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You're Reading:ZarFund – Exchanging Bitcoins | Named Direct “Ponzi” Funding for Your Financial Needs

ZarFund – Exchanging Bitcoins | Named Direct “Ponzi” Funding for Your Financial Needs

by Tasos


Dec 1, 2016




People are researching for this opportunity like maniacs (over 9000 monthly searches) … wOw … But just because a company provides a vehicle to make money (for some…) that does not mean you should join before you do your due diligence.



Inside ZarFund



Let’s see.. can these headlines survive the test?


  • At ZarFund we help you with direct funding for your financial needs.
  • Where Wealth is predictable
  • Step by step model to help you reach freedom
  • Register, invite friends, success…


Moreover the main homepage salutes…

  • Total donations, top earners, top recruiters, top countries
  • Member testimonials, donations plan, bitcoin as the exchanging asset.


Let’s Leave the Fancy Introduction and Focus on the System



Here’s how people are making money = bitcoins here…There are levels like all Pyramids and you have to pay first in order to participate, of course…Let’s play


  • Level 1 – Upgrade paying 0.03BTC monthly fee to your Level 1 Upline … Now you are able to receive 0.03BTC from your Level 1 Downlines…
  • Level 2 – 0.05BTC mpnthly to Level 2 Upline / receive 0.05BTC from Level 2 Downlines
  • Level 3 – 0.1BTC / 0.1BTC
  • Level 4 – 0.2BTC / 0.2BTC
  • Level 5 – 1BTC / 1BTC
  • Level 6 – 2BTC / 2BTC





Simply there is nothing here, the department is empty. The only thing you can do is promote the opportunity to others and recruit them.

  • Where are the digital media and services mentioned on the FAQ?
  • Where is the valuable content?
  • A fair pyramid system who allows every member to make money?…oh yes, that one



Final Words



The owner of the site is Hannes Jordaan an online entrepreneur from South Africa. Passionate to help others succeed…including himself as top multi position holder

The domain was registered earlier this July and the company will disappear soon enough from the online map. Who will remember that date are those who eventually lost money (let’s hope it’s not thousands like Traffic Monsoon as a recent example and 100 other million of such Ponzi schemes counting from 1920) , some of us the reviewers and those who escaped with mass / medium profits .. owners, friends, early investors on the expense of later investors … who are the BIG majority.

A typical Ponzi system that feeds older investors with money coming in solely from early affiliates with no products sold to retail market. And will vanish because recruitment can not last forever.


YES, you can make money but that does not mean you should invest with no fear. You see if you plan to join now may be it is too late and the more you can do is take your money back – lose everything… If you think you will get rich by investing thousands of dollars I would recommend to double think what I already mentioned. After all is a cash gifting scheme and you can act as an adult.


These systems are born with one purpose … to feed the top standing members securing their final escape before the organisation collapses.


Mostly suitable for top recruiters that don’t mind destroying their reputation with fake pseudo MLM companies. Companies that do not have to offer real products for the population and what they only create is money funnels to fool innocent newcomers – victims…


You will never see me recommend programs with No Real Value



Alternative Way of Making Real Money Online



You don’t have to depend on every pyramid scheme that is born in order to make money online. You can be your own boss by creating your own online property. Here’s how I started

Do not get fooled…it needs hard work to succeed, but it is possible if you can devote on that model.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help


That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner…
















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