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Today I want to lay out some key benefits of affiliate marketing for the merchants (advertisers), the affiliate promoters (publishers), and the final consumers as well. We have already discussed what is affiliate marketing and how it can be transformed into a recurring income opportunity for affiliates. But why someone wants to choose an affiliate business instead of any other business?…What are the real advantages of affiliate marketing as an advertising model and what makes it different from other kinds of businesses?


Key Benefits of Affiliate Marketing




Key Benefits for the Merchants



1) Broader Market


When you own a product or service as a merchant you target a specific group of people. Those people that are interested in that kind of products or services you offer will buy from your website when they feel ready to do so…eg…Let’s imagine that you are the final customer and you want to buy a TV, not any kind of TV, but a particular TV set. What will you do?…You will simply compare the prices, the customer support and delivery terms on that particular TV set.

And that is because you are certain on what you are buying. Then you will visit the best offer on a merchant’s website and proceed with your purchase. But before that, you probably searched for information and reviews to find out the most suitable TV set for your needs. And that took place outside the merchant’s website.

This way the merchants that allow affiliates to enter their program will get benefited from the affiliate actions. The affiliate partners will attract people to their websites offering valuable information on the products and services that people are looking for. Then, as a result, those people might be interested in some of the affiliate promoted products and by following the affiliate links will get redirected to the merchants’ websites.

As a result, those products and services will gain recognition as the affiliates will promote them not only on their websites but on forums, communities, and networks as well. Now, these products are not only visible to people that are READY to buy.., are visible to a way more broader group.


2) Repeated Customers – Recommendations



Those people that were directed to the merchants’ websites if they stay satisfied they will come back in the future. And probably, they will share their experience with their friends and network and the real potential of this ‘Word of Mouth’ promotion is endless. People who feel contented and pleased will return both on the merchant and the affiliate websites. And when they begin to recommend those products to their networks, it is when the real profit for the businesses takes place.


3) No Additional Cost for Advertising



A major benefit for the merchants. We all know that advertising is expensive especially if you want to use traditional mediums like television, radio, or print and your budget is limited. Instead, using your website as an affiliate platform costs nothing. The affiliates will get paid for their actions only if sales occur.


4) No Need to Hire Sales Representatives



Imagine a company having to hire and train 100 sales representatives to advertise its products in order to increase sales. How would they compensate them? Could they be able to ensure them? Probably hard, if not impossible. We all know that hiring employees is a big expense for any business. However, with this system, hundreds of publishers promote the merchants’ products without the company being forced to pay in advance

Merchants have the chance to let affiliates promote their products. No additional cost for promotion. They only have to take care with who they are co-operating with.

As an advertiser, you have to select your affiliates carefully and you have to be sure that they act inside your respective niche market ethically.

Test your affiliates website, is a website that is attractive to people inside your market?…is it a website with very thin content and does not provide much value to your clients?…is it a website full of intruding ads?…does it offer information or is it a site with just 2-3 pages content looking to “Fish” visitors?…has this owner of the site a strong knowledge of the product and services you sell?

But finding affiliates with relative high-quality niche websites nowadays is very easy. In every niche market, there are thousands of marketers/affiliates providing value to the market and connecting effectively with their audiences.



5) Measurable Results



With traditional advertising methods like printed material, newspapers, radio, or television, it’s extremely difficult to analyze, measure, and calculate the final performance and outcome.

Have the sales of the advertising company been increased? Which of these methods produced the best results? Has the business managed to cover the advertising costs of a particular channel, and if so, how much? was any of these methods ineffective so as not to repeat as it is? are some of the reasonable questions that arise.

High risk, high cost, difficult and inaccurate measurements, doubts.

On the other hand, with affiliate marketing, the merchants can track their affiliates’ actions and all the desired results thanks to new technologies and the internet are absolutely measurable.





KEY Benefits for the Affiliates Side



6) Timetable Flexibility





You are an affiliate, you are the driver and you hold the wheel of your business in your own hands. If you need to make a stop you stop. If you need a break, go ahead. You’re feeling tired, you get some sleep and come back refreshed for more productive work. No apologies to any boss, no need for working a 9 to 5 or 7 to 3 work.

No clock – peace of mind.


7) Work from Anywhere



All you need to run an affiliate business is a computer and an internet connection. You can work from the comfort of your house, your office, on vacation, or during a trip. You have free time to play with your kids, you set the rules, you can enjoy life beyond work.



8) Making Money While They Sleep



Having an affiliate website running is like having a 24-hour business that is open to anyone throughout time. The content on affiliate websites is accessible to visitors around the world 24/7 and affiliates work on their personal timetable. Do you know a lot of businesses that can make a profit for you even while you sleep?



9) Very Low Cost of Initial Investment




The startup costs for any kind of brick & mortar business can extend to 1000’s, hundreds, or millions of dollars. Even renting a store, a warehouse, or any other business space has high-costs associated, costs that you will prepay or in other cases you will borrow this money in a form of a bank loan or mortgage and that makes your investment risky.

You will find yourself frustrated and of course not in a peace of mind because you have to take this money back in order to make a profit only months, years, or even decades later. Not to mention the franchise business model, where you will pre-pay very high initial costs just to get started.

But the costs of starting an affiliate business are minimal. A computer, an internet connection that you probably already have, domain names, hosting services, and maybe hiring freelancers for design or other tasks.

Are there any other businesses that can be kickstarted with such a low initial investment? With their first sales and commissions, the affiliates are in profit.

I was able to ‘Break Even’ in just a couple of months.


10) Minimum Operating Costs



Beyond the very low initial costs for an affiliate business, there are no major operating costs either. These costs include hosting services, email autoresponders, premium themes and plugins, other software/hardware, hiring freelancers and other people. In any case, these costs are nothing compared to traditional brick and mortar stores expenses.



11) Very Little Risk



In the case of a business mortgage/loan, your house will be exposed if your business fails. In other cases, the prepaid costs might be lost if your enterprise comes to an end. Building an affiliate business has no risk and the only cost in cases of failure is the time you spent working and a few hundred dollars in the worst case scenario.

Even in the case that affiliates abandon their websites/projects, they have the chance to sell their online properties for a profit.




12) No Limit On Profits – The Sky is the Only Limit



I want to underline something very important here. Although an affiliate business has very low initial and operating costs, it does not mean in any case that this business is easy. You will have to work really hard to make a profit.There is no business model that does not need continuous efforts and commitment.




But you set the rules here. Do you need more money? You gotta work more. The more you work the higher the commissions and recognition you’ll be earning.

When you begin an affiliate business it’s like any other business.It needs some time in order to make a profit. But when an affiliate website gains traffic and momentum, things start to kick off. It’s the snowball income effect.

Affiliates are able to monetize their online and social properties in a hundred different ways, beyond the standard affiliate promotions. They make money by blogging, generating leads and referrals for other companies, selling advertising space, writing sponsored posts/articles, with email marketing, video marketing, social media campaigns/advertising, freelancing, dropshipping, with eCommerce stores, accepting donations, or selling their own products and services.

Additionally, affiliates are able to create new website businesses on the side, exploring new niches and hot opportunities in every market out there.




13) Recurring Income for Years



The content of publishers’ (affiliates) sites is accessible to potential customers all days of the year, at all times. Imagine these online properties as uninterrupted operations with minimum maintenance costs and without the need for the publishers to be present.

In this way, affiliates in a very short space of time manage to promote dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of different products at the same time without additional workload and without being in their workplace. That is publishers, complete an advertising campaign for a product that can earn them profit for years. And this is achieved because of the technologies, the Internet, and this powerful advertising model.

Because the promotional content on their sites remains accessible without interruptions at all times.


14) No Need for Employees



The vast majority of affiliates work solo. They don’t need employees to have their businesses running. One of the most important factors for a successful business. The cost for employees is unbearable for medium and small enterprises.

Monthly or daily salaries, extra bonuses in cases of pregnancies, holidays, special entitlements and of course the cost of their transportation or feed and training. These serious costs can prevent a business from making a really good profit.

And it is not only about costs. Imagine the cases where your customers leave unsatisfied because of employees’ bad behavior or other negative actions. Imagine the accidents and the complaints that might take place. This is a real pain.




15) No Customer Service



Affiliates don’t need to provide customer service. The merchants take care of the customers. Affiliates only connect people with companies and earn commissions in the process. They only have to co-operate with serious merchants that offer decent customer service and support for their products because affiliates want their visitors satisfied.

This makes the affiliate business unique, affiliates only have to test the products they promote.


16) Unlimited Products and Services to Promote



In every niche, in every market, there are merchants that range from small companies to huge giant corporations. There are millions of products and services that affiliates can promote to their audiences. Affiliates can track down affiliate programs using affiliate networks, by making connections with companies that run their own affiliate programs, or by invitations from affiliate managers who have their own army of affiliates that support product launches or companies.





17) World Wide Web – Largest Market



Local stores can only target a small number of people that live or passing by the area. Owning a hotel (just like me) can bring you visitors from all over the world but the rooms you have is a limit you cannot bypass unless you build more.

But having an affiliate business can help you target people from all destinations at any time. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of simultaneous visitors on your website.

And the number of online visitors and buyers keep growing every day as technology is accessible to almost any country. People are looking for valuable information using the power of the internet. This is why is called the World Wide Web. This is your potential customers. The whole world.



18) Scalability, Unlimited Partnerships


Affiliates are able to partner with unlimited companies, affiliate managers, and affiliate networks. They can promote millions of products simultaneously without having to be present, and without having to worry about customer service and support.

Affiliates can easily scale their businesses utilizing the power of emails, videos, webinars, social media, or paid campaigns just to name a few opportunities.


19) Help/Education


The affiliate business model is only growing since its inception, back in 1989. Affiliates can get help and education on forums, networks, and communities. This is extremely important for people just getting started.



20) Work at Something they Love



Launching a business in an area that you are very little interested in is the greatest recipe for failure. And I speak from personal experience here although in such cases I tried really hard. But it was not something I was passionate about and eventually, I failed. Not everybody is suitable for every job. There are jobs we like and there are ones we hate. There is no potential in having a job you dislike. Eventually, you will fail.

But with affiliate marketing, affiliates can choose their niche according to their preferences, needs, and desires. Affiliates usually turn their hobbies into businesses. When you work at something you love you give the BEST of yourself.



Key Benefits for the End Consumers



21) The Final Price Remains the Same



The final price of the products remains the same. Affiliates advertise the products at the same price the advertised companies sell. The companies sacrifice a percentage of their profits but they don’t have to spend money on advertising. They pay only for the desired results.

The final customer enjoys the same price.


22) No Loss of Product Quality


The final product remains the same in terms of pricing, quality, and service/support.



Affiliate Marketing Resources

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Affiliate Marketing Resources


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