Is Traffic Monsoon Legit or Scam?..Glamorous ad packs & promises

by Tasos


Jun 3, 2016







Eventually Traffic Monsoon collapsed as another Ponzi scheme and the owner managed to fool over 160,000 people with a total $160 millions.On average one person lost $100 , which is not such a big deal if you think of it.But think of the millions Mr Scoville made.

I refer you to the article of Mirror.





There has been a tremendous promotion of Traffic Monsoon during the last months.Even marketers and other bloggers that I know have been involved and advertised this opportunity with various campaigns and methods , sometimes not so orthodox.


Is Traffic Monsoon Legit or Scam?



Let’s take it from the start.I am member of Traffic Monsoon for a long time now but I am not using their services anymore.I have used their traffic exchange system but the results I got were disappointing.

All the traffic coming from Traffic Monsoon to my website were either robots or people that had no interest in my content.But not even 1 out of 2000 people?…No , no one , the bounce rate was stuck at 100% with average duration of stay at 2-3 seconds.Unbelievable you might think and I will agree.


I have used many traffic exchange resources but none of them returned so awful statistics.Useless clicks , lost hours in analysing data and surfing other websites ads.


Beyond that the vast majority of internet marketing opportunities advertised on Traffic Monsoon are bad or scams.


So why there is so much noise about Monsoon?


Because of the ad packs glamorous promises.I will get back to that shortly.

Traffic Monsoon is a PTC (Paid to click) and revenue sharing company.You can make money , even as a free member , just by clicking and watching ads.Are you getting excited?…then stop now

The ads are not available throughout the day and even if they were you would end up making $1 tops for 18-24 hours work.Come on , we all know that clicking on ads is a way to lose your peace of mind , not to earn money.Who is earning money you might ask?…the owner is one for sure as he is getting paid from the companies advertised.


But the owner of Monsoon is Charles Scoville and he has built a bad reputation with his previous ad revenue sharing and PTC websites.Now let’s watch how he is presenting his company with this video





Tempting video , don’t you think?…but things are not that easy in reality.You see a normal ad combo pack costs $50.You are buying 20 clicks to your banners , 1000 traffic exchange credits and a revenue sharing position only if you are active and click on a minimum of 10 ads in their system every 24 hours.

But where is the problem?

The problem is that all the members and clickers on Monsoon system are bloggers or other companies and entrepreneurs.My results were terrible , zero , no interest , a total waste of time.Not even one visitor stayed for more than 3 seconds on my website.Why should I buy ad packs and work my butt off for them?

Then , if you stay , it will begin a dance of other up-sells and ad pack offers , with no end in sight.

Have in mind also , that the promise of $55 return on your $50 purchase is not guaranteed at the end of the long waiting one month period.

The affiliate program that they offer is another way to tempt more people to join their system.But building a strong downline is not a piece of cake , it requires heavy work and sales expertise.There are way more interesting and valuable programs to promote , do not stay on this one.






Final Words



With all of that in mind I would never buy any ad pack from them.Bad reputation of the owner , horrific data and statistics from the traffic exchange system , expensive ad packs , not qualitative internet marketing partners and companies , long time waiting periods … you need anything more to avoid it?


But if you are convinced from any of the bloggers promoting Monsoon then go ahead and test it on your own.But be wise ,spend some time first as a free member and keep noticing everything.Soon you will understand what I am talking about.




I hope you enjoyed another review , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts,Till next time , your online partner.
















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