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'Hot' Affiliate Marketing Statistics

To help you shape a winning strategy

In a previous article, we examined what is Affiliate Marketing, and in another one, we took a look at the history of this business model. We underlined that this specific industry is only growing since its inception, back in 1989.

Now it’s time to illustrate some statistics that will help us better understand the future of affiliate marketing. Because when you study what happened and what is happening, you can easier make predictions and define a winning strategy.

#1 – Retail eCommerce sales generated by Affiliate Marketing in Germany


Source: Aug 28, 2017


Every year the affiliate marketing sales are increasing

#2 – Affiliate Marketing accounts for 7.5% of total digital spend among retailers

Source: Nov 25, 2016

Rakuten – Networks help drive affiliate marketing into the mainstream

conducted by Forrester Consulting, Feb 03, 2016

US Affiliate Marketing Spending, 2015-2020, Billions

2015 US Billions

2016 US Billions

2017 US Billions

2018 US Billions

2019 US Billions


Every year the numbers are increasing

2020 US Billions

#3 – 81% of Brands Use Affiliate Marketing Programs

Source: Sep 29, 2017

Rakuten – Networks help drive affiliate marketing into the mainstream

conducted by Forrester Consulting, Feb 03, 2016

As of 2016, 81% of brands and 84% of publishers leverage Affiliate Marketing






Almost every brand and publisher leverage Affiliate Marketing

#4 – The search term “Affiliate Marketing” over the last 5 years

Source: Apr 04, 2018


The graph is constantly increasing. Popularity by location, first 20 countries:

Bangladesh, Nigeria, St Helena, Kenya, Singapore

Netherlands, India, Ghana, Nepal, Malaysia

Pakistan, South Africa, Cyprus, Estonia, Philippines

Germany, Sri Lanka, Israel, UK, USA

#5 – 38% of marketers call Affiliate Marketing one of the top customer acquisition methods

Source: Apr 27, 2016




A very important statistic showing the real power of this advertising model.

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#6 – 2,350+ Affiliates surveyed by AffStat, 2015 Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report

Source: AffStat, 2015


Affiliates Working from Home


A very important statistic showing how convenient working can be

Preferred Method to Drive Traffic




Social Networks








Word of Mouth


It’s no surprise that all affiliates use the Inbound Methodology, that is attracting visitors to their properties


Affiliates Moving on when Denied by an Affiliate Program


There are unlimited programs to promote, if one company does not need you, simply move on and find another one


Primary Target Market for Affiliate Business - USA


Primary Target Market for Affiliate Business - Europe


It seems that the USA is a saturated market, but this means untapped opportunities for the rest of the world.

Europe is the 2nd in the list, with only 15%, so imagine the potential for the rest of the countries.

#7 – Experts forecasting on the Top Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2018

Source: Jan 29, 2018

When someone goes to Google and searches for “product name reviews”, they are already in buying mode.

Brands and affiliate marketers who put in the time and effort to build out legitimate sites that offer real value and rank high in Google, will continue to make great money in 2018 and beyond!

Zac Johnson


Product reviews is the main focus

Affiliate marketing will expand to developing countries in 2018

Neil Patel


Neil Patel’s forercast aligns with the Google Trends statistics that we analyzed earlier

Messenger traffic is a great source of income for all affiliates

Sergey Khitrov


A trend that all affiliates should take very seriously (including me)

#8 – Delhi School of Internet Marketing

Source: Aug 20, 2016


Digital Media Industry's Revenue coming from Affiliate Marketing


I believe it’s an industry we should focus on

ShareaSale Affiliate Network - Number of registered affiliates


Another huge number


Top Affiliate Programs Categories

Fashion, sports, beauty, travel


People will continue to spend money in these 4 categories

#9 – Informatics – 2017 Affiliate Marketing Trends

Source: December, 2016

Affiliate merchants report according to AvantLink


Increase in new customers


This statistic shows the advantages for advertised companies, that not only reduced their ad spending, but they managed to gain more customers



An Affiliate marketing forum that cares

50,000+ helpful messages in the forum

5,135 threads

39,777 members

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#10 – Mainstream publishers are turning performance-based marketing into a Fine Art

Source: Sep 01, 2016

Affiliate marketing now drives as many e-commerce orders in the US as email.


US eCommerce orders (email and affiliate marketing)


This makes affiliate marketing one of the four largest sources of e-commerce orders, outperforming social commerce and display advertising.

#11 – Digital marketing trends in 2018

Source: Mar 01, 2018

Content marketing costs compared to traditional marketing


Less than traditional advertising

Affiliate marketing generates 3X leads than traditional advertising


As I have already analyzed in previous articles, affiliate marketing cost less, and it brings better results than traditional expensive methods

#12 – Phone Calls from Mobile Search Will Top 73 Billion in 2018

Source: June 04, 2014

Billion calls generated by mobile search in 2018

In 2013, it was 30 billion


Pay-per-call marketing is the latest ‘big’ trend. As more and more people use their phones, companies that want to get advertised will pay marketing agencies for leads and customers that call them

#13 – Mobile Searchers Call a Business Directly From Search Results

Source: Aug, 2016


Mobile searchers calling a business directly from search results

Top 5 categories that value phone leads

Auto, cable & telecom, financial services, home services, travel


It’s crucial for marketers to use click-to-call buttons that are displayed in the search results. This easy-to-use method saves time for mobile users.

#14 – Top 20 Cost-Per-Acquisition Networks 2021


Top 20 CPA Networks 2021

  1. Perform (formerly ClickBooth)
  2. MaxBounty
  3. DMS performance ad market (formerly W4)
  4. ClickDealer
  5. CrakRevenue
  6. A4D
  7. TheAffiliatiNetwork
  8. ToroAdvertising
  9. CPA Trend
  10. GlobalWideMedia
  11. Mobidea
  12. AdWorkMedia
  13. CPA Lead
  14. RevenueAds
  15. Convert2Media
  16. AdVidi
  17. Admitad
  18. AdCombo
  19. ValuLeads
  20. LemonAds

#15 – Top CPA Networks for Advertisers and Merchants 2021


Top CPA Networks for Advertisers and Merchants 2021

  1. DMS Performance Ad Market (formerly W4)
  2. Perform (formerly ClickBooth)
  3. MaxBounty
  4. CrakRevenue
  5. ClickDealer
  6. A4D
  7. ToroAdvertising
  8. TheAffiliatiNetwork

#16 – Top CPA Networks for Affiliates and Publishers 2021


Top CPA Networks for Affiliates and Publishers 2021

  1. Perform (formerly ClickBooth)
  2. MaxBounty
  3. DMS Performance Ad Market (formerly W4)
  4. ClickDealer
  5. CrakRevenue
  6. A4D
  7. CPA Trend
  8. ToroAdvertising
  9. Mobidea

#17 – Top 20 Affiliate (CPS) Networks 2021


Top 20 Affiliate (CPS) Networks 2021

  1. Rakuten
  2. Awin US Group
  3. CJ Affiliate
  4. Impact
  5. AvanGate
  6. FlexOffers
  7. LinkConnector
  8. eBay Partner Network
  9. PepperJam
  10. AvantLink
  11. Partnerize
  12. WebGains/AdPepperMedia
  13. TradeDoubler
  14. TradeTracker
  15. Amazon Associates
  16. AffiliateFuture
  17. RevenueWire
  18. ClickBank
  19. TravelPayouts
  20. SkimLinks

#18 – Best Pay-Per-Call Networks


Best Pay-Per-Call Networks

  1. AragonAdvertising
  2. Palo
  3. RingPartner
  4. PayPerCallMarket
  5. HyperTargetMarketing
  6. AstoriaCompany
  7. CJ Affiliate
  8. ReviMedia
  9. RexConnects
  10. Visiqua

#19 – Top European CPA Networks 2020


Top European CPA Networks 2020

  1. ClickDealer
  2. AdCombo
  3. LemonAds
  4. PropellerAds
  5. ToroAdvertising
  6. AdVidi
  7. Mobidea
  8. Admitad
  9. MyLead
  10. GasMobi
  11. LeadbitGroup
  12. Affmy
  13. Everad
  14. ExoticLead

#20 – Global Affiliate Marketing Platform Market Report


Company coverage: Amazon, Alibaba, EBay, Rakuten, AWIN, Shopify, CJ Affiliate, Bluehost, StudioPress (WPEngine), Tradedoubler, Admitad, ShareASale, Clickbank, Leadpages.

Market regional analysis: North America, Europe, China, Japan, Middle East & Africa, India, South America, Others.


The percentage of the Affiliate Marketing Platform market CAGR in terms of revenue over the next five years


CAGR stands for the Compound Annual Growth Rate, a business and investing specific term for the geometric progression ratio that provides a constant rate of return over the time period.

This percentage shows the incredible growth rate of the affiliate industry.

The global market size in US Dollars Millions by 2025.


That’s 16 billion. I believe there is room for everyone.

A-Z Directory of Advertising and Affiliate Networks


Let’s quickly recap the statistics:

  • Every year the retail eCommerce sales generated by Affiliate Marketing are increasing
  • Every year in the US the affiliate marketing spending increases
  • 81% of brands and 84% of publishers leverage affiliate marketing
  • The number of searches for the term “Affiliate Marketing” is constantly increasing the last 5 years
  • Almost 40% of marketers mention affiliate marketing as their preferred method to acquire new customers
  • 55% of affiliates are working from home
  • The top 4 preferred methods to bring traffic are SEO, social media, blogging, email
  • Over 50% of affiliates move on when denied by an affiliate program
  • USA is the primary target market for affiliate business
  • Affiliates will continue to write product reviews
  • Affiliate marketing will expand to developing countries in 2018
  • Affiliates will be using messengers more often
  • 15% of the digital media industry’s revenue comes from affiliate marketing
  • Only on ShareaSale are 1M registered affiliates
  • The top affiliate programs categories are fashion, sports, beauty, and travel
  • 45% of affiliate merchants increased their customer-base
  • Affiliate marketing now drives as many e-commerce orders in the US as email
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing
  • Content marketing generates 3X leads than traditional advertising
  • Phone calls from mobile search will top 73B in 2018
  • 70% of mobile searcher calls a business directly from search results
  • Top 5 categories that value phone leads are auto, cable & telecom, financial services, home services, and travel

What can we learn from these statistics? What is the future of Affiliate Marketing?

Sales are increasing, the ad spending increases, almost every brand uses this model. Companies use this method to reduce their costs and to increase their customer base. Affiliate marketing is now so strong that can be compared to email marketing.

It’s a convenient method and most of the affiliates are working from home.

Categories that will thrive are digital media, fashion, sports, beauty, and travel.

The mobile-first world indicates that pay-per-call affiliate marketing is the new ‘Hot’ trend. Mobile searchers use their phone immediately to call a business from the search results pages.

I believe that the number of affiliates will continue to increase, and I really hope that more affiliates from developing countries will enter the market.

There are unlimited opportunities everywhere for all the affiliates and companies. People continue to spend money on their favorite products and services, and online sales are increasing year after year.

The future of business is online, but…

…still, there are some pieces of the puzzle missing.

PS I will continue adding new statistics to this thread in an attempt to cover all the possible questions. What do you think? What is your resume from these statistics? I would love to hear from you.


  • eMarketer – retail eCommerce sales generated by affiliate marketing in Germany, by device, 2014-2016
  • Rakuten – Networks help drive affiliate marketing into the mainstream conducted by Forrester Consulting, Feb 03, 2016
  • eMarketer – Affiliate marketing accounts for 7.5% of total digital spend among retailers
  • MediaKix – 30 affiliate marketing statistics every marketer must know
  • Google Trends – the term “affiliate marketing” over the past 5 years worldwide
  • AM Navigator – 20 affiliate marketing stats that will blow your mind
  • AffStat – 2015 affiliate marketing benchmark report
  • Mobidea Academy – 21 experts on the top affiliate marketing trends for 2020
  • DSIM – 16 astonishing stats about affiliate marketing
  • Informatics – 2017 affiliate marketing trends
  • BusinessInsider – the affiliate marketing report
  • VentureHarbour – 20 digital marketing stats you need to know in 2020
  • BIA – phone calls from mobile search will top 73 billion in 2018
  • SearchEngineWatch – Google: 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results (study)
  • mThink: Best CPA networks 2021
  • mThink: Top CPA networks for advertisers and merchants 2021
  • mThink: Top CPA networks for affiliates and publishers 2021
  • mThink: Top 20 affiliate (CPS) networks 2021
  • mThink: Best pay-per-call networks
  • mThink: Top European CPA networks 2020
  • ExpressKeeper – Affiliate Marketing Platform Market 2021 | Growth, Share, Trends, Opportunities And Focuses On Top Players |Amazon, Alibaba, EBay, Rakuten, AWIN, Shopify, CJ Affiliate, Bluehost


As we can see from the statistics, this model has a bright future. Due to its huge advantages for all parties involved it spread so fast all over the world.

Thanks to this model of promoting goods I managed to create an online business without investing almost any money. I only invested in personal work.

Within a few years, I was able to help hundreds of companies abroad increase their sales as a marketing publisher.

As of the end of 2019, this site now operates as an independent marketing services company.

Want to learn how you too can start an online business through affiliate marketing?

We can help you with our private training workshops.

Schedule a video-call interview to help us understand your experiences, inclination, and goals, and to choose the industry you can start working with right away.

Another article has finished, here on WebMarketSupport. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, SummerDream.

I enjoy reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and playing with my kids.

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