You're Reading:Is Oz Robot A Scam?…Miracle Of Technology

Is Oz Robot A Scam?…Miracle Of Technology

by Tasos


Jul 14, 2015

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

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Heading for interviews laughing



…Do you live in Australia?.. If you do may be you know Paul Ring?…No?…Man…You have to , because Paul is publishing a weekly financial newsletter.

And what if he does?…I am supposed to know every publisher in Australia? you would probably ask.

No, ok , you don’t have to know every publisher but Paul is a special man.And he has a friend , called Nick.But chances are you do not know anything about Nick.Why?…Nick is like a special forces troop.He is hiding in the shadows , covering his traces.



Another Funny Review Today , We Are Happy To Take The First Flight For Australia To Meet Paul , Nick and Oz , (The Robot) and We Will Find Out If This Is A Scam Or A Legit Opportunity



That newsletter is teaching Paul’s clients how to profit more from Binary Options.You see they are making profit every day but that is still not enough.Humans are so greed with money , they need it all and if they have it all they want more ,more and more.Paul is a great teacher and a good man.

As editor and publisher he updates his newsletter with the latest information about the Binary Options Market.But recently he heard about a blog , located in Australia ,owned by someone named Nick Knolls.Rumours were talking that Nick was making millions on Australian Currencies.






That was the perfect chance to interview Nick.


They met on a casual morning when the markets were still open.Nick immediately unfolds his story with no hesitation to Paul.He was working for Years on the Australian Securities Exchange for one of the world’s leading financial banks but without exposing the bank’s name.But he had experience with more financial institutions around the world in places like New York , London and Tokyo.But Australia stole his heart and he came back to his country.



Nick discovered a Loophole in the Australian Dollar.That can happen one in Zillion times.It was strange to find that loophole but that was a sign of God.Secretly he tapped into the market to exploit the hole without no one noticing him.He hardly was sleeping at nights.He was afraid to talk even to his wife.But … with his experience in the AUD (Australian Dollar) he made consistent and reliable profit trading the currencies.It was like going in the casino and the dealer was showing him the cards before he placed the bet.

Day by day he was stealing money from the bank to his personal account , but he was very cautious . he was transferring only $250 to $450.He was sceptical to take more , he did not want to grab anyone’s attention.Once he knew he could do that without getting caught he came up with another genius idea.He hired ONE OF THE WORLD’S BEST PROGRAMMER to create an automated program just for him.That program was supposed to capitalise on the Loophole.


If you know what this is all about and you do not want to lose more time with frauds I can suggest you a marketing training portal that is absolutely free to try.I have tested dozens of programs and still can not find any program better



The Birth Of A Metallic Giant – OZ Robot – The Magician



Oz uses Advanced Latest Clear Trend Trading Technology.The programmer did an awesome work.That special technology was allowing Nick to work while he was setting the robots to steal money on Autopilot.His hands were free,And so his mind.The perfect algorithm that Oz Robot is running made Nick happy.

Happy than ever before.Now he had the greatest trading opportunities on his fingertips.Nick said that he spent a fortune creating this cutting edge technology but all the money he used were stolen , so he did not care.I admit that Nick is so good , a lot better than me.I am thinking of hiring him to make me a millionaire.Do you think that he can do it till next weekend?

You can clearly tell that the Robots are coming after me wherever I go.Another metallic machine review can be accessed here , my friend Michael Williamson





What The Robot Is Capable Of


♦ Analyze the market 24 / 7

♦ Helps any trader win more trades

♦ No worries for difficult trading decisions , done for you

♦ Automated technology to find the most profitable trades for you

♦ Reliabililty

♦ Dependability

♦ Hands – free

♦ Surgical Precision.The machine is a Doctor too

♦ Specialised in Australian Currencies

♦ 6 figures every month on Autopilot


But Paul was sceptical and not convinced at all.He was too smart to fall for such a lullaby.Nick laughed out loud when he saw Paul acting strange.He brought him in a room full of computers.He told him that he could start trading in the same level with him in just ten minutes.

He created an account for Paul , and logged him onto the Oz Robot.He tapped him started with $250 to try the tradings with the robots for himself.Within 24 hours the $250 became $1400.I wonder if they were standing behind the screen all these hours.They did not sleep?..The next 36 hours he made $3500.Still awake.And so on….and so forth.But what happened with the programmer?…Do you think that Nick could have killed him?…probably.and he threw the body on the volcano Loophole.


Living Proofs



Nick brought Paul to his house , not exactly a normal house.Imagine Australia , cut it in two , cut it in two again.Stop.That is Nick’s house.Wow , a jet , a personal yacht , 6 Lamborghini , 7 pool bars , 5676 half naked women as personnel for the morning , 1898 laptops all trading with OZ at real time.If you are not convinced yet then it is your problem.

Paul grabbed the opportunity , in a few months he was a millionaire and now he wants to share that secret with the rest of the world.And why he is doing that?…Because he is a nice thief.As his teacher.You see all the thieves are not stealing for their own jets and pools , they do it for us.For those that don’t have bread to eat , for the homeless , for everyone.Don’t forget that Paul gave him the rights and the license to use OZ Robot just like that






What’s Next ?- Test Drive – Paul Is So Certain About Oz Robot That He Will Let Me Test It FOR FREE



Paul is promising a free ride to paradise.I would be crazy not to take it.Next step , the Option Rally broker.The Binary Options Trading System , I am excited to meet Oz , the wizard.It’s free … let’s do this.

GRRRRRRRR…GRRRRRNNNNNNN,,,,A Machine Was Screaming?…What was that sound??


Y O U   H A V E   T O   D E P O S I T   T H E  R O B O T   . I T   I S   G E T T I N G   A N G R Y



Final Opinion – Conclusion



Although it is not necessary let’s talk for a little bit more.I am having fun on the keyboard.Do you believe that story?…A bank employee with giant experience discovers a loophole in AUD , he is stealing money (from who?) and deposit every day his account.

Then he hires a programmer to design a Robot , the OZ.Then he becomes millionaire.Then he creates a blog to claim how he became rich.Then he shares with Paul and the rest of the world the secret software.Then we have a free test drive.Then we have to pay Option rally broker in order to participate.OK.OK.OK








I hope you enjoyed this one.I am coming back with more reviews.For more reviews on Binary Options you can continue here.


If you are looking for a decent program that works and you want to test it for yourself feel free to continue here



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  1. Ana

    Wow, that was a very well written story. The way you told the story grabbed my attention. I did a little currency trading a few years back but I dropped it. I had no nerves of steel for it. Anyway I agree with you this is most probably a scam. Is it possible that someone discovers a loophole? Lets say yes. But creating a blog and sharing it with the world doesn’t. I’d imagine that someone (I don’t know who or what entity exactly) would have arrested him, investigated him, or stopped him from trading. But the real give away is the “Pay me and I’ll make you rich too”. I mean he’s supposed to be a millionaire but wants more. No more Robin Hoods…People are greedy!

    • Tasos

      Welcome to my blog Ana.I am glad to meet someone with a background on the Trading Systems.Of course it requires nerves of steel , strong personality , high education , skills and experience.The success is not happening just like that.Have you managed to make any progress and to gain profits?…I would like to know

      Yes , it is a scam ,a big one.With one page website , containing only a 20 minutes video full of promises , claims and stuff is nothing but a scam.Not to mention that the free test drive was absent.And the loophole , if someone finds one he will use it for himself.He won’t create a blog to share it with the rest of the world.And from the moment he is millionaire by tricking the banks and their systems he should be hiding.And why is he researching for online participants?He is already rich.Non sense.

      The names they are using are fake too , there is no picture live published , nothing.You hear just a voice.You said it so well , “pay me and I ‘ll make you rich too”

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience and thoughts

  2. Sammi

    Hi, what a interesting, animated story! It kept me reading to the bottom anyway… I’m interested in a way to be successful overnight haha… but we all know those programmes don’t do what they claim to – it takes a lot of hard work and dedication! I definitely agree with WA being your top recommended – being a member also, I have to say it really is unique. Nice to see a not too serious website full of interesting text and photos! I’ll be sure to return to see what else the robots have been doing!! Sammi

    • Tasos

      So it was an interesting story Sammi , yeah we agree on that.I was amazed from Paul’s story and eager to find out how I will become a trading millionaire with his secret system.LOL…Of course it needs dedication and hard work and to stay creative all the way in order to reach online success , you stated it clearly.

      So you are a WA member and you find the community on the top of online trainings , I have not found any network more powerful than WA so far.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your beautiful comments.You are welcome to return any time , now and then I deal with some Robot Fighting , soon I will get a Robot certificate.


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