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You're Reading:Orion Code is a Binary Movie Generating Money for the Owners / Broker

Orion Code is a Binary Movie Generating Money for the Owners / Broker

by Tasos


Oct 26, 2016




Curious to follow another promising email that landed on my secondary account I witnessed a video presentation.A software that could change my life , not in years , months or weeks … or even days .. TODAY

The actor , someone called Edward Robinson or Wall Street Wizard or Millionaire Trader , did not convinced me , but the problem is he is going to convince many people out of their ignorance…



What the Orion Code is All About?



A luxurious video parody , yet another big binary options scam , with almost the same scenario trying to sneak into innocent people’s minds with wonderful claims like…


  • Our software is unbeatable
  • It is the faster in the market
  • Orion Code – Near Orion Speed Technology
  • It could change your life as it’s already changed the lives of 300 random chosen beta testers in the previous version
  • I was working for big companies at Wall Street
  • As you can see I am a multi millionaire
  • I just love making money and I am very good at it
  • The nicest richest guy in the world … bells of Quantum Code here
  • Not the average jerk millionaire … again Quantum Code?
  • But why?…because I want to share my dollars and I want to contribute to the community
  • I was featured on Forbes and other magazines / media
  • Unlimited amounts of profits for an unlimited amount of time
  • I know how it feels to be broke
  • No losses , 100% wins , guaranteed with the speed of Orion
  • blah blah and a little more blah



The Video



  • A well dressed middle aged man walks towards his private jet , introducing himself.
  • Starts speaking about Orion Code , then shows how wealthy he is
  • He walks us in the facilities of Orion Code
  • He talks with the tech team where we hear from the head coder all the necessary details
  • Then a few video fake testimonials
  • Then I choose to enter into the system
  • And yes , again another video but this time Edward is trying to sell his product ,although it was absolutely free of charge



Free = $250 deposit into Orion Code Affiliated Broker



Of course Edward wants to make an affiliate commission when you fund the account with his broker.This is how they make money.

To make people trust him at this point Edward tries hard , very hard.He knows that he already said the software was free of charge.He lays his cards on the table…

…Whatever amount you deposit … I will double it … so you can make not $6000 but $12000 today.All of that for a tiny little investment….






Final Words



No , I want to make another deal , Mr Millionaire…

If you want to help so desperately people in need , why don’t you send me $250 out of your pocket?…I don’t need your millions , I just want $250….Donate $250 to 1000 poor families , if you want to make a real difference…

But , that is way too hard , I know…..



Alternative Way of Making Money Online



Instead of chasing a dream that does not exist (millions overnight) why don’t you start an online business , just like I did?

You can be a millionaire , even online , but it needs hard work.You won’t get easily there.


I would suggest that you follow my top recommended platform that you can test for free.You will be building websites , drive traffic by adding content and then monetise the sites in various unlimited ways.

From there only the sky is the limit.Key features of this business model is long term potential , sustainability , no risks , low cost.


One and only catch , your hard work…Can you make it happen?


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help


Another review has finished , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner.


















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