicated to helping his students apply the knowledge they are getting, graduate, and launch their products to the marketplace.

Getting live training by Dean and his elite guests?

Do we even have to think about it?

There’s so much value in this that can’t be expressed with words easily.

What about the Mastermind World Summit?

If you’ve participated in the “Own Your Future Challenge” you know what it is like having Dean Graziosi and these incredible entrepreneurs on the stage.

The energy is unstoppable, your heart is beating fast, you learn and take notes like a maniac, you interact, and you are getting challenged.

Make sure you do anything you can to attend this huge event.

You don’t want to miss such an experience, it will be an event you will remember for the rest of your life.

Every day, for 3 days, for 10 or more hours per day, you will get a full-immersion and mastery experience in the self-education industry by Dean, Tony, and so many other world-renowned entrepreneurs and people that own their future.

Now let’s discuss the Mastermind platform, the implementation tool.

An intuitive dashboard, a very easy-to-use application, a software that is fast and reliable.

There are guides and documents to help you get started in no time, there is a community of authors, trainers, coaches, educators, and other knowledge reporters ready to answer your questions and give you valuable feedback.

You upload your training, courses, workshops, masterminds, and you get global access so that people all over the world can discover your products and services.

There’s more information about the platform in my video.

What about the self-education revolution private Facebook community?

This is one of the most successful communities in the world. With over 40,000 members from the KBB training, there is so much knowledge and wisdom from people that stand where you want to be.

A couple of years ago, these people were where you are right now. They know how it feels like, they’ve been in your shoes.

There are over 6,000 pages of testimonials and success stories.

The real value of being part of such a community, is in the collaboration, giving and receiving feedback, get inspired, motivated, and actually progress.

No one can make it alone in today’s new world. You need support, help, and understanding.

Everyone contributes to a higher cause, together, we help the self-education movement spread and grow.

The bonuses? Are they worth it?

You get bonuses from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Jenna Kutcher started as a photographer and blogger to create a community of over 40,000 happy women.

You have Russell Brunson, co-founder of Click Funnels, a software company with over 120,000 members.

You have Rachel Miller, social media expert, and a down-to-earth personality.

You have Glo Atanmo, the girl that shook the world as a travel blogger.

You have Jamie Kern Lima, the girl who was rejected a hundred times before she was able to get funding for her IT Cosmetics brand. A brand she sold to L’oreal for $1.2 billion.

You have Bossbabe, these 2 incredible British women that founded the fastest-growing media education company for female entrepreneurs.

Amazing bonuses, extreme value addition so you can move forward fast without fear, armed with the best of the best tools, secret strategies, and capabilities.

Dean’s presentations are enthusiastic, full of passion, and he guides you in the right direction. He’s motivational, inspiring, and gets to the point immediately.

He’s an amazing entrepreneur, marketer, and mastermind expert. 

Dean and Tony are both 2 personalities I am following for the last 4 years

The course is comprehensive, detailed, with countless bonuses by Dean, Tony, Russell, and so many other experts and it’s a course that lives up to its promise and it will be the last program you will ever need. There is simply nothing missing.

That’s not a bold statement, it’s a guarantee

Is There Anything Missing? Or Is It The Perfect Training?

As I already underlined, there is nothing missing.

There is training on mindset, research, niche selection, creating digital products and services, marketing, sales, social media, and delivering your offers.

It’s a solid package that covers all areas of the digital business world.

But that doesn’t mean they could not add even more (see my bonuses below).

Very Important Things to Consider:

Dean and Tony have created a masterpiece, a training program that helps people create digital businesses like no other program.

I’ve never come across something so gigantic.

Also, the price is actually a big surprise.

There had never been a time that such incredible training with so many bonuses from so many experts offered at such a low price. But due to the pandemic and what the world has been through, Dean and Tony decided to help as many people as they can.

And they did it.

Have in mind, that their previous training, KBB was offered for $2,000.

I’ve seen hundreds of programs, bonuses, and packages. Nothing comes as close.

That’s why I give such a rating. Over 98%.

Other important things to consider:

The digital economy is booming. Self-education is the new norm.

People will continue to receive education from other people online. There is a huge demand.

The best time to dive deep into this industry was a few years ago and now is the 2nd best time.

Don’t miss this chance. Don’t let another year pass by. Go where the wind blows.  

I’ve been in this industry for over 6 years now and I never looked back. Instead, I immerse myself deeper and deeper.

You won’t realize how it’s like unless you experience it.

It’s one of those programs that I include in my ELITE list. This list contains only the best of the best programs, those that live up to their promises, those that bring results for the people.

As you can see, this is a very short list of carefully selected programs compiled since 2015. There are only a handful of programs there, not 100’s.

If you can’t succeed with one of these ELITE programs, I don’t know which program can help you.

Dean, Tony, and their elite guests have affected the lives of millions of people and they are top industry leaders filling arenas with hundreds of thousands of people every single time.

In this premium training program, they go very deep and they share their best-kept secrets to help their students achieve the results they need. They hold nothing back and their students have access to this dream team 24/7.

It’s a program you should not miss by any means.

Overall Value

If we consider everything you’re getting for the money you’re paying, then this offer is absolutely a no-brainer.

The main training is worth well over $8,000.

Add the extreme bonus package and you get over $10,000.

Add my extra bonuses and you are paying $997 for over $12,500.

Is this a good deal or not?

You’re the judge.


Have in mind that just because you’re investing in such an ELITE training program that does not mean you’ll get the results you need.

There’s hard work associated with this training and with all the ELITE training programs I whole-heartedly recommend to my readers, followers, and subscribers.

If you’re not willing to work hard then this program it’s not for you.

Project Next provides the tools, the knowledge, the training, the support, the cutting-edge strategies, the mindset, and all this cool stuff, but you are the one who has to put everything in place.

But if you decide to settle and wait until next year or the next one, nothing will change and you know it.

And you will get left behind.

Don’t look back 2 or 3 years from now remembering that you had a great time and you learned so much but you did not take action. Don’t blame yourself for procrastinating and for being afraid to take the leap of faith.

This is a very thin line, I know.

There are people that watch things happen, those that wish for things to happen, and those who make things happen.

Choose wisely!


I believe so much in this program, and although the value you’re getting for what you’re paying is tremendous, and although there are huge bonuses packed by Dean and Tony, I’d like to offer you some additional bonuses that can help you get the results you want faster.

Project Next RATINGS

  • Training 98% 98%
  • Marketing Tools 97% 97%
  • Support 99% 99%
  • Forum, Community 99% 99%
  • Other Services 98% 98%


Final Score

My highest rating score ever

Wait, There’s More…My Bonuses

Let me make sure you move forward, apply what you learn and help you with your marketing

I believe so much in this program, and although the value you’re getting for what you’re paying is tremendous, and although there are huge bonuses packed by Dean and Tony’s team, I’d like to offer you some additional bonuses that can help you get the results you want faster and appear more professional and become way more confident.

Because I want to eliminate any fear you have about this training, although it’s an exceptional program.

This way, I will fill any possible gaps (see below).

And you’ll gain invaluable marketing knowledge that can help you boost your business and any future project you decide to pursue.

But before I announce the bonuses I need to introduce myself very briefly.

I’m a marketing consultant.

I first came across marketing at the university as part of my business administration studies, back in 1992.

I do online marketing since December 2014. I live, breathe, and dream marketing. This is what I do for a living. I offer marketing and advertising services to clients directly and as a marketing publisher indirectly through this website.

Additionally, I provide live training and private workshops.

I helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services on the web.

I worked with networks, marketplaces, business owners, communities, and local stores.

I helped names like Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Nick Stephenson, Ray Edwards, Matt McWilliams, Jeanna Gabellini, software companies like ClickFunnels, OptinMonster, marketplaces like EnvatoMarket, Designmodo, InkyDeals,  Renderosity, Dealjumbo, Snappa, communities like HopeWriters, Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, and on and on.

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, we lose customers, and without customers, we lose business.

Marketing is responsible for bringing people in, get eyes on your products, services, offers, and programs.

Marketing also helps you retain customers for a lifetime.

If you need a boost in visibility, if you want to build brand awareness, I can help you.

You can also browse through our network page displaying some of the brands I cooperated with.

Never-Seen Before Bonus (only available for this amazing industry)

Partial implementation of my “7 Ideals” methodology and lifetime support (PRICELESS)

What Getting These Bonuses Mean

You get to have all the critical things that you need to start a successful business…

and that means you could be unbeatable in the marketplace, today!

What You Need To Run a Successful Business

3 Things:

  1. Be able to know what your prospects really need, how to attract and engage them
  2. A product or service to satisfy their needs and a way to market your products
  3. A language you can use to persuade people into taking action and buy your products

Enrolling in this program and taking my bonuses guarantee you satisfy all 3 criteria

1) The Project Next training and the masterclass will show you the way to identify a target audience, what to create for them and how to create it, and how to deliver it. Plus, you have a whole community behind you plus Dean’s experts, coaches, and the software/platform to get your digital products to the market.

1, 2, and 3) My marketing and business training will show you how to market to your prospects using a whole arsenal of marketing strategies, tactics, and frameworks. Here’s a small debrief of what you’ll learn if we work together:

  • How to create products and services and launch them in a way that builds trust, anticipation, and buzz (so either you have products or services and we market them or we create new products)
  • How to perform thorough market and competition research
  • How to offer a unique selling proposition and create a brand’s manifesto
  • How to market and get traffic using content, emails, social media, copywriting, sales pages, sales funnels, quizzes, questionnaires, paid advertising, influencer marketing, outbound marketing, affiliate marketing
  • By applying these amazing marketing strategies, you gain a competitive advantage and you’ll be able to convert visitors into prospects, customers, and fans
  • How to become a really successful entrepreneur
  • How to use a strong language that not only sells your products but positions you as a leader in the industry

To Get Your Bonuses

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Sitting On The Fence? Got Questions

If you have questions it’s absolutely normal. And I am here to answer them.

Dean and his guests answered many of them during the FAQ session, but still, many of you are wondering if you are making a good decision.

But the worst decisions are those you don’t take. 

Trent Shelton, this amazing guy said during the “Own Your Future Challenge”

Why would you expect other people to understand your vision when God gave it to you?

Whether you believe in God or the Universe, you have a drive, you’re here for a reason, you want another level.

If other people don’t believe in you or question you, that’s OK, because it’s not their vision, it’s yours. 

Jamie Kern Lima, this talented girl who a potential investor rejected her cosmetics offer due to her appearance, body, and weight, said…

No versus know…So many times in life where we get right to the edge of making that decision, when we know there’s another level, we say NO, N-O. But if we dig deep, we know that we know, K-N-O-W, that we can do anything when we gain the capabilities from someone who’s already been there. And then we take the uncomfortable action to move forward.

As Tony Robbins says…in life, we are mostly shaped by our decisions.

I want to close with another Japanese proverb.

The day you decide to do it is your lucky day 

Are you going to take advantage of the self-education industry and learn from the best of the best?

It’s a critical moment in history and you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join this masterpiece at such an incredible price tag that won’t be available ever again.

Or is this the time when you are going to be left behind? Are you going to watch things happen? Or even worse, are you going to wish for things to happen?

When you have the chance to make things happen by learning from the best of the best?

The offer goes away in less than 34 hours. We don’t know if they are going to offer Project Next again, but even if they do, this offer won’t be so irresistible as this one and won’t have so many amazing bonuses bundled.

Don’t let fear and insecurity take control. Grab the opportunity to change your own, your loved ones, and the lives of thousands of people around the world that need your unique message.

They want to hear your story, your experience, your mess, they want to learn from you, don’t give up on them.

Seize the day. We are here to support you from day one and for as long as it takes.

Because if you don’t take that decision, nothing will change and we know it.

Have any questions? Let me know

Documentary #1

My First Digital Sale

My first significant digital sale happened in 2015 and it worked as my passport to an enormous industry, the knowledge industry, the self-education industry.

And first I want to give you some context, discuss a little bit my background, and how it all started so you can better understand my excitement and what this first digital sale actually means for someone making it.

Documentary #2 Immersion


We move forward and here’s what I cover in this video:

#1 Why they don’t teach money at school

#2 Self-education has become the new norm

#3 Is university worth it? a personal story

#4 Finally: my private training workshops

#5 How the knowledge industry helped me scale my business

#6 Knowledge broker: definition, opportunities, options

#7 Get paid for what you know

#8 Why I started doing workshops

#9 How I was immersed in the self-education industry

#10 Self-education industry potential and a story

#11 Covid-19 exposes flaws in the global education system

…and more

Documentary #3


Statistics, growth in the last 4 years, people that fueled this growth, various case studies, the mastermind platform.

Part #4 coming soon, huge announcement at the end. How I can help you enter the amazing self-education industry in the most elegant way.

Documentary #4

The "7 Ideals" Story and Project Next

The story of my “7 Ideals” methodology, people that I learned from, how I entered this amazing industry, how I scaled quickly, how I got here.

This is how you can replicate the same by joining the “Project Next 2022 Thrive Edition” movement, a community of over 50,000 students impacting the world with superior digital products and experiences.

If you want to learn from the best and make an impressive intro, this is the #1 solution, hands down.

You have Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins, 2 of the most powerful business leaders that I know and a whole team of experts, countless bonuses, a community, support, training, help, guidance.

What else is included:

The “Immersion”: The training program “Knowledge Business Blueprint” renamed into “Digital Product System” and ” Project Next Education”. A standalone training masterpiece to identify your area of expertise and knowledge, what you’ll create to serve your people, the way to pick your ideal clients, how to create products, how to deliver them, how to use the Mastermind platform to connect with 1,000’s of people worldwide, all potential clients, and so much more.


The “Repetition”: The 6-week live masterclass with Dean Graziosi and guest educators to take your previous knowledge to a whole new level. This is where you are really getting immersed in this space. You need to experience the business model to realize what is happening and how beautiful this will get in the near future.


The “Implementation”: Tons of training, access to the huge Mastermind library and the Inner Circle library of Dean Graziosi, another huge asset to skyrocket your performance and boost your business practices. And a platform to upload your digital products and get connected with 1,000’s of daily visitors, potential clients, and start selling right away. Plus The “Mastery”: Ticket to the Mastermind World Summit, an epic event to get at the “Master” level by joining forces with elite fellow business owners abiding by the same ethical principles.


The “7 Ideals” Methodology FULL-Access: This is how I can help you by giving you full access to my methodology and lifetime support.


Never done that, I do that only for this specific industry, MY industry.

EPIC Bonus video tomorrow – examples of amazing products and experiences that you can create fast, cost-effectively, and having me guide you from day one.

Documentary #5

Knowledge ID Framework: Project Next & 7 Ideals

How I’ll be helping you enter the amazing knowledge industry fast and in the most elegant fashion.

What the “Project Next 2022 Thrive Edition” movement includes and how to combine it with my “7 Ideals” methodology.

How to enter the self-education industry without “Project Next”. 

That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time…

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Business Organisation & Administration, Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, Summer Dream.

Reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and family comes first.

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