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Arthur Rowley

Arthur Rowley is a freelance writer. He mainly specializes in the design and the game industry. He works with Book of Ra and likes everything to do with design and video games. He looks into the future of technology and is very excited about its daily metamorphosis and hopes in the future for what lies behind the curtain of technological development.

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Why You Need A Content Marketer Today

Content marketing is a strategy that took the test of time. What it is, what a content marketer does, required skills, why brands need it and what to do next.

5 Best Types Of Content For Lead Generation

Attracting prospects and increasing their interest in your offers is not an easy task. Here are the best types of content to generate leads effectively.

Best Ways To Create Unique Content

Content creation has gone from being seen as a non-job to a serious way to build a career and personal platform online. We run through the best ways to add unique value and create content that stands out.

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Decrypting ConsumerBehaviour


Enter the groundbreaking "Market Parallax" Model.

We explore consumer behaviour by employing a diverse array of techniques, including research methodologies, data collection and analysis, market segmentation, targeted approaches, product positioning, and trial testing. 

Through these marketing lenses, we unravel the intricate field of consumer behaviour and explore avenues for influencing it judiciously.

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