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Last Updated: June 17, 2018

This post comes as a natural follow of the very previous review where William Chase proved he was a victim of MOBE and Matt Lloyd’s deceitful techniques.But when I checked my mail later on that day I saw an email coming from his address marked as TOP priority.Generally , I believe that everyone deserves a second chance so I thought to give it a go.He was mentioning another great online opportunity and there was a link inside.I clicked and redirected to a new website.


Important Update


MOBE has been halt by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

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With This Review I Am Investigating The Millionaires Blueprint Software (If There Is Any) And Try To Determine If It Is A Scam Or Legit Product


… I was not very impressed when I saw their fancy headline : Free Millionaire Blueprint Makes almost $2 million in just 90 days.OK….say that I believe it , why would someone that makes 2 millions in 90 days build a website to announce that?…Why don’t he make a donation to the poor countries?…Or buy a property?…Why is he building a landing page?…Let’s dive deep (into the mud)

No Credit Card Required To Download Your Free Money System






I see , it is about a software to generate money and that offer is FREE of course because his owner is a Millionaire…Walter is his name , an elegant elder man proudly sitting on his desk office announcing a new offer that has never reached the light of day before.Immediately , no more than 30 seconds away he presents two video testimonials , two millionaires , ordinary people who used the system of Walter and in 90 days they became rich.What an awesome feeling that is , to be a millionaire.Yeah , I wish I was one too.

He Gets Angry


Don’t get him wrong , even a millionaire can get angry for the right reasons.Because he does not want to see people lose money on online scams.He is tired of fake promises and undelivered products.He hates to abandon people with no support and help.I guess this is why he decided to create that ad , that video sales pitch.Because that is all about , a brainstorm video , another one just added in my collection of the hundreds I already watched.




The Last day you have to worry about making money at all


Hi folks , this is Walter Green , the president of the US changed my last name to Green , because everywhere I go Green cash notes dropping off my pocket.I can’t stop it , because my body turned into a cash machine itself.It produces money out of my skin.They call him the Green Machine for obvious reasons…Of course Walter , I wish you were my father , or my neighbour at least.He made over $48 millions just by clicking his mouse….Imagine what would happen if he was clicking an Elephant.


He makes more money in a minute than most people make in a year.


He is serious , someone call an ambulance please , this guy is out of his mind , or am I the one who needs help here?…He continues , He is the “Real Deal” , and he has a “Good Heart” too…Oh my , what a combination….The presentation goes on … The financial “Elite” is deathly afraid of this video getting out again.You see that same video pissed off so many brokerage firms.Since their first launch he managed to turn all 152 members into millionaires in 90 days of course.When someone in his team reach that level he is focusing on new members … this is called “Business Administration”..


The Millionaire Blueprint System


Walter Is Not Scared By The Brokerage Firms – These Crooks And Their Scams


There is a chance to join his team but beware because he can’t let another 152 members , he can’t draw that same attention again.His life would be in danger , although he is not afraid at all.I am very disappointed to announce you that only 7 people will have the chance to change their lives and meet Walter.After that he is retiring for good.He is so tired of all that.He wants his inner peace back.

But why don’t you retire a little earlier Walter?..Does this world need 7 more millionaires?


Background Story – Why It Has To Be Always Like That?


I think all scammers are running out of innovative ideas…I am all ears Walter , surprise me…6 years ago he was sitting exactly where I sit….You mean in my office Walter?…You were living in Greece , sneaked into my property?…You must be an invisible entity , a magician…Due to a nagging health problem he lost his job , on a major full service law firm…Mmmm…a lawyer…That is called “Authority” … bravo Walter.




The Mortgage 


Although he was paying every bill he could not afford the mortgage , he fell 5 months behind.But all of a sudden , his cousin Ray called him on the phone.Walter thought this was another call from Ray to ask for his legal advices , as all his relatives were doing from time to time.But no , Ray was announcing some exciting news.Ray just named partner with FMS Capital , one of the largest investment firms in town.

Ray was making money through the Binary Trading System.That company trades “Billions” each month and Ray managed to hack into the loophole….A group of Israeli trades discovered the secret hole back in 2010.Then when they got bored with all the money they got they sold it to this FMS company.A magic system with no losses , generating millions of dollars.

Walter anxious asked …“Can I be one of those people that using this system?”...

Ray paused for a bit ..“Look , I’ll make you a deal , I need a good attorney handle all my legal stuff and I will let you in:”..“but share it only with people you T R U S T..”


How Much Does It Cost? – $250 Investment






Walter started with a lousy $250 (mmm,….I guess this is the price he will ask you to deposit , later) ..and then like hurricane the dollars rolled in.If you believe in Walter he will team up with you , there will be no reason for mistakes and you will become RICH.

The Live Example In The Office Of Walter


Just like Sarah Markel and all these scam artists the live demonstration shows you that this system works.What a dark marketing tactic.I can’t say enough about it.Erica (a new recruit of him) was amazed , in 3 months she was a millionaire , just like Walter promised.


The Open Eyes Of Walter



Can you clearly see in my screenshot the widely open eyes of Walter?…They say “Eyes like these belong to H O N E S T people , to those with a good heart” , don’t be afraid , go ahead , deposit $250 , although Walter promised it was a Free system and say goodbye to those money.Then deposit more to get the lost money back and say goodbye to those too.Then call him for help and wait for him to answer … till eternity.





Binary Book – The Broker And The Long Waiting Software


As I was expecting ,the first necessary step you have to take is to FUND the broker’s account , then Walter will send you the magic software and then it is when you will begin to LOSE money.


Final Opinion – Conclusion – The Millionaire Blueprint Scam


Oh my , really do you believe such stories?…Then I am sorry but you have to re-consider some things you take for granted.Do not expect someone to arrive as Robin of the Hood to offer you a software to trick the Binary Machines.There is no software like that.If it does exist , however , it is in the hands of people you do not know and that you won’t meet in your life , ever.If they would sell such a piece of software they would not do that for $250 , but for thousands not to say millions of dollars.

This opportunity is no different than Mr Williamson’s , Oz Robot by Paul Ring and other Binary Scams I revealed.The background story and the video productions are very similar.The Loophole , a secret software , someone that got them inside and on and on and on.A low quality product advertised on Clicksure.




It proved that Mr William Chase , the victim of Matt Lloyd and MOBE’s labyrinth , is involved in more scam presentations beyond the “My Internet Success Coach” product,Shame on them all.They do not deserve a dime.Do not believe their hype people.Ignore them.Do your research online , read unbiased reviews and get informed.Do not , ever , invest money just like that , even if you can afford losing them.

Stay away by any means , do not jeopardise your money and your inner peace.Instead go ahead and build an online business , a sustainable one , help other people by sharing useful information , promote products and services from companies around the globe and get rewarded with commissions for your work.Just like I do.If you want to find out how I do that then you can read about my top recommended online opportunity.





I hope you enjoyed yet another negative review on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thought as always.Till my next review , your online partner














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