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You're Reading:Is Automated Binary Options Software a Corrupted Industry?

Is Automated Binary Options Software a Corrupted Industry?

by Tasos


Oct 1, 2015

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I had no doubt , just by arriving on that new Binary website I knew I had to prepare for another strong fight with a Metallic Robot Giant.Like the ones I deal daily…But why am I doing this?…The tremendous rise of numerous Binary Software affiliate websites target a large audience.Those looking for quick bucks , those who are lazy to work hard , those in desperate need for little cash to pay the bills and some innocent newbies to the online world


Someone has to clean this mess , it is getting frustrating to surf the web , this is not “Hard Selling” , I call it “You are stupid and buy , I am clever and steal”


This is a chance to discuss about the latest trends in the binary market segment , a subject that keep me alerted lately.




Is the Automated Binary Options Software Industry a Corrupted Parasite?



I am getting worried not only for the rise of these shady websites (actually are landing pages) but most importantly from the hundreds of affiliated websites that may belong to the original owners , their partners and networks or other victims that believe these products are worthy but the vast majority of these affiliates are “Entrepreneurs” above the average intelligence level … Why?…They think that they are stealing You and trick the search engines at the same time.


But here comes the amplification of the problem – That fake positive reviews add trust to these Dark Websites .. The results are obvious , more victims , more money lost , more pain , more poverty.


Let’s dive a little deeper



Immediate Promises , Claims – Dust in The Air


When I visit an affiliated Binary website I expect “Training” in the binary options model.How to use the software properly , what is the whole procedure , literally everything.What are the requirements for setting an account with a broker , how can I withdraw money and all the legal aspects.

But certainly , I do not need to be bombarded with exaggerated claims of a dream that does not exist and that only.You have the magic software…I say … OK…show to me how it works…I believe you , you are a millionaire , you want to save the world … …OK but show me something.


More advanced questions that may arise like this one

I know a lot of people who trade alone without any software.. Is that possible?…Can you train me to trade alone?


A binary affiliate should be your coach , not your midnight thief.I expect to get my comments or emails answered with instructions.But why none of these landing pages include a section for comments? … because they have ZERO knowledge on what they are trying to sell.And of course they don’t care about you at all….Strong fact..



Fake Testimonials – Bought and Copied Images , Ghost comments on Facebook and Social Media


These awful techniques are all included in their daily menu.There are software like Photoshop where someone can make miracles or sites like Fiverr to get a video for $5 , do not just believe what you see.

Remember the movie “Swordfish” with John Travolta? .. at some point John was explaining what is misdirection …. What the eyes see , the mind believes … This is where these “Marketers” count.To make you believe by showing attractive fake proofs of their legitimacy.


There are steps you can take in order to double check if the evidence is real.I have published a mini guide to common types of online scams and I highly recommend you to take a look.



When you come across these fancy multi-million dollar screenshots from bank accounts and affiliate networks , just sit for a moment and think

  • May be these numbers are real , OK (although I strongly Doubt it) , but that proves that these money transferred due to the specific product the owner claims he used?
  • Are these money coming from a heritage or the sell of a property?
  • How much time the owner needed to reach that level?

These are only a few questions that may arise.


When they display comments from Facebook and Social platforms , check if they are active and real.Press that small window on a Facebook picture , is it opening?…Is there a real Facebook fan page?…If you can’t do it alone , you can continue researching online reviews.

But , with all these fake Binary reviews you have to trust the reviewer.Is the review website you are visiting a site full of valuable information or a website thin , empty of content?…Are there any comments on that site from others?…Proceed with caution.



The “Alliance” – How these Affiliates Help the Binary Owners to get Ranked through Black Hat


I won’t expose names of websites that are getting advantages in the SERPs.I believe in the search engines , they might come slowly but eventually they will come.Besides that , Evil marketers mostly use ads in social media , forums , communities , anywhere on the web.But they are afraid of the organic results.They are so afraid that they do not admit it.


They should be worried though , because when your website gets rankings in the first page then people will visit it and they will further investigate it , diversifying their sources.This is when that websites go down.They can not last long.


I believe in the power of decency and I want to be an entrepreneur with a Free spirit.There are hundreds of other angel affiliates that are fighting the corruption.


When a new Fraud Binary website is born , they plug into many affiliated “Alleged – Real Review” sites.These sites all include reviews on the new product and they get ranked immediately because there is no demand on them yet.The affiliated fake websites are getting even higher rankings than the original , where the product is located.


When I search for the software name , the first results belong to the affiliated sites , sometimes the real product is hiding deep into the 3rd or 4th page or even deeper,This has only one purpose , to make you read the reviews first so when they redirect you from there to the actual product , you will arrive “Prejudiced” and biased.


Definitely , all these tactics are called “Black-Hat” and hopefully the search engines know how to deal with.But it takes time to discover and eliminate them.So , they have a chance to catch as many victims as they can right after a new release.


New Marketing Era – Clocks , Counters , Prices Reduction , Email Bombarding and more..


When you arrive in such an affiliated Binary website , take a closer look.If there are clocks , counters that inform of the few available spots , all these are scams.If someone has created a great product there is true potential to last for many years.Why is this rush all about?…To make you decide in a hurry , and when you take Fast decisions , you might fall.

OK , you are thinking in buying a product because you think it is legitimate.Here is one trick you can do to test things out.Press the exit button.If the tab disappear immediately of the browser this is a good sign.But if they have installed a plugin you will notice a small window pop up to inform you of something.It might be a price reduction , some special offer or bonus

…In that case press the exit again and never look back.


Another technique you can use is to subscribe to their email list with a secondary email address of course , not your original.Watch your inbox of new offers coming from them.Are they trying to Up-Sell you with every new email?…are they informing you that there is a special bonus for the chosen few?…Unsubscribe and delete all these spam messages.

If a company is legitimate they will be sending tips on the usage of their Binary Software and they won’t bombard you with Sales letters.






How Can I Make Money Through Binaries? … Knowledge


Of course you can learn everything about the Binary Trading.Some “Legitimate” brokers do offer free training courses you can take.You have to dive deep and gain as much experience as you can.And of course you will need a mentor to guide you , someone you can trust,Moreover you can consider in joining online communities devoted to Binary Trading.

The “Good Players” trade alone , they do not use software.They follow the latest trends of the market and they use statistical data to predict the movements.

Besides I would feel very uncomfortable to install such a “Creepy” software on my computer.What information is going to collect from my files and accounts?…Just think of that … Internet is a world full of frauds and “Masters”


Do not just start in trading with real money , eager to make a profit.It is like you use a lottery machine , all these machines are designed to “Get Your Money” , not to give you.Decent broker websites run sections where you can trade with “Fake” money – Credits.It won’t hurt you trying the Demo Trading first , you have nothing to lose but you have to be aware.

Demo Trading is nice because it does not include any risk.But when you play with your Real Money then the situation is a whole different.There is “Stress” , “Pressure” , “Fear” not to lose your hard earned money.That alone is a factor to be considered seriously.


Conclusion – Alternatives


Yes , the latest data I collected verify my concerns,This new Binary Automated Software Industry is Corrupted to the bone.There is no software to predict the Binary assets with accuracy of 97% or 100%.If it exists it is not for sale and not for the masses , common people like you and me.The real price for such a software that works should be thousands or millions of dollars.

Therefore no fake affiliate is going to send you his Free software to use it with a broker of your choice.They need you to open an account with their affiliated broker to get their commission.


I hope we will face positive changes in the near future.



Generally I do not suggest people to get involved with Binary Trading as a business model.I would rather point you to Trade from time to time as a hobby.That is what I do but not with Binaries , I enjoy placing sport bets.I play once in a month or less and I always play as much as I can easily afford.Lose or win , it does not matter to me.


You want money online?…You have to work really hard , just like the Offline world.Castles are not constructed in a day.This is a dominant rule and applies to every business model.


Are you enjoying computers?…Would you be interested to do what I do? … Blogging? … Do you have a passion to share with the rest of the world? … Then I would recommend you to get started with a website.Without it there is no potential online.


I hope you enjoyed another article , here on Web Market Support.I am welcoming your comments and thoughts.Do you have any experience with the Binary Industry? .. Have you been a victim of a “Fake Software”? … Till next time.

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Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, Tasos fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and has helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services on the web.

He enjoys reading, music & arts, mathematics, chess, coffee, swimming, Audi, and playing with his kids.

Revenue Sharing/HYIP/Crypto/Binary Options Trading

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  1. Nick Coffee

    G’day mate,

    Very interesting and relevant information. I was very interested in the content of your blog. It was a real eye opener as to what goes on out there in the big wide internet world especially in reference to automated binary options software. I have to agree with you on an honest and constructive approach to teaching people the right way to get online.

    • Tasos

      Hello there Nick and welcome.I am glad you agree with my approach.This is what I expect from Binary Affiliates.Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking part in the conversation.


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