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You're Reading:Make Money Online Scams at a Glance – Vol 01

Make Money Online Scams at a Glance – Vol 01

by Tasos


Oct 27, 2015

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I believe online scams pushed their limits , I can see signs of retreat.Their methods are getting popular , they run out of ideas.But even in these modern times we live … still new crappy landing pages coming up , new trash videos bombarding us everyday around the web,They don’t fool me , we can nail them down , all together.


I want to launch a new section here on Web Market Support


These scams and frauds are thousands , it would be useless to write product reviews on each and every one of them.My secondary email is receiving 100+ mails daily , just from these awful sites that I have been signing up so long.

But you might ask ...”Hey Tasos , why don’t you stop these negative reviews that are getting you sick and poison your readers.”

I’ve been thinking of this for quite some time.I would have stopped that hurricane but there are people out there in need of help.They are looking for reviews to find information for legitimate opportunities.I just don’t wanna watch them lose money and most of all I don’t wanna let these scammers step away with no casualties.


Scams at a Glance – a Personal Test – Experiment


I will be visiting every online product that is on demand and in cases of suspicious alerts I will push myself to a quick conclusion.I won’t spend my time writing and writing upon these known methods they use.I have already published a mini infographic guide on how to identify such bad products.Therefore I can redirect to similar reviews so you can make your decisions.


Enough with these crooks.Now it’s time to burn them altogether , into a giant cemetery









Vol 01 – Scams on The Mix



Too Good to Be True?…Probably



Auto Profit Suite


Paused after 60 secs.Very suspicious , fancy claims , commercial voice , screenshots , properties , automation.Scam from the get go I would say.What you think?… autoprofitsuite dot com

Totally free to get started , activation takes 5 minutes.No other content on this landing page.


Arbitrage Autopilot Profits – Zak Loveday


Discover how I went from $5 to $1500 in 30 days.Oh really.No upfront investment , no website , skills or any list.Another magic formula?…Screenshots , testimonials , the usual menu.

A free product that it should cost $1000 given away for a lousy $7.Only one copy left.Let’s try to exit.Wait ,, Tasos , a free case study.OK…Zak but he failed to deliver this Free guide to my inbox.His auto-responder is down.Probably he is out of business already.

Another bad product , very bad.Stay away from the arbitrageautopilotprofits dot com.


Let me check my mail service.Yes , 1245 unread incoming plus 522 spam messages , that is a big point.Now you understand how these people “W O R K”.



100 dollars made Easy 


An opportunity to earn $2700 up to $3500 per week.And what if I want to reach $10000 per week.No , I want it.

The video started with the worst possible way.A serious entrepreneur mentions that people looking for money olnine are relying on information on blogs that are outdated.And he comes to save the day.

How he proves that his system works?…Clickbank screenshots.Oh my , don’t….It would be wise not to invest in 100dollarsmadeeasy dot com.


Binary Arrow – David Baxter


No marketing product that is legitimate makes such an impressive introduction.You think you are watching parts of TV news and discussions between journalists talking about this Arrow….No , I would stay away already.

He helped thousands of clients become rich during his long 25 years career.Fake testimonials , for the garbage.Another automatic binary options trading software.David is only aiming at our pockets.Empty of content . fake badges and buttons…Blah to binary-arrow dot com


3 week Millionaire


Another Binary fraud underneath the scenes.Their homepage is nasty and provocative.Their video though is not playing , may be they have some technical problems.There is no element of quality.I will bypass that very quickly.This is what they deserve.2-3 lines of text…3weekmillionaire dot com.


Constant Profit Factory


That one is very funny.Listen to .. “72 year old grandma and 14 year old school boy … make love … NO , just kidding , they make $90 online in 24 hours by using a simple facebook account.”

Another classic Sales Pitch page.No value  , no anything at all.What to avoid..constantprofitfactory dot com.


Infinite Binary Profits


Another outright scam.This program guarantees that you will bank at the end of the day $1000.Yes , a thousand bucks.The following video testimonials are fake to the bone.The first old man posing is a well known video producer of such disgusting material.

A classical Binary Fraud…infinitebinaryprofits dot com…






Final Opinion – Conclusion


I believe that in this way we can somewhat move with a little decency.Do not worry , you won’t miss the chance of your life.This is not how people make money online.These examples are here to wake you up and don’t fall for the big scams.

If you are looking for a way that is working online then I will point you to build a sustainable business on your own.That can accomplished with a website.Yes , you can build one on your own , just like I did.

If you are passionate about computers and you enjoy writing and blogging then there is a huge potential online.Endless opportunities for everyone.This business model needs your devotion and efforts.Are you ready to become an entrepreneur?


Till next time , I am waiting for your participation in the comments , as always.Your online partner.











Discover the Power of Affiliate Websites






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  1. Riaz Shah

    Hey Tasos,
    Awesome list, I’ve always loved your posts! So glad to see Binary Arrow there as well, I’m totally against binary options of any form. Unlike Forex where we can predict the movement of stocks before investing, binary options is just pure gamble as you bet on whether the graph will go up or down. I got tricked by 6 binary options programs before realising that their system is flawed, those scam gurus do make a lot of money from this scheme.

    • Tasos

      So glad to see you again Riaz , you are right about Binary Options and lately I had a discussion with another fellow blogger who said that it is exactly as gambling.It is a great risk to get involved in that area , and of course it is not wise to invest in tricky software promises.

      Let’s hope that soon these programs will disappear , they do not deserve to stand on the market.

      Thank you for another visit and for sharing this experience with me.

  2. Anh Nguyen


    I’ve seen many product reviews but I’ve never seen a full guides before, this is very interesting!

    I think these all have one thing in common on how big a promise they make. It’s common sense that a course, even an excellent one can only teach you as much and it’s much more about putting things into practice so it’s hard to guarantee specific results.

    I would prefer if you can add images of these products it will help scan through them easier.


    • Tasos

      Welcome Anh , yes , these programs only promise , they are very good at that.But what about any other content…Nope , nothing.As you say , even the best programs can not guarantee results.

      I have added only their logos in my graph , I did not want to extend into more details because I believe they do not deserve it after all.But I could have a few more images , sure.

      Thank you for another visit and for stating your experience.Cheers

  3. angelicamaney

    Very interesting article! There are so many scams out there. I wish they weren’t scams though, that 3 week millionaire thing would be nice if it weren’t a scam. Who wouldn’t want to make hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars. Unfortunately there is no get rich quick scheme. But I really wish there was! Nice article!

    • Tasos

      Welcome Angelica , I believe you would not wish that a get rich quick scheme existed.Because in that case there is no interest or challenge at all.If you could get rich in a few weeks you would have stopped working and helping people around you.And there is no potential for improvement.Of course that vision is appealing and this where these scams count.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your experience.


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