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Chris Scott

I am the owner and founder of Brand That Name SEO. I have over 5 years of experience in search engine optimization and internet marketing. I am always learning new techniques and testing them on my own websites. I have a burning passion for SEO and helping business owners grow and achieve their goals. Get in touch with me and let’s have a chat about how I can generate your website more traffic, leads, and sales.

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5 Tips To Improve Your Local SEO And Explode Your Reach

Search engine optimisation changes all the time. Staying at the top takes more than just a post. This guide will help you improve your local SEO effectively.

Psychological Concepts To Grow Your Business Effectively

Psychology plays a big part when the customer is deciding whether to work with a given business or not. When properly applied, psychology can help a business grow. Here are some psychology concepts that will go a long way

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7ideals methodology - the market parallax model ver.5

Decrypting ConsumerBehaviour


Enter the groundbreaking "Market Parallax" Model.

We explore consumer behaviour by employing a diverse array of techniques, including research methodologies, data collection and analysis, market segmentation, targeted approaches, product positioning, and trial testing. 

Through these marketing lenses, we unravel the intricate field of consumer behaviour and explore avenues for influencing it judiciously.

Download the 31-page INFOGRAPHIC-BOOK to understand how consumers act on a deeper level and get closer to influencing their decisions with your marketing initiatives.


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