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Little Known Facts About Clickbank

by Tasos


Sep 25, 2015



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I’ve been a member of Clickbank for quite some time and I feel the need to express and summarize my overall experience with this giant corporation. The article is not a typical review rather than a topic for discussion. I am very disappointed and frustrated at the same time. This is not the perfect environment to work or to get inspired at least. This can’t be the largest online marketplace for digital products.

Clickbank’s History, Present, and Future


clickbank 01

When I was new to the online affiliate world my eye caught an old article talking about “Clickbank” of course. Let’s say 4-5 years, and the author was praising the benefits of being an associate with this network. He was promoting numerous products and making a living out of it.

Excitement Upon Signing Up – Present

Additionally, I have read many other articles in communities and forums before my decision to join the network. Everybody was suggesting Clickbank and mentioning the opportunities. I was really excited when I visited their website for the first time. I can recall a webinar right after the creation of my account. The video rolled in and I was watching the company’s brief history.

A nice production which of course lays out the size of the organization and the benefits for merchants and affiliates.

Came to my surprise that Adam and Justin after their introduction were reporting that the president of the US had invited them to the “White House” to honor them for being in the list of the Top 100 entrepreneurs…but it was the “Way” that this information recorded that I felt a little uncomfortable at the moment. The video was ending announcing their latest opportunity, the Clickbank University.

Little Known Facts

Product Listings

The next day, I was researching money-making opportunities in the marketplace of Clickbank. You probably know already that Clickbank is huge and is divided into categories and sub-categories. There are thousands of products listed in every category. Of course, I was mostly interested in specific divisions, like:

  • Business / Investing
  • Computers / Internet
  • E-Business & E-Marketing
  • Education
  • Employment & Jobs

My main focus was the E-Business & E-Marketing section. There are indeed some products and offers that are legitimate and valuable but the overall low quality in this category was something I did not expect. In fact, I was falling to scam after scam. Cheap landing pages, poor video productions focused only on sales, low-quality ad intruding letters and opt-in pages for the garbage. Moreover, I found many outright scams targeting only our pockets.

Affiliate Payments – Fees

When I was reading their policy documents I felt like this place was not aiming to offer a productive environment for its partners. Can you believe that Clickbank is charging fees to affiliates for low or no-sales periods? Oh, come on…That is insanity. It’s not ethical. 

And it just ain’t right…The most important is that with the overall very low quality of the products that are listed no one can generate sales even if he tried really hard. Do you think that people are buying easily these craps? No, they don’t and reversed sales and refunds are included in the everyday menu.

The affiliates are the ones who are driving traffic to the merchants and the network, the ones that spread the word about the products in order to increase the sales numbers, you can’t charge fees the affiliates. For me, that shows the “Hunger” of this company for money.

There were many complaints from other affiliates and marketers that I interact within communities, forums, and on their blogs. Why should I promote this network when I can promote any other network, that won’t charge me fees. One that will respect me.

What Others Are Saying

During the last days of May, I came across a review of the Clickbank University program. The author of the post is a passionate well-known blogger affiliate marketer. His name is Kyle.

Kyle is talking for “Unethical Practices” on their behalf. He reveals that Clickbank University has been used as a bridge in a competitive game where participants are Clickbank, the Merchants, and the Affiliates. My opinion is no different.

Yes, I have to agree, Clickbank University is a competitive product for the merchants. Clickbank is taking advantage of the situation trying to generate sales in the backs of the merchants. Completely unethical and very suspicious. Of course, the merchants are not obliged to continue advertising their products on this network…I would not if I were in their position.

The Beginning Of a New Email Campaign

At first, I was normally receiving 1 up to 4 emails per month, maximum. The main target was the promotion of that program. How it can change my life and how Clickbank is going to make it so easy for me.

But, during the summer something changed.

Stress? The number of emails multiplied suddenly, I was receiving 1 or 2 or even 3 emails per day. At first, I thought to take a closer look to see what was going on. In the meantime whenever I was testing a new product from their listings I was always ending up with a negative review.

The quality of the products inside Clickbank was at the bottom while Adam and Justin had begun a marathon of video blog series to offer value to their subscribers. They were revealing, according to them, extremely important aspects of Affiliate Marketing that could help us become “Entrepreneur Idols”.

Well, it was not exactly valuable, I found the videos boring, over sketchy and totally unprofessional…Obviously the Clickbank Boat is sinking and these are actions that point at a “Hunt For Money”…I believe they want to gather as many as they can and destroy the already injured network.

The Other Categories

Now please, have in mind that when I mention low-quality products I am talking for the categories that I have researched. 

clickbank 02

Changes That Could Result In Improvement

You have built a reputation and a giant list of merchants and affiliates over the years … You can’t let any merchant free to offer anything without investigating the quality of their productions. Of course, it is the Bad Merchants that create a problem, but it is Clickbank’s responsibility to eliminate it if they want to do online business.

Filter out all the bad products, sign contracts with serious entrepreneurs and look forward to the future. If Clickbank won’t reconsider their attitude soon other networks will bypass like a hurricane.

Remove the University program and instead offer tools, automation and new platforms for your affiliates and the merchants. Give them a reason to be proud to promote your quality products.

All the affiliates are moving away from Clickbank at the time speaking, the merchants are the next on the catalog.


Enough with the crap, we need quality, we only live once, we need superb products, we need to leave the best of ourselves as a “Heritage” for the next generations.

Clickbank has a history and a present, and a bright future but there’s work to be done.

That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, SummerDream.

I enjoy reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and playing with my kids.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. For more information, I refer you to the disclaimer page.

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  1. Andrew

    Hi, thanks for creating this article. In my opinion as an ex-affiliate to Clickbank, its a fact that they have been letting low quality products onto their marketplace for a long lime now. The Clickbank University was supposed to be the turning point for them.

    Apparently Clickbank no longer allow what it considers to be low quality “make money” systems on their website. So instead they made their very own low quality product, fronted by two of their most famous product creators. Clickbank university is a scam in my opinion, simply because of the terrible training within.

    Its a shame that Clickbank has come to this. A few years ago they might not have produced the greatest products but at least the site was building some buzz within the industry. Now its just a site to stay clear of.

    • Tasos

      Welcome to my blog Andrew , your message is another addition to the same direction.Yet , no one appeared to praise Clickbank and their products.

      Totally agree , if a company allows low quality products for the sake of money this is going to return as a boomerang , and that is a fact with Clickbank , as we watch them fall and fall.

      Moreover the university training is not so great and apparently there are no real efforts from their side to change this situation.Let’s hope it is not too late.It is a shame for such a huge organisation to collapse.

      Thank you for this visit and for expressing your thoughts and experience with this network.All my best.

  2. Viljoen

    Hi Tasos.

    While reading your review about Clickbank I remembered that I made a sale a couple of months ago. When I went into my account, I saw that I now have $0.

    They have been deducting my money commissions on a monthly basis. At least it was only one sale because I do not work with them anymore.

    Their products also do not do it for me anymore.

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Viljoen , so sad to watch your commissions vanish to the thin air.You managed to make a sale for them and they are taking it away because you are not a super affiliate to generate mass sales.This is ridiculous.You did a great thing in abandoning them , they do not deserve our attention.There are hundreds of affiliate networks out there , why should we waste our time on a shady one like that?

      Thank you for this visit and for sharing that experience.This can make a big difference for other people that are thinking in joining this network.Good luck with your promotions.

  3. rufat

    Hi Tasos! What happened to this Clickbank? It doesn’t look like a university anymore. I know about Clickbank since 2000 and it’s really bad that to date they haven’t changed anything to a better. And it’s not surprising at all. If they charge their members for low sales periods it means there is a problem with their approach to business. By doing so they encourage low quality and unethical products to appear on their marketplace. I have to agree with your verdict. If Clickbank continues such a policy they will be thrown to the bank.

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Rufat , exactly , what happened?..You know from experience that this was a great place for business , a real university.But lately they lost control.If a company decides to charge affiliate partners for poor results then something is really wrong.

      Totally agree , this is how low quality programs come into play.However , if we can ignore those bad products , then we can build a brighter future.

      Thank you for another visit , your meaningful participation and for sharing your insights.

  4. Jason

    Good for you!

    Clickbank is well known and as a top digital marketplace they should have higher standards for the products being displayed on their website.

    Of course there will be merchants who invade the system and try to earn a quick buck, which makes me wonder if any action is taken to get rid of such merchants….

    Anyway thank you for the honest review and opinion of Clickbank, it was enjoyable and interesting to read.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Jason , there are no excuses for a giant marketplace like Clickbank , to let everyone promote crap and dishonest products.Where is the quality control?

      Just by looking at these sites you can tell that are suspicious.May be they will wake up eventually.Who knows?

      Thank you for visiting my blog , your participation and your kind words.Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Terrance Williams

    It is an interesting experience when you come across something that puts into words a feeling I have had. I have felt sort of uneasy about the low quality of some of the offerings on Clickbank. The incompleteness of offers and the upsell pressure really turns me off. They give the impression you are getting something great when all you are getting is something very limited and find it is necessary to spend a lot more money.

    • Tasos

      Straight to the point Terrance , this kind of policies are the ones I really hate.Why are you pushing me to buy more? … I have not used what I bought yet , let me see the benefits and later on I can purchase more.

      This kind of marketing belongs to the past and I am not predicting a bright future for this giant affiliate network.

      Thank you for this visit and for sharing your experience with Clickbank here.

  6. Dmitriy

    Hi Tasos,

    A few months ago I was actually considering joining Clickbank as an affiliate marketer, but – and it seems I was lucky – I was drawn towards other networks. I’ve heard a couple of bad things about CB before, but I didn’t think it was SO scammy and unethical. Thank you for sharing this, I’ll clearly stay away from them – at least until they change for the better.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Dmitriy , I was looking for other people’s experience , it seems that a lot of people have problem with the quality of this network.We need to be alerted in suspicious productions and evaluate an offer really well before we decide to promote it.

      Thank you for dropping by to share your point of view.

  7. Get Sport Supplements

    What an informative and comprehensive article you have published. I have recently joined click bank not thinking anything bad of it. But now I feel I need to do more research and find out others experience. Thank you for highlighting these concerns.

    A 10 out of 10 article well done.

    • Tasos

      Hello Sports fan , yes please move with caution on any Clickbank product.I would be very interested in other people’s opinions too.

      Thank you for this visit and for your comments.

  8. Katerina Markakis

    Hello there!
    Thank you for this great post. I have heard of clickbank but never tried it. I am quite skeptical when it comes to products like that.
    Thank you for your insight but I would love to see more about what other people think to shape an opinion.
    I hope to see more opinions!

    • Tasos

      Hi Katerina , you do well and being skeptical.We should proceed with caution no matter what company we have to deal with or how big a name is.

      I am waiting for more participants as well , thank you for stating your thoughts.


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