…According to Tony Edward and the Search Engine Land Google has already started giving “Tickets”


…or in other words punish websites for inappropriate usage of Structured Data MarkUps also known as the Schema MarkUp.These actions follow the latest attempts from website owners or their marketing teams to trick the Search Engines by using Schema MarkUp in a non ethical way.It has to do with the Google’s Knowledge Graph which is another tool from the famous search engine to display additional data for some websites through the SERPs.

In addition to that the article extends to the correct usage of this system , how to avoid penalties from Google and what to do in cases you receive a notification and how to fix it.

In case you do not know what is Schema MarkUp or the Google Knowledge Graph you can watch the videos below …Written information on the Structured Data can be accessed here.


Google Knowledge Graph




Schema Markup Question answered by Matt Cutts from Google




A Personal Opinion


…But I don’t want to analyse that subject.My purpose is to present the news and grab the opportunity to talk about Black Hat SEO techniques that still marketers use.With every new tool provided they try to sneak into the system. Hoping to crack the engines and their technological improvements.With every new aspect they re-define their tactics just to get some quick results.Moreover the same old story , Google is already prepared for that movements , they stop them…Politely first….Then the second time they won’t be so kind…

What you think people.?…What Hat are You wearing when you plan your SEO.?




…are you going to follow the good way that has a Long-Term potential or will you include yourself in the second category , the shady one , looking for some quick cash.?…….are you on the “Whatever We Grab” side or the “I Have Big Plans” part.?


I think it is time to provide more value to the end visitors.They deserve it , they are your power.I am waiting for your comments and opinions

UPDATE – New Article Explaining Knowledge Graph And Structured Data Markup





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