You're Reading:Earn Money Online by Writing Comprehensive Product Reviews

Earn Money Online by Writing Comprehensive Product Reviews

by Tasos


May 1, 2015

The Digital Marketing Game Has Changed

The Web 3.0 Future – The Power of Questions and Quiz Funnels

|Building QUIZZES for Clients June 24 |

2022 Quiz Funnel Masterclass 3.0 OPEN

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Building a quiz funnel with the Ask Method of Ryan Levesque and enhancing it with the “7 Ideals” live event framework.

Here’s an overview of the live xp funnel and the diagrams.  

More videos will be released today as we speed things up.

Money 2022

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Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

**Stay tuned on the blog, we release a series of articles, webinars, to discuss zero and 1st-party data, new ways of positioning as movement makers, new ways of running ads, new sales funnels, new frameworks**

We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

Heading for interviews laughing

What is your passion?…Oh really, what makes you feel great?..is it reading?..or maybe cooking?..or even drawing?…What if I told you that you can benefit from it and make some money online?…sounds like a false promise?…did you ever try to make money online and the only thing that you managed is to hit brick walls and get disappointed?…I know it could have happened to you because the internet world is full of money promising “ghosts” that only target your pocket and mind.

How to Earn Money Online by Writing Reviews On Products





When it was the last time you read a review online about a product you wanted to purchase and you needed some personal point of view to clear things and help you decide..?..I believe the answer to that is simple..quite often, right?…Everybody reads reviews because there are so many different options, so many competing products and when it comes to select the best one for our needs we need a second opinion, so we look for someone that has used the product and share his experience.


Now…what if I told that every time you read a review someone might be getting paid for that.?..and I do not mean that the reviewer receives a salary from a company (although sometimes that happens too) but I am talking about personal reviews, that are unbiased and come as a result of an effort to keep everybody informed.


Imagine when you bought something that was wonderful and you were satisfied 100% and you felt excited …I bet in that case you wanted to share it with your friends or family.But why not to share your lovely experience with the whole world.?


Or imagine the times when you bought something that was totally useless and wasted your time and money…I bet again that you would like to share that too with the rest of the world…Especially with such horrible experiences, this is when we have to TELL the people what is going on so that anyone can save money and time on something worthless or something that was deceptive or fraudulent.It is our DUTY to help others, just like as we do with our friends and family.

..But how to write reviews and get paid.?


It is not that complicated…The majority of the companies that sell physical products or services or software or any other kind of digital products online offer some special programs for outsourced partners, called Affiliate programs.

Anybody can participate in those programs depending on the terms and conditions of the companies.When you become an Affiliate partner with a company then you get paid commissions from sales that this company made due to your personal work.If you redirect people to this company and they complete some kind of action on the company’s website then you get your commission.

And that happens through your Affiliate Link, a special URL Link that the company provides you.If online visitors click your Affiliate Link then a cookie is placed on their computer and their actions are tracked down by the companies.





How To Write Reviews and Where to Write Them


The best and by far an essential way to present your reviews is through a Website and the majority of the companies that offer these Affiliate programs search for partners that do own a website.

..By hey you might be wondering…Websites are not only made from professionals or programmers.?…

That was happening a long long time ago.The majority of new websites are using template platforms, like this one you are reading right now, which is a WordPress site.There are other website platforms like WordPress available but WordPress is totally free and there is a huge community that supports the operation and provides plugins and solutions for anything that you might need in order to build your own website and keep it updated.


But you might need an education program that can help you in the beginning with instructions, tutorials and with a website builder.I can recommend at that time Affilorama or the Wealthy Affiliate University.

WA offers the Siterubix Website builder.When you finish the creation of such a website then you have to add written content so that you furthermore attract online visitors read your content and finally make a profit from the traffic.







So … we have our Website Setup … what’s next?


Now we have to plan the website theme, and therefore to get a domain name similar to the content of it.We cannot write reviews on every product out there, It has to be a central topic, a general idea that we will focus on growing.And I suggest at that part that you should select a topic you are passionate about.




But Everybody Loves Doing Something,


With such kind of website we target a specific group of people, as we call the “Niche”.For example, that website is about affiliate marketing products and I also write reviews about marketing programs and networks that I have used or I participated in and I continue to do so as time goes by.

I target a determinate piece of the market , most of my visitors are people that getting started with marketing and need help to begin their own career and I provide my experiences and insights to help them decide how or where to start, what they should avoid, what a program offers, which one is expensive and so on.

You can do that too according to your experiences and your selected field of the market you aim.Then It will be the time to begin writing your reviews, your own personal and unbiased reviews with the primary intention to help people.







People search inside the search engines (KEYWORDS) to find information for certain things.Your review website will target that Keywords to attract them.And by using your affiliate links properly you can monetize some of the offers.



 HOW – TO … Examples


ex 1 – Let’s say you are interested in music.I bet you would already have listened to hundreds of music albums and that you have your favorite list, the ones that do not interest you and the ones you hate.You can write reviews on all of them telling the people what you like.And redirect them to online marketplaces like Amazon for example and participate in the Amazon Associates partner program.

I refer to Amazon because it’s one of the most trusted networks, provide superior customer support and service and is the largest US online retailer.And definitely pays the commissions to its partners, another major factor for success.Here you should focus in a special type of music, (rock, pop, jazz, dance, modern, classic …..)


ex 2 – Maybe you are interested in cooking. How many recipes have you tried?.How many TV programs you’ve watched?Thousands, right?.Why not write reviews of those recipes and TV shows, and your favorite chefs and on and on and on.You can start by type of food again (Asian kitchen, Mediterranean, French or whatever)


ex 3 – You enjoy playing video games.An ideal review website would be talking about specific kind of games according to your style.Show the people which game you love, which you hate, which are expensive and similar….


Ideas on How You Should be Writing Reviews


Most of the times online visitors are in a hurry so you have to catch their attention as quickly as possible, not everyone out there is gonna read your whole posts and that can be accomplished at the very beginning of your articles.Providing a general overview of the product you are reviewing is a great idea to continue.

I exemplify a formal way like this one :


A) product name and maybe origin 

B) price, best or special characteristic

C) what is about

D) best place to buy (the company you promote with your affiliate link inside)

E) your rating in a scale, ie 3,3 out of 10 or 33 % …

G) guarantees, other kinds of information

Of course, this type of writing reviews does not apply to every product, it depends on your niche


I illustrate a small graph image with crucial information my visitors are looking for on every review






In the main body of your review content, you can use a general layout idea like this one.The overview with some introductory content, your personal experience, what this product special features are, a “pros” and “cons” paragraph and a conclusion. At this point you can try to improve your productivity, you want your personal feelings and you need to be authentic and unique. But having in mind a scheme design idea will help you a lot in the beginning.


As I already mentioned people use the search engines to find the information they need.Everything that someone is searching is a Keyword…When someone is searching on Google for a review he probably types in Google line [ product name + review ].Then the search engine provides relevant topics and he picks the most appropriate or alluring article he thinks the best for him.This is where you come in with your keyword.If your article is about a specific product review Google will show that to the results.

One Very Important Rule Here

You do not want your content stuffed with keywords as that will result in getting your content penalized from the search engines.That engines are looking for content that is unique and provides great value to the readers.


3 Basic Rules for Placing Keywords in your Reviews


a) you should have your Keyword somewhere in your Page / Post title.

b) somewhere inside your first couple of paragraphs, if you use a Headline for that the better

c) then you should focus on writing quality content and forget about the Keyword at all.The engines will look for that natural kind of writing, and they hate content stuffed with Keywords.

Check Google guidelines here


Another habit rule you can apply for your reviews after the publishing of a new article is to share that content through your Social Media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit etc. Inform friends and family if interested and speak the word of mouth if necessary. You have to be found and that depends on you



That’s it, thank you for reading this article and I am welcoming your comments and thoughts.Till next time, your online partner.















How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing





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  1. Shawn

    It is refreshing to read an article that flows well and gets to the point.
    I really am stoked at your suggestions and will check them out!
    How long have you been working online? You sound like a pro!
    I want to keep up to date with your content so do you have a place where visitors can sign up for updates?


    • Tasos

      Welcome back Shawn , I am glad you found this article informative.My website is 8 months old but I have started this online marketing concept a year ago.

      It is in my near future moves to build a sign up form , I am preparing some bonuses for the entries.Thank you for noticing out.

      I wanna thank you for this visit , your kind words and your participation in the comments.

  2. Lucas

    I had never thought that writing product reviews can be use to earn money online. Before this, I only thought they do this kind of review as a voluntary work that would help other people to make decisions on buying certain things. It actually have a lot more behind the scenes. I seen that you have 2 options, Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate University. So which 1 is better?

    • Tasos

      Welcome Lucas , reviews are no different than other types of content.When you create content you can bring traffic and monetize it with a blog.But not all bloggers are doing this for money.There are volunteers.And of course not all the reviews are real and helpful.

      WA is a decade ahead of Affilorama.Both are legit and decent.Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Jean

    It is so true that we buy products every day and either love them, hate them, or are indifferent. Why not make money online writing reviews of these products, good or bad, and making some money while doing it!

    You have explained how to write a good review quite well and this will help make the process easier. I also think that joining a program that has all the education you will need to build a successful business is essential. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like just the thing!

    • Tasos

      Very good point here Jean.We have bought countless products online and used them.Now there is a chance to make a profit helping and directing other people to buy the most valuable products.Additionally there is High Value when we direct people to avoid bad products or services.I have saved a lot of money myself , when I started reading on reviews , I stayed away from many traps.

      The Wealthy Affiliate community helped me build that website , I am grateful for that.This is why I recommend it , it is a network that I am very proud of.

      Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and participating with your comments.

  4. Brandon

    That was a good run down of the fundamentals of getting a review posted. I like the template that you laid out it is simple but to the point.

    The three basic rules are great reminder of what needs to be in the review to get google at least looking at it and ranking you. Like the quote says “write drunk, edit sober” meaning you need to just get all of it out as that helped me. I follow a basic structure and think about what I wrote and the structure of it all after I lay all the words out.

    • Tasos

      I am glad you found some value on this article Brandon.I believe that we should focus on the content and the quality of our reviews.To be thorough when examining products , services etc.. and present our thoughts to the readers.That elements will help them and that is going to return as respect.People are seeking for personal information on everything.

      I do not always follow a specific structure , it depends on the review.But that can help new reviewers when starting out.

      I wanna thank you for passing by and for your lovely comments , good luck on your projects

  5. Nathan

    You have been quite thorough on this subject, thank you so much for the details you have gone into making a niche website. The options for writing a review website are endless, which is one thing I love about it. You can write reviews about things you love and enjoy. No more dreading to go to work.

    • Tasos

      Hey there Nathan.I agree the review subject is endless.You not only have the opportunity to review and write about your favourite topics but the people will respect you and get benefited from your actions.It is magical to help people and enjoy in the same time.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments


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