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Digital Business Roadmap




I am so excited today and I want to share the latest news. As you might have noticed I have not been blogging too much lately. Not only, I keep the live chat closed for quite some time.


The reason though is you!


I was working very hard behind the scenes to create a new section on the site, as some of you already know.

A free training to help you build online businesses. The digital world is full of enormous opportunities and this is the best time for anyone to get involved online as you’ll discover soon.

During the last months, I was planning the whole project carefully. I was creating content, testing membership plugins, editing pages, rearranging, deleting, adding material and so on…

I know…it won’t be a perfect training, besides it’s my very first attempt to create a digital product from start to finish.


But I hope that this training will motivate you and that will open up new doors for you to walk through in order to improve your life, your business, and your future.


I don’t know if I can make it on time, the countdown has already begun. In any case, it won’t take me much longer to complete this new project. I will update the timer if necessary.


That’s it, I wanna thank everyone for your trust and for your invaluable visits, comments, and interaction. Especially those who showed interest in the upcoming training during our live chats, here.

As always, I welcome your feedback, your suggestions, and your questions.


The Digital Business Roadmap is coming soon…



Update 14 Dec 2017, 02.33am…

We’re almost there, over 90% of the training is complete. And we’ll get started very soon, possibly before the deadline. There is work to be done still…let’s see…exciting times ahead!

Update 15 Dec 2017, 05.49am…

The gates are finally open!


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