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I am using many online tools for my graphics , one of those is the Smart Graphic Creator and is a very easy to use application.


What you can create with the Smart Graphic Creator


In every category there is a video with detailed instructions so that you discover easier the abilities of the program


  • Graphic size (width & height)
  • Headline control – pre , main , sub
  • Text – fonts (standard & handwritten)
  • Text outline – size , blur , transparency , color …
  • Text shadow
  • Shadow effects
  • Extra graphics – arrows , crosses , stars , ticks  underlines , and other…






Button designs – border , background plus all the settings from the previous category (headlines).Additionally you can enter any custom made button you want.A very flexible option.






Guarantee & Testimonials







Final Words


If you are looking for a quick and dirty way to create headlines , banners or testimonials this app is very handy.Pretty fast with many options and settings.You won’t be disappointed.

In order to download your image as JPG or PNG you give away a valid email address.That’s all it takes.


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I hope you enjoyed another review , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner.















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