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You're Reading:Enhance your Content Effectively with the Factbrowser Statistic Search Engine

Enhance your Content Effectively with the Factbrowser Statistic Search Engine

by Tasos


Dec 6, 2015




UPDATE – 09 Sep 2016



I wanted to gather some statistical data today for a new article but it seems that the Factbrowser website is down or they have stopped operating.I will try again in the next few days.



Original Review Starting Point



I know it is not always easy to come up with content ideas that is why I use various tools to help me stay creative.Another important factor for having satisfied visitors as we discussed is content repurposing.where we transform existing content into various media , like podcasts , videos or infographics.


Today I want to Expand in a new area – the Statistics


and I will try to demonstrate how we can enhance our content and make it more appealing and interesting.

Lately I discovered an awesome online tool , the FactBrowser , which as described by the company is a search directory of facts and statistics about technology and business (and not only).In other words it is a statistic search engine.


A Research Discovery Engine


On the top of Factbrowser there are placed the main tabs (categories).Below the tabs there are featured stats and facts you can browse in seconds.

  • Technologies
  • Topics
  • Companies
  • Sources
  • Consumers
  • Regions

When you hover your mouse new categories appear in an inner tab extending your search capability.

For example in Technologies

  • General (apps , ecommerce , emails , internet , media)
  • Specific (android , black berry , iOS , iPad , XBox)

In Topics

  • General (Brands , Coupons , Economy)
  • Format (Attitudes , behaviour , business models , demographics)
  • Info Type (Case study , forecast , infographic)

This way you can find the exact type of statistics you are looking for.

Additionally there is a handy search tab where you can type your query.


Examples of Stats and Facts inside Factbrowser


“The average American aged 25-34 who shopped during Thanksgiving weekend in 2015 , spent $425 , 69,3% of which was on gifts.” Tags : (featured – behaviour , gifts , holiday , millenials , USA)

Every Stat or Fact includes the original source with a link , the dates and refers to Factbrowser categories).This way you can further study these data on the source website and jump into the specific tag inside Factbrowser to investigate other related results.

In this case I will continue with the sub-category (Tag) holiday.

“40% of small and mid-size businesses expect 2015 holiday season revenues to increase over 2014 , compared to 26% for decrease and 34% for unsure.”





Now these results on the “Tag Holiday” come from all the categories of Factbrowser.For that reason on the left there is the option to refine our results by the specific category we want.If I press “internet” then the Factbrowser will give me results for the “Tag Holiday” and “Internet”.


Let’s search for a term


I want results for “Marketing Growth”

34 results in 7 tags , the first says

“China’s advertising market will grow with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13,3% from 2012 to 2015”...Included in the Tags (advertising , China , market structure , forecast)

If you open a fact further by clicking on it on the right side panel are displayed related results.This operation is very useful to compare similar facts or to complete a research,


Social Media Integration


Statistics are very popular in social media and attract people that engage with the numbers.

For that reason the Factbrowser gives you the option to send immediately a message to Twitter , Facebook or LinkedIn.Every stat and fact comes with these 3 social buttons.


Is there anything else in Factbrowser? – The Blog


You can find topics like

  • Black Friday , Cyber Monday and Showrooming – 21 facts to know
  • Why social and mobile are a whole different game in China
  • Pinterest facts , a starter deck for your next presentation.


Factbrowser Sources


There are many resources so I will name a few in order to have a general feel.

Comscore , Global Web Index , National Retail Federation , Constant Contact , Accenture ..


Final Words


It is not enough to write always blog posts.You want to enhance your content with visuals (images , infographics , videos) , with audio (there are a lot of people looking for podcasts or interviews) and other formats , like those statistics or polls and quizzes

This is where Factbrowser comes into play , because searching for statistics via the popular search engines might be a daunting and time consuming process.We need specialized research capabilities.

You can search for a term or browse the Factbrowser’s categories in seconds.Those statistics are very powerful on Twitter , Facebook and other social platforms.

Therefore you can create related images or infographics based on those stats and facts.



I hope you enjoy Factbrowser as much as I do.Are you using this tool?..What other sources to gather statistics would you refer?…You can participate in the comments below , till next time , your online partner.











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  1. Tim

    You my friend provide some good value. This is an awesome way to learn more about your niche and at the same time, inject more credibility into your writing.

    I will definitely be using this moving forward and until this point I had no idea it even existed. Thanks for sharing

    • Tasos

      That is very kind of you Tim.I agree , when I am researching those data I absorb information that can be used at any time.And of course credibility is another important factor and the numbers can help us in that direction.

      I am so glad you enjoyed this tool , you are welcome and thank you for this visit.Good luck with your statistics.


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