This is a directory of Affiliate Marketing and Related Forums and Communities. An A-Z list that I’ll be updating regularly.

The majority of forums are free to join, however, I included paid options as well. In some cases, the paid communities have free membership options or trials.

There are forums exclusively for discussions, but there are forums that are part of communities or platforms. Other forums offer tools, resources, guides, case studies, tips. And there are platforms to help you build an affiliate marketing or online business from scratch offering exclusive education, web builders, web hosting services, management and monitoring tools, or you can even purchase domain names.

Why Should You Join Affiliate Marketing and Related Forums

  • Education never stops (the moment you stop learning, your business starts dying…Ray Edwards – copywriting legend)
  • Networking
  • Visibility
  • Authority
  • Receive and give help
  • Feedback
  • Support
  • Get ideas
  • Get inspiration
  • Get motivated
  • Find partners, investors, employees, freelancers
  • Outsource projects

Quick Tips:

  • Read each forum rules & guidelines, follow them, and don’t spam
  • Participate in the discussions to add value and ask questions if you’re a newcomer
  • Try helping others first before you advertise your brand
  • Add your website link in your signature or in the profile (if allowed)
  • Add a solid and clear profile description to help others understand your offers, products, and services
  • Before posting a new topic do a research to find out if the topic was covered in the past

A-Z List of Affiliate Marketing/Business Related Forums

Advert China

A Chinese forum that is divided into:

  • Affiliate finance, mobile traffic, newbie questions, follow along, general discussions, SEO, content development
  • Paid traffic (CPA, lead, Pay per sale), hosting, domains, domain transactions, website technology
  • Marketing equipment, download section, trading center, the art of mailing, marketing company area
  • Suggestions, complaints

312,000+ posts, 44,000+ members.


Forum, community, blog, groups, mini marketplace, freelancers, hosting. Categories:

  • News, features (communities, affiliate programs, publishers, general support, ad server, services, ADZlink, ADZnouncer, post your earnings, freebies)
  • Gold members (news, feature suggestions, general support, forum, bug fixes, exclusive deals)
  • Cryptocurrencies, general internet marketing, social media marketing, blogging, email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing, SEO, WordPress.

You can refine your search by keyword, titles only, members, tags, dates, relevance, replies, likes, order, type, sources.

1250 topics, 14,000+ posts, 1,800+ members, 190 active members.

Affiliate Fix

An affiliate marketing community with resources section, tolls, and a blog.

The forum is divided into:

  • Business center, marketplace, verified members, what is affiliate marketing, introductions, newbie helpdesk
  • Follow along and online journeys, guides, case studies, tutorials, success stories, bragging
  • General affiliate marketing, business management, copywriting, design and creatives, domains and hosting
  • Programming and scripts, research and intelligence, testing, optimization, scaling, tracking
  • General merchants and advertisers forum, affiliate management and recruitment, customer relationship management
  • General internet marketing, traffic sources, adult marketing, display media buying, eCommerce, email marketing
  • Incentive marketing, lead generation, mobile marketing, native ads, Pay per call, Pay per click, Pay per view
  • SEO, video traffic, affiliate marketing networks & programs, buy, sell, trade, coaching, programs, courses, events
  • Networking, industry-related employment, resources, news, announcements, support, feedback, lounge
  • Disputes, resolutions

You can filter your search by latest, popular, gold, guides, follow, success, ask me anything, discounts.

90,000+ discussions, 464,000+ messages, 92,000+ members,

Affiliate Guard Dog

Slogan: Protecting affiliates interest. A forum for casino affiliate programs. Categories:

  • General casino area (anything goes, affiliate payments, questions, program issues, real revenue share audits, site, SEO, industry buzz and terms)
  • Casino affiliates sales and marketing (link sales and exchanges, hiring, established website sales, market your services)
  • Specific forums (mentor program, translations, member websites, report issues, payments calendar, tips and tricks)

You can refine your search by keyword, titles only, member, newer than, sub-forum, threads, posts, profiles.

A German forum with a blog and a mini marketplace operating since 2002.

The forum is divided into:

  • Beginners ask newbies, affiliate programs, partner networks, traffic (SEO, SEM, SMO), marketplace and jobs, affiliate talk

316 topics, 778 entries, 491 users.

Affiliate Marketing Dude


  • Weclome, this week, live trainifg and webacasts, affiliate marketing rules, favorite marketing videos, marketplace, getting started, CPA oofers
  • Domains and websites buying, traffic, niche finding, profitable markets, show me the money, WordPress, blogging, list building, tech junk
  • Marketing tools and reviews, webinars and videos, AdSense CPC, content ads, landing pages, copywriting,, conversion, site reviews
  • Summer coaching students private forum

You can refine your search by terms, sub-forum, subjects, messages, titles only, topics, time, order, character number

2,600+ posts, 1,110+ topics, 6,600+ members.


Affilorama is a whole affiliate marketing platform with an inner forum. Started in 2006 by Mark Ling and Simon Slade. They provide affiliate marketing and marketing education, services like management & monitoring tools, website statistics, market research, hosting, website builder, and a community.

It’s included in my TOP recommended programs to build an online business. Full review

The forum is divided into:

  • Affiliate Hangout, Affilorama News, Affilorama Services, Market research: analysis, feedback, training
  • Marketing ideas & social media, SEO & link building, Pay Per Click (PPC): training, tools, software, tips
  • Content Creation, Website building, Affiliate programs, New to Affiliate Marketing questions

118,000+ articles, 600,000+ registered users. You can filter the results by latest activity, unanswered posts, viewed, commented.


Forum, case studies, lessons, exclusive tools. Operating since 2009, over 3,600 members. Divisions:

  • Product creation, offer creation, building landing pages, implementing code, tracking
  • Free landing page templates, code samples, business and productivity advice
  • Advice by successful affiliates, network owners, traffic sources
  • Success stories, contests, prizes, webinars, active community

Tools: Aff Robot

  • Landing page builder, PPV target scrapers, related keywords, Google display network spy
  • Media buy spy, backlink analysis, related domains, LP clone bot, headline bot
  • Plugin vault, image vault

New tools are added every month.

It’s a premium solution:

6 months – $330, 1-month $67, 1 year – $565.

AmericanExpress – SmallBusinessOpenForum

Slogan: Insights, inspiration, and connections to help you get your business done. Sections:


  • Events, stories, member exclusives, small business Saturday, MSNBC your business, social media
  • Planning for growth (innovation, business expansion, partnerships, importing & exporting)
  • Operations (insurance, licenses & patents, risk assessment, legal)
  • Research (industry trends, competitive research, market research, customer research)
  • Strategy (business plan, brainstorming, product development, pivoting)
  • Managing Money (cash flow, savings, critical numbers, accounting, accounts receivable/payable, financing, raising capital, loans, venture capital, alternative financing, tax preparation, tax deductions)
  • Getting customers (engagement, feedback, finding new customers, mobile digital tools, websites, SEO, eCommerce, marketing & sales, branding, advertising, content marketing, making a sale, social media strategies)
  • Building your team (work-life balance, employee retention, team-building activities, hiring & HR, recruiting, team structure, healthcare, leadership skills, motivating employees, networking, mentoring, personal productivity, organizational productivity)


Slogan: Create, collaborate, conquer. A forum for small businesses and entrepreneurs covering topics on how to plan, finance, promote, and grow a business. The forum is divided into:

  • Main site, advertise on BW, resources, rules, news, announcements
  • Introductions, guide for new members, tech support, feedback, suggestions
  • Planning your business, starting your business, financing your business, growing your business
  • General business and entrepreneurship, sales, accounts and finance, employees and human resources, legal aspects
  • Marketing and promotion, social media, content marketing, online marketing, advertising, affiliate marketing
  • Design, SEO, security, website reviews, apps and software, devices, hardware
  • Mindset and motivation, finding balance, resources, networking, buy, sell, trade, seeking employees, partners, investors
  • General discussion, points, perks, and clubs, play

You can refine your search by everything, threads and posts, profile posts, tags, member, newer than, sub-forum

4,000+ discussions, 22,000+ messages, 3,400+ members


A forum bundled with a mini-marketplace mainly for Black Hat techniques. Now, I don’t recommend you use shady or fraudulent tactics to make money but it’s worth finding out what others are doing and what to avoid. Black Hat won’t get you far and you might not make any money. There is a separate section on the forum for WhiteHat as well.

If you aren’t sure which tactics to implement you can always ask for support by leaving a comment here.

The forum is divided into:

  • Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO, blogging, tools, social networking, downloads, UnGagged SEO event
  • Content, copywriting, hosting, images, logos & videos, proxies for sale, link building, SEO packages, social media, web design, misc
  • Affiliate programs, hire a freelancer, making money, PPC, site flipping
  • Introductions, the lounge, suggestions, feedback, the shit list, domains, IM journeys, SeNuke software, newsletter

845,000+ discussions, 9M+ messages, 898,000+ members


Slogan: Your guide to gambling affiliate programs operating since 2007. Categories:

  • Rules, updates, general discussion, newbie corner, buy & sell casino websites, domains, links, articles, polls & surveys, website reviews
  • CAP resolution service, scams & warnings, affiliate program in high-paying industries, videos, the watercooler, news, laws & regulation
  • Conferences, & events, terms and conditions, press releases, APCW announcements, European casino affiliuate forums
  • SEO, PPC, email marketing, GGE conversion tools, website design and development, CAP listed programs, archives
  • Awards, rewards, support requests, feedback.

54,000+ threads, 253,000+ posts, 221,000+ members, 50 blogs, 112 entries.

Chris Farrell Membership

Slogan: You One-Stop-Shop to creating & growing a successful web business.

Chris Farrell began in 2008. CFM has over 23,000 members. He provides affiliate marketing and marketing education. 


  • Making money online, Find a profitable niche, Domain names, Hosting, WordPress, Opt-in forms, Sourcing products, Email messages
  • Social media, Lead pages, Create your own e-book, Traffic, forum marketing, guest blogging, Facebook ads, Video marketing
  • Clickfunnels, GotoWebinar training, Simple security steps

Additionally, Chris is hosting free weekly webinars. And there is a private forum with like-minded entrepreneurs sharing knowledge and tips. 


  • $37/month
  • $297/year

There is a 7-day trial period for $4.95

Click Newz

Slogan: Internet marketing ideas, tips, and reviews to help you succeed online, with Lynn Terry. Operating since 2009. Categories:

  • Public forums (Announcements, questions, resources, advice, newbies, veterans)
  • Private forums (brainstorming, mastermind, free download area, social medial club, private suib-forums, freelance job board, special offers)
  • Six figuere club – by invitattion only.

9,700+ threads, 96,000+ posts, 2,700+ members, 29 active members.

A Russian forum operating since 2013. Categories:

  • Adult, affiliates, embassy, CPA, CPI, dating, Facebook, mobile, gambling, Instagram, monetization, Twitter, events, click games, case studies
  • Conferences, Njutram Walnut, purchase traffic, gathering, factoring, Yandex, direct.

*The translation was very hard*

CPA Elites

A CPA marketing forum operating since 2013. Divisions:

  • Announcements, introductions, bug reports, official affiliate network listings, whitehat & blackhat SEO
  • Affiliate network groups and apps, main CPA discussions, elite helpdesk, follow along journeys & bragging
  • Niches, tutorials, downloads, social media, webmasters, graphics, programming, free marketplace
  • Elites VIP services & products, want to buy, deal disputes, CPA legends discussions, legends niches & freebies
  • Legends bank hard secret methods, web hosting, elites lounge, life experiences, suggestions

46,000+ threads, 520,000+ posts, 97,000+ members.

Digital Point

Forum, tools, marketplace, advertising.


  • Rank checker, cookie search, site search engine


  • Sites, domains, plugins, add-ons, scripts, templates, styles, graphic designs, eBooks, articles


  • Buy and sell ad space

The forum is divided into:

  • Search engines, directories, general business, general marketing, SEO, payment processing, social networks
  • Link development, legal issues, domains, copywriting, eCommerce, PPC, affiliate programs
  • HTML and website design, graphics & multimedia, content management, programming, site & server administration
  • Databases, design contests, advertising, secondhand licenses, services
  • Introductions, general chat, products & tools, reviews, support & feedback, the undergrounds, area 51

2M+ discussions, 17M+ messages, 830,000+ members.

DN Forum

A forum mainly for domain names discussions but there are affiliate marketing sub-forums as well. Categories:

  • Announcements, domains for sale (offers wanted, fixed price, ccTLD and gTLD), websites wanted
  • Auctions, appraisals, general domains discussion, wanted ads, advertising and related offers
  • Affiliate programs and discussion, help wanted, library, domains news, introductions, legal issues, suggestions, staff
  • Industry companies, the break forum, archive


  • Domain names marketplaces, eBooks, hosting, backorder domains, domain parking services, domain portfolio manager
  • Domain research tools, email marketing software, outsourcing, press releases, domain registrars, keyword tools, infographics
  • PDF’s, videos, WordPress premium plugins, keyword research software, article spinning tools, mail and data extraction, traffic generation

486,000+ threads, 1.8M+ messages, 523,000+ members,


They say…Internet Marketing, Webmaster, Affiliate Marketing Forum, HYIP, Network Marketing, GPT, Other Convention Money Making community Discussion and More! Beyond the forum, there is a blog (Forex, Binary options trading, precious metals, games, business, software), and you can advertise your site. Operating since 2005.

The forum is divided into:

  • Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, marketplace, webmaster lounge, tools, SEO, DDoS, programming, designs, web hosting, articles
  • Buy, sell, trade, freelance, outsourcing, blogs, lens, website reviews, critiques, social media
  • Introductions, industry discussions, HYIP, newbies lounge, general discussion, self-improvement, inspiring, motivation
  • Bitcoin, eCurrencies, payment processors, cashback offers, scam alerts, co-op, team build, clubs, cyclers, autosurf, manual surf, forex, binary options
  • Sports arbitrage trading, stocks, business, finance, properties, announcements, rules.

4.8M+ posts, 437,000+ members. 


A Spanish forum for bloggers, SEO, social media, web hosting, domains, WordPress. The forum is divided into:

  • Products (articles, banners, domains, sites), services, social networks, auctions.
  • WordPress, Blogger, YouTube, Joomla, eCommerce, Drupal, Vbulletin, SMF, MyBB, monetization, payment processors
  • SEO, paid ads, link building, Black Hat SEO, web hosting, VPS, coupons, domains, cryptocurrency
  • Resources, tutorials, coding, presentations, events, technology

521,000+ threads, 4M+ messages, 130,000+ users

Gambling Portal Webmasters Association

Forum, WiKi, community, affiliate programs, portals, news. Categories:

  • Announcements, industry buzz, polls, videos, audits, news, affiliate program terms and conditions, the chatterbox, freshman forum, SEO, WordPress
  • Related web design, fun diversions, promotions, info, domains, sites for sale, other marketing offers, social media and networking
  • Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, Forex, Binary options trading, events, conferences, suggestions, inquiries
  • Private forum section:
  • Planning and policy discussions, general chatter, seal of approval, prospective new members, hobby time, sports lounge, poker pub, affiliate tracking audits, who sent this money?, casino sign-ups, tech talk, introductions, member site reviews, links store, private link exchange, business opportunities and services, domainaholics anonymous, diversification, South African members
  • International: Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Russian, Italian, Dutch_)
  • Affiliate management
  • Platinum affiliate program sponsors (1xBet, bet365, BitStarz, FairPlay, GIG, Intertops, Lapalingo, Mr. Green, mybet)
  • Gold affiliate programs, silver affiliate programs, other programs

You can refine your search by all types, posts, group messages, blog comments, articles, wiki, forums groups, visitor messages, blog entries, static pages, keyword, username, tags, date, order.

85,000+ threads, 564,000+ posts, 25,000+ members, 19 Wikis, 181 blogs, 925 entries.


Welcome message: Since 1998, GeekVillage has been the definitive source of online marketing and monetization strategies for professional web publishers, merchants, and advertisers. Please visit our signature forums to share your experiences with leading industry figures and creative startups.

Forum, directory, articles, tools

Forum sections:

  • Making money with CPC/CPM/CPA, making money from online audio, video, and web 2.0 apps, email marketing
  • Website marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, business principles, web hosting, domains, web design, webmasters, web development
  • Programming, trade, buy, sell, websites for sale, technical questions

36,000+ threads, 195,000+ posts, 32,000+ members

Directory sections:

  • eCommerce solutions (software, hosting, scripts), fonts and graphics, internet consulting, internet fraud, Macromedia flash and shockwave
  • Scripts, templates for websites, web designers, web hosting, webmaster research tools

Free Webmaster Tools:

  • Meta-tag generator, graphic navigation bar generator, flash navbar generator, flash top bar generator, DHTML menu generator
  • NameSpin to find domain names, link popularity checker, search engine position analyzer, color code generators
  • Whois lookup, pop-up maker tool, graphics search, find expired domains, learn Unix commands, Google dance tool

Go Fuck Yourself

A pure Adult Webmasters forum operating since 2000. Categories:


  • 2018 GFY awards
  • Simply Business (program discussion, mainstream business, announcemennts, educational series, webmasters Q
  • Your business needs (content market, domain auctions, sell and buy, business services, hiring, traffic trades/gallery requests)
  • Things to know (contests, prizes, rules, regulations)

Hacker De Croissance

A French forum that is divided into:

  • General forum, presentations, news, partners, employees, society, banks, payment platforms
  • Follow along, ask me anything, pop-ups, PPV, video ads, adult, social, emailing, mobile, search, display, recommendations
  • Growth hacking, eBooks, videos, viral & buzz, blogging & inbound, SaaS, ad networks, widgets, leads & CPL, eCommerce, dropshipping
  • Info-products, affiliation, design, development, tracking & spy-tools, analysis, optimization, banners, landing pages
  • Copywriting & psychology, offers, lifestyle, relax zone

OMG Machines

One Man Gang Machines: Money getting with Free ads on the internet. Started back in 2012 by Mike Long and Greg Morrison. They provide affiliate marketing education, tools, community, forum, and support. 

Topics covered

  • Find a profitable niche, Basic keywords, How to register a website, Website hosting, WordPress, Alternative ways to bring traffic to a website
  • Affiliate profits: how to brand your own product, which networks to use, Conversion Tips, SEO, keywords, Article spinning, Link building
  • Landing pages

Help and support are delivered through the inner forum or the Facebook page.

Moreover, OMG Machines are holding live events and new courses are being added frequently. 

No Holds Barred Membership

A very expensive course that you can purchase for $2300 (at least at the time when I reviewed the product). But as I can see today the price has reached the $8,000 (one-time payment). 

Read on for a full review on OMG Machines

Performance IN

A performance marketing forum with guides, research, and awards. Sections:

  • Affiliate marketing (advertisers and publishers news, attribution, new technology, influencer marketing, program management)
  • Lead generation (tips, database hacks, SEO, content marketing)
  • Biddable media (paid social, paid search, programmatic, data-based marketing)
  • Display advertising (CPM, in-app advertising, location-based, video, native)
  • Data-Driven marketing (CRM, data collection, retargeting)
  • The regulars (PI column, movers and shakers, case studies, Q&A’s, a week in performance, events, PI live)
  • Research & Guides (guides, research, reports, webinars)
  • PI Live (performance marketing awards, international awards)
  • Partner network (info, discounts, forum, jobs, about, advertising)

Poker Affiliate Listings

Forum, blog, casino, marketplace, advertising, partners. Categories:

  • Spotlighted programs, general poker, US regulated gambling discussions, poker SEO, WordPress, web design, coding, technical
  • Affiliate Rakeback discussion, non-gaming, diversification, entrepreneurship, Q&A’s, web hosting, servers, suggestions, feedback, affiliate manager queries
  • Casino affiliates, Bingo affiliates, Sportsbook affiliates
  • Marketplace (websites, content services, domains, affiliate services, graphics, advertising, sub-affiliate links, money trading, cash exchange, non-gaming, bug reports)
  • Off-topic (coffee shop, rest of the web, poker, sports, sports betting, investing, wealth building

27,000+ threads, 175,000+ posts, 10,000+ members, 114 blogs, 788 entries.

SEO Chat

Slogan: Great community, great ideas. Forum, free SEO tools, articles. Divisions:

  • Google optimization, SEO, bing search optimization, social media, affiliate marketing
  • Google AdWords, Google+, Bing Ads, content writing, marketing, local marketing, keyword research, analytics
  • Link development, mobile optimization, web design, coding, programming
  • Hangouts, announcements, rules, FAQs, suggestions, feedback, guide, new users questions

Top threads examples:

  • Extensive work, forum activity help, SEO question, time on page to next page click, spam referral traffic

Articles examples:

  • How keywords help you grow your website, how to increase the loading speed of your site
  • 7 problems stopping you from improving your SEO

Tools (SEO, social media,, PPC, Webmaster, web design, other):

  • Internal link building, website crawler, XML sitemap generator, smart URL list cleaner, page comparison
  • Last modified date, page speed, meta tag analyzer, keyword cloud tool, indexed pages, keyword combination
  • Author backlink crawler, YouTube reputation, social activity
  • in-depth article code generator, rich snippets, product rich snippets, video schema generator
  • Google AdSense calculator, CPC ROI calculator, keyword typo generator
  • Robots.txt validator, what’s my IP, URL encoding, free HTML validator, ping test, dig utility
  • Favicon generator, HTM to PHP converter, HTML encoder, CSS coder, web safe colors
  • Words counter, password encryption utility, online spell checker, password strength checker

324,000+ members, 469,000+ threads, 1M+ posts.

A German forum with SEO analysis, tools, jobs, events, news, webmaster hangouts information operating since 2011. Categories:

  • Online marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, search engine, webmaster, CMS, shop system, WaWi, technology, video, picture, audio
  • Feedback, project presentations, classifieds, search, law, tax, authority, project group 2016.

For the SEO analysis, you give your site data and request the results filling a form.

The tools section lets you refine your search by price, which data is collected, target audience, orientation.

The “Search a Service” department lets you search for agencies or freelancers according to your needs. You can refine your search by agency or freelancer, your budget, type of service, city.

The jobs section lists a few available spots, like internship/working student, SEO consultant for Berlin, SEO consultant for Munich, sales manager in Munich, SEO/web design/paid internship/part-time student.

There are also listed events you can watch on demand. This is a premium service. Examples:


  • WebSuccess – €149, Google analytics & web analytics Intensive seminar – €594, Twitter marketing €534


A forum mainly for web designers but there are marketing sub-forums as well. Categories:

  • Get started, community, showcase, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, mobile, design & UX
  • Business, CMS & WordPress, general web dev, databases, content, server config, domains, social media
  • .NET, accessibility, hosting, marketing, Python, Perl, Golang, themes support.

You can refine your search by all categories, latest, top, FAQ, badges, tags, groups.

122,000+ topics, 1.2M+ posts, 260,000+ users, 132,000+ likes


Slogan: A friendly place to share small business ideas and knowledge, ask questions, find help and encourage others that are involved in the small business industry. Topics include small business marketing, generating revenue and small business computing. Operating since 2000.


  • Introductions, questions
  • Marketing (SEO, PPC, general SEM, link development, local marketing, social media, newsletters, email marketing, copywriting, blogging, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, general online marketing)
  • Offline marketing (direct mail, radio, print, trade shows, conferences, expos, general offline marketing)
  • Generating revenue, insurance, taxes (selling ad space, eCommerce, sales, eBay, auctions & marketplaces, small business finance, insurance)
  • Inspiration & ideas (issues, conferences, seminars, webinars, reviews, marketplace)
  • Computing (website development, domains, hardware, software, security)
  • Special (trends forum, free links, archived newsletters, brief archives), general chat

You can refine your search by posts, titles, username, replies, dates, order

30,000+ threads, 167,000+ posts, 106,000+ members

Solo Build It

Slogan: Success, real, simple. Every day people are building extraordinary businesses…

Founded in 1997 by Ken Evoy (CEO), based in Montreal, Canada. President is Allan B. Abrahams. Over 130,000 customers and affiliates. 

A separate forum helps members with their questions.

Topics – Examples

  • Working with your master keyword list, Finding your niche, Planning your monetization mix, Choosing a perfect, brandable domain name
  • Submit a site or page for review, SiteBuilder Libraries & tools, Coding (HTML/CSS/Javascript), All things Mac
  • Hosting providers & registrars, WordPress themes & plugins, Social Media

Recent additions

  • MailChimp & Aweber integration, EU cookie widget, Fully responsive templates, Google page speed optimization
  • Pinterest follow, Open graph tags, Drag and drop page builder, Site designer (templates), Solo Build It for WordPress


  • $29.99/month
  • $299/year

There is a 90 days guarantee.


Slogan: Whether you are experienced and need a networking hub, or want to launch your first campaign online, we have something for you.

About: STM Forum (Stack That Money) was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high-quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

Blog articles examples:

  • Why nutra trials are crumbling in the US, Matuloo reveals green campaigns , Newbie failures of the galaxy you should avoid
  • STM pays tribute to Hugh “Caurmen”:


  • General, info hub, the newbie zone, traffic sources, extras, vendors, skills

Threads examples:

  • Stack marketing resources, it all comes down to dreams and fears, what does it take to make $10K+ profit per day?
  • Using thread prefixes, affiliate links, and geo-redirection, fundamentals of tracking
  • 1K/leads per day on mobile app install offers, the mobile cookbook
  • The mistake that many smart people make, choosing ads that make money with a stats calculator
  • Affiliate network skype directory, GetADs network approvals, John Crestani’s nutra cartel review

The membership costs $99/month and gives you…


  • Access to STM forums
  • Exclusive tools (URL scraper, PoF demographic tool, keyword tool, site analytics, lots of PPV tools)
  • Competitive intelligence suite: spy tools for various traffic sources and a direct partnership with Adplexity
  • Local networking events
  • Exclusive StackScript: a custom built script that automatically deploys, configures and optimizes a Linode server to get it ready for action
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Exclusive FunnelFlux partnership: a self-hosted tracker. Industry leading redirect speeds and insane features.
  • Promotions from traffic sources
  • STM video university: a lot of tutorial content is being transferred to videos
  • More tools on the way

UK Business Forums

Forum, blog, and a mini marketplace operating since 2003. Categories:

  • Running a business (general, international business, eCommerce, accounts, finance, employment & HR, legal, insolvency, sales, marketing & PR, tenders)
  • Community (UKBF marketplace, introductions, time out, feedback & help, events, regional forums)
  • Full members area – Paid section (private, market research, website reviews & testing, opportunities, press releases)
  • Starting a business (first steps, growing your start-up)
  • Technology (IT & internet, devices, SEO, PPC, online marketing)
  • Sectors (retail, green business, social enterprise, tradespeople)

You can refine your search by keyword, member, newer than, sub-forum.

Marketplace: Products, services, special offers, and advertisements of UKBF paid members


Affiliate marketing, marketing, webmaster revenue forum. Topics examples:

  • Affiliate summits, affiliate commissions, recruitment, promoting affiliate links, conversions, best platforms
  • Marketing tips, domain search tools, CPI networks, Google Adwords, affiliate banners

You can filter your search by titles, last post time, thread start time, number of replies, number of views, thread starter, thread rating, ascending & descending order, duration, new, hot, closed.

Warrior Forum

Forum and a mini marketplace. Divisions:

  • Main internet marketing discussion, SEO, Ad networks, PPC, search engine marketing
  • Email marketing, growth hacking, social media, conversion rate optimization
  • Offline marketing, mobile marketing, copywriting, eCommerce sites, mind warriors
  • Internet marketing product reviews, programming, website design, joint ventures
  • Off-topic forum, local meetups, news, help, suggestions

You can filter your search by titles, text, ignore comments, author, tags, post date and time, last comment, descending and ascending order.

750,000+ threads, 8,8M+ posts, 1,3M+ users, 3,600+ blogs, 19,000 entries.

Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate marketing and marketing education, website builder, hosting, domains, management and monitoring tools, keyword tool, keyword lists, niche and market research tools, link tracking, community, forum, support, blog, classrooms, live video classes, live chat.

It’s included in my TOP recommended programs to build an online business.

All the truth about WA – Index/Guide.

The community is really huge with over 800,000 members from 195 countries. Only last year 217,000+ people received help to create an online business. It all started back in 2005.

Education & Classrooms: 

  • Understanding how to make money online, Choose a niche, Build & set-up your own website, get it ready for SEO
  • Finding content ideas from keywords, Primary Pages, Quality content creation
  • Domains, email accounts, Traffic breakdown, Visuals, WordPress, Low hanging fruit
  • Affiliate programs & networks, Affiliate links, Product reviews, Getting paid for ads on your website
  • Social media, branding campaigns, content creation, Conversions, Bing and Yahoo, Webmasters tools
  • Knowing your audiences, Catapulting your referrals, Content, keywords, and conversions
  • Super affiliate article marketing, Super affiliate PPC training, Target audiences, Custom sign-up campaigns & pages
  • Everything WordPress, Authoring and writing content, Website development and programming, Video marketing
  • Email marketing, Local marketing, PPC marketing, WA affiliate program

Live Video Classes – Examples

  • Conversion Optimization, Research a new niche, Live niche case studies, Building websites for clients
  • Evergreen strategies to rank You-Tube Videos, Build a massive list of awesome keywords, Growing your email list
  • How to Set-Up SSL on your site, Increasing productivity, efficiency, and site scalability, Foundation for Online Success
  • Landing pages, Facebook: retargeting, local businesses, ad creation, boosting posts, quality fan page
  • Local SEO, local marketing

Live chat Community, Support, Forum

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 3 years now. The live chat section is something that you have to experience it in order to understand its true power. Simply, there are hundreds of people discussing and helping one another in real time. Whenever I had any questions, in the beginning, I got answers within minutes. Even now I use the live chat to help newbies or to discuss with other experienced members about advanced techniques on how to scale online businesses.

Moreover, every member is allowed to blog on the forum. There are dozens of people blogging every day.

The feedback and the comment platform can help you solve problems/issues and to accelerate your online presence.

It’s the most interactive affiliate marketing forum on the web with questions, answers, blogs, and tutorials come and go non-stop. The forum topics cover everything related to marketing, affiliate marketing, and the education & classrooms content mentioned above

You can filter your search by all, unanswered, popular, success, everyone, friends, referrals.

Starter membership – Free 

Premium membership – $49/month, $359/year


A forum with tools and resources operating since 1996. Categories:

  • Everything Google (SEO, news, APIs, maps, labs, finance, business issues, AdWords, AdSense, shopping, Gmail advertising, AMP)
  • Yahoo (network, search marketing, PPC, corporate), Microsoft (servers, systems, BingAds, news, corporate)
  • Search engines (sitemaps, meta-data, robots.txt, alternative engines, directories, UK search, news, Asia and Pacific, user agents, local search)
  • Social media (Facebook marketing, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, LinkedIn, marketing)
  • Marketing and Biz (link building, cloaking, keywords, SEM research, general SEM issues)
  • Advertising (affiliates, PPC engines), Local (webmaster/world community center, commercial exchange, Foo, Pubcon)
  • Code, content, and presentation (JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Apache, PHP, CGI, WYSIWYG, text code editors, databases, content management, Flash and Shockwave, XML, graphics, multimedia, RSS, ATOM, related technologies, blogging, SEO, blog administration, WordPress)
  • Hardware and OS related technologies (technology issues, Linux, Unix, Smartphone, Wireless, mobile technologies)
  • Browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Edge), Mobile internet (native, tablet apps, design, development, Android, iOS, Windows, advertising, marketing)
  • WW supporters (Google, SEO, web hosting issues and options, software support and usage, social media optimization, technology exhibitions, conferences, the wall, review my site)
  • WebmasterWorld (website analytics, tracking, logging, content, writing, copywriting, general, eCommerce, web development, domains, professional webmaster business issues, Apple software and technology, community building, user-generated content, accessibility, usability, video creation and optimization, website security)

Free tools:

  • SEO (website crawler, SE comparison, on-page SEO, keyword finder, image and link analysis, page comparison
  • Social tools (author crawler, social activity tracker, editing social images, authorship, YouTube reputation search)
  • Webmaster tools (HTTP response headers, find my IP, Whois domain look-up, browser size, block image hotlinking in .htaccess
  • All free tools (schema, PPC, web design, disavow backlinks, in-depth schema code, other)

Resources: problem report, library, hire experts, newsletter, archives

Wicked Fire

Affiliate marketing, internet marketing, webmaster SEO forum. Divisions:

  • Startups, product development, business strategy, affiliate marketing, enlightened members, traffic & content
  • The art of mailing, design, development, programming, hosting & domains, sell, buy, trade, links & SEO
  • Products, software, services, data sales, education center, industry news, affiliate managers, newbie questions, suggestions

You can filter your search by titles, text, ignore comments, author, tags, post date and time, last comment, descending and ascending order.

147,000+ threads, 2M+ posts, 209,000+ members.

There you have it. A list of forums that I promise to update regularly. Which one is your favorite? What did I miss? Till next time, here on Web Market Support.

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