You're Reading:Sign Up Machine is a Portal full of MLM and other Biz Ops – What to Expect

Sign Up Machine is a Portal full of MLM and other Biz Ops – What to Expect

by Tasos


Aug 16, 2016



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I got redirected to Sign Up Machine from another website that was suggesting it as a great opportunity. A network for marketers, business opportunity seekers, and companies that want to advertise their brands using the website’s tools.


What exactly Sign Up Machine is all about?



The homepage is a little confusing.I moved on with the “What’s hot right now” button.Here they say …”if you want to truly succeed online you should have multiple streams of income.Find great business opportunities and offers here”

Let’s see, there is a bunch of those

  • Power lead system, no marketer left behind
  • MLM recruit on demand, Aspire (reviewed)
  • Skinny body care (I have reviewed this one recently)
  • Gameloot network, chew the fat off
  • Best easy job, Ringless voice mailer platform
  • All in one profits (reviewed), SFI
  • 12-second commute power build, Online sales pro
  • Digisoft payline, traffic wave team build
  • 12 week millionaire (reviewed), Ad click xpress
  • Dump little system and more….



Let’s see what else there is in SUM (Sign Up Machine)


Sign Up Machine Affiliate Program



In order to make money by promoting SUM, you have to become an affiliate.This is only possible if you purchase the Pro membership.Then you will be receiving 50% commissions on all your personal referrals.

The cost is $47 per month.I will not comment on the price right now …


Live Training

Another section that is locked, available only if you upgrade

They teach

  • Traffic generation, traffic conversion
  • Recruiting, selling
  • Sales copy, email marketing


SUM Traffic packages

  • Traffic & List building package #1 – beginners , $100 (one time payment).Qualifies you for all future sales of this product – pays out $50 to qualified sponsor.
  • Package #2 – – intermediate – $250 (one time).Qualifies you for this product and the beginners #1 package.$125 commissions.
  • Package #3 – advanced – $500 (one time) – Qualifies for this product and #2 and #1 package.It includes bonuses.
  • Package #4 – professional marketers – $1000 (one time).Qualifies for all products.There are bonuses as well.







SUM – is it a real opportunity? – Final Words



Of course, it is a real business opportunity with which you can make money but I am not overall satisfied and so I am out.

Sign Up Machine is like a traffic exchange network for business owners.You advertise your products or affiliate / MLM promotions and get exposed to other promotions placed by other members.

The only thing I liked with the Sign Up Machine website is that their title is very accurate.It is indeed a machine for multiple sign-ups.But …. there are some things to consider before you decide to join SUM and pay the $47 per month.


They say that when you join you will have the chance to

  • Promote your businesses and offers (if you become a Pro member they will promote your offer to their opportunity page and throughout on their site in rotation with other members).
  • They pool traffic dollars, negotiate traffic deals and bring the members highly targeted traffic from multiple quality sources.

How they do that remains a mystery, you just have to trust their words and pay.


If I wanted to promote my business offers I would not choose to pay $47 per month.I would choose a traffic exchange site to do that even for free.I prefer to visit other websites, banners, ads and splash pages to earn credits for my listings.

Another thing to consider here is that all these business owners want to sell, not to buy.All these MLM and other listings in the SUM directory are not free offers.When you choose a biz op usually you will have to pay additional monthly fees just to stay as a member in any of these companies.


There is not a blog department on that website and they are not revealing anything concerning their training.They say that the training for their pro members is superb and nothing else comes close to it but they do not cover that hype with free information on their site.

This is how things are working.If you want to get people buy your premium packages then you have to offer something for free first.If that is not possible you could alternatively offer a free trial of the pro membership.


That’s what blogs are helpful for…Having a blog section is a starting point for your customers.You demonstrate value and you begin to build trust. With SUM you are only left in the dark, without help, without information.


And those traffic packages…what about them?….there is nothing on that website to describe these services.They only underline that “there is literally nothing else online that compares to the SUM traffic & list building packages”. Well, I am not used to buying packages without knowing what to expect. And how am I supposed to promote the Sign Up Machine to my prospects and visitors?…just sign up, they are good at what they do?….



That’s it, I hope you enjoyed another review, here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time, your online partner.
















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  1. Rick Katz

    As one of the owners of SignUpMachine, I can tell you this review is not based on reality. Check it out yourself if you want to see what it’s really about

    • Tasos

      Hello Rick

      I re-visited your website but nothing’s changed.It’s just my opinion against yours.People can decide for themselves.

      Thank you for this visit and for discussing it with me.Good luck with your projects.

      • Rick Katz

        Hello Tasos, thank you for taking a second look. However let me tell you where your review is not accurate:

        1. We are NOT affiliates or distributors for the MLM opportunities listed on our site. They are added by our Members as one of the BENEFITS of our Membership. We do not earn ONE PENNY from ANY of the business opportunities listed on our site. And if we ever do in the future we will make it extremely clear that we do. There are over 60 different companies listed, do you really think someone is going to join all of those? We’d go broke, lol.

        2. SignUpMachine itself is NOT an MLM. We are a single-level affiliate program that pays out 50% on one level only.

        3. We do explain in detail how our system works all you have to do is take a free tour to find out. It certainly may not be for everyone, but, if you’re reading this, please take the free tour and find out for yourself. We have nothing to hide and no tricks up our sleeves. You can even contact me or or my SignUpMachine business partner by email or phone directly if you have questions.

        4. Lastly you can read the reviews we are starting to compile from actual Members here: [link removed]

        • Tasos

          Hi Rick , thank you for coming back to discuss it.

          Well , yes , SUM is not an MLM company , it is like a traffic exchange network mostly full of MLM promotions and other listings.That is why I changed the title of the post.I even deleted some parts of the original text to make it more accurate.

          You do describe how your system works but you are not revealing any other information.

          What about the superb training that can not be compared to other online programs?…Saying just that does not make your training superb.I would prefer some samples of your work first.Other programs and websites offer free quality training and they blog daily about income and business opportunities , why would I choose to buy the SUM training?

          What about the traffic packages?..you say that literally there is nothing online that comes close to them but the only way to discover that is to pay the minimum $100 for the least expensive package.

          Of course I want to promote SUM traffic packages and get paid 50% commissions for doing so but how am I supposed to convince my readers?

          I am not buying without trying , this is a rule in my businesses.I am not buying just because someone says he is the best.


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