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You're Reading:Clixten – Tremendous Change, from Legit to … Suspicious.!!

Clixten – Tremendous Change, from Legit to … Suspicious.!!

by Tasos


Jun 28, 2016




Update 04 June 2017


This is the former title of this post

Clixten is a Trustworthy PTC / Tasks / Advertising Site. Been Paid Once


Today, things have changed, unfortunately. As I discovered a few days ago they had deleted my earning balance. I have sent a support ticket and here is what they answered.




It is funny or what?…There are members that steal the system so they had to delete every balance. But it is OK, you can continue on wasting your time with us.


On top of that, they sell Revenue Share Ad Packs.


Ad Packs

  • Standard, $2, 120 days, ROI 120%, maximum shares 10
  • Silver, $5, 120 days, ROI 130%, maximum shares 20
  • Golden, $10, 120 days, ROI 140%, maximum shares 50
  • Elite, $25, 120 days, ROI 150%, max shares 200
  • Ultimate, $50, 120 days, ROI 160%, max shares 500

This is at least a suspicious move to dry off high-paying investors who may fall into a huge trap. I stop, it is up to you to continue with them. If they fall it is a shame, they had operated for quite some time with no problems.


End of Update





Clixten is another advertising marketplace where companies or individual entrepreneurs can buy ad space and view ads in exchange for money.Additionally they offer an affiliate program like all the modern brands , a very useful tool for marketers , bloggers and business owners that want to build a downline and maximise their earnings by referring new people to the system.


Is Clixten a company to trust?…Let’s move on to the ads area



Some examples of what to expect

Stampbux , Matebux , eMoneySpace , Clixsense , Little world of Satoshi , Hash true , INCclix , GameLoot network , Dobroterra , Stefbux , Cleverbux , FeClix , Xten design , EmpireOption , Spin my traffic , Kiddclix , Mysiterotator ….


The vast majority belongs to other Click sites and the ads are divided into

  • Fixed
  • Standard
  • Macro
  • Tiny
  • Nano

Moreover there is another department where you can complete tasks or other offers to earn a few bucks like the

  • Minute Staff Wall
  • Matomy wall
  • Super rewards wall
  • Virool , Likeflow
  • PTC wall
  • Clix wall
  • Traffic exchange

and many more…


Advertising Packages



  • Paid to click – 4000 credits $2 , 1.000.000 credits $200
  • Fixed – $4 per day
  • Traffic Exchange – 4000 credits $2 , 100.000 credits $25
  • Paid to signup offers – 9 credits $2
  • Login Ads – 1 day $2
  • Banner – 40000 credits $2
  • Clix Grid – $5 per month


Usually I do not spend money on PTC sites to advertise any offer or program. So far the results I got from numerous companies were disappointing. What I prefer is to use my site as a magnet to attract potential referrals and leads. This is how real progress can be made on PTC sites. You need as many referrals as you can get.

But you can try to advertise affiliate offers or other products / services if you want. It is an old established site that pays and this is what we are looking for in PTC programs. Credibility.

Or you can try the traffic exchange system where you earn credits by visitng websites and then you can publish your own banners.


In that case I would be very interested in your results.



The Forum


News , contests , updates , members introduction , stats , success stories , bug reports and more…

The forum is very active with 9124 payment proof posts so far. And other mini departments on the forum have active posts. People are reporting bugs, exchange success stories, talk about their on site progress and there is the option to choose a certain language from a drop down list.



Daily Progress by Clicking on PTC Ads


  • The low cashout threshold (1st time $2, 2nd $3) is a reason for free members to join. Especially from countries where been paid in USD has a significant meaning in someone’s finances.
  • You can click maximum 16-25 PTC ads with an average of $0.021 daily. Not bad and the no focus timer is a plus.
  • Another valuable source could be the Minute Staff area, with ads on Click and View tabs worth between $0.015 – $0.025









Final Words



In order to make real money on such sites you need to build a strong downline. When you have active referrals working for you on a daily basis it is when the money roll in.

I do not know if they are paying their members , this is something that you have to test for yourself.

I am using the system (among many others) and whenever I complete a transaction I will update the thread.





Update 15 Apr 2017





Clixten is only 1 out of the hundreds PTC sites I am investigating right now. The PTC section on Web Market Support has significantly grew and I will keep on updating on a daily basis.

I got paid from this company for the first time a few months ago and they pay since 2013 with the domain registration taking place back in late October 2012. The owner of the company is Pascal Mihaela, from Iasi – Romania and I am testing also xtenfaucet.com, run by the same admin. All partners and friends are supporting this site, everyone is getting paid on time.

I do hope that they continue to offer quality services.






That’s it , I hope you enjoyed another review , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner.

















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