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Business Ignition Bootcamp Review – What To Expect

by Tasos


Dec 3, 2018


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I was invited by Danny Iny via email to complete a survey with questions about my business if I wanted to take the Mirasee’s Business Ignition Bootcamp for free. Danny mentioned that although the training program was offered for free, not every application would be approved.

Danny said ” There’s an application process and a limited number of spots, so not every applicant makes it into each cohort. Also, participants must complete homework and keep up with tight deadlines, or they’ll be removed.”

I filled the application form very carefully and I waited for a response, whether a negative or a positive one.

After a few weeks or so, the Mirasee team informed me that my application was approved. In the next days, I received my login details for the Bootcamp and I granted access to a Mirasee channel on Slack (an online application for team collaboration) where I would interact with other BIB members and Mirasee.

*Notice: Danny is the creator of the Course Builder’s Laboratory, which is included in my ELITE marketing/business training programs.

bib members area

Mirasee – Business Ignition Bootcamp Review

What it is – Main slogan

Working hard in your business but not getting the results you want? The Business Ignition Bootcamp shows you how to do the right work at the right time.

This is how Mirasee welcomes visitors in their Business Ignition Bootcamp landing page.

The Business Ignition Bootcamp is a short, intensive program that will challenge your thinking, open your mind, and enable you to see your business in a whole new light. It’s an experience where you’ll get insight and clarity into exactly where to focus your efforts for dynamic business growth. You’ll also collaborate with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who can become valuable, lasting connections.

Who is it for

The Business Ignition Bootcamp is for small business owners in any industry. If you’re already an established business owner, or you’re just starting your first business, or your business is still just in the idea stage, you’ll benefit from this training.

What You’ll Learn

  • The five key elements of every business (that most business people don’t even know about!)
  • How to pinpoint where you’re coming from, where you want to go, and what steps will get you to your goals
  • How to reimagine your business to create incredible profit and sustainability
  • The most creative innovations and strongest advantages of Mirasee (including stuff they rarely disclose to the public)
  • Examples of really smart businesses, and how you can copy and implement their best ideas
  • How to decide where you should invest your very limited time to get the most important results
bib module 01

The Goal of BIB

Danny Iny: I want to hammer the Goal of BIB in multiple places in the course. This answer will become clearer with each module. So if you’re still feeling like there’s a disconnect – complete the Homework/Peer Review, and revisit this answer.

The Business Ignition Bootcamp is about giving you the tools to ask the right questions – to help you see what’s really going on, understand root causes in your business and ultimately empower you to make much better decisions. It’s to make you into more capable and more competent business people and entrepreneurs. And you can apply that to any kind of business endeavor that you’re involved in.

The Business Ignition Bootcamp is about focusing your resources and your efforts on the right places. It’s not doing the things that are not going to be as important or impactful. It’s the aggregate outcome. You will be better equipped to look at your business and understand what’s working and what needs to be adjusted to maximize your gain.

Usually when I ask people, “What are you working on? What’s the biggest problem in your business right now?” When I dig, and this is a lot of what I bring to my clients when I consult for them, what we find is that they’re solving the wrong problem.

This course is not about “how to _____ with ______ by doing something very very specific like _____.”

This is not a HOW-TO course, this is a WHAT-TO course. You’re not going to learn anything tactical from the content. But instead, you’ll learn how to think tactically.

For example: I’ve had a call with a Bootcamp graduate who was so excited to share that his business just got an $80,000 client thanks to implementing the BIB process in his own business. But there’s nothing in the course that teaches you how to get $80,000 clients. But it’s the result of what happens when are able to define the right problem to solve, tackle it with the resources you currently have and reap the benefit from that.

Finally – the way the course is laid out: we start by working on your business muscle using major companies as examples, in order to learn to apply them in a context relevant to you. After the first module, you will start to see just how deepening the way you’re thinking about business can be, which will change the way you’re thinking about your own business. In the final module, you’ll use everything that we’ve been building on to define your business’ components, which you will share and get feedback from your peers, and from us at Mirasee.

Book Resources

Mirasee suggested that we buy 2 books to get the most out of this training program. The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Getting to Plan B: Breaking Through to a Better Business Model by Randy Komisar and John Mullins.

The Goal is a management-oriented novel by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, a business consultant known for his Theory of Constraints, and Jeff Cox, a best selling author and co-author of multiple management-oriented novels. This book can be used for case studies in operations management, with a focus geared towards the Theory of Constraints, bottlenecks and how to alleviate them, and applications of these concepts in real life.

You have a new venture in mind. And you’ve crafted a business plan so detailed it’s a work of art. Don’t get too attached to it. As John Mullins and Randy Komisar explain in Getting to Plan B, new businesses are fraught with uncertainty. To succeed, you must change the plan in real time as the inevitable challenges arise. In fact, studies show that entrepreneurs who stick slavishly to their Plan A stand a greater chance of failing-and that many successful businesses barely resemble their founders’ original idea.

These books are now in my Top list of marketing/business books. Although I have not yet finished reading them because of their length, I absolutely recommend them to any entrepreneur. These books will empower you and help you make the right moves and will give you plenty of ideas to innovate no matter your industry, the level of your experience, or the size of your company.

mirasee bib lizzie merritt


The BIB training followed a very strict pattern with tight deadlines. 

  • Saturday: Mirasee releases the module content.
  • Tuesday: Tuesday night, the homework is due.
  • Wednesday: Weds morning, after all the homework is in, the peer review is released.
  • Thursday: Thurs night, our peer review is due.
  • Friday: On Friday at 9am PT (12pm ET) is a live Q&A.
  • Saturday, repeat!

If a member was unable to catch the deadlines Mirasee would remove them, so that someone else would take their place in the training. Not only, in the very first introductory videos, Danny underlined that any BIB member that feels they can’t meet the program’s expectations should voluntarily leave the program in 2-3 days. In that case, Danny would compensate these members with $100 each.

At this point, I thought this guy is absolutely crazy. He is offering free education and he is willing to pay $100 out of his pocket for people that entered his training program but decided to leave because of the strict timeline.

This rule was created to help those who are dedicated to finishing the training and to make sure all BIB members work hard during the 3-weeks program. If you have very limited time like me, you’ll find these deadlines hard to come by, but I did it. I never missed one.

Danny was clear from the very beginning that the bootcamp requires hard work.

Inside BIB

The first 3-4 days, the Foundation Module was designed to help BIB members get used to the member’s area, how to use the Slack application and make connections with fellow entrepreneurs, understand the timeline and the program’s goals, and read the books we were given.

On Friday, we had the first Q&A session with Lizzie Meritt, Mirasee’s director of education. Lizzie was very enthusiastic about the upcoming modules and she gladly answered all the questions at the end of the live webinar.

On Saturday, the first module released and we were assigned the first homework. 

*Notice: At the beginning of the bootcamp all the modules were locked. Each module was about to be released at a specified time and date. This structure helps BIB members focus on one particular project at a time, and keep them alert.

bib dashboard

Module 01

Introduction: How Businesses Work, and How They Can Work For You: is all about how the different pieces of a business fit together, and how you can play with them to make something ordinary into something innovative, and spectacular.

Lesson 2 – The 5 Business Model Components: and how they can be used to provide a clear picture of everything relating to how money flows in and out of your business.

1. Revenue Model: is your strategy for generating revenue. In other words, what are you going to sell, and what will convince people to buy. 
2. Gross Margin Model: which is about how much money you get to keep from each sale that you make. 
3. Working Capital Model: which is about the time in between when money goes out of your business, and when more of it comes back in. 
4. Operating Model: which is about what it costs to keep your business running day in, and day out. 
5. Financing Model: which is about how you’re going to pay for everything until your business can start paying for itself.

Lesson 3 – Business Model Component Examples from various industries: how different companies have innovated with each of the five Business Model Components. This is important both for understanding and for inspiration.

Lesson 4 – Business Model Component Examples from Mirasee: how Mirasee has innovated with each of these components. 

Lesson 5 – Homework: Identify the 5 business model components for one of these businesses and how they are similar or different from their competitors 

  • Uber
  • Tesla
  • Udemy

M1 Offer or Seek Support: This lesson provides short recap of major points about the five Business Model Components. Once you have watch this video, you’ll be ready to do the homework and get involved with your peers, either providing or receiving support, depending on your understanding of the material.

Module 01 – Homework, Slack, and Peer Reviews

At this point, we were free to choose 1 out of these 3 companies. I chose Udemy because it’s closest to WebMarketSupport than the others.

Research: It was tough. I had to understand how Udemy used the 5 business model components, research Udemy’s competition, and explain how and where Udemy was different than its competitors.

Official website review, endless Google searches, bookmarks, reports, documents, and Slack. The research was extensive and we had to retrieve multiple data from various resources to complete the homework.

This is where Slack was very useful as there was a separate channel for each of these 3 companies. In these channels, BIB members were posting valuable links and their research findings to help other members move forward and complete their homework.

We were discussing, asking questions, and interacting. It was fun but constructive. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

Peer Reviews: When the homework was due, the peer reviews was the next thing on the BIB list. Every BIB member was assigned to review 3 other BIB members’ homework.

Again, this BIB part meant a lot of hard work, but this part was a lot easier than the homework itself.

Module 02

Introduction: Validating Business Assumptions: this lesson begins with what is probably the single most important insight that an entrepreneur needs to internalize – and in fact, not understanding this one thing is probably the cause of more business failures than anything else there is.

Lesson 2 – Questioning Your Assumptions: the very first step in this lesson is to make it explicit that the assumptions around a business are just that: assumptions, and not facts. You want to think through your plans and list out those assumptions because the next step is to start validating and iterating them.

Lesson 3 – Analogs, Antilogs, and Leaps of Faith: now that you know how to question your assumptions, you want to start thinking about what information would give you a reason to believe they’re true before you actually go out and test them with real customers. There are two things that you can look for: Analogs, and Antilogs.

Analogs are examples of other entrepreneurs and businesses who have already done something *similar* to what you’re planning on doing.

Antilogs are the opposite of analogs; they’re examples of other entrepreneurs and businesses that you’re going to be different from – maybe because part of what they tried didn’t work, or because you have a better idea for how to address the problem that they were trying to solve.

Leap of Faith: when the only support we have for an idea is what we *think* is going to happen. A leap of faith is an assumption unsupported by anything other than your guts. Not every company has a leap of faith.

Lesson 4 – Validating Your Assumptions: the first step in doing that is to decide which assumptions stand to have the greatest impact on the outcome of your business. In other words, the ones that – if you get it wrong – you’re in trouble.

Lesson 5 – Homework: Identify the analogs, antilogs, or leaps of faith for one of these businesses that will be randomly assigned to you

  • HomeDepot
  • Tough Mudder
  • TripAdvisor
  • Netflix

M2 Offer or Seek Support: This lesson provides a short recap of major points about “Validating Business Assumptions”. Once you have watch this video, you’ll be ready to do the homework and get involved with your peers, either providing or receiving support, depending on your understanding of the material.

Module 02 – Homework, Slack, and Peer Reviews

This time, we could not choose a company out of 4 on our own. The company we would work on was randomly assigned to us. I was assigned Home Depot.

Research: It was tough as the first module and a little more. This time, we had to research the history of the companies, their backgrounds, their founders and members, their competitors, why they decided to adapt specific strategies, and complete the homework with our findings.

Again, I found Slack extremely useful and all BIB members were contributing with enthusiasm and were willing to answer questions and give feedback.

Peer Reviews: When the homework was due, the peer reviews was the next thing on the BIB list. Every BIB member was assigned to review 3 other BIB members’ homework.

Again, this BIB part meant a lot of hard work, but this part was a lot easier than the homework itself.

danny iny bib module 02

Module 03

Introduction: Mapping your Business and your Bottlenecks: In this final module we’re going to put together a plan of action. This is the part where everything you’ve learned comes together into a solid action plan that you can then put into practice to start making that impact we’ve been talking about, for yourself, and for the world.

Lesson 2 – What is a Bottleneck, and How Does it Work? Business rarely works out perfectly. There’s always a constraint working against you that keeps you from your goals and diminishes your productivity, and that constraint is called the bottleneck.

Lesson 3 – The moving target: In continuing to look at some of the finer points of The Goal, we’ll look at three of the critical insights that Alex, the protagonist of the book The Goal, discovered during his quest.

Lesson 4 – Bottleneck Examples: Now that you know what bottlenecks are, how to find them, and how to solve them, let’s look at a few more examples so you can see how they might permeate a business.

Lesson 5 – Homework: Putting it all together — Your own business:

Write a brief description of your business: 
Identify the 5 business model components
Identify analogs, antilogs, leaps of faith, & any bottlenecks

M3 Offer or Seek Support: This lesson provides a short recap of major points in this module. Once you have watched this video, you’ll be ready to do the homework and get involved with your peers, either providing or receiving support, depending on your understanding of the material.

Module 03 – Homework, Slack, and Peer Reviews

This time, we could not choose a company out of 4 on our own. The company we would work on was randomly assigned to us.

Research: This time there was no research, lucky me. But I had to sit down and think about my own business. I had to rethink about the competition and what makes WMS different. I had to write down analogs, antilogs, and leaps of faith. 

Peer Reviews: When the homework was due, the peer reviews was the next thing on the BIB list. Every BIB member was assigned to review 3 other BIB members’ homework.

Again, this BIB part meant a lot of hard work, but this part was a lot easier than the homework itself.

Module 04

This Module came as a surprise, we thought that the bootcamp was finished at this point but Danny informed us that a new module is about to be released.

Goal setting: this module is very different than the others. There’s no homework, peer reviews, or doing research.

Module 4 is all about business strategy and productive goal setting. And the first thing you need to know is that there are two steps to this module. Step One is to set up a live one-on-one call with a member of Mirasee. And Step Two is to study a video lesson on productive goal setting.

This module is to help you turn this knowledge into a clear sense of:

  • What to do next in your business
  • How to apply what you’ve learned in the Bootcamp in real life
  • How to choose coherent and effective goals for you and your business
  • How to accomplish the things that you need to accomplish, and ignore the things that don’t matter.

Then Danny provides a calendar application where you can book a call with one of Mirasee strategists to help you move forward.

Your expert strategist will help you to:

  • Get clear on your current situation
  • Crystallize your big vision for your business
  • Set productive, realistic goals
  • Identify the roadblocks that are in your way
  • Devise a strategy for overcoming them
  • Create the impact, freedom, and wealth that you know your business is capable of
slack dashboard

Final Words – Conclusion

I am very satisfied with Mirasee and the Business Ignition Bootcamp. If you’re an entrepreneur no matter the stage you’re in, you should consider taking this course.

The training is structured in such a way that gives its members a strong reason to collaborate and interact with each other. There’s a lot of hard work involved so make sure you enroll in the training at a period suitable for you and your business.

The BIB training takes place every few months. To be notified when the next training starts, you have to join the waiting list.

It’s a comprehensive and concrete training with pre-recorded video lessons, plenty of homework, research, peer reviews, discussions, and live Q&A sessions. I think you gonna love it.

Now as concerns the modules and the training material Danny and Mirasee have compiled a valuable package that examines the most important elements in business. Cash flow, investments, revenue and other financial models, analogs, antilogs, leaps of faith, and more.

Although I was aware of the business model components due to the training of the Business Administration University (I graduated back in 1999), I learned new things as well. 

Mirasee uses an innovative approach to money and business that helps even established entrepreneurs make better decisions.

The 2nd module was the most inspiring and interesting of all the modules, at least for me. The research was literally endless, but I was able to view things from a new perspective and to validate key areas of businesses on paper based on facts and numbers. It was a long time ago since I did something similar.

The 3rd module is extremely valuable as it keeps you focused on your business and helps you apply what you’ve learned from the bootcamp. During the first 2 modules, you examine giant multi-billion dollar corporations but in this module, you thoroughly investigate your own business.

This module will help you innovate and reimagine your business models.

The only drawback in the training is that a few BIB members don’t care about giving valuable peer reviews and you might end up receiving one-word feedback. Hopefully, only a fraction of the BIB members fall into this category.

The 2 books that Mirasee suggested are goldmines of information, innovative thinking, and will help you become a much better entrepreneur.

Overall, BIB is an ELITE training teaching entrepreneurs business lessons that the majority of them have no clue about. A must-have program for all of you that want to become better at what you already do and want to leave your own legacy.

Danny Iny has made it again.

That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time…

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Business Organisation & Administration, Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, Summer Dream.

Reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and family comes first.




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6-Figure Side Hustles Documentary | All the Truth

6-Figure Side Hustles Documentary | All the Truth

A FREE documentary packed with actionable advice, insider information, and exercises on how to create a side income with the easiest, most lucrative, and beginner-friendly business models. Starts May 23rd. Exclusive bonus. CLOSING June 11, lifetime access & $6,000+ FREE bonuses.

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the consumer decision-making journey unveiling the process eBook 333

The Consumer Decision-Making Journey Book


Uncover how your choices are influenced and make smarter decisions with this FREE 232-page eBook.

Explore real-life examples, problem-solving strategies, and actionable insights to enhance your buying habits and boost your business success. 

Download now and take the first step towards becoming a conscious consumer and a savvy marketer!

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