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Parallel Profits – Huge Potential From Only 7 Sales, Is It Viable?

by Tasos


Jan 26, 2019


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Heart Speech Model: the ultimate guide to ChatGPT for online coaches

Amy Yamada - How to Use ChatGPT to Actually Sound Like You

Heart Speech Model: the ultimate guide to ChatGPT for online coaches


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6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



The Future Belongs to Small Businesses

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“7 IDEALS” Methodology Overview & Invitation

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Overview & Invitation

This methodology is the end result of over 30 years in business and marketing and I'm working on it since late 2021.

A systematic and structured approach to developing and implementing proprietary and custom-made strategies, processes, and campaigns for small businesses and startups.

It’s a methodology specifically designed to help you compete efficiently in the overcomplicated marketplace.

It’s a proprietary system that looks at your business as a whole and gives you a clear path – a roadmap to follow – a solid and flexible strategy and action plan.

It involves a set of principles, processes, models, frameworks, tactics, and techniques that you can use to achieve and surpass your business goals and objectives.

It’s not just a methodology to promote your products and services, that’s only one tiny aspect. It’s a methodology that helps you design, run, manage, and grow businesses. From an initial idea to becoming a leading name in your respective industry and beyond.

Starting small is actually the biggest benefit in this multi-dimensional, fast-changing marketplace.

Small businesses are personal, we get to interact with our customers face-to-face, and serve them at the highest level possible.

We know we can’t compete with giant corporations on budget, resources, or technology, but when it comes to delivering user experiences… guess… who’s the boss!

It’s a carefully designed, strategically organized methodology that helps small business owners understand the market inside out, create a competitive advantage, and develop unmatched – innovative products that consumers can’t enjoy and recommend enough.


Overview & Invitation


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You’re looking for information on the upcoming launch of Parallel Profits, a brand new marketing/business system created by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth, a system that promises to help online entrepreneurs reach $100,000 in profits from only 7 sales or less.

You want to know if it’s a legit program that can deliver to its promises. You want to know if these results are achievable. You want to know how long it takes to build a profitable and sustainable online business using it.

This shows you have a critical mind and you want to be sure about everything before you invest your time and money.

You’re in the right place. With this review, I will answer all the questions you might have about this business model and the opportunity attached to the Parallel Profits system.

It’s a business model I expanded upon months ago when I built the new WMS services department. I already provide this kind of services to a handful of local brands and now I am expanding on the global market. So, you’ll get to know first-hand if it’s a viable model and what you need in order to make it a success.

Important notice: this is the only review about Parallel Profits online where you’ll discover the WHOLE TRUTH about this system. All the other reviews are just overviews and only praise the program without analyzing the details.

Let’s dive deep…

Parallel Profits Review


Parallel Profits is a training program to help its students build a lucrative online business by providing high-ticket services to customers (mostly local businesses that want to expand globally).

Steve and Aidan underline 3 characteristics that make this program unique:

#1 – Parallel Profits students will be able to work with Steve and Aidan as part of a franchise. That means PP students won’t have to worry about creating a brand, domain, a website, copywriting and marketing materials.

The PP team is responsible for setting all up for its students so they can experience immediate results.

#2 – Parallel Profits students have to secure local businesses as clients. But the services that they will be offering to their clients will be provided by the PP team. No need for outsourcing services, no experience needed.

#3 – The PP client capture system which is automated ensures that PP students won’t need to interact face to face with their customers, or do any selling at all. The variety of built-in lead generation systems and processes set up by the PP team is responsible for this side of the business.

Alternatively, PP students will have the chance to follow the comprehensive PP training and complete this process on their own. 

Parallel Profits Promise

A unique business model which requires no previous experience and has massive demand, low competition, and huge profit margins.

You only need 7 sales to generate $100,000 in profits each year and it’s a business you can easily scale up to $200K, to $300K, or more.

PP team will be doing most of the work for you so you can focus on making more sales, generating additional monthly income and allowing you to keep scaling up.

Steve & Aidan: Background

Aidan is an internet marketer from New Zealand and started his online journey back in 2005 by setting up a personal blog.

He then expanded on creating affiliate websites using paid ads mostly and then built eCommerce sites and other related projects.

Soon, he was able to hire a team and created about 1500 websites.

Eventually, he partnered with Steve Clayton & Tim Godfrey.

Now, he runs niche sites and eCommerce stores, provides internet marketing training and coaching services, and consulting services to small businesses globally.

Steve was successfully growing a profit with his own affiliate marketing business and he expanded by buying online properties.

He’s an expert in buying websites and turn them into money-making machines.

Together with Aidan have created various marketing training programs, including 100K factory and 7-figure Cycle.

steve clayton and aidan booth

The Blueprint

7 Huge Benefits of this Business Model:

  • Extremely high-profit margins
  • You only need a very small group of customers
  • You get rapid and ongoing results
  • The competition is exceptionally low
  • It’s easy to sell your business for an instant windfall
  • The operations are easily outsourceable
  • This is a respectable business you can be proud to tell others about

6 Myths About this Type of Business Model:

#1 – You need to do a lot of selling: false. In most instances, customers will actually come to you. It’s only natural, anything in high demand with low supply requires very little selling. And, you can pretty much name your price.

#2 – You need to meet customers face-to-face: false. You only need access to your customers’ website and social media properties.

#3 – You need to be technically skilled and to know a lot about online marketing: false. An understanding of general concepts will help…but given that you really shouldn’t deliver the services yourself personally, being an expert is NOT needed.

#4 – You need a lot of start-up capital: false. You only need an internet connection. No need for expensive Facebook or Google ad campaigns. You only pay other people to do the work for you but only after you’ve got paid from your customers.

#5 – You need employees: false. You just outsource your work to other people on an ‘as-needed’ basis. You don’t hire permanent in-house employees.

#6 – You need an office: false. You only need a laptop and an internet connection.

Business Models Comparison

Here, Steve and Aidan compare this model with other well known online models.

There are 6 key factors we should gauge when assessing a business opportunity. 

  • Realistic profits
  • Time commitment
  • Speed of results
  • Startup cost
  • Predictability
  • Business sales multiplier (exit strategy)

Steve and Aidan are personally involved in all these business models and they continue to run $1 million business operations for all of these, so, they have a very good idea about the pros and cons of each of these models.

Amazon Whitelabel: good and solid model, but it takes a while to get going, and you need to be selling huge volumes to be able to make a decent profit these days.

Affiliate Marketing: a very hands-off model, but it can be a slow starter. Lower short-term profits. Paid traffic is tough is the affiliate world too, which means a higher reliance on organic rankings, which takes time in competitive markets. 

Dropship/eCommerce: is OK, but paid traffic (normally Facebook), is volatile nowadays. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the magic combination that makes the model work.

Kindle: it’s steady. You need to sell a lot of books to make decent money. Once it does work, it’s very hands-off.

Information Products: can be very lucrative but are equally unpredictable. You never know if an info-product will work until you’ve made it and by then you could have invested hundreds of hours of time and energy.

Amazon Wholesale: It has lower profit margins than Amazon Whitelabel, meaning you need to either cycle through inventory at lightning speed or sell a huge line of products to hit big profits. It also has the worst “Business Sale Multiplier” of all, because you’re selling other people’s products, not your own brand.

Software as a Service (SAAS): can be a home run, but it’s the most expensive model to start and also highly unpredictable, meaning it’s not the right fit for 99% of startup entrepreneurs. 

Parallel Profits Analysis

Realistic Profits: each customer pays you a lot of money, and profit margins are upwards of 70%. And given the business is built on systems that are easily scalable, the three-year outlook is also fantastic.

Time Commitment: is as low as it gets. All the services are fulfilled by others. 

Speed of results: Unmatched. No other model can have you at $1,000 in profit or more in as little as a few days after you start. Customers pay you in advance, and each customer could be worth thousands per month. 

Startup costs: the lowest, on a par with Kindle. Other than a simple website, and a few key marketing elements, there’s really nothing you need in order to get going.

Predictability: The highest level of certainty of any of these models, because there is a huge demand for the services offered, and very low supply.

Business sale multiplier: The highest of any online business, because it’s actually a kind of a hybrid. It’s an online operation servicing offline customers in a unique way. An established business that makes $10,000/month profits can be sold for upwards of $500,000.

Who Buys this Kind of Services?

Any local business that needs help (which is pretty much all of them). Some examples of customers Steve and Aidan had over the years include:

  • Hairstylists
  • Landscaping maintenance companies
  • Real Estate agents
  • Limousine company
  • Local shared office buildings
  • Plumbers
  • Pool cleaning services
  • Dry cleaners
  • Tourism companies
  • Home loan lenders
  • Digital print companies
  • Law firms
  • Pizzerias
  • Gyms
  • Bike rental companies

and so on…

Revenue vs Profit

7 customers will collectively pay you approximately $12,000 per month in total, equating to $144,000 each year. 

From that $144,000, you will bank about $100,000 in net profit.

In other words, what you are looking at here is a 70% profit margin.

So what is the other 30% spent on?

To understand what the other 30% is spent on, you need to know what your costs will be.

  • Client management tool: Optional but recommended, about $75/month.
  • Hosting, firewall, website backups: $100/month for about 7 customers.
  • Website optimization tools: things like yearly subscriptions to advanced plugins, design templates, and a photo database. About $50/month.
  • Business infrastructure: Although you can work this from your own home using a computer and internet you already have, if you wanted to break any business expenses out (internet, virtual office, cellphone), you’d be looking at about $100/month. 

But what about Time?

  • 1 customer=$1,715 per month in revenue (recurring)
  • 1 customer=10 hours of work per month

What this means is…as a one-man-band running everything on your own, you’re “scaling limit” would be a maximum of 16 customers (16 customers x 10 hours/month = 160 hours/4 weeks = 40 hours/week).

If you’re thinking about doing all the work yourself, you’re not thinking about this in the most efficient way. You are not thinking about SCALING.

One of the keys to scaling any business is that you need to have systems in place that allow you to step away from the business and have other people running things for you. At a minimum, you need to ensure that you’re not the person doing all the heavy lifting and all the “grunt work”.


Steve and Aidan continue…

The demand is gigantic. 

What kind of businesses need this type of services? Almost every small business. 


  • There are 30.2 million small businesses (which represent 99.9% of all businesses in the USA).
  • 45% of small businesses in the USA don’t have a website.
  • 62% of potential customers will stop considering a small business if they can’t find a website or information about it online.
  • In the UK there are over 5 million small businesses (and over 60% of them don’t have a website).
  • 59% of small businesses in Canada don’t have a website

Small businesses across the entire globe need help. The demand for help is through the roof, but in many cases, these business owners just don’t know what they need, or who to turn to. This means making money with this business model can be incredibly easy.

The 3-Step Blueprint

Step 1: Activate your sale magnets

Step 2: Secure customers fast

Step 3: Deliver simple services

Then replicate the process to boost customer numbers, sales, and profits. 

Step 1: Activate Your Sales Magnets

Phase 1: Launch your website

The first phase is to set up your website that showcases your business and the services you provide to attract the most targeted leads.

But you need to approach your website from a strategic standpoint and build it based on proven best practices.

Steve and Aidan define 21 key elements that your website must have to ensure you’re swimming with the current, being pushed towards success.

21 Key Elements:

  1. Use mobile-friendly pages
  2. Focus on your contact page
  3. Include an about page
  4. Create a word-based logo
  5. Optimize your pages for SEO
  6. Use your main keyword in your page title
  7. Have a foot link to your homepage
  8. Add retargeting pixels
  9. Focus on fast load times
  10. Include an XML sitemap
  11. Add robots.txt
  12. Use smart site architecture
  13. Build an optimized 404 page
  14. Add an SSL certificate
  15. Use image alt attributes
  16. Add scheme.org structured date
  17. Strategic internal linking
  18. Correct <h1> and <h2> tag usage
  19. Link out to relevant sites
  20. Use LSI keywords
  21. Add social sharing buttons

Phase 2: Turn on your sales funnels

Funnel #1: The visibility campaign

Your visibility campaign will push your optimized website to the top of Google (and other search engines) for your target keywords. You must use long-tail low search volume search terms that work best.

Visibility campaigns consist of:

  1. Website optimization (the 21 key elements mentioned above)
  2. Simple backlinking

Steve and Aidan highlight:

Backlinking gets a bad wrap, because of the pre-2018 understanding of the word. In 2019 however, we’re not talking about building hundreds or even thousands of links to your website – we just need a few from a selection of high-quality websites.

Funnel #2: Local business directories

The directories give you all the potential customers you need on a silver platter. All
you have to do is to run an outreach campaign so they know where to find you.

You can use:

  • Emails
  • Business cards and brochures in the mail

What Steve and Aidan do is gather the contact emails of the local businesses, load them into our software tool, and let the system do the rest.

When businesses reply, the key step is to follow up with them as fast as you can to ensure they have all the information they need – and know how to purchase.

Step 2: Secure Customers Fast

  • Send your leads marketing magnets
  • Which in turn will secure them as customers

What to do next:

  • Use PP Web Audit Software Tool to impress potential customers
  • Send target, automated messages using a scalable and 100% trackable system
  • Take advantage of other marketing materials proven to convert (business cards, brochures, and others)
  • Get customers secured, orders placed, and money in the bank.

Of course, not all your leads will convert into sales, but since they’re so targeted, and in many cases ‘self-selecting’ (meaning the lead is coming to you and ASKING for help), it’s not uncommon to be able to convert leads at a conversion rate of 10%. In other words, get one sale for every 10 leads that enter your system.

And that ONE SALE can equate to thousands of dollars. 

Even a tiny traffic stream will be enough to make highly lucrative sales!

A KEY part of Step #2 is that you’re paid up front, before you even start with Step #3 (service delivery).

Much like eCommerce websites, your sales will all happen online, and money will go directly into your bank account. The system is identical regardless of where you live, and billing is COMPLETELY automated and hands off.

There is no need to deal with Merchant Accounts, or Paypal, or Stripe, or anything ike that either. We use one piece of streamlined software to enable easy billing, and that’s it.

So how much will each sale actually be worth?

That depends on the services the client wants. But typically sales are worth between $250 – $4,000 each. On average each customer has a value of about $1,500/month.

Step 3: Deliver Simple Services

Steve and Aidan mention:

The reality is that there’s an entire smorgasbord of things you COULD offer, but we like to apply the 80:20 rule and focus on offering the services that make up 80% of the revenue and only take up 20% of the time.

Conveniently, these are also the services that provide the most value to small businesses anyway, so it works out nicely for everyone involved.

They recommend you start with:

  • Website development and design
  • Visibility campaigns (SEO and social media)
  • Website hosting

Then there is ongoing maintenance and content creation for all three as well (which you will charge for to boost your recurring revenue).

Once you’ve got a customer onboard, you could also offer any of the following as “upsell services”, to boost profits even further:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Presence Analysis
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems
  • Customer Demographic Study
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Augmented Reality Campaigns
  • Google Adwords
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Ad Campaigns
  • Video Production & Deployment
  • ROI Assessments
  • Apps
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Facebook Messenger Bots
  • Digital Loyalty Programs
  • And MANY more…

Your Prices:

Website development and design – The mark-up here is huge. We can have someone else build a well optimized and attractive website for a customer for a couple of hundred dollars, maximum – yet we can sell them for $2,400 for a simple site with 10 pages.

Visibility campaigns – The requirements for a visibility campaign are normally pretty similar for most local businesses, and what we offer is a mixture of content, high-quality backlink acquisitions, and social media syndication. We normally charge about $1,000 per month for this, and campaigns cost us about $150 per month to run.

Hosting – There are a couple of ways to do this…One is to run your own servers. This is the most lucrative option and what we use (not just because of the better margins, but because of the control it gives us). Alternatively, it is possible to use simple dedicated cloud hosting which comes at a cost of about $15/month, and is something you can charge at least $100 for (depending on add-ons that your customer may or may not want).

In fact, we charge up to $500 per month for hosting services.

Partnering with Steve and Aidan

You can let the PP team do the work for you.

  • Use their experience, staff, resources, technical team
  • Take advantage of their special tools and software to help you build your business

The MindMap

The Mindmap maps out each of the main steps involved to reach your first goal of a $100K/year profit run-rate. 


Launch your website

  • Simple proven pages and layout
  • Build in lead capture forms
  • Autoresponder sequence

Activate sales funnels

  • Identify local businesses
  • Prepare sales funnel content
  • Launch sales funnel campaigns: organic traffic from search engines, website optimization, link building, 5 sales funnels (visibility campaigns, local business directories, 3 secret methods)

Leads (send marketing magnets)

  • Use pre-loaded email sequences
  • Send other marketing material proven to convert (business cards, brochures)
  • Use website audit tool to impress potential customers

Secure customers

  • Send automated reminders to potential customers who have not paid
  • Orders places (get paid upfront)

Deliver simple services

  • Web design
  • Website development
  • SEO
  • Maintenance
  • Hosting
  • Content creation

Live Workshops

Parallel Profits Modules

#1 The Master Blueprint – The core step-by-step training program.

The training features a series of detailed modules, each with step-by-step videos, strategy manuals, live weekly webinars, and Mindmaps.

  • A full A-Z guide of each area of the system revealing how to start and begin making money 
  • Set everything up in record time
  • A full ‘Convert sales training’ so you know exactly how to communicate with (and convert) customers without needing to speak to them on the phone.
  • The ‘Inner-circle” marketing secrets that will enable you to maximize the number of leads that turn into sales
  • A series of simple solutions and templates to get organized with your finances and other organizational elements

#2 The Lead Accelerator – targeted leads, done for you funnels

  • The PP team is going to be handling you highly qualified leads
  • They are going to reveal every strategy and system they know about capturing and converting leads. Following these strategies will allow you to skyrocket the success of your business
  • 5 proven email funnels that they use on a daily basis to turn leads into sales
  • A Rolodex of tools and services they personally use to generate fresh leads and customers
  • A neat little tool that will allow you to embed a lead generation form on your website to attract qualified local businesses by analyzing their needs

#3 The Engagement Engine – automation tools & software

  • Access to the “Audit” tool that analyzes a potential customer’s website listings, business reviews, social presence, website performance, and advertising reach. It tells them what needs to be improved and fixed and why they should use YOU to carry out these improvements
  • A series of educational videos on each area of improvement that needs to be one which in turn will help the potential customer understand the value of your services and encourage them to take action and send you money.
  • A “Communication” tool which contains a series of high-converting email sequences which will get sent to your leads automatically
  • The system monitors actions and clicks ion these emails to determine what leads are hot based on activity
  • There are additional tools inside

#4 The Instant Asset Machine – custom built assets & conversion pieces

  • A fully functional landing page that is proven to convert and will attract new leads and turn them into customers like clockwork. The PP development team will set everything up
  • A pre-designed website which you can use to generate traffic (you can optionally build a website on your own)
  • Marketing material ready to be used (brochures, business cards, mailshots, and other elements)

#5 The Delivery Hub – done for you service & delivery platform

  • When you secure a customer and sell a service (whether that be building a website, performing SEO or whatever else)…and once you have been PAID, all you do is head over to the “Delivery Hub”, select the service you need to provide, add in the details and their team of experts will do the tasks for you and deliver back the completed work which you can then pass back to your customer.
  • PP team takes care of every service you’ll be offering
  • An entire billing system and payments handling. 
  • They will be adding services in the coming months

#6 The Private Community – members-only community support group

  • Access to the PP community where you can interact with other members
  • The Facebook group to get notifications and updates about new training, upcoming workshop webinars, and other important updates
  • Once you’re set up and running and have made your first sale, you’ll get access to the “Partners” community

#7 Specialist Support – 24/7 assistance & support network

  • Private email based 365 days/year. Help and guidance on anything that might concern you
  • A help desk consisted of expert coaches

The Price

It’s a high-ticket item but you should consider that the PP team will be doing all the work for you.

There are 2 options:

  • 1 payment $2,497 (You save $494)
  • 3 payments of $997 (30-days apart)
parallel profits full value


There is a no questions asked, rock-solid 60-day money back guarantee. Plus, Steve and Aidan guarantee to buy your business OFF you for cash, if you don’t make money.

The Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Secret Mastermind:

Advanced workshops with additional tactics, formulas, and strategies (real value $2,997)

Bonus #2 – Parallel Profits Live:

An online live event with guest speakers & inner-circle secrets (real value $4,997)

Bonus #3- 7-figue Scaling Secrets:

An exclusive video series revealing how to scale your business (real value $2,997)

My Final Review

Is Parallel Profits a legit program? Is this a viable business model? Will it work for you? How long does it take to reach the $100,000/year run-rate Steve and Aidan highlight in their presentation?

WMS Services

As I mentioned in the introduction, I already sell this kind of services to local businesses and I’m expanding globally with the WMS services department.

List of WMS Direct Advertising Services:

  • Website design and development
  • Website hosting and maintenance
  • Copywriting 
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO
  • Content creation and distribution
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising

Additionally, I provide Indirect Advertising services where companies can get advertised here, on WMS, and get exposure to WMS visitors.


Let’s examine the potential of this business model.

First of all, there is a huge demand, indeed. The vast majority of the local businesses don’t have a website or any other online presence. This is true in my country, and online research reveals that is true even for countries like UK, USA, or Australia.

There is competition as in any industry, but if we consider the number of small businesses that need this kind of services, then competition is relatively low.

If you’re able to secure customers and deliver the services they need, you can scale this business with no limits at all.


Setting Up The Prices

I suggest that you check the WMS services and my prices. As you can see, my prices differ from the prices set by Steve and Aidan.

They charge $2,400 for a simple site with 10 pages. I charge $497 for a simple site (only website development) and $997 for website development and copywriting.

They charge $1,000/month for visibility campaigns (content, backlinks, social media). I don’t know how much content they will be adding to their customers’ websites and how many campaigns they will run on social media and on how many platforms. To give you a perspective, I charge $99 for an article/review and I have not yet set my prices for social media campaigns and other marketing material.

They charge up to $500/month for hosting services by using their own servers and around $100/month for providing simple cloud hosting. I charge $4.95/month for shared hosting services and $19.95/month for hosting and maintenance where I monitor my clients’ sites, keep them updated, create backups, and offer SEO services (by improving their existing content) .

Is Parallel Profits a Legit Program?

Absolutely, there’s no doubt on that. Parallel Profits is a legit system that works and can bring results for its students.

The process outlined by Steve and Aidan is the process I and thousands of other marketers and advertising agencies use for their clients. 

But it won’t be easy if you’re just getting started in the online world.

The Parallel Profits system invites people to work with the PP team as part of a franchise. The PP team sets up your website and landing pages, activates your sales funnels, and delivers the advertising services that you need to forward to your clients. They say that you won’t have to do any selling at all, but relying only on the automation tools and your website won’t be enough. If you want to scale up your business you have to hunt down local businesses door to door and pitch them on your services.

Additionally, you should advertise your services on various online properties to maximize your visibility (social platforms, forums, networks, directories, local listings, etc) and make connections.

You need to build your brand name and place yourself as an authority in this digital space. For that, you need to add content to your website to attract potential customers. You should create a blog department and run some paid advertising campaigns as well.

People with no prior marketing experience will have a hard time following the training alone. They have to rely on the franchise system to make this work.

The most important detail is that the PP team guarantees your results and is willing to refund your investment in 60 days if you don’t make money.

Important notice:

The fact that the profit margins are huge that does not mean you’ll be able to secure customers at will using the prices set by the PP team.

Not every small business or startup can afford $2,500 for a website, $500/month for hosting services, and $1,000 for marketing and promotional material.

There are potential customers willing to pay these prices and you can absolutely secure them but it won’t be a piece of cake.

Securing at least 7 customers for your first year in the business seems like a tangible goal.

Pros and Cons


  • A legit program created by 2 highly-experienced online marketers that have already helped thousands of students worldwide with other programs.
  • Detailed step-by-step educational videos and marketing material
  • A system where a big part of the business is automated
  • Plenty of tools, software, templates, and mindmaps
  • In the price are included business cards, brochures, and other advertising material
  • You won’t need to find freelancers or hire people to do the work for you. You can rely on the franchise PP system.
  • There is massive demand, the competition is relatively low, huge profit margins.
  • A business you can sell for a profit (exit strategy)
  • A respectable business model you can be proud of.
  • You don’t need to invest a lot of money.
  • Can be operated from home
  • Great level of support through the Facebook groups and email access to the owners 24/7
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Valuable bonuses included


  • Not every potential customer would afford to pay the prices suggested by the PP team
  • Becoming a digital advertising agent requires at least some basic marketing knowledge
  • You might not experience fast results
  • It takes time to become an authority

All in all, the Parallel Profits business model is exceptional and can be turned into a multi-figure operation in a year or less.

The PP team consists of marketing experts with huge experience in the field and they can help you deliver professional services to your customers.

If you’re just getting started online, you should choose the franchise model so the PP team will do the work for you.

I hope that this analysis will answer all the questions you might have about this business opportunity.

I suggest you get the free material (the blueprint and the mindmap) and also register for the live free workshops where Steve and Aidan will explain everything about this system.

My Bonuses

wms bonuses

Parallel Profits is a legit system that can help you build an online business from scratch. It won’t be easy as I already mentioned, but it’s a viable model with huge potential.

For that matter, I want to add some complimentary bonuses if you decide to enroll in PP through my links.

I can’t offer you the first 2 bonuses I regularly offer as these are covered by the PP team (website development and hosting).

Bonus #1

20 Video-Call Intensive Private Training Sessions on Skype (30-minutes each) (real value $3,000 – FREE for you)

*Normally, I offer 10 sessions

What you’ll get for free:

  • 20 Sessions of Intensive Private Training (each session 30-minutes long, every week)
  • Feedback on your work and progress with the Parallel Profits training
  • Niche selection, goal setting, future plan
  • Marketing training (competition, customer avatars, unique value proposition, becoming a publisher, SEO, keyword research, inbound methodology, content creation & distribution, social media, blogging, advertising, email marketing, and more)
  • Business consulting (online business basics, model components, costs, prices, assumptions, competition analysis, analogs, antilogs, leaps of faith)

Bonus #2

Unlimited email access and support for as long as you need it (lifetime) (real value invaluable – FREE for you)

Bonus #3

Email Vault (swipe files, campaigns, headlines that get clicks) (real value $500 – FREE for you)

For the last 2 years, I carefully collected, compiled, and tested thousands of email campaigns, promotions, and headlines

Now, I am giving you the best of the best to use them in your business and build a loyal fanbase.

Bonus #4

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (becoming a successful marketing publisher) (real value $300 – FREE for you)

Since 2015, WMS as a marketing publisher helped hundreds of companies sell more of their products and services 

By becoming a publisher you tap into a multi-billion industry without having to own products

That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I look forward to seeing your next success story online and I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time…

Enroll in Parallel Profits

And Unlock the Vault of WMS Bonuses

Some of the links on this page are “affiliate links”. This means if you click on the link and purchase a product, membership, or service, I may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I use personally or I believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. For more information, I refer you to the Disclaimer page.

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