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You're Reading:Quick Cash System & Sarah Markel – $250 for 1 Million – Hurry Up!

Quick Cash System & Sarah Markel – $250 for 1 Million – Hurry Up!

by Tasos


May 28, 2015


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Well well well, I feel quite impressed by the quality of the 2 videos included in the single one-page website of QuickCashSystem.com

…..“But what you mean quality.?”…Unfortunately the quality is not referring to the website and the system that is promoting to make you a millionaire in 100 days….yes 100 days on Auto-pilot (few buttons pushed on your keyboard) but it refers to the director of these videos and the female participant posing as Sarah Markel, the God chosen angel to save you from the miserable life you have


….TILL NOW…Because that female is like a Hollywood actress and is doing a great job trying to convince you to enter their system with her sweet voice and her body that is not exposed but it is irritating our men senses all along.


Is Sarah Markel a con artist staying behind the scenes and cameras?







Let’s go at the beginning when you enter that one-page website. What can I say about the work and the design of this sales letter, this excellent landing page for dummies? One logo, one video, one CTA button, a clock, some numbers, contact details and that’s it.You can build such a website in no more than 2 hours.

And that website is being used to generate profit for its owner and I really hope that people will not fall to the Giant Trap and buy…but they have to deal with that attractive angel who is promoting the Quick Cash System and Software.


The first scene takes place outside of a luxury property and we watch a 4x wheel Car enter the yard and park, 2 kids running for the front door and a proud mum turning to the camera stating that “behind every successful man there is a woman … and hopefully that woman is the one for YOU… She then promises to make us millionaires in 100 days and she invites YOU inside her house


Elegant clothing, not very expensive though … shiny smiling and she’s taking care of the 2 young boys…a quick snack for them, a small hug and there she goes…building up a spider web … laughing at her unsuspected victims…..What’s Next…?….You guessed right…HER STORY….wait….this is like a Nickelodeon movie, remember…it has to touch your heart…and it will.


So What’s The Special About Her Story..?..I can tell you, it’s a great story for a novel



Here comes the mystery….there are 2 governments.The one we all know and the secret one.!!!

That mystic government, obviously the USA government, has been acting for many years undercover spending fortunes, tons of money ( THE BLACK BUDGET ) and their main JOB was the research of a “Perfect” algorithm to gain full access to the Binary Options Trading System.

With the use of such an “algorithm”, they could spend even more money improving the lifestyle of the members and having the government happy…Conspiracy Theory….!!!…  a bunch of millionaire mystic authority personnel and a team of highly skilled computer programmers and scientists like mathematicians and statisticians from every technological corner of the world searching the MYSTERIOUS ALGORITHM …..!!!


Although that evil Team has been acting undercover Sarah reveals the name … I will spell it silently…not to be heard……………D I F U S.…………an ancient word meaning “The Pattern” ……..don’t tell your friends, they might be in danger……..>!!<………a spider Web unfolds








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And what this female acting as a Sarah, has to do with such a story.?



Here it goes better and better.I watched the whole video with only 2 pauses…looking Sarah walking from room to room, watching at the children FLY the drone outside, showing how a careful entrepreneur mother should act at home on afternoons and explaining to me how this Magic system Works….and here comes the Connection

….Sarah – Mystic Government = FINAL SCORE = 1 – (0) Zero..Yes, Sarah scores, wins the game and now wants to share the TOP SECRET with a few 250 chosen ONES…Her Elite….. Watch the number – 250 members only will have the chance to fulfill their dreams with Sarah.It’s important for the end of the post.Try to keep that number in mind.

Now back to her story … it is not finished yet.Her husband , was working for the team of the programmers and developers.And she did not even know it all of these years.How did she find out.?



This team while working on the tremendous project of The DIFUS Pattern examining key factors in the economy, especially the movement of particular stocks in the stock market finally expressed an algorithm that could predict those stock movements with a ratio of success touching the 99,9%

….Imagine that you have a machine, that does only one thing, trades profitably in the Binary Marketplace 100% of the time…That machine could change the history of mankind once and for all.We would not have to work anymore.???….maybe, I am not so sure yet.!!

But the story turns out really funny now, and this is how her husband got involved



The team came up with a potential answer to the mathematical problem but that answer did not satisfy the “Heads” so they all lost their jobs, the very next day.And…..there was another division, a parallel Supervising organization with “DIFUS” working on the same project.

They were more skilled and experienced and they examined the results of that team….. BINGO…BOOM. That was it…This actually worked……The team finally solved the EPIC myth, the Gordian Knot…The sword of Alexander the Great raised and landed with insane power onto the opponent…WIN…SUCCESS.

With the government happy the next thing they had to worry was to keep that information among themselves…they did not want a leak, not at this point.!!!…The first task was to shred all paperwork and delete the computer files, every byte, every information had to be destroyed.Every scientist implicated had to sign a GAG ORDER that would not allow the sharing of that crucial data.That Pattern was the source of Wealth itself…Movie Marketing…a new style … a new approach to online fraud


But her BRAVEheart HUSBAND did not sign the GAG ORDER – in fact, he was the only one that did not.He would not take this bribe.He realized how important this was, and he did not want that information kept the secret among the FEW members of DIFUS. He wanted to help the world, the humanity, another benefactor..!…It touches my heart from this point on


DANNNNN…CCRRAAAANKKK … a few audio effects to get to the real JUICE



One day next week, he did not come back home…Oh GOD… NO … Did they kill him….?…I am afraid so….No wait…Sarah found out he was taken into questioning and it would take probably weeks to come out of this Assay.Sarah knew how corrupted his boss was, how their real enemies do not see the light of day anymore … “am I into danger for revealing these things to you right now…what you say about that…? “






But AVI (her husband – not some kind of video file) managed to call her…she took the cold phone call in the middle of the night while she was crying on her black robe for the unknown fate of her life companion.If you could see Sarah with tears, it would break you apart

…..Suddenly she recognizes his voice, like coming from underwater whispering to her to reach his desk at his office.Although Sarah knew how corrupted was that system all of these days she did not have any idea to open her husband drawer.And that Mystic 2nd Government DIFUS Pattern Organization did not have an employee to check this man’s belongings to find any possible leak.

You see all of the personnel were only programmers and scientists, an organization stealing millions from governments could not find or pay an available single SWAT soldier to crack AVI’s door and gain control of a woman and 2 little kids.Maybe DIFUS was afraid of Sarah, what you think right now.?


I think that if you are new to the marketing world you can easily be crawled into such a Spider Movie Marketing Web.

You will fall for the expensive video production, the body and smile of an angel that promises you tons of money overnight.Or Am I Wrong.?…..

Phone Orders – A Horror Movie Continues…


Sarah felt her blood cold, her body was like ice, she could not even move or speak.She hung up the phone and opened the drawer.Her HUSBAND solved the mystic algorithm few days before the DIFUS expert team finished.

He did it secretly and he kept every note of his work right there, in front of a terrified Sarah Markel, her life changed forever the moment she touched that documents.Documents with full instructions to gain access to this secret system, an endless winning betting in front of the closed Brokers’ Eyes. 






She opened her laptop, pressed a few buttons and she entered the Magic Traffic Roundabout.A sign up with her bank details, one more button, and the system started to roll.It slipped Sarah’s mind that this was just a joke and that her husband will come back the next day saying sorry for a lousy try to entertain her with this cover-up fiasco.

This system was fake, how could she believe that this Binary Trading will give her money?…Don’t go away…Suddenly…some numbers floating, charts jumping up and down, graphs, more numbers, dollars, $51, $67…$65…(damn)…$98…(wow man)…$16…$312…$1432…$1897…Hey, Sarah smiled for the first time since that nightmare begun, these dollars were actually transferred to her bank account.


It was an AVI’s Sign. His Video Bytes Soul was sending Signals of Hope to his wife.



She checked her bank account again, $1897 pending ….. BINGO .. YES…YESSSSSS……..That was it, the gift of AVI for their future.Unfortunately, she never met him, he decided to sign a divorce in her absence explaining her with a letter how dangerous was to reach her.

DIFUS though had no intention to check on Sarah and Avi’s house.They had the system, they could make millions, but Sarah could do that too.And Sarah kept on trading with the system on her laptop during the next days, endlessly.The numbers were laughing at her, thousands of dollars were flooding into her credit cards.


She managed to buy the most luxurious properties, cruise boats, golf courts, hotels, resorts.But although she became a millionaire in less than 90 days there was room for more, not everyone but a limited number of “250”.Remember when I told you earlier to remember that number.?

250 chosen members left to complete the Sara’s Elite Entity.There is no room for more, when 250 individuals steal money from the Stock Market and become millionaires that do not worry DIFUS and the government , but above that number the RISK is so High that Sarah could not jeopardize that investment, not now, she had the chance to change 250 people’s lives, that would be AVI’s intention in the first place.



But How Much Does It Cost To Make Money With This Genius System.?



Not yet, you have to watch the rest of the movie, sorry.But I will speed up from now on

The rest of the video is an attempt to impress me even more but fails dramatically as the budget of the director is collapsing


PROOFS that the Quick Cash System Works (don’t laugh, OK?)


1) Sarah goes into a restaurant with her laptop , early afternoon, no customers, a really HOT waitress serving her while eating her with her eyes, a break from her work, Sarah reveals the whole system in 3 minutes to an unknown woman, convincing her that she visited that restaurant only for her, to change her life.

The waitress agrees at every word, her lips are falling down when her bank account fills with hundreds of dollars in minutes.She quit her job immediately in front of Sarah and they go Shopping…Like a soft porn trailer.Sorry for the expression but that is how I exactly felt at that moment.






2) The supermarket employee….she picked him up from the streets, invited him to her house, and repeated the whole process that did with the waitress with THE ONLY EXCEPTION here that she asked $250 initial start-up fee of this worker and of course he obeyed with no questions to his mistress.

He even accepted a live phone call to his mobile from the best Broker in the world guiding him step-by-step into this system.He left like crazy and a few days later had a conversation with Sarah on Skype where he confessed his giant profit of $120000 thanks to that Genius Quick Cash System and that he quitted his job the next day.Although he only made $2000 the first day that was enough for him to quit his job because Sarah’s system was definitely working every single time.It could not crush just like that.



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Happy End



You see…I answered your question “How Much”…It is $250 to enter Sarah’s smile…250 chosen few – $250 each.250 new millionaires + plus [[[[   Sarah = millionaire + 250 X $250 = millionaire + $62500   ]]]….So a millionaire like Sarah decides to make 250 people millionaires and grab the cheap $62500 as a gift for her kindness.

Give me a Break.The conclusion is not necessary with such a crap marketing product, it does not even worth it.Can you really believe that there is a software predicting all the stock movements with 99% success ratio and that they would sell such kind of material…?….for only $250..?


……..It should cost millions………I hope you can make your decisions with a clear mind now.Thank you for your trust and for watching this movie with me.


Do you know how to spot online scams like this one? Here’s a mini guide



That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner






  1. Simon

    A 99.9% success rate from the The DIFUS Pattern algorithm. Ha! If anyone could master 50% trading the stock market,they’d be on a luck streak. It’s pure gambling and how they can get away with promoting fortunes with ease like they do with this scam really does take the biscuit.

    There’s simply no laws of protection, Social Media is littered with this type of carry on.

    They all seem to follow the same pattern of a wonderful house, stunning cars and hugs around the family – Get real. There’s so many who fall for this though, that’s the problem.

    I’ll stick to affiliate marketing and keep working my butt off thanks,

  2. Maka

    I have lost all money,thank you very much

    • Tasos

      Hi there Maka, sorry to hear that….but…Do not give up, the world is full of opportunities.You will get that money back eventually.

  3. jemtem

    It’s good that there are reviews. So you can have an answer before you believe (or subscribe) for strange stories like “quick cash..”

    • Tasos

      Thank you jemtem , your support means a lot.The internet can save you or break you.Hopefully there are reviews on almost any product , and I believe that will result to progress.Strange stories like this “quick cash” will be taken down very shortly….Cheers..!!!

  4. Brandy

    I need money but given a choice of food this month or giving out 250 I think I’ll choose my food I can’t afford this at all.

    • Tasos

      Of course Brandy , keep your money safe , no need to make richer those scam artists.Thanks for the interaction.My best wishes.

  5. Bastiah

    Dear Tasos,
    Yesterday i fall for this scam. Ray the telecomm can even ask me whether to invest more,Instead of $250 US to invest another $250 US. I am from Singapore. Ray can said that i can call him anytime or terminate any moment. After 2 hours later, i try to reach him but to no avail. It strike my mind to google about DIFUS. Then i realised it was a scam. I went down to the bank and cancel my Debit card as i am afraid of further deduction. The bank teller can tell me they unable to do anything,as i have given my OTP and my Debit card number willingly. This is my blunders.

    • Tasos

      Thanks Bastiah for sharing your awful experience with this scam.You did very well and informed the bank to cancel the credit card for deductions.Unfortunately you lost some money , but you are very brave in letting the people know.

      And now you know that you must read reviews before investing any money online.Good luck , take care.

  6. Harjit Baryar

    Hello can you tell me how I reached to my account.

    • Tasos

      You mean you have an account already set-up but no access anymore?…Keep on trying and let us know…Good luck

  7. Lerato Ratshefola

    thank you so much for the info Tasos… I was ready to invest but sceptical at the very same moment…

    • Tasos

      I am so glad I helped you out Lerato…Thank you so much for letting me know.You did well and did not invest , any super promising offer is suspicious.All my best.

      • Evan

        Hi Tasos.
        I can tell you without any doubt, and from personal experience, Binary Options are a complete scam. Almost all the “brokers” are owned by the same people. There are only 5 fully regulated brokers – all the rest are assholes.
        They’re all a bunch of liars. The money you trade with never goes to the market, and is “traded” in-house. If you would like to have a play around anyone, please do, though do NOT throw in anymore that the $250.
        The reason for the magic figure of $250 in the video here is due to the brokers requiring that amount as a minimum opening balance (nothing unusual there).
        Additionally, the broker makes money on both your wins and losses!
        My advice to you all is to string them along like the lady who posted earlier did. And if you’re going to trade, stick to normal stocks and options trading – NOT binary crap. The whole system has been designed to make squillions for the owners of the brokerage houses. How it’s even legal has me stumped. The govt’s obviously get a sling out of it somehow.
        The thing that really irks me about the Quick Cash System and Sarah Markel? She’s a bloody Australian, like me. That makes me so pissed off.
        Stay away from Binary people.
        Thanks for reading. Hope I’ve helped someone somehow.

        • Tasos

          You have helped many people today Evan , absolutely.I wanna thank you for stating your personal experience on my blog.I totally agree with you and that is why I have published an additional post about Binary Options in general here.

          May be the governments do share a part of these profits , but I would not want that to be true.It is one of the most unethical ways to deceive people online who are trying to gamble or earn a few dollars.

          Greetings to Australia , all my best.

  8. sophia stewart

    I would like to end my financial burden right now im too stress

    • Tasos

      Hello , what burden Sophia?…I am not sure what you mean

  9. esther

    i actually tested this Quick Cash thing,the so called broker called me.i wanted him to go into my account, he managed to go through and you wont believe his suprise when he realised that i had no many in there. his tone became sharp, he became strangely desperate when $250 dollar could not go through. so i told him i will sign off papers to transfer money he said why can’t i do it now online,am i getting paid in mentioned date?.then he asked me how much i have in my investment account i told false amount and he kept asking are you sure because first account there was $0.00.then he started saying do you have any other account that has money. i said “no i specifically opened this one for you guys.”after that he dropped the phone on me i couldn’t log into system anymore,they said my details were wrong.

    • Tasos

      What an experience Esther….Desperate calling for money..!!!!…They are unbelievable…

      You did exactly as everyone should act in these cases.No money in the account , so you can test it out.

      Thank you so much for supporting my thread with your testimonial.I fully enjoyed your message , have a nice day , all my best wishes.!!!

  10. Hans Sommer

    well Scam or not Scam. I really only care about the tremendous huge knockers Sarah Markel has. I think of less than 250 things to do and will get very happy. Thanks Sarah for that marvellous bobtastic show.

    • Tasos

      Yeah , she is talented by nature Hans.I enjoyed the movie as well , it was a great pleasure watching her move and talk.A strict adult movie though.

      Thank you for this humorous interruption.All my best.

  11. Tom

    Hi Tasos!
    Great review with a perfect tone for it. People should be skeptical whenever something like this shows up, but it does catch people. Luckily there are people like you who are here looking out for us! This review is spot on and should make people think twice when they see a get rich quick scheme like this.
    Keep up the good work, and great content!

    • Tasos

      Welcome Tom , exactly , people should never invest in a get rick quick system.Deep research is needed in such cases.

      Thank you for this visit and for your support.

  12. mpho

    HI, thanks for the review, unfortunately I’m the victim. l lost my last saving with binary companies also posing to work with her and at the end left me dry and out. I cant even trust any.

    • Tasos

      Welcome mpho , I can understand your situation.You are not the first and not the last person who lost money on online scams.Yes , do not trust automated binary software for no reason.Binary market requires exclusive skills and experience.There are other legitimate online opportunities if you want to become an entrepreneur on your own.

      Thank you for this visit and for sharing your experience with us , this is going to help way more people.Very brave.

      Keep moving forward and if you need any additional help I am here.

  13. John Monyjok Maluth

    Dear Tasos, you have a great site. I like the themes, and the imagery you placed on the site. I hope for more content here as I will bookmark or just sign up for your site, so that when you have a post, it will reach me like a whirlwind!

    I also enjoyed reading your reviews of other products and services. You are very honest when it comes to reviews. I just need more knowledge about the scams.


    • Tasos

      Hello there John and welcome to my blog.I am very pleased to know you are satisfied with my website appearance.It would be very kind of you to bookmark WMS.Right now I am not offering an email subscription , it is in my future plans though.

      Online scams is a modern “Pain” and threat for the Internet , everyday I come across with new awful productions.Although they follow some pre-defined patterns , they always come up with new ideas to trick people into buying.

      For that matter I would suggest to take a look at this mini guide I have published.

      Thank you for visiting , for your beautiful comments and the support.

  14. Edy

    Hi Tasos,
    I usually review Binary Option software and rarely found a lady as that scam artist. lol
    I am glad that you show how their system is a complete lie. If this is true, we all would be Millionaires within 100 days. And that’s done on Autopilot? Wow, my granny would join this get rich quick scheme too.
    There are many innocent folks still believe about push button software that automates wealth online. The brutal truth is, It doesn’t exist! I hope your review bring awareness to the internet society.

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Edy , I always enjoy your Binary Reviews.Out of all the Binary affiliate sites I have reviewed only one was legit and was not promising any quick money at all.

      That Quick Cash System has a brilliant video production any producer would envy.The actress posing as Sarah is a temptation from hell for all men , you know what I mean.Their story was like a fairytale.Yes , go tell your grandmother to use their software , anybody could be millionaire with that.What a lie..!!..

      This is where they count , because still people believe in that secret button push.They think that online world is different than the offline.And that is far away from the truth.

      Thank you for taking the time to revisit my blog and for your beautiful comments.

  15. elorde

    I’ been reading about trading and I’d encounter about Binary trading but not yet ‘QCS’ quick cash system. Sometimes it click to my mind ‘TRY’ despite of so much at the back of my brain about SCAM system. But am having so much patience to wait and read more about QCS,and am lucky I found it,,, and it give me big answer a”QUICK SCAM SYSTEM” there’s no stupid Market to loss thounsands of dollars in few days,,,,thanks anyway

    • Tasos

      You are doing it the right way Elorde.Everyone should be looking for online reviews , especially for these Quick Cash Systems.Because there is no such thing as quick cash.But there are also online reviews that compliment these systems , usually belong to people affiliated with those filthy producers.

      I am very glad you found my review useful , this product that is presented by Sarah is just a “Fake” promise.No software can predict the stock movements with so much accuracy.And generally , Binary Trading is a very risky investment.

      I wanna thank you for visiting my blog and for stating your thoughts here.Your participation will help more people avoid these traps.

  16. Dave Dixon

    Great article. I enjoyed reading it to the end, you have a funny and engaging writing style 🙂

    I can’t believe how people can be lured in by this, unbelievable. It’s great there are people like you (and me!) guiding people to the genuine systems and methods to truly make money online.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Tasos

      Hi Dave , welcome to my blog.For me it is something very usual.These powerful video presentations are produced to trap newcomers.When people are eager to make some bucks online they don’t research prior to their investments , so these frauds can make some money out of them.

      It’s nice to see you are in the same direction with me.Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for leaving your beautiful comments.

  17. Jerielle

    hey Tasos, thanks for the review, it was fun reading it. nearly believed the SCAM, STUPID ME! XD..
    good thing i searched it first in the net

    • Tasos

      Dear Jerielle , I am glad you found my review and did not fall for this scam.And NO , no one is Stupid when believing in these videos and presentations.Those videos are produced in order to trick people.You were very clever to search the net , and always do that.

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting here , that can help more people understand how these websites operate.

  18. Angelique Maxton

    BEWARE OF A COMPANY CALLED TITAN TRADE or their crappy SCAM SITE QUICK CASH SYSTEM, SARAH MARKEL DOES NOT EXIST, Actually Quick cash system is for a laugh, it’s a story about government cover ups, conspiracies and a lady with big breasts who awkwardly tries to act like a worried mother to two random kids whose husband was a secret agent tries to convince you you can make a million dollars in a few months, it’s hilarious. I did my research online, I saw a site offering 99.9% accurate binary trading (as if), turns out it’s a huge scam and now they say they are going to be calling me non stop because I was rude to the Phillipino lady who called me 3 times in the space of a minute. She literally called me back and said that is what they were going to do, call me ALL DAY every day. To which I said you clearly are a scam site and bring it on cause I have so much more to say to you. Bring it on, So now it is my mission to bring the truth out to anyone who will listen. I am a real person, a stay at home mother with a young baby who is in debt but rich in love, these monsters rip off the people who need an income the most. Shameless, I so nearly fell for this so please spread the word, I cannot stand the thought of another single person being scammed by these horrible disgusting demented manipulative scuds.

    • Tasos

      Hello Angelique , I followed your mentions on this Titan Trade website and found it online , it seems like a Broker Trader site , I bet they co-operate with this fake person , Sarah Markel.Obviously Sarah is a fantastic character , but the female actress with these two random kids knows how to persuade people into falling for the big dream.

      So…they had this lady from Philippines calling you all day long.I bet this is one of their methods , to annoy and distract people who do not take their “Bait”.You did very well in yelling to them and tell them that they are a scam site.Nothing more.Just a fraudulent site with a dark mission.

      But you have not lost any money on this scam , right?…because you say you nearly fell.You are a brave mother.

      You did a nice move to tell your story , this is going to help more people understand how these scammers act.I can clearly feel your Rant and your anger , Angelique.These criminals should be shut down and arrested for such behaviours.

      I wanna thank you so much for sharing your experience here on my blog , you care for the people and that is awesome.You are an honest individual.All my best wishes to you and your young baby , keep staying away from such sites.

  19. Edmund

    Hey Tasos, a Hollywood Review you have here!

    An interesting perspective that scammers are making it this far to scam naive and honest people to believe that there is quick cash system in the world.

    I pray that they will wake up one day and find out that the one making quick cash is the one selling the system.

    Thanks for this interesting review. Wishing you the best!

    • Tasos

      Exactly Edmund , a Hollywood scenario , too bad I did not have any pop-corn with me when I was watching that movie.The online scams are always inventing new ways to approach potential victims.This time they counted on the female actress , under the name Sarah , her beautiful body and smooth talking to persuade visitors in buying their crap software.

      I am wishing them the same , to understand one day that there is no quick cash in this world.Quick cash exists only for the producers of those systems.

      Thank you for your visit and for your lovely comments

  20. Mark

    Ho Tasos – great article and another scam exposed. Good work.
    Quick Cash should have everyone questioning what is going on.I have been involved in Internet marketing for a number of years now, more recently I started on the Wealthy Affiliate program, it’s only since then that I have made any sort of progress, no money yet just progress.
    Making money online is not instant, you have to lay the foundations first.
    These online scam artists must really be hating WA and its associated community for exposing so many of them
    keep up the good work

    • Tasos

      And what a scam artist this one was , Mark.He had this actress posing as Sarah Markel , talking with an angelic voice , I could not take my eyes off of her.That is where they count.If someone is new and especially if that someone is a “Boy” he will be teased by Sarah’s movements and Boom , there you go his credit card.

      It is great for you to join Wealthy Affiliate , I can ensure that you made a right decision.They teach real marketing in an ethical way , they respect all the latest updates from search engines , they upgrade their content and their services continuously.You said it right , online success can not happen in a blink of an eye , it needs hard work but in the long run everyone gets rewarded.Hold on tight and never give up and do not think of money , just focus on your readers and the improvement of your website.

      They sure hate WA , but they hate everybody as well when they steal , misinform and misdirect.They will take what they deserve

      Thank you for passing by and for your lovely comments.

  21. Andy

    As soon as I saw the words quick cash it got my back up straight away. There is no such thing as quick cash in internet marketing and anyone that tells you this is full of BS.

    I have seen a lot of these binary trading scams out there and they do a dam good job at convincing somebody they are the real deal. My advice KEEP AWAY

    • Tasos

      Why Andy?..You don’t believe in Quick Cash?…Even when an angel like Sarah Markel is promising that?…And you do well.No Q U I C K C A S H in this world.Unless you are lucky and win the lottery or the casino.

      I have tested a bunch of binary options trading systems and only 1 out of them was a decent legit opportunity.Although I do not like the Binary System as a steady income opportunity and I think it is like gambling , at least there are some companies legitimate.But the great majority of the Binary Promotions is just scam attempts to convince people buy unknown origin software that can trick and predict the stock movements.Yeah right

      If such a software is invented it should cost millions.Thank you for dropping a line on my blog.


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  • ContentMarketingInstitute: Clueless Execs? Solve the Content Marketing Mystery for Them
  • NewsWeek: Donald Trump Files Lawsuit Against 20 Media Outlets—Full List
  • SproutSocial: 16 influencer marketing platforms to boost your campaigns in 2024
  • TechCrunch: Siena AI raises $4.7M to develop an empathic AI customer service agent
  • AnalyticsInsight: 10 AI Tools That ChatGPT Says Every Consultant Should Know
  • Facebook is going down: Subscribe to use your Facebook account without ads, starting at €9.99/month (inclusive of applicable taxes). Your info won’t be used for ads. [They beg for money! What I predicted in September 2022 may become a reality]surprised
  • AIOSEO: Discover Trending Websites. Learn how websites with exploding traffic use SEO to rank quickly. Join our email list to be updated as soon as a new case study comes out.
  • WealthyAffiliate: How to Start a Profitable Food blog
  • BusinessInsider: Getting emotional with ChatGPT could get you the best outputs
  • CNBC: The CEO of a $2.2 billion tech startup—who’s sold companies to Yahoo and Google—shares the common mistake he’s avoided
  • VentureBeat: Iterate introduces AppCoder LLM, allowing enterprises to build AI apps with natural language
  • YahooNews: Adobe Caught Selling AI-Generated Images of Israel-Palestine Violence
  • Nature: ChatGPT detector’ catches AI-generated papers with unprecedented accuracy
  • DailyTimesNigeria: Ponzi Alert: How emerging online affiliate marketing platforms are defrauding Nigerian youths
  • CNBC: 50% of Gen Z wants to ditch corporate jobs and run their own businesses, according to new research
  • SalesScripter: How to Use ChatGPT to Write a Sales Script
  • SearchEngineLand: Google rolls out generative AI tools for product images in the U.S.
  • NameCheap: Seeing dollar signs: Sam Altman’s Worldcoin
  • ElegantThemes: Quillbot AI Review: Everything You Need to Know (2023)
  • UseMotion: The Timeboxing Technique - a Comprehensive Guide
  • TechCrunch: Why startups should start preparing now for a potential founder breakup. [Excerpt: she started the company to help creators, not ride industry trends to make the most money.]
  • Dev: Top 5 Github repositories to achieve system design mastery
  • SearchEngineJournal: New Version Of ChatGPT Gives Access To All GPT-4 Tools At Once
  • NewScientist: ChatGPT wrote code that can make databases leak sensitive information
  • SearchEngineLand: How to use Google Bard for better SEO
  • InVideo: How To Find Your YouTube Niche In 2023: Complete step-by-step Guide
  • Jeffrey Gitomer: Value On-Hold. Seize the Silence.
  • ElegantThemes: 8 Best AI Copywriting Tools in 2023 (Reviewed & Rated)
  • WealthyAffiliate: 5 Steps to Unlocking Peak Affiliate Commissions
  • TechXplore: Artificial intelligence predicts the future of artificial intelligence research
  • OptinMonster: 29 Awesome Newsletter Ideas That Will Keep Subscribers Engaged
  • WealthyAffiliate: The Coaching Scam is Alive and Well. (and costing folks $1,000's)
  • TrulyNet: Major Swiss Bank Admits to Tax Evasion Scheme, Agrees to Substantial Penalty
  • NewAmerican: Small Businesses Are the Backbone of the American Economy
  • LiveMint: Gold Standard hinted by the US Debt Clock
  • Gold Standard hinted by the US Debt Clock
  • Reuters: China's state banks seen supporting yuan as Moody's cuts outlook - sources
  • GoldTelegraph: BIS is warning that central clearinghouses that hold over $1 Trillion in liquid assets may exacerbate periods of financial stress
  • TheSun: Huge pharmacy chain and Boots rival sells all 1,054 branches after string of closures – is your local affected?
  • ZeroHedge: 64 US Bank Branches File To Shut Down In A Single Week
  • [Bank branches are dropping like flies: Wells Fargo, Bank of America, PNC, NatWest, RBS, Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays... The FIAT dollar and the fake economy have collapsed - Time for a replacement after the HAPPENINGS - dark mode]
  • TASS: Pakistan applies for BRICS membership in 2024 — ambassador to Russia
  • NewsTarget: 1.8M fraudulent transactions led banks to close accounts of innocent customers without warning or explanation
  • TheGoldObserver: Dutch Central Bank Admits It Has Prepared for a New Gold Standard
  • Reuters: China, Saudi Arabia sign currency swap agreement
  • USDebtClock: Transition from the Federal Reserve System to the US Treasury 1776 has begun [no more FIAT slavery]
  • DailyReckoning: Wall Street’s Dishonest Accounting
  • Gazetteller: The Iraqi Dinar’s Quantum Financial Leap Is Here – Redefining Money and Power in the Global Economy!
  • ChrisHedgesReport: French whistleblower Stephanie Gibaud exposes worldwide banking fraud [VIDEO].
  • AMGNews: QFS NEWS: All Banks are Transitioning Over Into the QFS – Start Getting Hold of the ISO 20022 XLM and XRP – 7 Billion People Will Inevitably Transition to the QFS.
  • WatcherGuru: Dubai Incorporates XRP Into Special Economic Zone
  • CoinDesk: Coinbase Ending Support for Bitcoin SV. [I predict the future of crypto among other things in this video].
  • TheDailyStar: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today launched local currency card TakaPay to reduce dependency on international card schemes like Visa and Mastercard and save much-needed US dollars. [Welcome multipolar - goodbye monopoly].
  • CNNBusiness: WeWork files for bankruptcy
  • TheCryptoBasic: UAE’s Al Maryah Bank Selects Ripple ODL Partner for Cross-Border Transfers
  • GlobalTimes: Yuan-clearing bank launched in Pakistan as Chinese currency gains momentum in internationalization push
    Internationalization of Chinese currency gains momentum amid de-dollarization
  • BRICS currency is almost ready, confirms Economist
  • TVBRICS: Argentina starts the process of joining the BRICS Bank
    Text copied from https://tvbrics.com/en/news/argentina-starts-the-process-of-joining-the-brics-bank/
  • Mining: Caledonia explores funding options to build Zimbabwe’s biggest gold mine
  • Reuters: US SEC drops claims against two Ripple Labs executives
multimedia/web development 
  • It'sFossNews: An Open Source Web-Based AI-Powered Vector Graphics Editor: Wait, What?
  • InVideo: How To Make YouTube Shorts: Create YT Shorts Using AI
  • Vecteezy: Graphic Design Trends
  • Videvo: What You Need to Know About Aspect Ratios
  • ThemeForest: Merchandiser - WooCommerce Theme for Wordpress Block Editor. FREE when you signup with a free account.
  • Videvo: Think Like a Director: How to Use the Medium Shot
  • Placeit: Font Pairing Made Easy. A Guide for Non Designers.
  • VidToon: #1 Top Video Animation Software To Make Explainer, Marketing, Animated Videos Online. HD Background Images and Music Files-Automated Voice Overs-Smart Timeline-Social Media-Animate Text-FHD Export-Camera Zoon In/Out-GIFs & Icons-Transitions, and more.
  • Dev: 10 Exceptional Developer Tools Launched in 2023
  • MotionElements: FREE background music for video. MotionElements is the best online stock music site to download free background music. Choose from free stock music to free sound effects to free stock video.
  • Deeezy: 14 FREE Bakery Store Illustrations
  • ThemeForest: Up to 50% OFF selected items. 27 website templates from $7 sorted by best sellers. Beautiful website templates from our creative community, reviewed one by one by our staff.
  • DesignModo: 19 Top Tools & Resources for Web Designers in 2023
  • CraftWork: FLASH SALE. Save up to 45% on illustrations, UI kits, Framer and Figma templates, and Pro Access subscription plans. Use discounts before 22 September.
  • PlaceIt App: Boost Your Business From Everywhere. Easy access to our entire library of designs, mockups, logos & videos. Download your designs directly on your device and share in seconds to your social media.
  • VentureBeat: Microsoft unveils ‘LeMa’: A revolutionary AI learning method mirroring human problem solving
  • ThePeople'sVoice: Elon Musk: Ventilators Euthanized MILLIONS Globally, Not COVID
  • Phys: Scientists manipulate quantum fluids of light, bringing us closer to next-generation unconventional computing
  • Decrypt: Global Powers Sign International Declaration on AI Safety
  • TheConversation: We built a ‘brain’ from tiny silver wires. It learns in real time, more efficiently than computer-based AI
  • NDTV: Time Travel Possible? What Scientists Found Out With Latest Experiment
  • NeuroScienceNews: Is AI Mimicking Consciousness or Truly Becoming Aware?
  • LosAngelesTimes: Stanford scientist, after decades of study, concludes: We don’t have free will
  • Online Education Resources - Books, programs, courses, training, and so much more. I'll be adding many brands in the upcoming days and weeks. Check it out!
  • BizHub: The Ultimate Resource Catalog for Ambitious Businesses.The ultimate business collection by categories: organisation-administration, marketing, production-supply chain, financial management-economics, human resources management, IT &web development, legal & regulatory compliance, social image & responsibility, design & multimedia, business development, education, innovation. An upgraded version of the 200+ tools collection.


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