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Tricia Brouk | The Big Talk Academy Review

by Tasos


Feb 27, 2022


I’m filming the last part. The finish line (Feb 02). 


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What exactly is “The Big Talk Academy” training program? Is there potential in becoming a speaker? Is Tricia the #1 guide in this journey? Is it worth the money? Is there anything else you need?

These are just a few of the questions going through your mind right now. So, here I am, to answer all the questions you might have and to guide you to make a well-informed decision.

We’ll perform a thorough investigation by examining every aspect of the program, Tricia’s background and accomplishments, her students’ results with the program, and so much more.

So, let’s dive in!

Tricia Brouk – The Big Talk Academy Review

Video Overview


In this short video, I’ll be answering all the questions you might have regarding the training program “The Big Talk Academy” created by Tricia Brouk.

It’s a training program to help you become an influential speaker and take the TEDx or even bigger stages.

Tricia is an award-winning director, author, producer, and curator that teaches you how to communicate, speak, and lead at a world-class level so you can create a global impact.

It’s a training platform that provides you with guidance, mentorship, feedback, and a playground for testing your work, and a unique, proven approach that builds your TALK one step at a time.

Tricia Brouk is an exceptional speaking coach who already trained some of the biggest names in the industry. She’s known as the mentor of speakers and she’s an authority in the showbiz world.

Tricia’s students are also very successful and there are hundreds of testimonials from people that changed their lives by becoming professional speakers.

The techniques and strategies she will teach you in the Big Talk Academy training program can set you up for success.

It’s a comprehensive, solid, and quality program for serious people looking to create the speaking business of their dreams.

There are tools, scripts, templates, blueprints, frameworks, that you can use right away in your speaking practice.

The training is complete, nothing is missing, and it’s structured properly.

The course lives up to its promise and it’s the very best in the industry.

It’s one of those programs that I include in my ELITE list

If we consider everything you’re getting for the money you’re paying, then this offer is absolutely a no-brainer. It would be no surprise if this program would cost $15,000 or even more. So, it’s a great chance to get this program at this price with all the bonuses that are packed with (plus you’ll get 1 more huge bonus from me).

But who am I?

I’m a marketing consultant who helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services and the creator of the “7 Ideals” methodology.

There’s more information about the academy and my bonus on the review page. 

Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to working with you privately.

What Is The Big Talk Academy? Overview

“The Big Talk Academy” is a signature training program created by Tricia Brouk, award-winning director, author, producer, and curator that teaches you how to communicate, speak, and lead at a world-class level so you can create global impact.

It’s a training platform that provides you with guidance, mentorship, feedback, and a playground for testing your work, and a unique, proven approach that builds your TALK one step at a time.

It’s a 12-week virtual intensive and certification program.

By the end of the program, you’ll accomplish:

  • Mastery over fear and self-doubt, and the confidence that captivates your audience by mastering your mindset,  the art of performance, and rehearsal techniques (including memorization!)—so you always feel confident when taking the stage.
  • Your unforgettable, signature big talk is ready to deliver when you are asked to speak the day after you’re certified. That’s how prepared you’ll be.
  • Laser-focused guidance on uncovering the right, most impactful idea for your next Big Talk. Whether it’s your first, second, or tenth talk, you’ll receive the tools, techniques, and resources you need to hone in on the most effective elements of your story and message.
  • Step-by-step guidance in writing and delivering a powerful talk that speaks to the heart of your ideal audience and inspires action—so you walk on stage with total command of the material. No more second-guessing, creating in a vacuum or asking your friends for feedback… (again).
  • Learn the skills you need to identify a big idea, craft a fully written talk, and perform your Big Talk so you can get it in front of the people who are making the decisions.
  • The opportunity to “open mic night” your talk, speak in front of an audience, vet topics and approaches with an expert’s feedback and input from a circle of speakers with your same commitment to mission, values, and purpose. No more practicing alone in front of your dog (or cats), wondering how the real audience will respond.
  • The real deal on how to masterfully pitch your talk (and future talks) to organizers, decision-makers, and producers. Learn the difference between a Keynote versus a TEDx talk—and how to write both. Because you can and will.

The end-result of enrolling in the program:

  • A perfect, polished, and powerful Big Talk, ready to deliver at a moment’s notice. Because you never know when you’ll get a call to speak, and you’ve got to be ready.
  • A finely-tuned Big Talk that will support your mission, purpose, and business and elevate you as a speaker primed to take the world’s most influential stages. This one talk will become the “product” that you deliver over and over again. 
  • A step-by-step blueprint to pitch your talk (and future talks) masterfully to decision-makers, meeting planners, editors, and producers—and get booked, again and again. Because opportunities are everywhere when you know how to seize
  • Proven performance techniques. The Big Talk Academy Graduates stand apart from the sea of mediocre speakers because inside the program, you get everything you need to master performance techniques that will keep your audiences hanging on your every word.
  • Confidence to speak clearly and concisely about your transformative ideas, with courage and convictionBecause there are no new ideas, but the way in which you articulate yours will be fresh and inspired.
  • Become Certified by The Big Talk Academy and get featured on the BTA speaker website with massive visibility to decision-makers, TEDx organizers and meeting planners.

Availability: The program is usually available once a year, the registration doors open up for a limited time, usually 3-4 or up to 7 days.

tricia brouk the big talk academy main banner 666

Main Slogans

  • The Speaking and Thought Leadership Incubator That Will Change the Level That You Want to Play. 
  • You have a powerful, world-changing story to tell. And I can help you be heard.
  • Your Voice Needs to Be Heard! 
  • Great Speakers Aren’t Born. They’re Made.
  • A great speaker is prepared. Practiced. Polished.
  • This is no ordinary speaker training, The Big Talk Academy is a transformational intensive toward showing up in your higher purpose as a communicator. 
  • The foundation is built from the inside out. Your talk will become the foundation to make you free on any and all stages

Ideal Audience – Who Is It For

  • Speakers that want to level up their game and land TEDx talks
  • Speakers already in business
  • Aspiring speakers with little or no experience
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • CEOs, executives
  • Authors
  • Marketers
  • Coaches
  • Bloggers
  • Website owners
  • Influencers
  • Thought leaders
  • Experts
  • Practitioners
  • Professional service providers
  • Students
  • Survivors
  • Actors
  • Immigrants
  • Teachers
  • Psychologists
  • Doctors
  • People with a passion
  • People with a following
  • Anyone with a message
  • Anyone with experience in a field

The Main Advantages Of This Business Model

  • Low-cost entry
  • Minimum operating costs
  • Massive potential, no limits on profits
  • Lucrative (you can charge $1,000’s or even $10,000’s)
  • Work from anywhere and virtually 
  • You’re targeting the whole population
  • Timetable flexibility
  • Recurring income
  • No need for employees
  • Scalability, unlimited partnerships
  • You get started immediately
  • Opens doors to a host of events on various platforms and networks
  • Get featured in powerful publications
  • It grows you as a person, you develop
  • It helps you make an impact and leave a legacy

Tricia Brouk’s Background

Tricia has worked with Kate Winslet, Susan Sarandon, Christopher Walken, and the late James Gandolfini. Her films have been up for nomination at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Tricia has put 50+ speakers on more than 15+ TEDx stages. And most of them are on TED.com main stage. In October, Tricia had 10 speakers take the TEDxFarmingdale stage, including Kate MacKinnon who is an alumnus of this masterclass.

Her work has been featured on channels like Forbes, Inc, ABCnews, Money, NBC, Harvard Business Review, Broadway World, Business Insider.

Her clients have been featured on channels like TED, Forbes, NBC, Inc, ABSnews, Money, The CW, CBS, Harvard Business Review, Bold, Sway.


  • Official selection NYWIFT Fall Shorts Festival 2017
  • Official Selection NYC Film Festival 2018
  • Lawebfest 2017 – Offical Selections
  • NYC Web Fest Offical Selection 2016
  • VFW Vancouver Web Fest Best Comedy 2017
  • Winner Award Of Merit 

I mentor speakers, thought-leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs on creating speaking platforms that have a global impact. 

In addition to my work in the entertainment industry, I apply decades of expertise in theater, tv, and film, to the art of public speaking.

I want to put people with important messages onto the big stage and the big screen. I’m the executive producer of Speakers Who Dare and was executive producer of TEDxLincolnSquare.

I choreographed the series Black Box on ABC, The Affair on Showtime, Rescue Me on Fox, and John Turturro’s Romance and Cigarettes, where I was awarded a Golden Thumb Award from Roger Ebert.

The series I directed, Sublets, won Best Comedy at the Vancouver Web-Festival. My film, Right Livelihood A Journey To Here won Best Documentary Short of 2019 at The Olympus Film Festival in LA. And I was given the honor of being awarded Top Director of 2019 by The International Association of Top Professionals.

The Big Talk Over Dinner is my newest series about people having mindful conversations about the hard stuff, like politics, race, immigration, gender, and leadership over dinner.

I also host The Big Talk, an award-winning podcast on iTunes.

Tricia Brouk

Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare

Deeper Investigation

Tricia’s Mission

It’s all about the community and being together as speakers and professionals. When we lift each other up, everyone’s voice becomes amplified.

It all starts with how to eliminate imposter syndrome, how do you get out of your own way so that pure creativity can start exploding.

Throughout Tricia’s career in the rehearsal spaces as a director, her job was to create a safe space for her actors, so that can play the role, be vulnerable, and get to the scene in a way that’s honest, truthful, and impactful.

But if she is not able to create this safe space for them, they will not be able to trust her. And they will be constantly trying to do it for themselves.

When you are a speaker and you have a powerful message, that’s a raw vulnerable place to live.

Having this container, this safe space with which people in her community can ask questions, get feedback, and be able to trust her, this is where they can speak their truth and be in the most vulnerable, captivating part of their idea and storytelling, that’s how they change other people’s lives.

She uses hypnotherapy and guided meditation to remove all those limiting beliefs and get prepared for what’s comes next.

The idea mining process, it’s actually a copywriting process and Tricia gets all her students to go through this phase and it starts with daily prompts. This process is so gentle and you will find yourself coming up with 100 ideas for your next speaking event. Then, you want to choose only one, the very best of them.

The 99 ideas that will not be part of your speaking event, can be used to create content like blog posts, webinars, podcasts, videos, and launch marketing campaigns to promote your brand and speaking capabilities.

When you are clear on your big idea, you move on to the writing process to understand the opening/closing and intros/outros. 

Tricia is open-minded and encourages her students to be themselves and think outside the box. For example, if someone plays the guitar, Tricia will help him add guitar playing to his speaking event, if someone dances, they will add dancing to their speaking gig, and so on.

Tricia believes that the world of speaking events is changing a little bit as more and more people organize these events not on stage but virtual, on channels like Zoom or Skype.

It’s all about being creative.

But how do you pitch decision-makers? How do you apply to Ted talks? How do you ask for money? How do you negotiate salaries? Tricia will help you with your pitches. She’s an expert and has a formula.

Tricia has built a very diverse community with speakers from all over the world. And because Tricia is a creative director, she will help you become a better communicator. You will learn how to effectively communicate dignity, curiosity, respect, and love.

And there are tools to help you repeat the process again and again. 

It’s about the transformation of her students from being good speakers to being experts that can charge high fees for their services.

Tricia cares much about self-development, communication, high performance, what’s happening in the world, and she is expressing it in every video call and training.

She connects deeply with her students, she knows she is an influential voice and ff something is top of mind and it’s happening right now in the world, Tricia is going to bring that to the training call.

She is taking advantage of her experience as a director where she is guiding actors, she knows how to get you on a journey that is not overwhelming and stressful and how to set you up for success.

She also knows that every speaker in the world no matter how experienced they are, 2 weeks before an important speaking event, all hate their talk and are not able to speak, they hate their ideas, they think that they are terrible, they develop imposter syndrome.

Tricia knows how to motivate you and will help you stand up and get the stage. 

tricia brouk the art of the big talk live masterclass elegant dress purple couch

Tricia’s Students

Deni Van (speaker and holistic intuitive healer): She’s reached a point of clarity for attending the masterclass of Tricia. She’s waiting for the next step in her career and she knows she is a great speaker but she also knows that there is so much more for her. She loved the way Tricia helped her hone her idea. She;’s ready to move forward full speed.

Elizabeth Molina (TEDx speaker, founder of the Molina Glow and Your Beauty Guru): She went to Tricia’s TEDx Masterclass scared, not knowing what her message was, but she knew she had something to say. She was expecting to get some clarity and she left with a full script with clear ideas and messaging of who she is, what her message was, and how she would help change the world and make an impact. After the event. she got a TEDx. She says that Tricia is magnificent, she has an eye for storytelling, and how to help you really captivate the audience and get your message across. 

Her innovative ways of thinking, of looking at things from a different lens, is a game-changer for anyone who would be interested in getting on a stage. Tricia changed her life for sure.

Dr. Wayne Pernell (TEDx speaker, author, and breakthrough coach): He just received a call from a TEDx producer, and he has been selected to be on a TEDx stage in New York. Tricia helped him get there and he can’t believe it yet. She helped him hone and craft his message, overcome obstacles, and grow as a human. She’s an amazing coach, an awesome mentor, and now a great friend. So, if you are thinking of becoming a speaker, aiming for TEDx or bigger stages. you gotta work with Tricia.

Watch: Wayne Pernell TEDxFarmingdale Oct 2020 – Significance over Influence Leads to Lasting Legacy

Paul Glover (speaker, author, and leadership coach): He found unparallel support in Tricia’s community. If you want to make a difference with your speaking. An inspiring experience he will never forget.

Pablo Virgo (video editor): Tricial told him that even if he thinks that all his ideas are stupid and nobody cares. She brought out so many stories, ideas, connections, and compassion with people coming from all different areas of life… and she would connect with them and find the piece of their truth they were grasping for and help draw it out.

Marisa Zalabak (TEDx speaker, author, and advocate): She wanted to get on a TEDx stage for a long time. But she could not find a way to accomplish her goals. Until she met Tricia and attended her masterclass. When she saw the speakers Tricia was directing for TEDxLincolnSquare, she has found her guide. The diverse range of speakers and topics and the quality of each talk kept everyone engaged because the messages were so clear and intelligent, they had purpose and grace. They were invitations. And that’s what exactly she wanted to achieve with her talks. 

Tricia is a master of her craft. Her technique coupled with her ability to mine for this gold that lies below the surface is astounding.

As a performer and speaker, she worked with many coaches and directors over the years, but what she learned in one day in Tricia’s masterclass blew her mind away. 

The brilliance of the class lies in not only how she’s designed this process which is crystal clear but her ability to teach that process with compassion highest quality for the audience. She learned skills to write her talk. And she got on the Speakers Who Dare stage after she attended this masterclass.

Watch: Marisa Zalabak TEDxFarmingdale Oct 2020 – Educational fire drills for flourishing

LeRon Barton (TEDx speaker and author): He met Tricia while working on the Speakers Who Dare program and the great thing about working with her is that she challenged him to make his speech more personal, to make it more in-depth, bring people into the world of a young black man. Her input made his speech that much better. Since then. he joined the BigTalk network, and he got the chance to interact and know other speakers and attended amazing webinars with Tricia. Tricia has not only been a curator for TEDx, but she’s also been a host, so she knows what you need to do to get on that stage.

Watch: LeRon Barton TEDxWilsonPark Sep 2020 – The power of sharing your story

Ming Shelby (TEDx speaker and educator): the moment she started working with Tricia, she found her believing in her and being confident about her, and so supportive. Tricia always says…you have a message worth sharing and Ming genuinely believed her. Prior to working with Tricia, she always wanted to do a TEDx talk. With the help and encouragement from other members in Tricia’s community and Tricia’s guidance, she was able to land her first stage. As she was writing her application, Tricia’s coaching helped her turn her issue into an idea worth spreading. She helped her decipher and distinguish the issue and how to craft her idea. Using Tricia’s feedback and support really helped me to have the confidence to apply for the TEDx and land the TEDx!

Watch: Ming Shelby TEDx Farmingdale Oct 2022 – Build a heard mentialty

Tamika Felder (Author, Women’s Health Advocate, Cervical Cancer Survivor & Chief Visionary at Cervivor): The diversity is amazing… the whole amplifying of voices, not just by what someone looks like, but the stories we all have are so diverse.

Find Tamika Felder on AAE (All American Speakers) 

Amelia Felbinger (Entrepreneur, Speaker, Actor, Coach, and Founder of The Be Happy Business): The thorough, but simple process that Tricia guided us through — from finding our idea all the way through to writing and performing a really air-tight speech — ended leading me not only to discover a previously vague idea that had been waiting to be articulated but delivered me to the finish line with a powerful speech on this topic and also, a concrete and huge vision of the entire next phase of my career.

Listen to Podcast 351 Virtual Showcase With Amelia Felbinger & Tricia Brouk

Jazz Biancci (Consciousness Architect, Speaker Who Dares and Writer): [In Tricia’s community], we each understood and had the opportunity to offer heartfelt support and encouragement , as well as receive it… It felt safe. I knew everyone was cheering me on and sending good vibes, just as I was to them. The caliber of people were priceless, the talks were impactful, and the connections made will blossom into future collaborations!

Listen to Podcast 222 Knowing & Owning Who You Are – Jazz Biancci & Tricia Brouk

Tricia Interviews Dr. Alexandra Solomon TEDx Series

Dr. Alexandra is a clinical assistant professor in the department of psychology at Northwestern University and a licensed clinical psychologist at the Family Institute at Northwestern University. In addition to writing articles and chapters for leading academic journals, and books in the field of marriage and family, she is the author of the book “Loving Bravely”. 20 lessons of self-discovery to help you get the love you want. Her second book is about sexual self-awareness, how to own your sexuality and create the relationship you want.

She maintains a psychotherapy practice for individual adults and couples, teaches and trains marriage and family therapy graduate students, and teaches the internationally renowned undergraduate course “Building Loving and Lasting Relationships:  Marriage 101”.

She’s a thought-after speaker who works with groups like the United States Military Academy at Westpoint, Microsoft, and the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. 

And she is frequently asked to talk about love, sex, marriage with media outlets like TheTodayShow, Oh Magazine, the Atlantic Vote, and Scientific American. 

tricia brouk and RobinJoyMeyers on Preparing a TEDx

Tricia Interviews RobinJoyMeyers on Preparing a TEDx

Robin is a TEDx speaker, strategist, author, and molecular geneticist, who educates and empowers thousands of women all over the world to claim their voices and create their best lives. 

With over 2 decades of experience and 2 bestselling books “Alone but not Lonely, reclaim your identity and be unapologetically you” and “The Art of UnLearning to get out of your comfort zone”, is an acclaimed expert of women’s empowerment.

tricia brouk and Andrew Bennet TEDx Series

Tricia Interviews Andrew Bennet TEDx Series

Andrews’ unique mix of business and life experiences has cultivated and informed his innovative methodology that is rooted in compassion and facilitates profound transformation in people and companies. 

Some have even expressed that is magical.

With over 35 years of experience as a transformational leader including ten years working at a former US presidential candidate and 25 years as a leadership consultant and speaker working with organizations of all shapes and sizes in every industry around the world, teaching leaders to become architects of culture and transform their companies into high-performing organizations. 

Andrew has been performing magic for over 15 years and he’s a member of London’s Magic Circle, the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and the Chicago Magic Roundtable.

He’s also a 2-time TEDx speaker.

tricia brouk and RobinJoyMeyers on Preparing a TEDx

Inside TEDxLincolnSquare Risk Takers and Change Makers

In this short documentary by Hannah Beal, go behind the scenes with the speakers and organizers of TEDxLincolnSquare Risk Taker and Change Makers.


  • Tricia Brouk: organizer
  • Jamie Broderick: organizer
  • Kevin Pearce: former pro snowboarder
  • Wendy Smith: consultant, speaker, author
  • Kristin Smedley: non-for-profit executive and rare eye disease advocate
  • Michael Cioni: president at Light Iron, a panavision company
  • Rich Hollman: improviser, actor, teacher, activist
  • Brian HallowDreamz Henry: krump dancer and instructor
  • Gail Tolstoi-Miller: entrepreneur, staffing strategist, career coach, author
  • Mari Carmen Pizarro: nutritional consultant and life coach
  • Karith Foster: diversity engagement specialist, speaker, comedian, author

Why start a public speaking business?

Public speaking is not just a business. It’s a form of art, actually. But as with all kinds of arts, you can get paid to do it.

And art is so important, useful, is part of our lives. The majority of people can’t live without arts, me included.

Living without art is like living with no imagination.

Now, let’s go through some of the benefits of this business model, and let’s examine these powerful statistics to help us better understand the potential.


  • People get informed by experts in their field
  • People get entertained
  • People are motivated to change and improve their lives
  • People get together in speaking events
  • People enjoy superior experiences
  • Deep connections with your audience
  • Easy to be consumed
  • You can persuade people to do things with your speaking like purchasing your products. It’s a valuable skill.
  • You captivate people’s interest in seconds with your presence and voice
  • You become a better, more equipped, more effective salesperson
  • You gain a competitive advantage, stand out from the crowd as a business owner
  • You can pitch decision-makers and promote your speaking services
  • You become more social and hone your communication skills
  • You widen your horizons and build your network
  • You develop leadership skills
  • You become a better listener thus increasing the chances of helping people with their challenges and problems
  • You boost your confidence
  • Personal satisfaction comes from the reactions of your audience
  • You hone problem-solving, critical thinking, and arguing skills
  • You become innovative, one of the main characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
  • You get to impact people’s lives, make a difference, and change the world
  • Convenient model and you can work from anywhere in the world
  • Visibility and authority
  • Interactive
  • Low-entry, minimum operating costs
  • Flexible and scalable
  • and so much more


These statistics will help us better understand the current situation in the industry and will help us shape a winning strategy for the future.

  • According to SpeakerFlow, 53% of event planners have at least one event they’re transitioning to a virtual format in the next few months.
  • 56% of event planners include diversity goals in their speaker hiring process.
  • 41% of event planners and 27% of suppliers say they would not travel for an event within the next year.
  • 60% of event planners predict that small in-person or hybrid events will be most common in 2021 and beyond.
  • According to SpeakerFlow again, digital products (courses, membership sites, etc.) are still extremely underutilized in the speaking industry. Despite their proven ROI, only 19% of speakers rely on digital products for revenue and only 6% rely on membership sites
  • Successful speakers weren’t immune from the speaking industry downturn, as 4% of participants made $500,000 or more in 2020 compared to 7% in 2019. Although some of this decrease can be attributed to event cancellations, it also shows a reliance on in-person events for revenue.
  • Even though the industry suffered, many speakers continued to give back as much as possible. Looking at free gigs, for example, 28.2% did more than 10 free gigs in 2020 vs 16.4% in 2019
  • In total, only about 5% of speakers abandoned their speaking businesses, as a result of COVID. The bulk of the industry instead adapted, finding ways to grow in spite of travel and public health restrictions preventing the usual in-person events. These included building their online presence to make themselves easier to find online and creating more content (free and paid) for their ideal clients. 
  • Despite the wave of event cancellations in March 2020, the majority of speakers (85% of those we surveyed) successfully transitioned into virtual speaking
  • According to EventManagerBlog, in 2019, 39% of event professionals agree that ‘engaging attendees’ is the most crucial element of a live event.
  • According to the same source, 57% of attendees believe that they can conduct the majority of their event objectives online
  • 43% of virtual event registrants attend live, while 13% attend on demand
  • The global virtual events market size was valued at $77.98 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.2% from 2020 to 2027.
  • Updated in September 2020, the projected growth for meeting, convention and event planners is expected to increase 9% in the USA between 2019-2029
  • 76% of current job ads demand that event professionals be capable of establishing the business value of events
  • Event planners listed social media as the most effective tool for event marketing (74%), followed by email marketing (66%), their website (60%) and event registration site (26%)
tricia brouk the art of the big talk banner standing up red dress

Training Material

the big talk academy tricia brouk program banner

What’s Included

  • Twelve Value-Packed Modules
  • An Online Community of Speakers with Diverse Viewpoints 
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with Tricia 
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Virtual Showcase
  • Certification

(12) Twelve Value-Packed Modules

The entire Certification Program can be completed virtually in the comfort of your own space. We’ll cover step-by-step each topic you need to master to create your Big Talk, including mastering your mindset, nailing the writing process from unforgettable opening to show-stopping close, crafting the perfect pitch, and performing on your dream stages.

Week 01: Mindset

We start with mindset at The Big Talk Academy because being a powerful speaker is more than just saying words. We teach you how to have a lasting legacy. 

  • You are going to learn how to increase your confidence.
  •  I’m going to teach you how to coexist with fear.
  • I’m going to guide you away from any limiting beliefs.
Week 02: Idea generator

Inside this lesson, I’m going to take you on a journey of exploration.

  • You will generate 100 ideas. (One will be used for your talk, and the others will be repurposed for blogs, Facebook lives and maybe even your book)
  • This  creative exercise will push you past what you think you know
  • You will move into a space of mind-blowing and fresh ideas, that you never even know you had. 
Week 03: Quantifying ideas

How do you know what ideas are great? How do you know what ideas are fresh and unique? How do you know which idea is the most impactful and why? 

  • Learn what questions to ask, so that you land on the ONE BIG idea that will have global impact and why.
  • Get clarity on your idea and its purpose so you have the kind of impact you desire.
  • Determine the freshness of the idea from your point of view. Because there is only one you. 
Week 04: Writing

Sitting down on your computer or notebook can feel daunting. Guest what? We all start in the same place. We all start with a blank page. I’m going to give you the tools to…

    • Become consistent with your writing process.
    • Two proven methods that will assist you in generating fresh content every day for one week.
    • You are going to be accountable.
    • Your writing muscle will be flexed and become strong, so you can flex in again and again. Support during your process and the accountability to follow through.
Week 05: Keynote vs TEDx

If you are not clear on which talk you desire to write, I’m going to help you determine which one is right for you and your business.

  • Become familiar with the different styles of talks
  • Create the product you desire 
  • Understand the impact of both.
Weeks 06-10: Performance skills

Broadway actors do 8 shows a week. They have to show up for each one as if it’s their first.I mean the audience is seeing the show for the first time, not the 8th, right? This means you need to have skills, a technique to be able to always be captivating on stage.  I’m going to teach you…

  • The Technique of Objective and Action. Determine what you want and relentlessly go after it, so that you can stop hoping you are good and guarantee you are always great.
  • You are also going to learn how to memorize so that you have freedom on stages to play. 
  • You are going to learn how to seize their attention from the second you begin speaking.
  • You will have a clear understanding of how to wrap up for that standing ovation
Weeks 11: The art of pitching

Once you have your perfect, polished product, you are going to need to be able to pitch it to decision-makers. They are looking for a certain language and I’m going to teach it to you.  

  • Apply to events with confidence and clarity.
  • Get an opportunity to go through my application process for feedback.
  • Receive the scripts you need to save time in pitching, so you can get busy speaking.
  • Learn how to negotiate your fee and become a paid speaker.
Weeks 12: Visibility

I produced a live virtual event as the culmination of The Big Talk Academy. You will have the opportunity to perform at the Virtual Showcase and shine. 

  • Practice everything you’ll learn in real-time at the end!
  • Receive live feedback from Tricia on your script and performance.
  • Be seen by influencers, TEDx organizers and decision-makers in real-time who can book you on their stages. 
  • Be featured on The Big Talk YouTube Channel

An Online Community of Speakers with Diverse Viewpoints 

You’ll get immediate access to our online community, filled with world-class speakers who are excited to support you in sharing your message. Our private community is also where you get daily support from me as you progress through our certification curriculum.

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with Tricia 

Twice each month, we’ll gather via Zoom video conference, where you can ask me anything: about your talk, opening, or content, as well as my opinion on conferences and TEDx events. Get guidance for your upcoming pitches, performance notes, and expert instruction on organizing your ideas for maximum impact.

Personalized Feedback

We keep The Big Talk Academy small so that you get the experience of working with me personally throughout our 12 weeks together. I have worked with speakers who have spoken at Google, Pinterest, The United Nations, Congress, the FDA, the Fearless Women’s summit and countless TEDx stages. My speakers have gone on to be represented by the same bureaus who represent Mel Robbins, Suzie Orman and Bob Woodward. I’ve even worked with a speaker who testified at President Trump’s impeachment hearings. You’re going to be getting guidance curated with YOUR talk in mind, as I draw on my experience and my network to support you in getting your message heard. 

Virtual Showcase

Once we’ve massaged your idea into a full presentation, you’ll get exclusive access to apply to a curated virtual showcase. This is your chance to perform your Big Talk for me and influencers and also get live direction and feedback for your polished performance.


Your successful completion of The Big Talk Academy means that you’ll be officially Certified as a Big Talk Graduate. You’ll be listed on a special website where top meeting planners visit to seek out the best talent for their stages. You also get a The Big Talk Academy Speaker badge that you can add to your email signature and website, letting potential meeting planners know that you’re the real deal and their audience will be safe in your hands.

tricia brouk the big talk academy certification

Speakers that have been mentored by Tricia have gone on to:

  • Speak at Google, Twitter, the FDA, The United Nations, the Fearless Women’s summit, and countless TEDx stages.
  • Book coveted television appearances.
  • Get signed with the same international speaker bureaus that represent Mel Robbins and Jay Shetty.
  • Speak before Congress on Capitol Hill.
  • Be featured in multiple award winning documentaries.
  • Lobby for new curriculum in school districts and get them passed.
  • Produce and speak at their own events, with reinvigorated confidence.
  • Get featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Brainz Magazine and So Money Podcast.
  • Get featured in The Native Influence, Motivations and BOLD TV.
  • Move from powerful to unstoppable as thought leaders in their industry.

They have received standing ovations, 6-figure consulting contracts, and the speaking gigs of their dreams!

Pricing/Payment Plans/Guarantee

Payment Plans

Prior to this program, the only way to have access to my training and guidance was to work one-on-one with me in my live-and-in-person Speaker Salon, a minimum five-figure investment.

I wanted to offer this same level of training and preparation to a broader audience, make it accessible on a 100% virtual platform, and empower even more people to be the beacon they are here to be—for a fraction of that entry fee.

12 week of lessons – (valued at $15,000)

Bi-weekly mentoring calls – (valued at $7,500)

Virtual showcase – (valued at $2,000)

Private Facebook Group – (valued at $1,500)

Become Certified – (valued at $1,000)

Total Value =  $27,000

And your investment today is only $4,997

Or 3 installments of $1,997

Why I’m Promoting This Program

Although this is my first time partnering up with Tricia, I know her for a long time. I’m aware of her work and her accomplishments. And her work is been praised by top industry leaders, executives, coaches, entrepreneurs, and thousands of students. 

And when earlier this year, Matt McWilliams, an award-winning affiliate manager, invited me to join this promotion, I could not hide my excitement. 

Matt is a partner and friend and has helped me scale my business when he discovered my blog back in 2016. Everything changed for me ever since.

I got to participate in promotions and launches that I never thought possible and I was able to transform a marketing blog into a marketing agency. 

Matt is extremely selective in his promotions. He would never run a launch that would hurt his reputation. With clients like Jeff Walker, Stu McLaren, Mark Miller, Ray Edwards, Alan Thomas, Stephanie Nivinskus, Abbey Ashley, Jason & Cecilia Hilkey, Chad Allen, Teachable, Pete Vargas, and so many more, you know that when he runs a promotion, is going to life-changing for anyone involved.

He only organizes launches and promotions for leaders, top industry names, and brands that provide quality products and services.

Me too, I’m very selective in my promotions and I would never risk my reputation. I only participate in programs like this masterclass where value is the main currency. 

Plus, the testimonials are real. I verified all of them. These people are indeed speakers who got on stage with the help of Tricia. Nothing fake here. 

This training program is the #1 program in the industry that will help you stand out from the crowd and take your speaking practice to a whole new level. Tricia’s signature is a guarantee. 

And another huge reason is this: I know how much I can help you even further if you decide to level up your game as a speaker. I can help with your marketing and business in general (please see below in the bonus section).

My Final Review

Tricia Brouk is an exceptional speaking coach who already trained some of the biggest names in the industry like Deni Van, Elizabeth Molina, Dr. Wayne Pernell, Paul Glover, Pable Virgo, Marisa Zalabak, LeRon Barton, Ming Shelby, Tamika Felder, Ameilia Felbinger, Jazz Biancci, Alexandra Greenberg, Cheryl Bonini Ellis, Angelique Santanta, and the list goes on and on forever.

She’s known as the mentor of speakers.

Beyond speaking and coaching, Tricia is a very successful entrepreneur, director, author, producer, and curator.

She’s an authority in the showbiz world.

Tricia’s students are also very successful and there are hundreds of testimonials from people that changed their lives by becoming professional speakers.

The techniques and strategies she will teach you in the Big Talk Academy training program can set you up for success.

It’s a comprehensive, solid, and quality program for serious people looking to create the speaking business of their dreams.

There are tools, scripts, templates, blueprints, frameworks, that you can use right away in your speaking practice.

The training is complete, nothing is missing, and it’s structured properly.

Tricia begins by helping you change your mindset because being a powerful speaker is more than just saying words.

There’s a whole module, one week devoted to mindset, and this is very important. Without the right mindset, no speaker can proceed forward with confidence.

Tricia says for that matter…

The big talk approach. The foundation is built from the inside out. Your talk will become the foundation to make you free on any and all stages.

If you walk onto a stage and you’re not clear on who you are, there’s a disconnect. The audience won’t trust you, even if they can’t say why. 

It is only when we take the time to self-actualize, to dive deep and connect with our purpose, that’s when real change happens. It often means touching the raw beating heart of what we experienced.

This is our approach at The Big Talk. Your Big Talk is built from the inside out. No shortcuts. This gives you a talk that leaves a lasting legacy.

This deep, transformational space is not for the faint of heart.

The training helps you come up with a set of ideas that you can use for your talk and create content for promotional purposes and even a book.

You’ll be able to distinguish which of those ideas are worth pursuing and which are not.

You’ll practice writing until you become consistent. You’ll be held accountable and receive support along the way. It’s important to express yourself in a written format before you’ll appear on stages. Writing hones your speaking skills and makes you a better speaker.

You’ll learn the different styles of talks, their impact, and you’ll create a product accordingly.

They devote 5 weeks to honing your performance skills. This way, you’ll be able to become unstoppable. Tricia is using a host of techniques like the technique of Objective and Action, which guarantees you are always great on stage.

Tricia is sharing all the cutting-edge strategies and performance skills you should know to level up your speaking practice.

Tricia is teaching you how to pitch your talk in front of decision-makers and anyone for that matter. There are scripts you can follow and many other tools.

The last week is devoted to helping you become visible in the marketplace. There’s no better way than a live online event. You will have the opportunity to perform at the Virtual Showcase and shine.

You’ll be able to practice everything you learned in real-time at the end. This process will give you the absolute confidence to move forward. You’ll be seen by influencers, TEDx organizers, and other professionals that could give a boost to your business in an instant.

I’ve discussed with partners and other professionals and they all agree that Tricia is the #1 guide in this space. She’s been doing this for ages and she’s ultra-successful.

All the testimonials are real, these are successful students that have gone through the same training program. 

The course lives up to its promise and it’s the very best in the industry.

Tricia has a huge experience as a speaker, author, director, and producer. She knows the industry inside out and has valuable connections that you can take advantage of.

She applies her three decades of experience in film, television, and theater to help elevate and amplify voices and make the world a better place. She mentors people with powerful stories to learn how to communicate effectively and powerfully on stage and off.

Her commitment to inclusion is a priority.

Her devotion to diversity is ongoing. Teaching people how to speak with dignity and respect is why she gets up in the morning.

It’s one of those programs that I include in my ELITE list. This list contains only the best of the best programs, those that live up to their promises, those that bring results for the people. If you can’t succeed with one of these ELITE programs, I don’t know which program can help you.

In the Big Talk Academy training program, Tricia goes very deep and she shares her best-kept secrets to help her students achieve the results they need. She holds nothing back and her students have access to her dream team 24/7.

It’s a program you should not miss by any means.

Speaking is a business model that is growing day by day. More and more people are searching for specialized speakers that can elevate their conferences and live events.

People need this special human touch that only a real frontman, speaker who understands their problems can give.

There is a huge demand and there are enough millionaires and people who can afford speaking fees out there willing to pay for your premium services.

You’re also getting a certificate signed by Tricia Brouk. This is a great chance to show up as an expert, as an authority that graduated from a well-known speaking coach. It gives you instant credibility.

Overall Value

If we consider everything you’re getting for the money you’re paying, then this offer is absolutely a no-brainer. It would be no surprise if this program would cost $15,000 or even more. So, it’s a great chance to get this program at this price with all the bonuses that are packed with (plus you’ll get 1 more huge bonus from me).

If this training program with all these bonuses bundled (Tricia’s and mine) can’t help you build a lucrative business in less than 12 weeks, then I don’t know if any program out there can help you.

Important Notice:

Have in mind that just because you’re investing in such an ELITE training program that does not mean you’ll get the results you need. There’s hard work associated with this training and with all the ELITE training programs I whole-heartedly recommend to my readers, followers, and subscribers.

If you’re not willing to work hard then this program is not for you.

More importantly, becoming a speaking superstar won’t happen overnight. But it’s doable and the potential in this industry is MASSIVE.

Imagine 12 weeks from now when you’d be speaking on various stages and watch your income grow. Imagine 1 and 2 years from now where you’ll be in a position to expand your reach by creating courses, events, memberships, and other digital products, and even writing books to scale your business even further. And then scaling it up to the next level with joint ventures, partnerships, sponsors, affiliates.

This business model is one of the most lucrative models and you have the guidance of a LEGEND plus my everyday help.


If you don’t enroll, nothing will change. You’ll miss the chance to learn speaking from the best of the best. You’ll miss the chance to become unstoppable and you’ll miss out on making enormous connections with people already in showbiz.

Wait, There’s More…My Huge Bonus (real value $priceless)

I believe so much in this program, and although the value you’re getting for what you’re paying is tremendous, and although there are huge bonuses packed by Tricia and his team, I’d like to offer you 1 additional bonus that can help you get the results you want faster.

And because I want to eliminate any fear you have about the Big Talk Academy, although it’s an exceptional program.

This way, I will fill any possible gaps

But before I announce the bonus I need to introduce myself very briefly.

I’m a marketing consultant who helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services on the web and the creator of the “7 Ideals” methodology.

I worked with networks, marketplaces, business owners, communities, and local stores.

I helped names like Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Nick Stephenson, Ray Edwards, Matt McWilliams, Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton, Stu McLaren,  Jeanna Gabellini, Ryan Levesque, Steve Olsher, Kim Walsh Phillips, Eben Pagan, Revealed Films, software companies like ClickFunnels, OptinMonster, Systeme, marketplaces like EnvatoMarket, Designmodo, InkyDeals,  Renderosity, Dealjumbo, Snappa, communities like HopeWriters, Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, and on and on.

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, we lose customers, and without customers, we lose business.

Marketing is responsible for bringing people in and getting eyes on your products, services, offers, and programs.

Marketing also helps you retain customers for a lifetime.

If you need a boost in visibility, if you want to build brand awareness, I can help you.

You can also browse through our network page displaying some of the brands I cooperated with.


So, here is my bonus

Let me show you how I combine my “7 Ideals” methodology with the “Big Talk Academy” training program to speed up your results and build the business of your dreams.

tricia brouk the big talk academy main banner 1256

“7 Ideals” Bonus and Lifetime Support

The “7 Ideals” methodology uses a holistic approach. We look at businesses as a whole, not just from a marketing perspective.

In a nutshell, it’s a value-driven customer-centric marketing strategy.

We help you run a healthy business in the most effective way. Every department in your organization should be run smoothly and we’ll investigate every aspect of your business to solve issues and make improvements whenever necessary.

We examine and analyze your business in-depth and help you improve in all areas.

The method is giving you a clear path, a solid strategy, a unique voice, and a vision.

The methodology is helping you develop your own unique brand voice that is key in differentiating from the competition and gaining instant authority and visibility.

The 7 Ideals model is giving you a unique language to interact with consumers and other brands in a powerful way and helps you create digital products that you can add to your product line.

It works for any industry and it helps you target specific audiences in an innovative way. You’ll experience high conversions and growth.

Enroll right now and let me apply the “7 Ideals” to your business at no extra cost. 

I’m not teaching the method, I’m applying it for you but that doesn’t mean I’ll do all the work on my own.

We’ll go through the 7 phases, the 7 ideals and a host of marketing frameworks to help you develop and hone your own unique voice, connect with prospects on a deep emotional level, deliver superior experiences via special live events that don’t exist in the market yet, build a marketing machine that produces results for you 24/7, excel as an entrepreneur, and form ideal partnerships to take your business to the next level.

I’ve helped 100’s of brands since 2014. I know I can help you too.

That’s your perfect chance to work with me 1-on-1 and sneak peek into my methodology.

Plus you get…

Lifetime support via live chat, emails, video calls, and instant messaging apps like Messenger, Viber, What’s App, Telegram, etc.

This way, you know someone is there to give a helping hand whenever you need it.

To Get Your Bonus

Please Join “The Big Talk Academy” Using The Link Below

And Complete The Form

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Business Organisation & Administration, Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, Summer Dream.

Reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and family comes first.


Some of the links on this page are “sponsored”. For more information, I refer you to the Disclaimer page.


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DAILY BREAKING NEWS: Marketing, Business, Economy, Multimedia + The "7 IDEALS" Methodology FINISH LINE 85% 🙂

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