Zen Trader is Another Sure Way to Empty your Binary Options Broker’s Account

by Tasos


Nov 9, 2016




What the Hell..!!!…I know what you’re thinking.That I was born will all this.All these properties that you watch me demonstrate.You may be thinking that is impossible for someone to reach that superb rich level if he has not been born with a silver spoon in his mouth.



Welcome to the Zen Trader Movie



Ready to witness big bogus claims like …


  • Self pity is not an excuse
  • I was cooking burgers 10 years ago, at a local restaurant
  • Are  you driving a 7 year old car?
  • Living in the same house for 10 years?
  • You are just getting by and there is nothing exciting left in life
  • I am not any kind of magician
  • Having a billion dollars in your pocket is not just about buying whatever you want.It’s about enjoying it.
  • Stop telling yourself that is OK to have a mediocre life

The voice behind the poor video wants you to start thinking BIG…oh really?…



Now the Background Story



Why every scammer out there is using the same old method?….Because they don’t have any ideas, they just follow what other scammers did….and here we go

  • He moved to New York, as he was searching for a “better” life
  • He worked next to real life traders
  • He took a small job at one of the top Wall Street trading firms…I wonder how in the world everyone get so easily hired at Wall Street
  • 5 years later, he had learned enough to start his own trading company
  • He hired a top analyst and programmers to go through his trading habits in order to create an algorithm
  • This is when the “Zen Trader” software came to light
  • This was the reason he became a billionaire
  • But he is not giving away his system fro free
  • He is just a billionaire that does not want to work anymore
  • He will only use you as a vehicle to grand 7% commissions out of your earnings
  • You can use the Zen Trader for 4 months at no charges however
  • But then you will have to pay that 7% commissions of your net profits.






A few testimonials to fill in the video…and here is the Blueprint to success

  • Sign Up for Free
  • Start using Zen Trader
  • Make at least $700,000 in the first 4 months without paying my commissions at all
  • If you decide to use the software after this period you will have to pay me my 7% commissions….


Ha ha ha






Final Words



I signed up for my free account and as I was expecting I got redirected to the Zen Trader platform.


I am now obliged to create an account with the Imperial Options broker and of course to fund the account with at least $250 in order to begin trading….

But I already have account setup with my own broker, I don’t want to use your broker Zen Trader admin.


This is how scammers act, they want you to sign up with their recommended broker so they can make affiliate commissions out of you.This is how they make money out of innocent people.

Decent companies let you use any account you want.


Zen Trader is just a simple plugin to give you random signals to make you believe that is working.Don’t be surprised when you watch that $250 vanish in the thin air…..





How to Make real Money Online



Money can be made online in the Binary markets, however you need training and knowledge first and of course you won’t rely on these automated scam robots.

But if you want to avoid the risks of Binaries and you want to create a passive income for the years to come then I suggest that you build an online business , just like I did.

You need a website, tools and a basic marketing training.Then you will drive traffic to your website in order to promote products from companies around the world.Then it is up to you to create your own products and take your business to the next level.

There is only one catch…Your personal work / devotion.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help


That’s it, another movie review has finished, here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time, your online partner.

















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