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You're Reading:No Complaint about American Bill Money..Is it a Profitable System?

No Complaint about American Bill Money..Is it a Profitable System?

by Tasos


Aug 11, 2016


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6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



The Future Belongs to Small Businesses

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It’s a methodology specifically designed to help you compete efficiently in the overcomplicated marketplace.

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UPDATE – 15 Aug 2016


I received comments from Paul Korzeniowski , who is the founder of American Bill Money , redirecting me to the original website of ABM.

The review I posted a few days ago was based on 2 affiliated with ABM sites.Although I found ABM through a new advertisement on an ad marketplace , the info on those sites was old.

Since then ABM has changed the compensation plan , the outlook of the postcards and other things , so I had to update this thread with new information.





The ABM’s slogan describes the opportunity …”Providing a consistent direct-mail lead source for the American home based industry..”


How the system works



You purchase the monthly membership for $125 or the 12 month prepay for $1500.This way you become an affiliate of the product.


You are buying 150 fresh leads of opportunity seekers and buyers every month.Also you get 150 ABM postcards with 150 ID stickers (with your name and ID # on them) and you have to add a postcard stamp and mail them.


You receive 1800 leads and 1800 ABM postcards.And an additional bonus of 3200 postcards.All the 5000 postcards will be custom printed with your ID # and name and you won’t have to add the stickers and labels on your own.ABM staff will do it for you.You can also add your picture if you like to personalise the message to the leads.


The new postcard – Front






The new Postcard – Back








The package also includes

The tools and services of the automated sales process.

The toll-free recordings

  1. What ABM sells and how you can get paid (recorded by Paul , the founder).
  2. Customer comments and testimonials
  3. How to get started and their phone numbers

The website of ABM that explains everything.The home office with the live operators that answer all questions to your prospects 24 / 7 , so you don’t have to.


The compensation plan

ABM pays a 60% commission immediately on all the people you refer to ABM , after your first referral.

If I get it all right , that means your first referral goes to ABM.Then you receive $75 for the 2nd referral or $900 for the annual members.

If you manage to refer 3 people , then you will receive $75 X 2 = $150 or $900 X 2 = $1800 and you are profitable covering the expenses of your membership.

The first referral is called ..”The Qualifying Sale” and this is how your sponsor or Upline will earn money from you.From the second referral on you are getting paid and the system goes infinitely deep.


ABM is only available to the USA

Unfortunately I can not test ABM on my own , although I was ready to start.Too bad , may be in the future Paul will find a solution.

Therefore I can not judge if this opportunity really works.


If you are an ABM member I would like to hear from you.If you have any other questions do not hesitate to add a comment.




And this is where the original review starts.




Original Article 11 Aug 2016








I found another promising landing page today while I was searching for online opportunities.They say….

…”If you have failed at online marketing you need to go offline”…earn a huge monthly income ($1K , $4K , $10K or more…) mailing our full colour , professional postcards.

I did not know that mail men get paid that much money.May be it is because of the full colour and professional outlook of these postcards.Let’s see…


What American Bill Money is all about?



I signed up with my email details and redirected to the official website.

But please tell me , is this a professional look for a postcard?







The postcard highlights..”mailing these postcards part-time from home and with only 7 sales each on 3 levels earns you $10K / month..”

First of all , it is obvious that this is an MLM system.I strongly doubt that you will be making money with that system any soon.They say that with 7 sales on 3 levels will earn you $10K…

Let’s move on…and I will explain the difficulties that arise with such systems later


The postcard continues…”the recorded presentation explains everything 24 / 7.Call 1-800….and listen to all 6 messages (15 minutes).I wonder if they charge you for these calls..


…it’s only $125 to join and we supply the postcards and the mailing lists , no computer needed.Now they are asking for money…it is very soon to do that…I start to worry a little bit.


More details on the postcard

  • 24 / 7 automated system sells for you
  • Live operators take the orders 24 / 7
  • We mail company checks everyday
  • Millions paid to affiliates since 2003
  • A+ BBB rating
  • 30 years of experience

Now this report generates some questions

If American Bill Money operates since 2003 how they can explain that their website has DA (domain authority) = 13?…very small number , I would wait 40+ at least.


American Bill Money Product



The direct mail business kit includes

  • 150 postcards (150 virtual sales reps working on your behalf)
  • 150 lead lables.Names & addresses of opportunity seekers
  • 150 ID stickers for your postcards
  • Training support
  • Live operators 24 / 7
  • Toll free number overview (6 recorded messages)
  • Use of the entire marketing system all for only $125 / month


ABM Pay plan details



$75 fast start commissions paid daily and unlimited $25 per person monthly residual commissions for everyone within your 3 level organisation.

Out of each customers $125 purchase , ABM pays out $75 in commissions every month , residually.

The first month’s purchase , the full $75 commission is paid immediately to the sponsor and is called a “Fast Start” bonus.

Each subsequent month if the sponsor is not a “Direct Deluxe” , he will be paid $25.Their sponsor will be paid $25 and their sponsor another $25.

First level commissions are paid weekly.

2nd and 3rd level overrides are paid on the 1st of each month for the month prior.If the sponsor is a “Direct Deluxe” , he will receive the entire $75 every month.

For those of you that personally refer 100 Deluxe customers to ABM you’ll earn the title of “Direct Deluxe”.

From your 101st referral on , you’ll earn $75 not just the first month , but every month on all sales from your 101st on.






How ABM works



As a customer of ABM you will be purchasing the Deluxe package for $125 / month.

You are buying 150 fresh income opportunity seeker names and mailing addresses also known as leads on peel and stick mailing labels each month.

These leads can be used as often as you like , to promote any income opportunity , now and in the future , including ABM.The leads are guaranteed deliverable or they are replaced 2 to 1 if you have them returned to you.You may even resell these leads if you desire.

With your monthly order you will receive 150 postcards and ID stickers for all your materials with your ABM # and name on them.


Other services included with the Deluxe package are

  • 2 toll free 800 numbers and the company website that explains everything about ABM to your prospects for you.
  • Live operators on our website are taking your orders 24 / 7
  • All questions are answered by the company for you
  • All orders are sent by Priority Mail immediately from the company
  • You are personally notified every time you refer someone and paid $75 the next day.
  • Free genealogy reports with every check



  • ABM pays $25 a month per referral on everyone on 3 levels.
  • Everyone you personally refer is called your First Level.
  • You will be paid $75 the next day for everyone you refer and then $25 residually every month for as long as they remain active.
  • Everyone your First Level refers is called your Second Level , you will earn $25 a month for everyone on your Second Level.
  • Everyone your Second Level refers is called your Third Level.And again , you will earn $25 a month on everyone on your Third Level.
  • If you are a Direct Deluxe – you will earn $75 on all personal referrals from your 101st on.You will be paid $75 the next day for everyone you personally refer and then $75 residually every month for as long as they remain active.
  • You only need one active personal referral or quotas to meet , you must remain an active customer in good standing,


No other Information



And that’s it.This is where the ABM website stops , leaving you wondering if this is a true opportunity or another “Dust in the Wind” fake advertisement.

In order to proceed you have to pay $125 every single month.And you have to refer people into the business by persuading them that this system works.But you don’t even know if this is working or not.

And those referred people have to stay active and refer others so that your residual income could grow.



Final Words




Things to consider before joining

  • The starting purchasing kit is not very affordable for the majority of people.
  • Recruiting others is Not for inexperienced marketers.You need strong sales skills to survive.Getting 101 people to sign under your name won’t happen the first month or even after a year.
  • The leads are being sent to you by ABM , but who can guarantee that these names are people who are searching for income opportunities and that they will remain active.And if you want to sell you can’t simply rely on the ABM postcards list of leads , you have to work your b..t off , both on / offline to find leads on your own.
  • I don’t like the outlook of the postcards and most people will believe that this is a scam.
  • It is a system clearly based on recruiting with no retail products to end customers


I will try to find people that are using this system , starting out from partners and other bloggers.But no one has written a review so far.


That’s it , another review has finished , here on Web Market Support.If you are a member of ABM I would like to hear your experience.Till next time , your online partner.















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  1. Thomas

    Proof to me this not a scam!

    Only way this not a scam!

    You pay for it! Then I’m right!

    This is a scam! Pay for me or go to hell!

    • Tasos

      Hi Thomas

      Please give us some details about what happened. Did you invest in that program?

  2. e. b. schuhmann

    I can’t get off this damned mailing list.
    E.B. Schuhmann, Louisville, Ky

    • Tasos

      Which list E.B? American Bill Money list?

  3. Ken Barnes

    I have been with American Bill Money since the company started in November of 2003! I mail the postcards every month as well as do some online marketing and I have to say that not only does American Bill Money work but it has created a substantial additional income for me that has allowed me to take a less stressful job and my wife a part-time job(only because she will go crazy having no job at all) with doing ABM 100% in the very near future. I have been and continue getting multiple checks every month and have been in profit with ABM since January of 2004 (after only 2 months). Thank goodness for devoted people like Paul and his company, American Bill Money!I started putting some videos of my ABM checks online about 4 years ago I think, you can take a look for yourself on my YouTube channel at http://videoswithkenb.com. Or you can just Google Ken Barnes and American Bill Money. Please let me know if you have any questions as I am more than willing to answer anything. (Maybe I should take a picture of all of my ABM paycheck stubs too?)

    • Tasos

      I believe you Ken , you don’t need to take pictures of checks.I wanted to try American Bill Money so much but unfortunately it is only available to the USA.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your experience.Your testimonial can help more people decide.

      By the way very cool song of ABM , perfect for dancing.Good luck to you and your wife.!!

  4. Paul Korzeniowski

    Hello again Tasos,
    After seeing each others point a view a little better I just want to point out the negativeness of your new title. “Is American Bill Money a Scam?..Probably Not but it won’t be a Piece of Cake”. You know its Not a scam or you would of found some evidence of that online seeing we’ve been around 13 years now, and if we were “Scamming”, people would be complaining like hell online and we certainly would not have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. and the last part “but it wont be a piece of cake” is making sound like we say it is, or that you have something that is, and we both know, NO opportunity is a piece of cake, unless your a cake maker.
    A positive title for us both may be. “American Bill Money has stood the test of time, but is it right for you ?”

    • Tasos

      Hello Paul , how are you?

      I really like you , you are a strong negotiator but this is what entrepreneurs look like.

      I have not changed the original title but yes , it’s one that does not fit to ABM.Not a single complaint with the BBB and so far I found no negative review.Being in business for 13 years is a good signal.

      I will change the title for you.Cheers..!!!

  5. Paul Korzeniowski

    Oops, Forgot the last one
    •There are risks involved and therefore I can not recommend ABM to you. (Come On Tasos, There are Risks in EVERYTHING, including what your pushing, just like the old saying, “No Risk, No Reward”, There is NO Progress WITHOUT Sacrifice !

    • Tasos

      Yes , you are right Paul.In order to be fair I will delete that phrase from my review.Any business model has risks and ABM does not cost a fortune.

  6. Paul Korzeniowski

    Hi Tasos, you might want to visit our actual company website http://www.abminfo.com , the one you “reviewed ” is not the companies and has Old info on it, so your “review” is inaccurate.
    Your conclusion with my statement after each below
    •The starting purchasing kit is not very affordable for the majority of people. (Only 2 referrals and your in PROFIT, beat that)
    •Recruiting others is Not for inexperienced marketers.You need strong sales skills to survive.Getting 101 people to sign under your name won’t happen the first month or even after a year. (We do the Recruiting Full Time and have 34 Years Experience at it)
    •The leads are being sent to you by ABM , but who can guarantee that these names are people who are searching for income opportunities and that they will remain active. (Our Leads Produce sales overall Daily, and success isn’t dependent on our leads only)
    •I don’t like the outlook of the postcards and most people will believe that this is a scam. (That’s Your Opinion and easy to say when your trying to bait and switch people to whatever it is your selling, Look at our Newest Postcard that took 13 years to come up with and see if you feel the same, Do you have a postcard for your opportunity that is better ?)
    •There are risks involved and therefore I can not recommend ABM to you.

    I Hope your ethical enough to show my entire post with out deleting things that don’t suit you.

    • Tasos

      Indeed Paul , I reviewed 2 other websites , affiliated with American Bill Money.But there are so many of them , I could not find the original ABM one.But now I had the chance to review that as well.

      First of all you sound sure about your company and services and that is something I really like.But have in mind that I already gave you a positive review.

      The original ABM site answers to some of the questions I had with the other 2 sites.And the compensation plan looks fair and easy to understand.But you mention that any member is getting paid after their 1st referral , is that right?…So , in order to pay the monthly fees and be profitable you need 3 referrals , not 2.But I guess this is not a big problem.Getting 3 referrals is not that hard.

      As concerns the new layout of the postcards to be honest again , I do not like it.But that is not a reason to exclude ABM from my promotions.If the system works with these postcards that I personally do not like , I am OK.I can still promote ABM.If a product sells you don’t change it.And you know first hand if that layout sells.

      Unfortunately you only allow access to the USA.I wanted to test ABM for myself but I can’t , I live in Greece.Therefore I can not make a final decision if the system works as it’s promised.I hope you open the gates to the rest of the world so that everyone will have the chance to make business with ABM.

      Another thing is that the signup page where people give their details is not a secure one.The “https” part is excluded from the browser.You may be losing potential customers but is a minor problem that can be fixed easily.

      Furthermore I wanted to ask you about the leads names that you sent to the members through the postcards.Are you sending the same names to all the members or are all different?

      As you can see I did not delete anything from your comment , not even a comma.I even included your link to the original ABM website so that anyone can visit it.

      As a result of your comment I will update the review later on today adding all the necessary details , such as the new comp plan , in order to be fair.I wish that you make ABM available to all the world.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for discussing the subject with me.Hope to hear from you soon.Good luck with your businesses and ABM of course.

      • Paul Korzeniowski

        Your A Good Man Tasos, unlike so many other “review guys”. Sorry you don’t like our postcard though, I think it’s Perfect !
        Our order is page has always been secured , I pay the bill every year !
        Everyone gets different leads, all the time. Going Worldwide is not as easy as it may seem. There are way to many hurdles, Laws, Language, shipment, postage, to name a few. We haven’t even scratched the surface of potential in the USA and were about to start our 14th year and millions of networkers in USA still don’t even know we exist. Your welcome to call me anytime to talk shop if you’d like. ειρήνη

        • Tasos

          Hello again Paul

          I updated my article with new information from the original ABM website.Thank you for answering my question about the leads.Too bad you are not expanding worldwide , but may be in the future , who knows?

          I wish you success and happiness , it was so nice to write in Greek for me.Peace..!!!

  7. Jack Cupp

    I’ve been with American Bill Money for 3 years. Best home based business I’ve ever been in and I’ve been in plenty of them.
    ABM has just changed to a 1UP comp plan that pays triple the commissions on personal members and passups than the unilevel. $75
    per member monthly instead of $25 a month. I get a couple checks a week from ABM. They have been paying commissions 6 days a week
    for 13 years. Works offline and online. Most people make no money online so when they see an offline opportunity it gets their
    attention. See my kitchen table full of ABM pay stubs here.. [link removed]

    • Tasos

      That is great news Jack.If you are satisfied with ABM and they pay you out it should be a nice opportunity.

      But I want to ask you if you can be more specific about the compensation plan.You mean that when you buy the monthly membership for $125 at the end of the month you will get back $75 out of them?…Even with no one in your downline?…Who is paying for the post mailing expenses?

      Thank you for dropping by with your personal experience , I hope to hear from you soon.Good luck with your businesses…!

      • Jack Cupp

        It’s a real business. You pay $125 a month for 150 postcards and leads on stickers.
        When someone joins you there will be a check in the mail for $75 the next day. Then every month
        when your member pays his autoship you receive $75 mailed every Friday. 10 members would be an easy
        $750 a month, 100 members $7500 a month. (that’s being done) It’s a 1UP comp plan so every one sends the first
        member to their sponsor. Unlimited width
        and depth. Some people join on the Pre-Pay option paying for a year in advance with no monthly
        autoship. Next day you get a $900 check in the mail and the prepay member gets 3200 free customized postcards.
        It does happen quite often. (smart people) I’ve been doing home businesses since 1998 and ABM is the best
        one ever! It’s a real business, you do have to pay for your own stamps 34 cents each. If someone thinks a
        business should have no cost they should just get an extra couple part time jobs. No one wants to do that.
        I looks like you never looked at and studied the ABM website. How do you come to some kind of conclusion
        with out even looking at the website?

        • Tasos

          I had reviewed 2 affiliated sites and not the original one.It was very hard to find the original among the many affiliated.You can read the comment of Paul and my answer above.Paul gave me the original URL.

          But the thing is that I found ABM from a new ad online.And the affiliated partner has old info on his site.New ad , old info.

          I had read the comp plan and is indeed , a better one and very flexible.If the product sells and If the company pays everyone then everything is OK.And the cost of 34 cents per postcard sounds great.

          But I can not test ABM for myself.It’s only available in the USA.


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