You're Reading:How Skyllex Can Claim to 11X our Money?…Experts Walking on a BorderLine..!

How Skyllex Can Claim to 11X our Money?…Experts Walking on a BorderLine..!

by Tasos


Feb 2, 2017



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I am investigating a professional trading company that is promising extremely high ROIs. A company that is seeking for investors all around the world. In some case the amount of money someone can invest reach half a million dollars.

But is it so easy to make money online?…We just invest in a program and then we sit back enjoying investment experts gamble with our money. At the end we reap the rewards, or we don’t?


I really hope that this company has nothing to do with the very low quality competition…



Inside Skyllex




They are professinal traders, they know how to make money on the stock exchanges. They know how “Success” feels like….the video presentation on the homepage is teasing visitors

Skyllex base is in Sydney, Australia underlines the beautiful female speaker. Additionally she insists that Skyllex is

  • Responsible
  • Profitable
  • Accurate
  • Stable

The “Lady” closes the presentation by mentioning the Skyllex “Opportunity”, which is a repetition of the modern pseudo investment companies.

Invest in our program and reap the benefits by doing nothing at all. The minimum investment is $50 and the maximum is $100,000 and she continues ..”If you want to invest more please contact our manager on the phone to get permission”..


Where is the phone?..I want to invest $1 million right away. I am convinced.


Headlines on the homepage

The smart trading by exchnage assets…

To Investors – Profits on investments up to 1100%, profit booster on the work of the deposit in the first 10 days, special offer for VIP clients, individual solutions

To Partners – Four stages of the multi level referral program.Earn up to 21% with a possibility of splitting all funds of the users account for personal and common amount volume additionally.


Types of Investments

  • #1 Ascent: $50 – $1000, ROI 50% for 30 days, daily charges 1.67%, return of the deposit
  • #2 Glimpse: $1000 – $15,000, ROI 55% for 25 days, daily charges 2.2%, return of the deposit


  • #3 Inspiration: $10,000 – $100,000, ROI 150% for 60 days, daily charges 2.5%, return of the deposit
  • #4 Gold Flow: $250 – $7,500, 1100% after 90 days, no daily charges, no return of the deposit


  • #5 Money Maker: $15,000 – $60,000, 600% after 45 days, no daily charges, no return of the deposit
  • #6 Fast Coin: $2,000 – $3,500, 225% after 60 days, no daily charges, no return of the deposit


  • #7 VIP Money Vertex: $500,000+, X% after X days, top secret


I will go for the last one, I like mysterious situations.


The propaganda continues…””We cultivate philosophy of independently made decisions, honest relationship and equitable partnership. We give opportunities for cooperation in a format of the greatest possible availability to any categories of investors and we place emphasis on democratic character and loyalty in rendering the consulting help””


Payment Processors

Perfect Money, Payeer, OK Pay, AdvCash, bitcoin


About Page – Registration Doc – Address

The design is filled with a personnel stock image and the “Opera House” in Sydney adds prestige to “Skyllex”….or it does not?…A registration document image is provided, Skyllex PTY LTD, Australian company number 612788600, 03 June 2016.

The address Exchange Center, 20 Bridge St Sydney NSW 2000 is given. A Skype address is shared, Tom Jankauskas (US/Russian??), and moderator is Svetlana Iini.



A video shows a man in St. Petersburg of Russia talking in Russian. He is out on the streets and walking to an office. Of course the office has a label on the door with the Skyllex logo. Inside the office a wall is decorated with the same logo….Apart from that theire is a desk with a laptop and nothing else. The name Volkov Alexey Alexeyevich is shown, obviously you can contact him and talk in fluent Russian about Skyllex and investments.


And this is the proof that Skyllex is a real company, according to the anonymous owner. But I need more than that, I am not biting the bait that easily. I want to see the facilities in Sydney, I want to watch interviews with the trading experts, I want to see the team in action. I want a lot more than that before I decide to invest not $50, but even a penny.

Not only that, a company that has a website for over a year now shows a Russian representsative speaking only Russian. But at the same time they are seeking for investors worldwide. hmmm…



Owners – Domain

By performing a whois search I uncovered the registration date for the domain skyllex.com, 31 July 2015, the owners are hiding from the public using privacy protection.

For me this is a scam alert. Would you really invest in a company that is trying to be kept secret?..The anonymous owners claim that the company is located in Australia, but all I can see is an image of Sydney on a website. Does it mean anything to you?..Can it prove anything?…Let’s move on…







Skyllex Real Estate



They say…””The company is expanding the scope of its interests and has begun to actively cooperate with construction companies, providing an opportunity to obtain a property abroad for its investors. In particular, we are forming a package of proposals for real estate in Australia (Sydney), Dominican Republic, Greece, Cyprus and Sicily. The company plans in the future are to expand the list of countries and cities in which it will be possible to buy real estate.””

How it Works

You can buy 2 real estate plans, and when they work out you can buy the next ones.


  • #1 Inspiration: $10,000 – $100,000, 150% in 60 days, no return of the deposit
  • #2 Gold FLow: $250 – $7,500, 90 days ROI 1100%, no return of the deposit
  • #3 Money Maker: $15,000 – $60,000, 45 days ROI 600%, no return of the deposit.

Those plans are the same with the Investment Plans mentioned above.



Skyllex Trading Department



This page has a new slogan..

New investment technologies and uncompromising profitability from Skyllex


Now we watch images of real people and names…

  • Shornikov Grigory Valerievich – Trading tactics since 2003, level of success 97%
  • Danielle Sorban — Technical analysic on shares since 2005, level of success 81%
  • Roland Virmauskis – Iron Tactics since 2000, level of success 98%
  • Batueva Nadejda Vyacheslavovna – Not trading in strong market movements since 2005, level of success 78%
  • Kansuela Arlauskajte – Adherence of the major market trends since 2001, level of success 85%

The Google image search returned semi – suspicious results.


What is more interesting here is that all Google searches for terms including those names separately in combination with words like…”Trading”, “Shares”, “Analysis”, “Tactics” return only Skyllex URL results. So if I understand correctly a bunch of Russian trading experts with many years of personal experience gathered for a super trading feast.

But is it possible a trading expert like Mrs Kansuela working since 2001 not to publish one damn article about trading?…on a magazine?…on a forum?…on another website?…Nada?….Who is those experts that do not talk about their work?…I am not taking the bite guys, sorry…Not so easy to convince me…!!

Even more amusing seems the fact that a man with 97% ratio of trading success through all these years would have made a fortune with personal investments alone. Why would that someone want to save the world suddenly?



Skyllex Mining



Another miracle of technology here…


  • Server A1 – $10 – $60,000, 30 days, 1% per day, server speed 1100 – 3600 GH/s, 100% rent return value
  • Server A2 – $500 – $500,000, 90 days, 2% per day, 3200 – 6700 Gh/s, 100% rent return value
  • Server A3 – $1000 – $500,000, 120 days, 2.3% per day, 8500 – 11000 Gh/s, 100% rent return value

The faster the server the higher the rewards.

This company is making millions out of everything. But I am not buying yet…


They claim that …””We purchased the most innovative bitcoin mining equipment that exists today. We bought the equipment in bulk and sell in bulk velocity of mining for higher price, than the equipment was bought, thus the company earns on the sale of the mining velocity to partners and partners earn on bitcoin mining.””…Bitcoin will continue going up till 2140. This is a fact, the forecasts say…



Referral Program


Move to the future and make it better


The referral program places affiliates / investors into a table divided by ranks / amount of investment

  • Silver Partner – Personal Amount Volume (PAV) up to $1000, Common Amount Volume (CAV) up to $10,000, 1st level commissions 7%, 2nd level 4%, 3rd level 2%, 4th level 1%
  • Gold Partner – PAV up to $5,000, CAV up to $25,000, 1st 8%, 2nd 4%, 3rd 2%, 4th 1%
  • Platinum – PAV up to $20,000, CAV up to $100,000, 1st 9%, 2nd 5%, 3rd 2%, 4th 1%
  • Diamond – PAV up to $100,000, CAV up to $1,000,000, 1st 10%, 2nd 6%, 3rd 3%, 4th 2%
  • Diamond Plus – PAV up to $500,000, CAV up to $2,000,000, 1st 10%, 2nd 6%, 3rd 3%, 4th 2%. 5th 1%, 6th 1%

Any stage of the referral program can be reached in 2 ways.

  • #1 Pay more to climb or
  • #2 Invite others to do that for you


A great reason for us to refer like maniacs in a pure Pay-to-Play structure


Mining Referral Program

Percentage of deposit profit of an “Invited” user

1st level 9%, 2nd 5%, 3rd 3%, 4th 2%, 5th 1%


The Conferences Videos

Another Russian department, could not understand a word….oh my…


The News

Curated content from other publishers….

…where are those Skyllex experts yet?


FAQ – Important

You can create as many accounts as you want and you can make unlimited deposits and you can invest on all plans at once…of course guys

Why Skyllex uses USD instead of AUD?…Skyllex is an international company and USD is regognized and convertible around the globe, like the Russian language








Final Words




Enough with Skyllex, they did not not convince me, not a little bit…disappointment

No knowledge, no trading experts, no facilities, no owners, no contribution to the finance world, no nothing.


I wonder why the published these 5 images of the so called “Trading gurus” the moment the owners are hiding somewhere in Russia obviously, or should I say Australia?


Would be funny to discuss about these extreme ROIs. 1100% out of nothing. Next is the Real Estate department in which the investment plans are the same with the trading section. And that does not make any sense at all.

In order to make money with Real Estate someone has to buy. How can they claim fixed periods and ROIs?…in Real Estate there might be periods of no selling…Not in a million guys, sorry I am not investing a penny


I will be very straight forward…What we have here?…just a 10 pages website in a rolling over a year period. That is all I can see. Experts showcase their work and portfolios. We want numbers, facts, reports, past events, seminars, webinars, interviews with clients, articles, animations and many many more…


I believe we deal with yet another very dangerous Ponzi MLM HYIP non transparent mechanism, that is going to dry out many pockets at the end of a rotten money cycle. I am not predicting a bright future with Skyllex.


The decision is all yours.



How to Make Money Online



That investment programs are very risky and no company in the world is here to save our b..ts… They do that for their own good

However if you want to make money by working I suggest that you get started with an affiliate website, the most newbie friendly way. This way you don’t have to chase every fake dream out there.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.













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