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You're Reading:How I Made Over $120K in Less Than 5 Hours by Drinking Coffee – S01E01

How I Made Over $120K in Less Than 5 Hours by Drinking Coffee – S01E01

by Tasos


Oct 2, 2015

A few months ago I stumbled upon some reviews about another business opportunity, called “The Coffee Shop Millionaire”…I was intrigued by the title and I decided to take a look for myself. The man, called Anthony gave a nice show and I admit he is a talented “Fairy Tale” actor…But the video in his home page meant to “mark” my future forever.

…but I guess you are curious to find out…

How I Made Over $120K in Less than 5 Hours






It was last Friday when I woke up full of energy and although I had so much work on my website I ended up picking my laptop and driving to town. It was quite early so I needed a coffee…

There was a nice cafe on the way so I thought .. “well, I can order one and maybe do some work on the lap”…I took a nice seat close to the window and I started working on a special landing page I was preparing last night. It was about my e-book. I was working on this project during the last months and eventually, I decided to promote it. It took me 3 minutes to complete the last elements on that page.

… The full of aroma coffee had me alerted but I was feeling a weird breeze running down my spine. Looked around all over the place, it was crowded and you can easily tell that people were in a rush. I naughty smiled at once…guilty…tried to cover my face with my hand. My mind flew back in Anthony just for a second but it was enough to understand why I smiled earlier.

I was living the dream, luxuriating on this lovely spot with my laptop watching people come and go and I was working like a kid playing his favorite PSP game. If anyone would stare at me probably he would think that I was just surfing the web, a typical lazy guy that thinks life is easy.

My suspicions came true the very minute I noticed a beautiful lady looking straight to my eyes with disgust. She was buying a coffee for the road at the bar, very close to me, obviously, she was late, her feet moving up and down. Elegantly dressed, the way lawyers do.I had no doubt, her phone rung and she responded with anxiety out loud.


…Is the Judge Ready to Announce the Names? I am Coming, OK? She Screamed.



And I was enjoying this unusual Friday. The lady stared at me closing the door with “Hate”…I whispered “Good Luck”

I published the promotional page and bought ads for a few social platforms. I pressed the buttons and shared my new content with a few partners. I said goodbye to the lady on cash and took the ride for a shopping mall out of town.


I Was Feeling Excited but Could Not Figure Out “Why”…



Inside this shopping center, I headed over a nice small snack lounge bar to pick a bite and a second coffee, this time my very favorite cappuccino. I needed a hot one despite the good weather. I was enjoying the morning breeze and all of a sudden opened my laptop to check for emails and incomings.

….I could not believe it! There were at least 5000 subscribers onto this secret page coming all from the same destination. My mail inbox was “On Fire”, literally…I checked my affiliate network account immediately and just felt shocked seeing…$5,2347…added to my profile…

I thought this was a mistake so I refreshed the browser. Meanwhile, the mail was receiving tons of new notifications…People were hungry for this e-book.No error found on the affiliate account so I withdrew half of the dollars. The day could not start better. I was expecting to reach 100 “Potential” buyers within the first hour

I could not imagine, at the time speaking, 5000 individuals actually buying the offer and nearly 60% of the transactions to be completed.


Glinnnnnnnnnk…a voice message arrived, please continue in safe mode


My sponsor knows already? A file slowly opened

Dear partner, thank you for this awesome “Friday” present, my wife hugs you, greetings from New Zealand…

PS…In case you don’t know the company just sent you a special package, not to be opened before Sunday noon.Period.Keep the voice low. Wait for my next signal, speak to you soon.


Is Manuel OK?


I thought, is he drunk or what? Dear Manuel, you lost your mind in the morning. It was just $1 per sale. The network pushed me to close an unfair deal, in fact, it was stealing my rights (but I was too excited to worry about the price)…I refreshed the affiliate browser again…Oh my, hot coffee slipped onto my jeans.


Sir are you alright? She helped me dry the mess, sorry my fault. I lost my balance and hit your back.

Oh, don’t worry, I replied.


The Affiliate Network Was Under Control – Over 55000 new buyers


I run to the closest clothing shop and eventually bought 3 costumes for me, 4 dresses and 5 bags of accessories for my wife and all the kids’ department at once. The salesman made over 5 phone calls to his boss. Eventually, I exited the parking with my car…and

… I was driving home feeling proud of the techniques I just used, thanking my sponsor who opened a spot for me to this great opportunity. That was the right investment, Manuel was right, all his predictions came true.

… Indeed a “Genius” system, like a virus on the web, spreading like a volcano spitting lava. Tons of hot material enough to melt whole cities down.


The Bakery Shop


Just before home, there is a nice bakery and their coffee is awesome. I opened my laptop as soon as I parked and man…here is the deal. Oh my, I knew I deserved it… plus 65000 buyers, reaching 130K in less than 5 hours? say $1 per sale or even less, I don’t care.


A message from the network – You are the Seller of the Month – A Gift will Arrive by Post Mail on Monday



a fancy Total of  …$123,989 in my account.


I jumped in the bakery with my laptop open … I screamed for the manager and asked him “How Much for this place?”

…He laughed…$65.000 no questions, all cash now.

I got my screen onto his face…asked for his bank account

…pushed 2-3 buttons…The money transferred to his account…I got the keys…he left.


I am a “coffee shop millionaire”….in just one day and has not even started.







Saturday – Greece – Local Time 04.30 AM



Anthony was smiling outside my window, carrying a gun and pointing me to take a look down the road

What? what is going on? I screamed but Anthony insisted

Is that a helicopter? … a few silhouettes dropped off the flying “Evil” on ropes, like CTU special forces, approaching us. It was then that the “Heli” moved right and I clearly noticed a “Logo” on the side…Clickbank.


The money belongs to ClockBug, we know you used Anthony’s methods today. A metallic strong voice coming from a speaker?


I was scared to death. What the heck is all that? I could not move. Anthony smashed the window and 3 armed men invaded my room, put a mask to cover my head and grabbed my arms…keep moving Tasos, at my pace. Let’s go, go, GO…GO


…To be continued




Thank you for reading, I think it was time to “Launch” a new section on Web Market Support. I believe the term “Novels” describes what I want to share with you. I am welcoming your comments as always. Till next time.


Next Episode – S01E02






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  1. Stephanie

    This was a very entertaining story you wrote. I enjoyed how you laid out your morning routine and I especially liked the bitter angry-at-the-world lawyer who glared at you. That part is probably true correct? I quickly figured out the fairy tale when you said you got 5000 people to buy the e-book in just a couple hours. I think this article is a good example of how some people can become suckered into the get rich quick schemes such as the Coffee Shop Millionaire which is a well-known scam. Thank you for the laugh.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Stephanie , you are very kind.If I managed to make you laugh that is something noticeable.Exactly , this is a tale based upon real facts.But the part with the lawyer is fiction as well.I have had enough with these online scams , now it’s time to move forward in a positive way.

      Thank you for this visit and for your excellent communication.

  2. Shawn Cushen

    I started out reading your post as an actual account of your day, but by the end I realized (I think correctly?) that this is a work of fiction? At least I hope it is, seeing as it sounds like it involves a kidnapping of some sort. I had high hopes that you would show me the elusive secret to making $120,000 in one day, but I guess I’ll just be satisfied to have been entertained by your story. 🙂 Can’t wait for the next chapter….

    • Tasos

      Hello there Shawn , yes it is a new section I launched to entertain a little bit my visitors because lately with all these reviews on online scams things turned out too negative.I believe the secret to make that much money in one day is to probably steal a bank or win a lottery game.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your participation in the comments.I am very glad you enjoyed that article , I can’t wait either to publish the new chapter.


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