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A-Z List of Affiliate Marketing/Business Related Forums – Regular Updates

by Tasos


Mar 10, 2018


I’m filming the last part. The finish line (Feb 02). New office setup (April).


A sophisticated 7D strategy that works both for hiring affiliates and becoming an affiliate for other brands.

My approach takes a new angle, it requires 2 critical steps before any initial action.

For hiring affiliates, we will use a never-seen type of contract that might even shock some people, and for becoming affiliates for other brands, we will demand a certain type of guarantee and a new – revolutionary way of tracking and invoicing.

Plus, much much more.

Something had to be done, as the industry is falling down.

Stay tuned!

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This is an area for advertising & partnerships. NEW option: Pay-per-Click.

Last Updated: Nov 04, 2020

This is a directory of Affiliate Marketing and Related Forums and Communities. An A-Z list that I’ll be updating regularly.

The majority of forums are free to join, however, I included paid options as well. In some cases, the paid communities have free membership options or trials.

There are forums exclusively for discussions, but there are forums that are part of communities or platforms. Other forums offer tools, resources, guides, case studies, tips. And there are platforms to help you build an affiliate marketing or online business from scratch offering exclusive education, web builders, web hosting services, management and monitoring tools, or you can even purchase domain names.

Why Should You Join Affiliate Marketing and Related Forums

  • Education never stops (the moment you stop learning, your business starts dying…Ray Edwards – copywriting legend)
  • Networking
  • Visibility
  • Authority
  • Receive and give help
  • Feedback
  • Support
  • Get ideas
  • Get inspiration
  • Get motivated
  • Find partners, investors, employees, freelancers
  • Outsource projects

Quick Tips:

  • Read each forum rules & guidelines, follow them, and don’t spam
  • Participate in the discussions to add value and ask questions if you’re a newcomer
  • Try helping others first before you advertise your brand
  • Add your website link in your signature or in the profile (if allowed)
  • Add a solid and clear profile description to help others understand your offers, products, and services
  • Before posting a new topic do a research to find out if the topic was covered in the past
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A-Z List of Affiliate Marketing/Business Related Forums

Advert China

A Chinese forum that is divided into:

  • Affiliate finance, mobile traffic, newbie questions, follow along, general discussions, SEO, content development
  • Paid traffic (CPA, lead, Pay per sale), hosting, domains, domain transactions, website technology
  • Marketing equipment, download section, trading center, the art of mailing, marketing company area
  • Suggestions, complaints

312,000+ posts, 44,000+ members.


Forum, community, blog, groups, mini marketplace, freelancers, hosting. Categories:

  • News, features (communities, affiliate programs, publishers, general support, ad server, services, ADZlink, ADZnouncer, post your earnings, freebies)
  • Gold members (news, feature suggestions, general support, forum, bug fixes, exclusive deals)
  • Cryptocurrencies, general internet marketing, social media marketing, blogging, email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing, SEO, WordPress.

You can refine your search by keyword, titles only, members, tags, dates, relevance, replies, likes, order, type, sources.

1250 topics, 14,000+ posts, 1,800+ members, 190 active members.

Affiliate Fix

An affiliate marketing community with resources section, tolls, and a blog.

The forum is divided into:

  • Business center, marketplace, verified members, what is affiliate marketing, introductions, newbie helpdesk
  • Follow along and online journeys, guides, case studies, tutorials, success stories, bragging
  • General affiliate marketing, business management, copywriting, design and creatives, domains and hosting
  • Programming and scripts, research and intelligence, testing, optimization, scaling, tracking
  • General merchants and advertisers forum, affiliate management and recruitment, customer relationship management
  • General internet marketing, traffic sources, adult marketing, display media buying, eCommerce, email marketing
  • Incentive marketing, lead generation, mobile marketing, native ads, Pay per call, Pay per click, Pay per view
  • SEO, video traffic, affiliate marketing networks & programs, buy, sell, trade, coaching, programs, courses, events
  • Networking, industry-related employment, resources, news, announcements, support, feedback, lounge
  • Disputes, resolutions

You can filter your search by latest, popular, gold, guides, follow, success, ask me anything, discounts.

90,000+ discussions, 464,000+ messages, 92,000+ members,

Affiliate Guard Dog

Slogan: Protecting affiliates interest. A forum for casino affiliate programs. Categories:

  • General casino area (anything goes, affiliate payments, questions, program issues, real revenue share audits, site, SEO, industry buzz and terms)
  • Casino affiliates sales and marketing (link sales and exchanges, hiring, established website sales, market your services)
  • Specific forums (mentor program, translations, member websites, report issues, payments calendar, tips and tricks)

You can refine your search by keyword, titles only, member, newer than, sub-forum, threads, posts, profiles.


A German forum with a blog and a mini marketplace operating since 2002.

The forum is divided into:

  • Beginners ask newbies, affiliate programs, partner networks, traffic (SEO, SEM, SMO), marketplace and jobs, affiliate talk

316 topics, 778 entries, 491 users.

Affiliate Marketing Dude


  • Weclome, this week, live trainifg and webacasts, affiliate marketing rules, favorite marketing videos, marketplace, getting started, CPA oofers
  • Domains and websites buying, traffic, niche finding, profitable markets, show me the money, WordPress, blogging, list building, tech junk
  • Marketing tools and reviews, webinars and videos, AdSense CPC, content ads, landing pages, copywriting,, conversion, site reviews
  • Summer coaching students private forum

You can refine your search by terms, sub-forum, subjects, messages, titles only, topics, time, order, character number

2,600+ posts, 1,110+ topics, 6,600+ members.



Affilorama is a whole affiliate marketing platform with an inner forum. Started in 2006 by Mark Ling and Simon Slade. They provide affiliate marketing and marketing education, services like management & monitoring tools, website statistics, market research, hosting, website builder, and a community.

It’s included in my TOP recommended programs to build an online business. Full review

The forum is divided into:

  • Affiliate Hangout, Affilorama News, Affilorama Services, Market research: analysis, feedback, training
  • Marketing ideas & social media, SEO & link building, Pay Per Click (PPC): training, tools, software, tips
  • Content Creation, Website building, Affiliate programs, New to Affiliate Marketing questions

118,000+ articles, 600,000+ registered users. You can filter the results by latest activity, unanswered posts, viewed, commented.




afflift review footer for the forums page

Afflift is an affiliate marketing forum run by Luke Kling.

For more information, you can read my full review.

The forum is divided into:

  • Articles
  • Directory
  • Media
  • Chat
  • VIP resources

You’ll find:

  • Affiliate marketing guides
  • Case studies
  • Follow along campaigns: provide feedback on what members are doing wrong and right
  • Landing page examples
  • Tracking help: support and tracking guides for every affiliate tracking software solution available including BeMob, Voluum, Binom, RedTrack, PeerClick, Kintura, AdsBridge, ThriveTracker, CPV Lab Pro and more
  • Campaign optimization


  • 50,000+ helpful messages in the forum
  • 5,135 threads
  • 39,777 members

They have a very detailed and advanced search function with extended capabilities.

The forum is active, people are asking questions and there are always helpful members answering them, the admin makes everything he can to organize events, webinars in cooperation with well-known affiliate networks, contests, and so much more.

The forum is dedicated to helping its members succeed by providing ongoing education in the form of webinars in cooperation with well-known affiliate networks, follow-along campaigns, case studies, and more.

I had a great experience. A forum I absolutely recommend to everyone.


Forum, case studies, lessons, exclusive tools. Operating since 2009, over 3,600 members. Divisions:

  • Product creation, offer creation, building landing pages, implementing code, tracking
  • Free landing page templates, code samples, business and productivity advice
  • Advice by successful affiliates, network owners, traffic sources
  • Success stories, contests, prizes, webinars, active community

Tools: Aff Robot

  • Landing page builder, PPV target scrapers, related keywords, Google display network spy
  • Media buy spy, backlink analysis, related domains, LP clone bot, headline bot
  • Plugin vault, image vault

New tools are added every month.

It’s a premium solution:

6 months – $330, 1-month $67, 1 year – $565.

AmericanExpress – SmallBusinessOpenForum

Slogan: Insights, inspiration, and connections to help you get your business done. Sections:


  • Events, stories, member exclusives, small business Saturday, MSNBC your business, social media
  • Planning for growth (innovation, business expansion, partnerships, importing & exporting)
  • Operations (insurance, licenses & patents, risk assessment, legal)
  • Research (industry trends, competitive research, market research, customer research)
  • Strategy (business plan, brainstorming, product development, pivoting)
  • Managing Money (cash flow, savings, critical numbers, accounting, accounts receivable/payable, financing, raising capital, loans, venture capital, alternative financing, tax preparation, tax deductions)
  • Getting customers (engagement, feedback, finding new customers, mobile digital tools, websites, SEO, eCommerce, marketing & sales, branding, advertising, content marketing, making a sale, social media strategies)
  • Building your team (work-life balance, employee retention, team-building activities, hiring & HR, recruiting, team structure, healthcare, leadership skills, motivating employees, networking, mentoring, personal productivity, organizational productivity)


Slogan: Create, collaborate, conquer. A forum for small businesses and entrepreneurs covering topics on how to plan, finance, promote, and grow a business. The forum is divided into:

  • Main site, advertise on BW, resources, rules, news, announcements
  • Introductions, guide for new members, tech support, feedback, suggestions
  • Planning your business, starting your business, financing your business, growing your business
  • General business and entrepreneurship, sales, accounts and finance, employees and human resources, legal aspects
  • Marketing and promotion, social media, content marketing, online marketing, advertising, affiliate marketing
  • Design, SEO, security, website reviews, apps and software, devices, hardware
  • Mindset and motivation, finding balance, resources, networking, buy, sell, trade, seeking employees, partners, investors
  • General discussion, points, perks, and clubs, play

You can refine your search by everything, threads and posts, profile posts, tags, member, newer than, sub-forum

4,000+ discussions, 22,000+ messages, 3,400+ members


A forum bundled with a mini-marketplace mainly for Black Hat techniques. Now, I don’t recommend you use shady or fraudulent tactics to make money but it’s worth finding out what others are doing and what to avoid. Black Hat won’t get you far and you might not make any money. There is a separate section on the forum for WhiteHat as well.

If you aren’t sure which tactics to implement you can always ask for support by leaving a comment here.

The forum is divided into:

  • Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO, blogging, tools, social networking, downloads, UnGagged SEO event
  • Content, copywriting, hosting, images, logos & videos, proxies for sale, link building, SEO packages, social media, web design, misc
  • Affiliate programs, hire a freelancer, making money, PPC, site flipping
  • Introductions, the lounge, suggestions, feedback, the shit list, domains, IM journeys, SeNuke software, newsletter

845,000+ discussions, 9M+ messages, 898,000+ members


Slogan: Your guide to gambling affiliate programs operating since 2007. Categories:

  • Rules, updates, general discussion, newbie corner, buy & sell casino websites, domains, links, articles, polls & surveys, website reviews
  • CAP resolution service, scams & warnings, affiliate program in high-paying industries, videos, the watercooler, news, laws & regulation
  • Conferences, & events, terms and conditions, press releases, APCW announcements, European casino affiliuate forums
  • SEO, PPC, email marketing, GGE conversion tools, website design and development, CAP listed programs, archives
  • Awards, rewards, support requests, feedback.

54,000+ threads, 253,000+ posts, 221,000+ members, 50 blogs, 112 entries.

Chris Farrell Membership

Slogan: You One-Stop-Shop to creating & growing a successful web business.

Chris Farrell began in 2008. CFM has over 23,000 members. He provides affiliate marketing and marketing education. 


  • Making money online, Find a profitable niche, Domain names, Hosting, WordPress, Opt-in forms, Sourcing products, Email messages
  • Social media, Lead pages, Create your own e-book, Traffic, forum marketing, guest blogging, Facebook ads, Video marketing
  • Clickfunnels, GotoWebinar training, Simple security steps

Additionally, Chris is hosting free weekly webinars. And there is a private forum with like-minded entrepreneurs sharing knowledge and tips. 


  • $37/month
  • $297/year

There is a 7-day trial period for $4.95

Click Newz

Slogan: Internet marketing ideas, tips, and reviews to help you succeed online, with Lynn Terry. Operating since 2009. Categories:

  • Public forums (Announcements, questions, resources, advice, newbies, veterans)
  • Private forums (brainstorming, mastermind, free download area, social medial club, private suib-forums, freelance job board, special offers)
  • Six figuere club – by invitattion only.

9,700+ threads, 96,000+ posts, 2,700+ members, 29 active members.