You're Reading:Rank.Financial – Fancy Site, Video Commercial & Calculator – Classic Recipe

Rank.Financial – Fancy Site, Video Commercial & Calculator – Classic Recipe

by Tasos


Apr 26, 2017

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

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We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

Heading for interviews laughing







Today’s investing platform sounds very promising. A company with supposedly massive experience in trading fields like Forex, precious metals, hydrocarbons. Now they want to expand their assert portfolio with their own cryptocurrency called “Mass Coins”. As they claim trading on the crypto markets is extremely beneficial compared to traditional “Gold” and there are no risks.

Unfortunately this program reminds me other low quality investing projects that disappear from the industry after a few months. Let’s hope that this time the statistics will change…



Inside “Rank.Financial”



A huge step to the future, this is the bold headline found on the homepage. 2 scrolling images add trust showing a businessman and how he is making money using the system of the company’s “Mass Coins”

The process seems quite simple…

  • They receive funds from investors
  • They bring them to the leading exchanges and trade
  • They fix the income so you can withdraw


Quite interesting, or is it not?


Brief Summary

An international cryptocurrency fund, uniting tremendous capitals of great investors from every corner of the globe.


Statistics shown

  • 808 members
  • $6622 total investments
  • 105 asset deposits
  • $329 withdrawals


Video commercial

  • With almost 100% chance to make a profit. They continue…throughout the years they have developed unique strategies to profit from financial markets attracting funds from serious investors.
  • They receive 1.16% ROI every single day.  They have an MLM affiliate program with 7 statuses and 9 levels. Entrust your capital to this reliable company.


I am impressed, what a reliable company.!









Advantages of Cryptocurrency compared with Gold

  • Gold is mined only in its factual discovery field
  • Gold requires special storage conditions and can be stolen
  • It is harder to profit from gold trading, inertness, low volatility
  • Gold is located on certain areas, requires special transportation conditions


What are we waiting for?…Let us sell gold and buy Coins


Advantages of Rank Financial

High income without Risks

…yes, that too.!

The most balanced investment product, maximum profits. Safety of your money, confident for the future.


MassCoin Price

  • 1 M = 0.03853 BTC
  • 1 M = $46.621


About Page

Massive experience with trading on Forex, precious metals, hydrocarbons trading and so on. But now they decided to deal only with cryptocurrency.

Their key goals are:

  • Expanding the asset portfolio
  • Community of experts
  • New cryptocurrency


How they make it happen

  • Identification of potential risks
  • Results of software checks are carefully studied by top-notch experts. It increases positive outcome up to 90%.
  • Analysis of consequences
  • Limitation of operating activities


Now I am secured 99%


Investment Plan


1.16% daily ROI, 180 days duration, accruals every 24 hours, deposits $20 – $5,000, maximum 1 deposit per 7 days, minimum withdrawl limit $1/day


What makes up your profit

  • Corporate insurance fund
  • Direct short term investments on cryptocurrency exchange
  • Long term investments, aimed at long run development and implementation of their own cryptocurrency
  • Part of funds remains on the company’s operating balance account to maintain financial stability


MLM Referral Program

Right after registration, a default affiliate program is available for all participants. You receive 5% from the deposit, placed by a partner invited by you. When reaching a certain turnover, you will be assigned with a new status and a level will be increased. There are maximum 9 levels


Ranks – Affiliate Commissions

  • Participant: 1st level 5%
  • Clerk: 1st level 5%. 2nd 2%. 3rd 1%, 4th 0.5% by turnaround of $1,000 (total (8.5%)
  • Manager: 1st level 5%. 2nd 2%. 3rd 1%, 4th 0.5%, 5th 0.5% by turnaround of $5,000 (total (9%)
  • Specialist: 1st level 5%. 2nd 2%. 3rd 1%, 4th 0.5%, 5th 0.5%, 6th 0.5% by turnaround of $10,000 (total (9.5%)
  • Director: 1st level 5%. 2nd 2%. 3rd 1%, 4th 0.5%, 5th 0.5%, 6th 0.5%, 7th 0.5% by turnaround of $15,000 (total (10%)
  • Executive: 1st level 5%. 2nd 2%. 3rd 1%, 4th 0.5%, 5th 0.5%, 6th 0.5%, 7th 0.5%, 8th 1% by turnaround of $20,000 (total (11%)
  • President: 1st level 5%. 2nd 2%. 3rd 1%, 4th 0.5%, 5th 0.5%, 6th 0.5%, 7th 0.5%, 8th 1%, 9th 1% by turnaround of $30,000 (total (12%)

You don’t need to invest in order to participate in the referral program








Payment processors

Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, bitcoin


FAQ – Terms – Important

  • Only 1 account is allowed
  • There is risk in losing your money


I thought there were no risks at all


Social Media

You-Tube: 2 videos x 1.50 minute. It is the same video commercial with an added Russian version.

hmmm many potential investors from Russia.


Registration – Legal Docs

Companies house number 10512052, Private limited with Share Capital, incorporated on 06 December 2016. Includes risk score, credit limit, CCJs, mortgages & charges, Director & Secretary Timeline, Shareholders, Ownership & Group Stucture plus unlimited updates and free documents. The name Toby Ford appears as officer.


Owners – Domain

By performing a search in the whois database I uncover the registration date for the domain rank.financial, 28 September 2016. The name Toby Ford appears as registrant, 18 Lime Str. EC3M 7AN, London, +44.1258650030.



As usually, this is where another HYIp has nothing more to present.










Final Words



Are you interested in this new Mass Coins crypto deal?..Are the team members of Rank Financial top notch expets?…Is there anything missing on their presentation?


Let’s analyse the facts…


Rank Financial is a replica of other HYIP websites, full of promises and noise.!.Other than that a Big Fat Zero.


They say “Tremendous capitals of great investors”…I say “a few deposits from random people online”.

There is no solid information on how exactly they operate. How can we verify their trading expertise?.. Where are all those years that they had been trading on Forex and precious metals?…What were their results during that period?…What happened and they created their own cryptocurrency?..


Noone ever published an article on that domain. This is how they work for all these months since their registration?


They try to make it sound easy but in reality the risks are extraordinary. But in the FAQ they had to admit potential risks.


Where are the real photos of the owner, the trading team and the mining facilities?…Just an address and a registration document is obviously not enough for me to invest. Not a penny. Before I invest I have to be 100% sure that I deal with professionals, with a company that came to stay. Instead, Rank Financial fits in the “Bad HYIP category”. Simply a fancy website, an faq, a sign up form, and much of blah blah blah does not make a company Reliable.

The search terms “Toby Ford Investor” and “Toby Ford Cryptocurrency” return no relevant result.


How can they generate 1.16% daily ROIs remains a mystery. You have to take that leap of faith in order to deposit your money. Any program promising more than 10% yearly is very risky.


The Multi Level affiliate program is just another catch to make you deposit the maximum. Therefore comes as a surprise to me such a table for commissions. The 1st rank receives commissions only on 1 level while the 2nd rank on 4 levels deep. Do you think you are going to reach the 9th level?…you have to make your referrals recruiting machines.


Now let’s discuss about the company’s structure, specifically how this company is making profit..!..It is a masked Ponzi program that collects funds from affiliates to pay off those that invested earlier. Affiliates are paying affiliates and this is illegal. When recruitment slows down no new money rolling in, no ROIs are delivered. The owners can do whatever they want with the deposits. It would be too late when affiliates realise that the game was over. The vast majority of them will take a loss. This is what happens.



How to Make Money Online the Proper Way



You want to chase a dream that does not exist?…Go ahead and gamble with your money, but don’t say I did not warn you.

However if you are willing to work hard then I have good news. The most newbie friendly online business model is what we call mini niche affiliate websites. Long term potential, no risks, minimum startup costs, endless opportunities.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.














The Best All-in-One Business Package for Newbies





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