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Alphabetical Order of Programs





  • 10adsPay.com…full review
  • 154pack.com…full review, 06 Feb 2017 bought the $5 monthly membership and 1 ad pack out of earnings, let’s see…27 Feb 2017 appears as scam/not paying on newptcsitedaily & ptc-top…02 Mar 2017 cashout rules changed, you need to have active referrals or buy a filter for $20 to bypass the rule, worthless scam, this is why I never buy ad packs from suspicious programs like this one
  • 160pack.com…06 Feb 2017 same admin with 154pack.com, in pre-launch mode, full review 27 Feb 2017 appears as scam on newptcsitedaily & ptc-top02 Mar 2017 cashout rules changed, you need to have active referrals or buy a filter for $20 to bypass the rule, worthless scam, this is why I never buy ad packs from suspicious programs like this one
  • 2017invest.com…25 Jan 2017 full review



  • ad2prosper.com
  • AdMarket.link
  • AdPackPro-International.com
  • AdPackShare.com 25 June 2017 full review
  • AdPays.club (waiting for payment…over a week…another scam?)…06 Dec 2016 (scam / not paying)..For a full review continue here
  • AdPTCrev.site…06 Mar 2017 suspended
  • AdsDivision.com (offline 2 weeks earlier / not accessible anymore) 21 Dec 2016 finally disappeared…we won’t miss you
  • AdsParkles.com
  • AdReceive.com…09 Jan 2017 in pre-launch mode, launches tomorrow….18 Jan 2017 full review 22 May 2017 redirects to another website, disappeared
  • AdRevenuePro.com…06 Jan 2017 no cash links, ad packs start at $5, PPC ads cost $20 for 1000 clicks (very expensive), you have 500 banner credits so I placed a banner…no traffic exchange, no directory ads, disappointment, 01 Apr 2017 not accessible 22 May 2017 disappeared
  • AdsRevs (suspended)
  • AdsTradeShare.com 03 June 2017 full review
  • AdvClix.com 06 Jan 2017 free members can not access the ads platform, you have to purchase an ad pack first, the cheapest is at $50 and you can place just 20 ads. How can I use an ad platform without knowing what to expect..!!..I want to see the system in action. No way to give them $50 just like that and feed their Ponzi mechanism…23 Jan 2017 full review13 Feb 2017 disappeared…28 Feb 2017 off 09 Apr 2017 not accessible, closed
  • AdvisorInvest.biz…15 Mar 2017 full review
  • After50days.com…15 Jan 2017 full review
  • aRevAds.com (suspended)
  • AvistaGroup.biz…01 Apr 2017 full review





  • CashPoolPro.com 05 May 2017 full review
  • ChevronFund.com…full review
  • ClickDelivery.com…27 Jan 2017 admin sent an interesting email…”Hello all members, This is an important message to all members, As the Trafficmonsoon case is taking an eternity to get solved, we decided to refund members who are in loss in our program, then when the refund process is completely finished, we will either decide to keep the site running as a Traffic Exchange platform or close it permanently. So we created a Gmail address to collect DATA from people who didn’t get their seed money back from our Clikdelivery”….I strongly doubt they will pay members that lost funds…if you had invested I would like to hear from you
  • ClickingVenue.com…full review03 Jan 2017 You can not purchase the $1 starter plan pack from the earning balance (PTC earnings). You can only purchase by depositing fresh funds from your payment processor. Suspicious and unacceptable practice. Free members should be allowed to click on PTC ads and buy ad packs from earnings. This is the real definition of an advertising platform…13 Feb 2017 not accessible…28 Feb 2017 hacked/disappeared
  • ClickIntensity.com…21 Feb 2017 admin announced via email…””We are finally almost ready to go live with our latest launch – world’s first ethereum blockchain based smart contract coin dedicated for the online advertising niche called Ads Cash””
  • ClixLife.org
  • ClixSensation.com 12 May 2017 full review
  • CoffeeWealth.net…20 Mar 2017 full review
  • CoinAmazing.com…18 Apr 2017 full review
  • CoinexPro.com 21 Apr 2017 full review
  • Coinomia.com
  • CoinPort.io 21 July 2017 full review
  • CoinRev.cc…14 Apr 2017 full review
  • CoinSnack.biz…06 Apr 2017 full review
  • CoinTower.biz 06 Sep 2017 full review
  • CominBux.com
  • CPStraders.com…16 Jan 2017 full review
  • Cryptify.cc 07 May 2017 full review
  • CryptoCapitalAlliance.com…30 Dec 2016 full review
  • CryptoPaidAds.com…05 Feb 2017 full review
  • CryptoRush.biz 22 June 2017 full review
  • CryptoSpurt.com 27 Apr 2017 full review
  • Cryp.trade…11 Feb 2017 full review
  • CryptoWealthFund.com…16 Feb 2017 full review
  • CrypTrade.capital…11 Feb 2017 same company with the above Cryp.trade full review



  • Dowerly.com…full review 09 June 2017 closed
  • DubaiFund-Corp.com…06 Mar 2017 full review 03 Apr 2017 not accessible, closed



  • EarnTech.co, EarnTech.cc…03 Feb 2017 full review
  • EdenTraffic.com 01 Dec 2016 Not much new blood 06 Jan 2017 only a few ads from members, no credits in the traffic exchange
  • EliteAds.net…06 Jan 2017 I clicked many ads in the surf ads area, no website appeared (green screens!!!) but I got credited and I placed 1 directory ad. Very bad ad platform, no cash links, you have to purchase ad shares starting at $1 and wait to mature, pure Ponzi
  • EterPay.com 22 Apr 2017 full review
  • EverydayProfit.biz…13 Jan 2017, scamfull review
  • ExoInv.com…30 Mar 2017 full review





  • GetMyAds.com…full review 31 Jan 2017 admin announced by email..”We will continue catching up with all pending payments and continue working hard on all outstanding payments. You don ́t need to cancel payments or do anything else. We really appreciate your patience and support! Thank you very much!..”…the first signs of problems?
  • GigaHashBit.com 20 Apr 2017 full review
  • GlobalAdsInc.com
  • GlobalPayingAds.com 05 June 2017 full review
  • GoldenCoins.biz 01 Apr 2017 suspended domain
  • GoodPay.biz 07 July 2017 full review
  • GrandRevShare.com 01 Dec 2016 I think they’re going down
  • GRMclix.com…04 Jan 2017 purchased 1 ad pack out of PTC earnings…20 Jan 2017 3 days now not safe site, browser don’t let me enter…25 Jan 2017 still not accessible…02 Feb 2017 returned live but they still display ads of KissingCash.com a long gone site, I think it is abandoned, a support ticket since 09 December has yet to be answered…22 Feb 2017 the ad pack expired and due to many days lost while the site being down it did not receive big commissions.
  • GRMcrypto.com 28 Apr 2017 full review
  • GulfsInvest.com…dangerous program 21 Jan 2017 full review







  • JeevProfits.com…20 Feb 2017 full review 01 Apr 2017 not accessible, closed



  • KeyRevenueAdz.com Pre-launch mode .. Official launch date 20 Dec 2016…not impressed, suspicious bonus…08 Jan 2017 full review
  • KissingCash.com 01 Dec 2016 bad signs on the horizon…full review…Update 05 Jan 2017 suspended



  • Legend-Investment.com…20 Mar 2017 full review
  • LensenGroup.com…24 Jan 2017 full review
  • LoyalRevenue.com…04 Feb 2017 full review
  • LunnaVerts.net 25 May 2017 full review
  • LuxuryShares.net…13 Feb 2017 not accessible..06 Mar 2017 still…02 Apr 2017 of course not accessible



  • MakingCashAds.com…27 Mar 2017 full review
  • MaxingClix.com (suspended)
  • MeerWindEnergy.de…27 Feb 2017 full review 03 Apr 2017 not accessible, closed
  • Money-Click.org…05 Jan 2017 not accessible…16 Jan 2017 still not accessible…19 Jan 2017 still…26 Jan 2017 disappeared…28 Feb 2017 non-existent
  • MoneyRift.com…full review
  • MultiBuyWorld.com…17 Mar 2017 full review
  • MX.world…09 Feb 2017 full review
  • my-crosoft.com 06 May 2017 full review
  • my101shop.com 19 July 2017 full review
  • my24hourIncome.com – 29 Nov 2016 (3 days maintenance…) .. 13 Dec 2016 Returned but I can see bad signs, are they going down already? .. 20 Dec 2016 maintenance is permanent 21 Dec 2016 news 06 Jan 2017 returned on new script…10 Jan 2017 again on coming soon mode
  • MyAddsUp.com fraudulent, unrealistic claims (earn up to $36 per click, guaranteed earnings 154%)
  • MyAdPackIncome.com (not accessible anymore)..suspended
  • MyAdSino.com…full review
  • MyAdsTrafficMoney.com
  • myBTClife.com…25 Feb 2017 same admins with BitDonix.com, cash gifting…full review
  • MyCryptoProfit.com…22 Jan 2017 full review
  • MyDailyCashMachine.com 26 July 2017 full review
  • MyIncomePlace.com…06 Jan 2017 there is $1 repurchase balance bonus that you can use to buy the copper ad pack and test the platform for results. You get 2000 banner credits but the minimum is set to 2500, you get 2000 text credits with the minimum at 2000 (you can place only 1 text ad), no directory or cash link credits. Clicking on directory ads is not giving directory credits nor adds cash to your balance, only 1 cash link ad available, so the only way to make money is to wait for the ad pack to mature…but how an ad pack can mature if no one watches ads..!!!…poor services…20 Jan 2017 same admin on WholeWorldAdPays.com & USRevShare.com…27 Jan 2017 full review 13 Mar 2017 I had purchased the copper ad pack with the $1 bonus but I did not receive many commissions, I reached $0.67 and the ad pack expired. The very few cash link ads can not help me reach $1. Very poor platform
  • MyPayingAds.com…06 Jan 2017 purchased 2nd ad pack out of earnings balance (in profit) 24 June 2017 my balance has frozen for over a month now. This is what happens to Ponzi systems, at the end.
  • MyPayingCoins.com…15 Feb 2017 full review 08 Apr 2017 not accessible, closed
  • MyPayingCryptoAds.com 01 Dec 2016 Moving slowly … not as expected .. on hold…full review 08 Jan 2017 PTC ads are almost non-existent, over a week now…not a good sign
  • MyProTraffic.com since 24 Nov 2016 waiting for payment….another scam?) … not paying/scam … for a full review continue here
  • MyRevenueAds.com…28 Feb 2017 full review
  • MyTrafficValue.com



  • NanoBlock.org 25 Apr 2017 full review
  • NeoRevShare.com…20 Jan 2017 mediocre at best…full review 01 Apr 2017 not accessible, closed
  • NeoTrafficShare.com (not paying/claims that paid/scam) .. 15 Dec 2016 finally suspended…bye bye filthy scammers





  • PaidVeal.com…29 Jan 2017 full review 20 Mar 2017 appears as non-paying on ptc-top
  • PayEarns.com…27 Feb 2017 full review
  • PayEne.com full review
  • PayingAds.club…17 Apr 2017 full review
  • PayingAdsMedia.com (suspended)
  • PayingAdz.com (permanent maintenance)
  • PayNov.net 29 Apr 2017 full review
  • PIFexplosion.com…07 Feb 2017 full review
  • PolicePTC.info
  • PooledClixer.com…05 Apr 2017 full review
  • ProCashout.com 01 Apr 2017 not accessible, closed
  • ProfitAllianceClub.com (problems / can’t log in)..28 Dec 2016 suspended..we won’t miss you
  • ProfitCabinet.com…07 Jan 0217 suspended
  • ProfitGlitch…09 Jan 2017 full review
  • ProfitMania.com…many PTC services, offer walls, tasks and you can buy ad packs
  • Profits25.com…06 Mar 2017 maintenance…27 Mar 2017 disappeared
  • PStrafficAdz.com…02 Jan 2017 almost a week not accessible…15 Jan 2017 disappeared





  • RadiantGold.net 24 July 2017 full review
  • RandomAdz.com (removed PTC ads, very suspicious..let’s see..temporary black listed)
  • Rank.Financial 26 Apr 2017 full review
  • RapidAds.net (operating problems)…07 Jan 0217 PTC ads not loading / 404 not found warning
  • Razzleton…scam…full review
  • RealProfitAdverts.com…06 Mar 2017 under maintenance…26 Mar 2017 permanent maintenance
  • Recyclix.com….full review
  • RegalShare.com…23 Feb 2017 full review 22 May 2017 suspended domain
  • Resonance-Capital.eu 10 Apr 2017 full review
  • RestoreClix.com 29 May 2017 full review
  • RevenueAdShare.com…08 Feb 2017 full review06 Mar 2017 suspended
  • RevenueCentral.net (permanent maintenance) 06 Dec 2016 discontinued..full review
  • RevCorp.net…04 Mar 2017 full review 31 Mar 2017 appears as non-paying on ptc-top
  • RevJob.com…23 Feb 2017 admin announced via email…””2 – Verifications, One of the steps to make withdraws is that you need to be verified, this is a very simple process, all we need is a photo Identification that matches your name and year of birth, try to send an identification that has your name in English, if not you may be requested to send additional proof. this is usually processed on a daily basis.”…do not ever send out Personal Docs on Biz Opp Sites. Read more here. This is a site that was asking for personal ID docs in order to withdraw earnings and this is why I blacklisted it. The reasons for the financial problems according to admin are Daily motion, Google Adsense, and Chitika that they stopped paying them. This is what happens with companies without any products at all. No serious company can rely on Adsense money to survive. This is what happens to Pure Ponzi schemes. Keep your eyes open continuously.
  • RevShare.life…16 Apr 2017 full review
  • RevStoreAds.com…09 Jan 2017 in pre-launch, official date 19 Jan 2017 01 Apr 2017 suspended, not even 3 months old, the whole industry is a joke
  • RozetsCycler.com…19 Mar 2017 full review



  • Scalp-Fund.com 30 Apr 2017 full review
  • Skyllex.com…02 Feb 2017 full review
  • SkyWay group of companies…full review
  • SmartWay.ltd…03 Mar 2017 full review 06 Apr 2017 suspended, another addition to the hall of shame
  • SoftMeetBit.com…14 Jan 2017 full review
  • StraightRevShare.com 15 May 2017 full review
  • SupremeAds.net (pre-launch mode)…06 Jan 2017 daily PTC ads value $0.085, directory ads add value to main balance as well, $0.003 / ad…14 Feb 2017 purchased the AdPack 1 out of PTC earnings…23 Feb 2017 2nd day that the PTC ads not working and I don’t receive any commissions on the active ad pack…27 Feb 2017 still not working at all, if this continues for 2 days more I blacklist it…01 Mar 2017 still all ads are frozen, no ad pack earnings, sent a support ticket…03 Mar 2017 abandoned, nothing works 22 May 2017 disappeared
  • SwissAdsPays.com (disabled ad pack earnings – no PTC ads?)…16 Jan 2017 not accessible…13 Feb 2017 announcement on the site mentions 15 Feb as the shutdown date, the high cost of maintenance against income generated, we won’t miss you really.



  • T4eo.com…28 Jan 2017 full review
  • TellsClix.com…19 Jan 2017 no ads at all…26 Jan 2017 flash ads are back, the others still not working…22 Feb 2017 turned live again, these fluctuations show the problems of Ponzi systems, still ads not working, abandoned, a shame for the industry
  • TheAdsLeader.com…09 Jan 2017 minimum deposit $5, can buy ad packs from repurchase balance, no PTC ads yet…25 Mar 2017 full review 09 June 2017 closed
  • TheAdsTeam.com…full review … 13 Jan 2017 my banners get absolutely no clicks for the last 10 days…18 Jan 2017 gone offline, don’t tell me this is the beginning of the end…20 Jan 2017 my banners get no clicks for over a month now, abandoned?
  • TheBitAds.com…13 Apr 2017 full review
  • TheBrandInvest.com
  • TheHourlyCash.com…25Jan 2017 full review 09 Apr 2017 not accessible, closed
  • Tradaco.biz 04 May 2017 full review
  • Tradeex.pro…09 Mar 2017 full review
  • TradersCrew.com…31 Mar 2017 full review
  • TrafficAdsManagement.com…20 Mar 2017 appears as non-paying on newptcsitedaily, 22 May 2017  suspended
  • TrafficAdWorld.com…02 Mar 2017 full review
  • TrafficDictator.com (gone offline for a week or so…on hold) – 29 Nov 2016 still offline 06 Dec 2016 discontinued..yet another scam 10 Dec 2016 finally suspended
  • TrafficHurricane.plus 01 Dec 2016 The same few ads all over again, no new participants? 13 Dec 2016 They blocked my account for no reason and they do not respond / another scam
  • TrafficMonsoon (suspended/collapsed)… for a full review continue here
  • TrafficNetworkAds.com  … worthless scam…full review
  • TrafficNetworkTakeOver.com (no PTC ads / suspicious)
  • TrafficSec.com 13 Dec 2016 waiting for payment 20 Dec 2016 scam / not paying..full review
  • Tree7.cc…21 Feb 2017 full review
  • TrustBitDeposit.com…scam 17 Jan 2017 full review
  • TrutHyip.com…12 Apr 2017 full review



  • UnicornAdz.com…full review
  • USAptcBux.com…29 Dec 2016 suspended
  • USRevShare.com…06 Mar 2017 not accessible, hacked? 01 Apr 2017 not accessible 22 May 2017 disappeared



  • VirtaClix.com…18 Feb 2017 full review06 Mar 2017 under maintenance, estimated come back date 10 Mar
  • VisionBTC.com…full review



  • WeLikeFund.com…11 Jan 2017 full review 15 Mar 2017 Payeer withdrawals are closed…20 Mar 2017 admin via email said that over 60% of members are not active. But he said that bringing in new members was the lifetime of WLF. All the funds from the deposits have been exhausted. For those that did not promote WLF shame on them, he continued…Hah, this is funny and is what happens to pseudo companies without products, you know that admin. If you were selling real products…only if…Anyway, don’t try to hide your Ponzi Fraud. 22 May 2017 closed
  • WhiteHouseINV.com 23 Sep 2017  full review
  • WholeWorldAdPays.com…06 Jan 2017 no PTC ads, no directory ads, you can buy ad packs from repurchase balance but it is useless as there are no ads to earn cash, the traffic exchange gives credits so you can add your websites, very poor ad platform…20 Jan 2017 admin announced by email he is the owner of MyIncomePlace as well, he wants us to join forces there too, together for a bright future let’s go conquer this world….I say, give us a $50 main balance bonus to withdraw first and then we’ll talk about it…
  • WindHash.com…24 Mar 2017 full review
  • WindProject.biz…full review
  • WorldRevShareInc.com…06 Jan 2017 no PTC ads, only a few PTC wall ads with very low total value, the traffic exchange gives credits so you can place your URLs, ad packs can be purchased only through payment processors, mediocre at best 01 Apr 2017 not accessible, redirects to another website





YouBit.biz (Bit Rivers)…03 Apr 2017 full review


  • ZFshare.com 09 June 2017 closed








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