You're Reading:Quiz Funnel Masterclass Closing | Offer & Bonuses Explained

Quiz Funnel Masterclass Closing | Offer & Bonuses Explained

by Tasos


Jun 26, 2021

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

**Stay tuned on the blog, we release a series of articles, webinars, to discuss zero and 1st-party data, new ways of positioning as movement makers, new ways of running ads, new sales funnels, new frameworks**

We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

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Tasos speaking:

Hi everyone, Tasos here. 

And today I want to discuss the “Quiz Funnel Masterclass” training program by Ryan Levesque.

I had plans to host a live webinar but life got in the way, I have some problems I need to take care of right now, right away, and I’m not at the office, I’m on the run and I wanted to shoot a quick video because time is of the essence. 

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is closing in just 15 hours from now and I want to discuss what you get if you enroll in this training program and my bonuses in detail so you can make a well-informed decision.

So let’s dive right in!

We discussed funnels, sales funnels and quiz funnels specifically a lot these days. I showed you the tremendous power of building quiz funnels for your business.

I use funnels extensively on my website, actually, there are over 500 active sales funnels right now on my site and I use funnels and quiz funnels for my clients with phenomenal results.

Quiz funnels is a form of sales funnels that is based on a series of questions that take the prospect into a fun and exciting journey to identify their needs and provide solutions tailored to their specific situation. 

Now, quiz funnels outperform other types of funnels in terms of cost per lead, engagement, and conversion rates. 

And this happens because people love taking quizzes. Quizzes are fun, exciting, interactive, interesting, and people want to more about themselves. So quizzes are getting completed at much higher rates and people share them with their network.

That is why brands have the chance to acquire cheap leads and enjoy much higher conversions.

And quiz funnels are mostly used at the top of the funnel as a marketing approach to drive awareness and acquire leads but they can also be used at the bottom or the middle of the funnel as well to nurture prospects and existing customers. 

Ryan Levesque is a perfectionist, he’s obsessed with the details and the data, he always tries to improve, he uses a holistic and proven approach that starts with research.

And research is the most important step in any marketing approach, is the starting point. Getting to know our customers, the market, and the competition better.

We perform research to identify people’s needs, untapped opportunities, and provide solutions tailored to their situation.

And if you’re watching this video, it means you are already familiar with Ryan Levesque and his work.

I have also published a detailed review of the training program with a video walkthrough that guides you throughout the quiz funnel masterclass process and it’s a training program that goes very deep.

I had the chance to watch all the recordings of the Quiz Funnel Bootcamp on which the Quiz Funnel methodology is based.

And during these bootcamp sessions, Ryan revealed his entire methodology in detail.

Now, Ryan and his team have created a very irresistible offer with this years’ Quiz Funnel Masterclass. And they offer some amazing bonuses beyond the 6-week live training program that walks you through the entire process.

And the 6-week training program is divided into the quiz hook, quiz offer, quiz questions, quiz pages, quiz follow-up, and optimizing and scaling. 

And there is more information on every lesson in my written review.

And I want to discuss what you get when you enroll in the Quiz Funnel Masterclass today. 

Beyond the 6-week live training program, you get live weekly Q&A calls to ask your questions and have them answered. You get live funnel reviews and critiques, there are checklists, templates, and other digital downloads, the ultimate vault swipe file of 10 years of quiz funnels in action so you can model other people immediately, there is access to a private Facebook community, and you also get lifetime access to the material.

And these are the bonuses, the official bonuses from Ryan’s team: there is access to the Bucket 2.0 software,m very sophisticated software to create quiz funnels with ease and speed. A very advanced technological software.

Bonus #2 is all about traffic and traffic secrets, how to drive traffic to your offers.

The 3rd bonus is the choose ask build business-in-a-box training.

And the last bonus, as they call the ultimate super bonus, is actually a super bonus because they will build your quiz for you. This means that they are actually offering you a business-in-a-box. I have never seen a company offering this service as a bonus in a training program like this one, so you get this bonus as well, they will build your quiz for you.

And that practically means that you have everything you need to succeed. 

But in order to be successful with quiz funnels, you need to fill your funnels with products and that is where I can help you with my bonuses so let’s discuss my bonuses right now.

And I want to discuss first my last bonus that I added just yesterday and it’s all about filling your quiz funnels with products, with info-products.

And we’ll create the first 10 info-products for your business together by applying my “7 Ideals” methodology. 

And this bonus is not about giving you ideas for info-products because I could give you thousands of ideas. This is not what I am offering. 

We will create those 10 info-products together, hand-in-hand, step-by-step. 

We will fill your funnels with products, and no matter what your business sells, info-products are always a great addition to a brand’s arsenal.

We’ll perform research to find out exactly what the market needs and then we’ll satisfy those needs with our info-products.

With these info-products, we will diversify our portfolio, enhance our presence, boost authority, and we will add multiple income streams. 

Some of the products we’ll create we’ll use them for free as lead magnets to generate leads, some of them we’ll use them as bonuses, some of them we’ll use them as premium, and people will have to buy in order to get access to those products. 

So with this bonus only, I’m actually filling all the gaps with the Quiz Funnel methodology…

And the 2nd bonus is actually a priceless bonus because I am offering you 50 and more sessions, a year-long intensive private training on Zoom 1-on-1 with you to discuss business, marketing, advertising, and sales. 

And I will give you feedback on your work and progress with the Quiz Funnel Masterclass training, I will help you build your first funnels, and we’ll go deep and discuss topics like business growth, marketing, advertising, and sales. 

I have vast experience in sales and marketing. I am a salesperson since I was 17 years old, and I first came across marketing at the University in 1992. 

We’ll discuss market research, keyword research, competition analysis, customer avatars, unique value proposition to position your brand as a leader in the marketplace, emotional motivators, the customer purchase lifecycle, inbound methodology, content marketing, SEO, blogging, guest posting, native advertising, influencer outreach, relationships, lead generation, email marketing, local marketing, copywriting & persuasion, storytelling, outbound & guerilla tactics, advertising principles, press releases, paid advertising, partnership,s joint-ventures, and so much more. 

And I will train you on paid advertising, we’ll use search engines and other networks like Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, and other social channels,. we’ll drive targeted traffic to your quizzes, so people complete them and you’ll gain leads and customers. 

And the 1st bonus is a custom-made, beautiful, professional, and highly converting website to enhance your online presence, and get people to actually complete your quizzes, we’ll focus on user experience, and we’ll create all the necessary landing pages for you’re quiz funnels. 

So these are my bonuses, #1 – a custom-made website for you, bonus #1 – year-long weekly intensive private training on Zoom 1-on-1 every week for 1 hour we’ll discuss business, marketing, advertising, and sales to help your business and the #3 bonus is actually where we fill our quiz funnels with info-products.

These are 3 bonuses that I added to the already extreme bonus package by Ryan Levesque and his team, they will build your quiz for you, and we’ll help you with the website creation, to fill your funnels, with products and take your business to the next level with cutting-edge strategies on business, marketing, and sales. 

So, I believe, you have everything you need to know about this training program and my bonuses.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is closing in just 15 hours from now, so you have to act fast if you want to get access to this training and get my bonuses on time. 

That’s it for now, I hope now you can make a well-informed decision. 

I’m looking forward to working with you 1-on-1 to help you launch and scale your online business with the help of quiz funnels and my bonuses. 

Thanks for watching.

Ryan Levesque - Quiz Funnel Masterclass

Registrations Open Hurry Up!

Amazing bonuses from me and Ryan's team

The creator of the AskMethod

Ryan Levesque, the Inc. 500 CEO of The ASK Method Company, and the #1 national best-selling author of Ask, which was named by Inc. as the #1 Marketing Book of the Year, and his team are hosting a highly interactive live workshop to help you visualize the incredible power of getting insights into your audiences’ minds with quizzes and how to build highly effective quiz funnels from start to finish.

    In this 6-week live training, you’ll discover how to use quiz funnels to scale your business.

    • Your quiz hook
    • Your quiz offer
    • Your quiz questions
    • Your quiz pages
    • Your quiz follow-up
    • Optimization & scaling

    The training includes:

    • Live weekly Q&A calls
    • Live funnel reviews
    • Step-by-step checklists & templates
    • The ultimate quiz swipe 10-year file
    • The private FB community
    • Lifetime access

    Plus, you’ll get access to these official bonuses

    • Bonus #1 - Bucket 2.0 enterprise software ($4,500 value)
    • Bonus #2 - quiz traffic secrets training ($2,500 value)
    • Bonus #3 - choose ask build business-in-a-box training ($3,500 value)
    • SUPER Bonus #4 - We build your quiz funnel for you ($10,000)

    Plus, my extra bonuses

    • Bonus #1 - a beautiful, professional, and highly converting custom made website ($1,000 value)
    • Bonus #2 - 50+ weekly private training 1-1 sessions on Zoom. Exclusive private training, coaching, and feedback  Business, marketing & advertising, sales (priceless)
    • Bonus #3 JUST ADDED. We'll create your first 10 info-products together to fill your funnels applying my "7 Ideals" methodology ($997 value)

    Detailed Review & Video Walkthrough/My results with quizzes for my business and clients

    This advertisement is sponsored. For more information, I refer you to the disclaimer page

    Registration Is Closing








    That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.

    Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

    Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, SummerDream.

    I enjoy reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, swimming, Audi, and playing with my kids.

    Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. For more information, I refer you to the disclaimer page.

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