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Free Stock Photos

A-Z List of Websites


Last Updated: Jan 03, 2022

Regular Updates

This list contains sites that offer free stock photos that can be used for any purpose, both for personal and commercial projects. The majority of these images are used under the CC0 1.0 Creative Commons Universal public domain dedication. The majority of photos can be used without any attribution, but there are exceptions. When exceptions occur, I provide all the necessary information and I link to the source’s license.


Have in mind, that you can’t sell or redistribute free photos as they are or as prints. You can’t add these images to other stock photo sites, replicate a similar or competing service, or claim the ownership.

Identifiable people may not appear in a bad light or in a way that they may find offensive unless they give their consent.


Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, SummerDream.

I enjoy reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and playing with my kids.


Joey Xoto a video producer, editor, and marketer with massive experience in video production sharing everything he knows in a training program like no other for a “Ridiculous” price. Hurry Up!

Joey is the co-founder of the company Viddyoze, a $30M brand and one of the fastest-growing startups in the video creation industry




A repository of thousands of 100% free pictures!  No registrations, no fees. By Toper and Kinkin. There’s an option to  mass download all images for $1.5

Categories: animals, auto, art, bicycles, buildings, clothing, shoes, finance & business, food, flowers, leaves, letters & words, musical instruments, numbers, objects, painting, people, places, plants, travel, quotes & sayings, roads, seats, ships, signs, snow, water, random, sports, black & white, close up and macro, funny, phototropedelic, haiku, backgrounds, posters.





One of my very favorite multimedia tools. A very handy search engine that can save you valuable time. The database is huge!

Departments: free stock photos, free mockups, free stock videos, free sound effects, color inspiration, free website templates, free fonts, free icons, free email templates, free illustrations, free patterns, food pics, email list, placeholder.

AllTheFreeStock full review


All images and videos on Avopix are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0 (public domain). Stock photos, videos, vector images. 155K+ free photos, 188M+ premium photos, 9M+ videos, 12K+ daily visitors.

Categories: abstract, business & finance, people, things, health & medical, animals, computers,m industry, travel, transportation, architecture, education, life, religion, backgrounds, textures, emotions, music, science, technology, beauty & fashion, food & drink, sports.


Create your canvas and search for free photos. All images under CC0.

Categories: animals, nature, sky, water, nature, people, design, desktop, sunset.

ABS Free Pic

A high-resolution and absolutely free photos stock site with only one type of license – CC0. You can submit your own photos.

Categories: nature, business, food, sports, family, fitness, travel, textures, holidays, abstract, water, macro, close up, nature, colors, seasons.




Free hi-res photos CC0. The world always needs high-quality photography! Here they are for you, so make something awesome out of them! Created by Bara Cross. You can support the artist by donating.

Categories: nature, animals, birds, city, travel, colors, abstract, architecture, seasons, details, food, mobile photos, people, sports, technology, things.

barnimages free stock photos



Free hi-res photos for everyone. Launched in March 2015 by Igor Trepeshchenok and Roman Drits, 2 photographers from Latvia. You can submit your own photos. All images can be found only via the search function or you can browse page by page, they are not categorized. Over 2,000 photos.


Blog images for free. the brainchild of Stuart Miles, a photographer with a strong online presence.

Galleries: backgrounds, business, celebrations, characters, copyspace, educations, emotions, entertainment, family, finance, metaphors, misc, nature, travel, food & drink, animals, healthy & beauty, sports & fitness, science and technology.

BlogPiks full review


Free travel photos. A free creative commons (Attribution-NonCommercial) collection of over 7000+ travel photos from all over the world anyone can use. Attribution to Pete Rojwongsuriya and a link back to BucketListly Blog must be made along with the image. The image must not be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances.



Free stock photos for websites and commercial use. There are also collections. You can contribute your own photos.

Popular categories: coffee, fashion, music, travel, food, nature, city.




Public domain photos. A project initiated by Raffael Herrmann with the help of his uncle Peter Janzen. You can buy the artist a coffee.

Categories: abstract, animals, architecture, B&W, general, landscape, lights, nature, portrait, still life, technology, vehicles.


Founder, Neosha Gardner, launched in July 2015. A grassroots resource, a go-to digital space for stock imagery that can be used for lifestyle, business, and even everyday content creation for bloggers, creatives, and online influencers of color. 230 images, category African American women. You can access the photo pack via DropBox or PixieSet.


Use this prototype to find images that you can use and remix across several open archives. Filter by: use, titles, creator, tags, collections. Over 1.1 billion digital works available under CC licenses. 9M+ items. It displays results from:



cupcake free stock photos



Free original images to use as you want – CC0. The owner, Jonas Wimmerström (former Nilsson Lee) runs a premium external store as well. You can browse the images but they are not categorized.



Allie and David offer free monthly photos for your creative needs every month via email and premium packages you can find on the site. Go premium and get access to 2,000+ images and 7+ video packs you can’t find anywhere else + more every month.

Categories: food, nature, landscape, people, industrial, business, office.


FREE Hi-Res photos for your personal & commercial use. Attribution not required! By Jeshu John and CorporateDesigners.

Categories: architecture, business, concepts, food & drink, nature, people, technology, things, wildlife, uncategorized.


Enter a dream world. A duo of photographers, from Slovenia. These free images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You need to attribute the artist.

Categories: landscape, architecture, nature, nightscapes, animals, wildlife, reflections, black & white, the Dolomites, lake bled.

DreamyPixel full review





It is a powerful search engine that indexes 51 paid and free stock image websites and allows users to search through a massive database of stock photos in seconds. Founder – Dmitry Shironosov. 28M+ vector images, 220M+ paid photos, 1,5M+ free photos, 29 paid stock image sites, 22 free stock image sites.

*Weekly freebies via email

EveryPixel full review


fancycrave-palm-trees free stock photos



Fuel for your creative projects. They say ” Fancycrave raises the bar of stock imagery by collaborating with independent photographers to deliver stunning, emotionally-driven photo packs fit for any project. We are a community of creators who care about quality, not quantity”. All images under the CC0 license.

It all started in February 2015 when Igor Ovsyannykov decided to start giving away 2 free photos from his travels around Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, and Japan.

There’s also a section with fonts, educational articles, and a premium membership that gives you access to unique, authentic, and engaging photo packs. It costs $9.99/month.

Collections – over 2,300 photos: Kathmandu Nepal, typography in the wild, classic man, USA flag, palm trees, train transportations, Siam discovery, Manali India, Barcelona Spain, and more.


Search through thousands of free CC0 stock photos. Browse by collection: action, aerial, bokeh, close up, curves, glare, landmarks, landscapes, laptop, and more. Or you can browse by source. A handy search engine.


Find your inspiration, join the community, a home to tens of billions of photos and 2 million groups. The Flickr Commons department’s key goal is to share hidden treasures from the world’s public photography archives.

Flickr Usage


Free photos, videos, wallpapers, and social templates for commercial use. Use them in your website, themes, templates, projects, print materials, social posts, and more. CC0 license.

Top categories: workspace, winter, people, business, sunset. 



foodiefactor-spices-herbs free stock photos



Delicious free food stock photography. Same owners with ISO Republic. Over 1,200 delicious photos available for download, with many more added every week. You can submit your own photos.

Categories: alcohol, bread, breakfast, cake, coffee, diet, dinner, drink, eggs, fruit, healthy, kitchen, salad, sweet, vegetables.


They say ” They laugh at us in restaurants”. More than 900 photos – CC0. 2.8M+ views, 1.1M+ downloads, 102K+ views per month. Founder: Jakub. You can submit your own photos.


640+ photos from Franconia for free use. Free for commercial and personal use. License: CC-BY. Last update: June 14, 2018. The images are free to use but you need to attribute the artist.

There are collections. Landscape, nature, city, architecture.


Download free and premium stock photos and illustrations. High-quality, produced by a community of professional stock photographers and digital illustrators. Every image is free with no restrictions, with an option to buy larger images at reasonable prices. Operated by AgileBit Limited. There’s a handy advanced search function.

Categories: people, food & drink, metaphors & symbols, sports & leisure, business, government & public services, nature, transportation, energy and environment, health & beauty, objects, travel, architecture, holidays & events, science, technology, backgrounds.


Delicious food photography. A banquet of great looking food photos set free with creative commons. You need to attribute the artist.

Categories: meat, poultry, bread, cereals, vegetables, seafood, herbs & spices, breakfast, snacks, cooking, drinks, fruits, nuts.


Find the perfect photo. Started by Daniel in 2014.

Collections: summer, bible, prayer, people, worship, kids & youth, landscape, women’s ministry, words & signs, Christmas, Easter.


A free featured photo every day. There are also premium photos and a photo editor application.

Categories: art, beauty, food, holidays, design, nature, travel, marketing, computers, people, office, family, shopping, school, love, medical, space, seasons, sports, and more.


Free photos, vectors, PSD’s, and collections for personal and commercial purposes with attribution. 

You can filter by: category, license, popular, recent, display, curated resources, date, people, color, orientation.


Royalty-free Nature Stock Photos. Use them however you want. Created by Adrian Pelletier. Updated daily. Another Tumblr blog. They recently added videos.


Great photos, totally free – all images are licensed under Equalicense. You can submit your own photos. Categories: people, landscape, industry, food.


Free stock photos – CC0. Categories: animals, city & architecture, fashion, food & drink, nature, objects & technology, people. Over 1000 images.


Free images for commercial use, resources & search engine. Here you can find:

  • multisite image search engine that can be used to find free images for any given subject among photos from over 30 stock sites. The search is powered by Google Custom Search
  • list of other photo sites with free images that can be used for your projects
  • collection of FuriousCamera stock images licensed under Creative Commons Zero



glyphs-woman free stock photos



Options: CC0 license, free to download, use commercially. They provide code to embed the photos to registered users or you can download them normally.

Categories: travel, home & garden, science, society, food & drink, pets, technology & computing, real estate, style & fashion, automotive, hobbies & interests, sports, business, other.


A large Public Domain photo repository with high-resolution free photos and vectors. All copyright free stock photos and royalty free photos, and CC0 Photos. 24900 free and public domain photos, images, clipart, pics and vectors and counting. You can submit your own photos.

All photos are categorized by location for travel photos, species for animal and plant photos, and types of objects for other photos.


Download free stock photos – CC0. By Steven from SparkFlow, a web designer and marketer.

Categories: nature, people, activities, architecture, transportation, things, shapes.


Quirky, creative, always free photos. No copyright restrictions. Estimated total number of images 700. Founded and created by Ryan McGuire.

Categories: animals, business, fashion, food, nature, objects, people, urban, whimsical.





ISO Republic

Thousands of High-Resolution CC0 Licensed Images for Your Next Creative Project. Over 3,000 photos. They own FoodieFactor, a new website dedicated to free food and drink stock photos (over 1,200 photos). You can submit your own photos.

Categories: abstract, animals, architecture, business, city & urban, fashion, food, landscape, nature, people, sport, technology, textures, travel, various, wallpapers.


Discover the real Africa. Free African high-quality photos for your projects. You can submit your own photos.

Categories: work, people, landscape, food, animals.



jaymantri-food free stock photos



Free pics. Do anything (CC0). Make magic. Jay divides images in chronological order beginning from March 2014. This is, in essence, a Tumblr blog. Jay is also active on Instagram.

Categories: black & white, nature, city, people, objects, travel, transportation, food & drink.


New and unique free stock photos and PSD mockups in hi-res – CC0. Created by Jan Vasek in 2014.

Categories: animals, background, city, food, nature, people, technology.




Free stock photos, mockups, articles. 8,000+ images, 890+ photo shoots, 8M+ downloads, 6M+ user visits. There’s a handy advanced search function. Created by Karolina – a coffee addict who spends her time creating digital images. She’s a photographer, graphic designer, and a website creator.

Categories: nature, urban, technology, things, business, home decor, lifestyle, food & drink, people, interiors, animals, beauty, fashion, travel.




Free fine art photography. Free images for blogs or websites even for commercial use. No need to mention the author. By Martin Vorel. There’s an option to buy prints (framed print, canvas print, art print, acrylic print, metal print or wood print) from the artist in higher quality.

Categories: animals, architecture, Asia, backgrounds, buildings, business, cars,m children, city, close up, nature, holidays, macro, travel, people, religion, traditions, street, summer, transportation, vintage, wallpapers, and more.


They scan and index the best free photos from the top stock sites so that you can find that perfect image much, much quicker. 40,000+ items. Another handy search engine.

Categories: business, nature, people, food, computers, office, happy, coffee, love, design, travel, car, fashion, animals, seasons, fitness, music, money, school, work, holidays, technology, abstract, sports, and more.

LibreStock full review


Free hi-res photography. Give life to your pix. There’s also an advanced search function. Departments: featured, gallery, photographers, free videos. They honor a photographer per week with 10 images. You can create your own portfolio, personalize your photos, and follow your favorite photographers.

Categories: animals, architecture, beach, black & white, city, desk, food, nature, object, people, sea, textures, urban.




Travel stock photos. There are free photos and premium packs as well. They are Tomy, Marina, and Ruby. Digital nomads who love to eat, take photos and write hipster diaries. Free samples every week via email.


A free hi-res photo every day. They display the photo of the day. On every photograph is mentioned the creator’s name underneath. Artists like Jay Mantri contribute to Magdeleine with their excellent shots. You can submit your own photos.

Categories: nature, city, architecture, people, animals, food, technology, abstract, objects.


A huge collection, 460,000+ items. The Public Domain Artworks are 214,000+ items. On the left sidebar, there’s an option to display only these photos.

Categories: artist, culture, object type, material, geographic location, date/era, department. You can additionally refine your search by relevance, title, artist, maker, date, accession number.

MMT Stock

Now owned by FocaStock

monis-photo-fashion-accessories free stock photos

Moni’s Photo

Moni’s Photo

Beautiful, free photos. The girl who loves photography. She photographs everything I see around her. All images are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license. She sends new photos to email subscribers.

Categories: Abstarct, animals, business, city, food, drink, holidays, love, nature, people, technology, textures, things, transportation.


A free photo archive founded by Michael Connors in the early Internet days of 1996. A community-based free photo site and all photos found in the Morguefile archive are free for you to download and re-use in your work, be it commercial or not. By Michael, Kevin, Johannes, and Emily. There are also departments with videos, illustrations, templates, and more. 




547+ awesome, unique, and free stock images – CC0.

Categories: people, architecture, animals, flowers, landscape, nature, urban, exterior, object, concert, black & white, abstract, sports, interior, night, macro, insect, aerial, commercial, wide, industrial, fashion.





Beautiful, hi-res photos of black and brown people for free. All photos posted on nappy are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license so feel free to do your thing. That means you can download these photos, modify them, share them, distribute them, or use them for whatever you want for free.

Categories: active, food, people, places, things, work. You can submit your own photos.


Beautiful, hi-res free stock photos – CC0. They deliver new photos via email.

Categories: animals, art & design, fashion, landscape, nature, people, technology, travel, architecture, business, food & drink, music, objects, sports, transportation, typography.

NegativeSpace full review


Vintage photos from the public archives. No restrictions, recapturing history. The photos can be browsed but they are not categorized. There are also premium packs.

All photos are at the very least available for personal and non-commercial use (Medium articles, blog posts, personal projects, hero image for your 404 page). If you are curious of whether or not you can use it, check the institution’s rights statement of the original Flickr posting. Most prefer that you link back to the original Flickr photo and mention the institution by name.




A free cc0 photo content site for digital nomads, location independent workers and traveling wine drinkers. They also offer premium packs. You can submit your own photos.

Categories: food, animals, city, nature, objects, sunsets, tech.



oneleftmedia free stock photos







Best free stock photos in one place – CC0. There are also free videos, tools, apps, plugins, and wallpapers. Pexels is run by Bruno Joseph, Ingo Joseph, and Daniel Frese. Over 40,000 free stock photos. And every month at least 3,000 new high-resolution photos are added.

Categories: Data, books, city, fun, music, summer, camera, street, family, art, paint, health, nature, plane, makeup, Earth, buildings, travel, business, holiday, security, computer, people, training, textures, and more.

They provide tools: Chrome extension, Mac & Windows app, Photoshop plugin, MS Office Add-in, WordPress plugin.

You can contribute your own media and get discovered by millions of people. You have a chance to win a prize through the photo challenges as well.

Pexels full review


There are 12 pages of free photos. All images – CC0 public domain. There is a Chrome extension.

Categories: nature, animals, architecture, food & drink, industrial, landscape, people, transportation.


Free media to use any way you choose. A tool, free high-resolution images, time lapses, and drone video. Free drone videos, free photos, PhotoCrops collections. Around 150 photos.


Free stock images – CC0. New pictures added weekly.

Categories: animal, nature, technology, people, food & drink.


Discover amazing images, pictures, and wallpapers. All images under CC0. 1600+ images, 78 categories. You can browse by popular, most visited, editor’s selection.

picjumbo-picnic free stock photos



Totally free photos for your commercial and personal works. The site created in 2013 by designer & photographer Viktor Hanacek. It all started when all of the regular stock photo sites rejected his photos for “lack of quality”. Two years later, people have downloaded more than two and a half million pictures from picjumbo!

6M+ downloads. You can buy Victor a coffee. He delivers free photos via email. There is an All-In-One Pack where you can download all the free photos at once. There are also premium collections. You can promote your products via (dedicated email, sponsored email, fullwidth sitewide banners. There’s a separate section with design resources.

Categories: abstract, animals, architecture, business, fashion, food & drink, holidays, love, nature, people, roads., snow & winter, sunlight, technology, things, transportation.

*One of my very favorite websites


Gorgeous high‑resolution images of everyday India, completely free to use for anything – CC0. 365 photographs from web developers in Bangalore.




Picography has been providing stunning images to millions of people for the past 3 years. It is now one of the top sources for gorgeous, high-resolution, free photos. Gorgeous free images to use however you like. You can submit your own photos. 

Categories: city, cultural, general, hospitality, nature, people, scenery, street., technology, wildlife.


PikWizard offers high-quality, free stock photos. A stunning library of over 1 million stock images and videos. Royalty-free and safe for commercial use, with no attribution required.

Categories: computer backgrounds, brick wall, wood texture, Christmas, wallpapers, fantasy landscape, American flag background, colorful, forest.

You can filter your search by: trending, latest, views, favorites, downloads, only editorial, exclude editorial.

There is also an app in place, called the “Design Wizard”. You can create videos and image designs in minutes. There are a free version and 3 membership plans. 

design wizard by pikwizard


One of the most popular destinations for free photos and videos. Over 1.4M items. Founders: Hans Braxmeier, Simon Steinberger. There’s a section that displays all the photographers. There’s also a forum. You can submit your own photos. There are premium photos as well.

Categories: computer, technology, communications, holidays, travel, religion, feelings, people, education, monuments, places, food & drink, sports, science, transportation, health, architecture, business, finance, music, textures, industrial, animals, beauty, fashion, nature, landscape.


New 100% free stock photos, every single week – CC0. There’s also a premium section where you get to download all the free images in bulk plus you get exclusive access to extra packs of hi-res photos every month. 400K+ downloads.

Categories: abstract, animals, architecture, art, backgrounds, bokeh, book, business, craft, electronics, fashion, food, landscape, modern, music, nature, party, pastel, people, public, sports, technology, transportation, vintage, wood.






Changing the way people see stock photos. Free creative resources, safe to use images, PSD mockups, and vectors. Every image displays its license. Over 63,000 items. Very interesting illustrations. You can download up to 100 images per month.

realistic-shots-women-nature free stock photos



Free stock hi-res photos for personal and commercial use. 7 new photos every week. Just make something creative! A project by Commit 2 Design, curated by Henry Reyes.

Categories: architecture, nature, people, travel, technology.


Royalty-free, high-quality, natural looking photos. There are also 2 packs of photos. There offer premium photos as well. You can start selling your own photos. You earn 50% commissions.

Categories: abstract, business, food, free, home, lifestyle, nature, outdoor, technology, transport, travel.


All images are free to use both for personal and commercial projects, no restrictions.

Categories: business, fashion, travel, family, music, food, coffee, people, wedding, office, nature, holiday, technology, and more.

There are also packs of photos you can download, each pack on a different theme.


Now owned by WunderStock

free stock photos rovenimages.com-333-6150-850x567



RovenImages is the meeting place for photographers and those looking for high-quality and completely free stock photos under RovenImages license. We give photographers the opportunity to increase their exposure by helping them create a beautiful photography portfolio website for free and enabling them to share their work.

Categories: editor’s choice, abstract, animal, architecture, transportation, backgrounds, textures, beach, black & white, business, electronics, decoration, education, food/drink, holidays, industry, interior, landscape, misc, nature, people, religious, shopping, sports, wedding.




Unique stock photos, no royalties, no fees, no worries. You are free to adapt and use the photos for commercial purposes without attributing the original author or source. Although not required, a link back to shot stash would be appreciated.

Categories: abstract, business, landscape, office, technology, architecture, food, nature, people, travel. If you’re a creative photographer with a gift for composing interesting shots, they’d like to share your work with an eager audience.


Download free stock photos captured by Klaye Morrison. Subscribe to receive updates and exclusive images. There are collections: Yellowstone, creative agency, natural textures, hotel romance, take me home.


skuawk-swimming free stock photos



Free public domain photos. There is also a premium bundle and you can pay as much as you want.

Categories: sports, space, food, business, back to school, shapes, architecture, music, sound, nostalgia, landscape, urban, technology, people, objects, wildlife, misc.

*One of the very favorite websites.

Skuawk full review


Free photos and illustrations for personal and commercial projects, no attribution required. There are also packs of media. Created by Kirill M, a Cyprus based graphic designer and photographer. Over 1700 photos.

Categories: landscape, buildings, business, holidays, events, fauna, flora, food, health, people, industry, objects, signs, symbols, and more.


A Tumblr blog. 7 free beautiful free photos every 7 days. License and commission photos from 200,000 of the world’s most talented photographers. Under every image, there is a license. You can browse the images but they are not categorized.


Free stock photos and videos for commercial use – CC0. 980+ items. Over 2.000,000 downloads, and over 6,000,000 page views. You can submit your own photos.

Categories: various, abstract, landscape, bokeh, food, people, automotive, fashion, interior, things, nature, wedding, animals, street. technology, backgrounds, videos, mockups, footage, lifestyle.


Startup Stock Photos was started as an outlet for photos. It’s grown to be much more than that. People and organization all over the world have used these photos to make some really awesome things.

This is a Tumblr Blog with free images. All they ask is to share their work on the popular social networks or reblog their images on your Tumblr dashboard. Modern photographs ideally for business-related and marketing campaigns.




Free photos to do whatever you want – CC0. By Kiran BV who owns Papierboat in India and Aditya Bharadwaj. You can submit your own photo. You can browse and search the images by keyword but they are not categorized.


Most of the free stock photos found on the site originate on their parent sites, Storyblocks, and VideoBlocks. A collection of over 100,000 photos.

Categories: travel, cities, effects and lower thirds, backgrounds, nature, animals, timelapse, light & energy, people.


Hundreds of high-resolution images added weekly, no restrictions. There are also premium images. The team consists of Marc Chouinard and Christopher Gimmer. They send new photos via email.

Categories: business, nature, people, food, computer, office, happy, city, family, coffee, love, design, travel, fashion, cars, animals, wallpapers.


Searching 25,000+ free stock photos from 31 free stock photo websites. Created by Steve Benjamins. You can search by keyword and browse the images but they are not categorized.

stockvault free stock photos



New photos, textures, and illustrations added every day. All images 100% free. Stats: 125K+ photos, 20K+ downloads, 97K+ members. Operating since 2004.

Categories: people, animals, buildings and street, landscapes, plant & flowers, objects, computers, electronics, food, jewelry, and more.

You can upload your freebies by joining a community of over 95,000 artists. By doing so you participate in the revenue sharing model and you can earn commissions via the Google AdSense program. There’s also a premium section with photos, footage, music, and textures.


Free stock photos for commercial use. You can do anything apart from redistributing. 10 new photos every 2 weeks. By Ed Gregory.

Categories: abstract, animals, architecture, backgrounds, B&W, fashion, food & drink, landscape, lifestyle, events, nature, objects, people, sports, fitness, technology, transportation.


Free vintage photos to use any way you want – CC0. You can search by keyword, browse popular and recent photos but they are not categorized. Travel, nature, people, transportation, and more.



thelightpaintersloft free stock photos



Free high-quality stock photos for your creative needs. New photos every month via email. Launched in 2015 by Sabrina, a German photographer, blogger, painter, writer, and translator with Italian roots, currently living in Athens, Greece.

Categories: abstract, animals, art, black & white, city & architecture, events, food, landscape, nature, objects, people, styled.


All packs are paid what you want. Do whatever you want with the pics – CC0. The images are divided into these categories: Journey to the mount, Seattle, Misfits, Montana, Montanna water, Montana Canyon Drive, Montana Outside Bozeman, Planes, San Francisco, Spooky night, Minneapolis, Sacramento, a night at the fair, Lax-SMF.


The free image database. All images are available as a free download. They may be used freely!

Categories: food, objects, landscape, nature, city, textures, backgrounds, animals, misc.


Sharing beautiful travel moments. All photos are listed under CC0. You can browse the images but they are not categorized. All about traveling.


The owner has a lot of pictures he never uses so he hopes you’ll get some use out of them. All images CC0. You can browse the images but they are not categorized.

Categories: city, architecture, people, nature.



unsplash-city free stock photos



Beautiful, free photos. No restrictions.  Gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers. One of the most popular destinations.

In 2013, Unsplash launched as a Tumblr blog with 10 high-resolution photos that could be used for anything. Today, over 10 Unsplash photos are downloaded every second, double any other image platform. They serve 6 billion image requests every month.

They display “photo of the day”. There are also collections of photos and wallpapers. The community section reveals stories behind the creation of the artwork. You can find premium photos by exploring the store. The “Made in Unsplash” project is a showcase of the best things being made with Unsplash. They offer an API for developers.  They are hiring so if you want to get found maybe this is a great opportunity.

Categories: business, women, nature, technology, food, travel, happy, cool, beach, love, backgrounds.

Wallpapers: cool, cute, iPhone, HD, Christmas, Tumblr, black, galaxy.




They hunt free high-quality stock photos. 354M+ creative commons photos, 135K+ CC0 images. Every image displays its license.

Categories: fruits, book, business, cars, animals, holidays, city, coffee, computer, fashion, nature, food, happy, love, music, office, party, people, romance, sea, sky, snow, technology, travel, work.

Vladimir’s Collection

Free to use however you like. You can donate the artist.

Categories: city, architecture, people, nature, animals, black & white, food.




Departments: freebies, resources, design deals, free photos, inspiration, icons, shop. The owner, Liam McKay, shares his own photos as well as handpicked collections of only the very best free photos found online.

There are 4 volumes of free photos.




Departments: coffee, holidays, travel, men’s fashion, workplace, puppies, yoga, beaches, transportation, modern architecture, rock climbing, skyscrapers, happiness, morning commute, real estate. 

There are also featured photos and a search bar.

You can edit the photos before downloading them: crop, filters (original, chrome, fade, mono, noir), colors (brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation), markup (square, circle, text, arrow), resize, rotate, flip horizontal and vertical, aspect ratio.








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