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A Lot Of People Wonder …”How To Get Free Traffic For My Website.?” , “…I’m Stuck Of Ideas.”… There is a Great Path You Can Follow …To Repurpose Your Content and I Mean The Existing Content On Your Website





What is Content on a Website.?…everything written that is published in the form of a post or a page.But not only written material considered as content.

But what Repurposing means.?...anything that can been transformed or transfigured or re-deployed or recycled in an alternative way.For example in materials usage imagine an old big wooden table that someone uses it to light a fireplace and get warmed.Or in the other hand some abandoned paper boxes when someone could clean them , paint and reform them in a way to be used as a outdoor toy for kids.Using a certain type of material or product for another use in a effective or practical manner.




So what is Repurposing content.? .. using existing content and transforming it in a new different medium.For example using part of a post’s content to create a new email or taking some images of a page and sharing them on the social media channels.A lot of people may wonder , is that called duplicate content.?



NO , It is NOT Duplicate Content


♦ You are not using an existing piece of content of your website and copying it in another page or post or in another website that you own , or in a website that is owned by someone else.

♦ Actually you take portions of content that you own of your website and you share it on social media like Facebook , Twitter etc…

♦ You create an email to send to your subscribing list or to your friend’s list

♦ You publish a video using some of the images or written content inside this video.

♦ You may produce from the written material an audio to be used as a podcast or to publish it in some radio stations.

♦ You may use images and content to produce an Infographic combined with additional material and then share it socially.





What Is Duplicate Content?


♦ When you COPY written content , like an article , from another website and you publish it on your website , scraped content … and claiming that it belongs to you…Black Hat SEO

♦ What Google or search engines will do in that case is they will determine which article published earlier and then they will rank only one of these articles.Then your copied article will not be indexed at all and you will lose time and efforts for nothing.

♦ If you continue on copying other publishers work all the time , then definitely the engines will exclude you from their ranked pages and you will lose The Major Source to bring traffic to your website.

♦ Cases where you copy your own existing content and re writing it in the same exact way and form by placing it in a new page or post on your website or another website.The engines in that case will exclude this secondary material from their SERPs.




Why It Is So Important To Repurpose Your Content


♦ You can not rely only on the search engines to bring traffic to your blog / website.You will never know what could happen in the future.May be Google will be gone or sold in another company or Yahoo will join forces with another new colossus and transformed into something different.You always need to diversify your sources.

Every social network , every medium has different audience and different rules.There are opportunities everywhere.And things are changing fast , especially in this modern society.You need to meander , to make manoeuvres and twist your point of view and actions.You have to keep on updating.Like software industry companies do all the time.

Do not put your eggs in only one basket.And you can not just rely on a certain type of marketing campaign.You should not be using only Google AdWords for example.Tomorrow Google may change the way AdWords is functioning , you gotta have alternative resources.You want to use the full power of Internet.This way you can get more free traffic by changing the format of your work.




♦ Offering alternative formats of content in order to deliver the same meaning can benefit your business in many different directions.Online visitors are people from all ages with different habits and point of views.Some of them prefer to watch a video while others tend to listen audio files or watch Infographics and absorb information in visual graphs.

Having solutions inside your website imply to increased traffic since you are attracting people from various angles.You have to be creative though because you do not want to offer the same meaning over and over again.You can proceed with slight changes each time trying to engage and make people have fun.If someone can enjoy your work and at the same understand what you are saying there are huge possibilities to return and share your content further.


♦ Be very careful though that you won’t be upselling your visitors every time you are offering new material.It is only an approach to satisfy your readers so that they become loyal to your brand.Sales is the last thing you should aim when you are repurposing your content.Offer value and over deliver.Give , give and give again , don’t worry , people always admire hard work and consistency.Sales can wait at that level.

A Few Suggested Ways To Repurpose Your Content


1) Social media


1a) Twitter – You can take small chunks of your content and break it into various and different tweets.Especially when you are tweeting you have a maximum 140-160 characters you can use , so breaking a big post into small parts can be proved very effective.You can also use existing images that are published in this post and write some phrases onto them and re share them as “Quotes”.

And people really love viewing and discussing on quotes and furthermore are more shareable.Just do not use the same tweets over and over again and do not share always a link from your website into them and do not always post tweets directing to one existing page.You can tweet about a certain page in different ways and in different times.

It is OK to tweet twice during a day about a certain page , just do not overdo it.And always tweet about your interests , not only about your website , this way you will be treated as a spammer.You have to share value.


1b) Google + (plus) – Inside G+ you can create images , discussions or collections or even separate posts all coming from one particular post on your website.Or even publish a poll and ask from people in your network to vote or to share it with their network.

Let’s say your article that is published on your website is talking about 5 ways to reduce bounce rate , you can create a poll asking from people to vote which 2 methods they use mostly , or which 2 methods they believe as being the most important , or even ask them to suggest more alternative ways for reducing bounce rate that they think are essential.

Remember again here you do not need to link to your original article always.When you are involved into social media you can just make a post discussing about a topic , people do not always like to see links.People want to participate in conversations.


1c) Facebook , Pinterest , Tumblr , StumbleUpon and so many other.Every medium has rules and opportunities.Grasp the moment and use them.You can always be creative and always try to gain some experience inside a platform to watch what are other people are posting.Do not rush into personal posts from the first moment.You can gain knowledge by reading articles on the web about certain tips on the usage of all the social medial networks.


♦ You can use the # (Hashtag) ICYMI (In Case You Missed It).This is very popular into social media channels.You can get ideas by searching this type of Hashtag into social networks and notice how people are using this.




2) Email Marketing


♦ You can grab the content of a post you enjoy very much on your website and turn it into an email series (adding some extra content each time) and send it into a weekly basis.

♦ Another alternative method is to use portions of different posts to create such an email sequence as long as these posts have something in common.

This way people in your list stay alerted and your service is active

♦ Another nice trick is to create questions within an email and link that to a survey for example inside the Google + polls.




3) Video Marketing


♦ You can transform an existing piece of content into a slideshow while you can record yourself discussing the topic.Not just reading that content but rather elaborating it for engagement.

♦ One more awesome technique that you may use in cases of reviews is to grab portions of common themed reviews and repurpose them in a comparison video again talking and discussing the topic.Comparisons for common themed content can be really exciting for your readers.

Once you created those videos you can upload them to Video share sites like YouTube or Vimeo preparing a separate description for each video and then you can embed them on your website.

♦ The next logical move with those videos is to offer them through your email list and social media channels.You can always share that pieces of content through email and social sites.Continuously offering new formatted content will result in gained authority and recognition.You do not want only to provide written content,

♦ Redeploy a slideshow into a PDF document and share it in slideshare.You can add a description and a link back to your website exactly as it goes with YouTube.Consider branding your PDF or watermark them in cases of people download them.PDF’s are indexable and searchable.



4) Audio Marketing


♦ Podcasts are becoming popular as they can transfer a wide variety of messages.You can create an audio simply by reading an existing piece of content or a whole post on your website.Your personal touch in your voice and your enthusiasm can result to conversions and make your existing content more interesting.

♦ You can upload audio to soundcloud and then you can embed it on your site.This way people that do not want to read the whole article may want to listen to it as an alternative and convenient way.Soundcloud is a huge community and you can get additional traffic.




how-to-advertise-your-business-for-free-infographic5) Infographics


♦ A Visual Type layout of your articles.There are certain sites that you can upload your infographics and these sites will share your work through the entire internet.Also StumbleUpon and Pinterest are huge opportunities for infographics to be liked , commented and re shared.

♦ If you do not have the time to create an infographic or the money to hire someone to do it for you you can use Canva to grab an image that could describe an article or piece of an article that you wrote on your website and then what you can do is to put a “Quoted” piece of text form your existing written content onto the prepared image.


6) Comparisons and Mixes


♦ When you are creating content continuously there will be a time where common themed subjects had been analysed.That means a huge opportunity to create comparison posts , graphs or videos.People always rely on comparisons because they can detect differences and can choose easier.


Remember the last time you tried to buy let’s say audio equipment.?..When I bought my last microphone I searched for comparisons in order to find the best suitable option for my purchase.I found articles where all the data I needed were illustrated in front of me.Price , delivery , reliability , performance.It took me only 20 minutes to select the best for my needs.


♦ Mixes – You can consider selecting portions of existing material in order to create something different.For example you can choose parts of your articles where you are asking questions and produce a small video trying to approach it in a funny or interesting angle.


You can even put in the Mix funny parts of personal videos or anything you can think of.Creativity is an essential way to improve,Do not worry about failure , when you are always starting something new everything seems overwhelming.But time is passing and your experience grows.There will be times for great produces.You have to keep on working.Sorry , there is no easy way.



An Action Plan – Schedule – Notebook


You can always save spreadsheets or documents describing your previous actions.What I do is firstly create a document with all of my posts and I create columns next to the posts mentioning where I shared these posts and any necessary additional information.

For example I have created an infographic for that post and I shared it in Pinterest , this article is only shared in Twitter and so on.It is always a good idea to note down your actions, this way you save a lot of time researching them through social media or other channels.Once you create an extra material for a post go and note it down into your spreadsheet.

You can further schedule your future posts using Google Calendar or just a notebook if you prefer.I usually do not use it often cause it may lead to stress or frustration.I just keep noting everything I post without thinking “the time or clock” all the time.



Final Thoughts – Conclusion


You should always try to stay creative and produce unique content from the existing content on your website.People and search engines love websites that are updating frequently by adding extra material to existing pages.Repurposing your content is a spectacular way to keep you motivated and to help you unstuck in cases of dry-outs.This way you will never left out of ideas , there is always something already published that needs some redecoration.

Every social media platform is useful if it is used properly.Follow the rules , watch other peoples actions and participate.With every new piece of content you create try to engage people into discussions , surveys or polls or anything you think will be exciting and interesting,Grab the power of internet to provide real value and mottle your sources.The more networks you are active in the more authority you gain.The more authority means more engagement and traffic and therefore conversions.


People love variety in web content materials and the modern internet world is the greatest opportunity for all of us.


Thank you for reading another article of mine.I welcome your comments and thoughts.Do you think that these methods will be effective in your campaigns.?…What different types of material are you using.?..Any tips that you want to share with the rest of the world.?


Till my next post….



















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