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You're Reading:How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

by Tasos


Apr 2, 2015

…A lot of people ask “How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing?”.. is it possible?”.. It is and the foundation for that business model is the creation of a Website.



As we mentioned in a previous postthe process of building an online business that is based in a modern and high valued content website”…can eventually lead in rankings through the search engines.A way to monetize the upcoming traffic into profit is to join available affiliate programs and therefore promote other companies products or services without having to own them.

This model has low startup costs, minimal risks and you are not providing customer service.You are only promoting products that can add value to your visitors.

We need to attract online audience with our website’s content


by giving answers to problems and by recommending helpful solutions so that those people will revisit our site and then, as a result, the traffic will be growing significantly until we get ranked higher in the search engines.Then it’s when the real opportunity begins for our online business.But in order to proceed properly, we have to primarily understand our audience needs….



…What Information People Are Looking Online?



All the people that using the web power to get information on what they need, just like you and me, is our target.They want to know more about a specific product that they intend to purchase.They seek for advice on certain aspects of services they have plans to use.
They search for some software or an organization that they aim in becoming members and looking for reviews that can help
them decide.In other cases, they found something interesting in the social media networks and maybe they do a little deeper research.

If the next step for them is visiting OUR website that provides that valuable information that they seek then chances are
we have a decent opportunity to return this online traffic into profit.





…I would like to show you a proper method in returning traffic into a benefit for your blog/site.


A simple way is to earn commissions from websites that own products that we recommend as the solution to our visitors.This is what we call “Affiliate Marketing”.But how it works?

Let’s imagine the next marketing plan in which there is

a) the company that offers affiliate programs for some or all of its products through its own or other 3rd party network

b) the affiliate marketers with their campaigns promoting that products through publishing website content or blogging or other methods like paid ads.

c) the final customers.

The company that owns the final product will pay commission to the affiliates if the customer was driven to the company by the unique marketing actions of the affiliate.This is a modern way of marketing that both companies and affiliates get benefited.

The company is getting the advantage of the “pay-for-performance model structure” meaning they don’t have to pay anything for advertising unless there are sales driven by the marketing efforts of the affiliates which take care of the advertising on their own and they get their procurements.The affiliates don’t have to spend a fortune on product development, the only thing they need to do is promote those products through their marketing websites.


The nowadays simplified process of website creation resulted in open opportunities for writers, website owners, bloggers, marketers, owners of forums or online communities and various kind entrepreneurs to participate in the affiliate marketing platform.




How do we participate in that “affiliate networks”..?


It’s all associated with our niche, our targeted audience…or in other words the specific market segment we aim.

In every niche, in every market, there are multiple affiliate opportunities that any entrepreneur can take advantage.


There are giant corporations offering decent commissions and there are small business or medium level organizations.You have to research for those respective affiliate programs and the next step is obviously to find out more information on the web about the reputation of each potential affiliate platform.

Try to find any useful and unbiased reviews, talk with people, ask questions in relative forums that you are already a member or become a member in new forums that can help you with your search to find out the most suitable affiliate platforms for you.


When you find some affiliate partners that you plan to co-operate you have to take care of A VERY important factor.You have to double check the specific conditions and terms of use for every affiliate platform you are interested.Some of them require you to be a member of their network, forum or sub-community.You have to check if there are fees involved in the participation and how exactly the commissions are calculated.

Now other platforms share their products for free, others require payments and subscriptions, some others are scams and only looking to take advantage of you.You have to be very careful with who you are co-operating with.


You have to TEST your product before you PROMOTE it.



The company(-ies) that you will decide to promote is gonna be your online partner(s).You may not have to own the final product but you have to be sure that customers are satisfied with it.You can’t just promote everything under the sun.If your visitors buy what you promote and they won’t stay satisfied or if there are complaints then you will start losing recognition.You have to be sure what you promote.In this step you don’t have to rush at all, you must be very selective with who you are co-operating with.

As a beginner, I suggest that you check out Affiliate Programs sponsored by well known trustworthy websites that provide high-quality products and superior customer support.People won’t trust easily unknown brands, they need to feel secure.When you have used a product and you are sure, definite and proud of it is the time to promote it.


Hige companies like Amazon or Walmart offer in-house affiliate programs but in the market, there are countless 3rd party affiliate networks that join merchants with affiliate marketers.These networks are responsible for the payments on both sides.Today’s popular networks are names like CJ Affiliate , ShareASale where you can find huge lists of products.Make sure you read carefully their use of terms and policy documents.If you are unsure what to do these networks will help you out if you get in contact with them.


In order to participate in affiliate programs, you must have a website with content that is relevant and useful for the visitors and therefore some traffic.When you apply for participation in a specific Affiliate program they will examine your website to track down its activity.I suggest staying focused on bringing decent traffic to your website and engage with your visitors so that your applications will be approved.

Regardless our niche and the content of our website there are affiliate programs we can participate and earn revenue.There are different conditions and terms from program to program but the main process is the same.

This is a summary of “How you can Make Money Online with your own Affiliate Marketing Website”…stay tuned as we gonna dive deeper into that subject..You might also check a post on Writing Reviews Online



Shall we continue on the next part…?


That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts, Till next time, your online partner.











15 Key Benefits of Affiliate Marketing That Everyone Should Know





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  1. Jerry

    Hi Tasos, this article should get many people interested to look for a way to do internet business for their own. The beauty of the program as offered by Wealthy Affiliates is that it provides opportunities for almost everybody out there. As to testing each product offered myself, I am a little bit hesitant as I am in the wine (Chardonnay) business. I am reviewing and offering maybe a hundred bottles of wine and do not have the means to buy each and every bottle for review. As such I find other reviews on the net and use them. Cheers, Jerry

    • Tasos

      Very nice to meet someone in the wine industry.Yes , I believe in your situation the testing of the products is not so convenient.It differs from the digital products , indeed.

      Thank you for your input and for discussing the subject with me.Good luck with your projects.

  2. Chris

    I’ve heard about internet marketing before but I’ve never really known what it’s all about – thanks for clearing it up for me. It does sound like something I would like to get into but I’m unsure about the amount of work – is it really that easy to learn or is it a steep learning curve? I’m also wondering about the amount of tools needed to get started?

    • Tasos

      It takes time Chris , as with everything.There are no real shortcuts here , it depends on someone’s devotion , willing and efforts.There is a lot of learning but you move forward constructing a business at the same time.

      A website builder , a keyword tool and a membership that could cover the hosting services and / or the training courses.These are enough for a start I believe.

      Thank you for visiting and for participating in the conversation.

  3. Todd

    Hi Tasos, you’ve written a really good article here. I am just getting started in affiliate marketing, and am in the process of looking into some affiliate programs. It is very hard to know which one to go with. But I believe the best idea might be to pick a good product first, then find the affiliate network to promote it. What do you think?

    • Tasos

      It seems like a very good idea , Todd.Make a thorough market research to target a specific product , one for the beginning.Such a product that you would feel proud of , in order to advertise it peacefully and passionately.

      Then there might be two options.Either the owner or the producer of the product could offer an affiliate program on their website.If not , they probably would include it in one or more affiliate platforms , like ShareASale , CJ Affiliate.You will join the appropriate network and promote your product in co-operation with them.Then you will be adding more decent offers to your website increasing the value of it.

      I wanna thank you once again for your repeated visits and your meaningful thoughts.

  4. Kerry Bramham

    Hi Tasos,
    I think affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. I do like your advice about not promoting something that you haven’t tested yourself. I think this is very important as you are bound to sell more if the product is something you like and use yourself.
    Nice post!

    • Tasos

      Exactly Kerry , we should test every aspect of a product or service.Not only this is going to lead to more conversions but it will keep our customers satisfied.And then they will share the information with their network and the potential is really endless.From the other hand if we choose to promote products that are not so qualitative we risk in losing our authority.Using the products we are selling is a live example for our customers.

      Indeed Affiliate Marketing comes as a solution to these strange economic times , we can promote products without worrying of the customer service or the production itself.We only pre-sell , we have way less things to take care of.

      Thank you for the visit and for your valuable mentions.

  5. Antonio

    Hello Tasos,

    You offer some great pointers for beginners starting off with affiliate marketing. I know for me in the beginning, there were so many voices offering an opinion. It took me weeks of constant research in order to find a clear path. And eventually I found myself at Wealthy Affiliate. And I’m loving it; I don’t regret it one bit. You’re offering sound and proven advice here, and I know you are helping a lot of people find their way. Keep up the great work my friend. I’ll be back to visit.

    • Tasos

      Hi there Antonio , welcome to my site

      I know it is very difficult for someone starting off with Affiliate Marketing to find a decent way.So many offerings , so many low-reputation shiny networks that promise “Diamonds & Pearls” and not to mention the “scam gurus” who only try to grab people’s money and disappear.And this is the mission of this site , to help those people start off the right way.

      That is the intention of this post , to guide newbies creating their own website , to understand what the “online audience” needs and how to participate in Affiliate Marketing networks like the one you mention and eventually attract visitors to their website in order to return that traffic into profit.

      Thank you for your nice words and feel free to return whenever you can.Have a nice day..


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