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Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Michael Lexington and I am the chief operating officer of this giant company. And the envelope I am holding right now is the proof that your life is about to change forever.


Inside the Lexington Code



The team of Michael was preparing a super software to dominate the trading markets. They kept everything secret up to this moment. But now the doors are open to some of you.

That software is generating daily profits of $500 up to $5000. And is your chance to grab 1 out of 25 free beta tester seats.

If you miss it the software’s price to the public will cost around $3000 per license.


The show continues with Barry Storyk who introduces himself as the lead programmer behind this genius software.

Barry explains how the Lexington code works and I am laughing all the way…The code is dividing investmetns into smaller chunks giving us higher profit potential and minimise the risks. In fact the code never missed a trade during the last 9 months.

To back up his claims Barry names the 2 fancy degrees he holds from famous universities.


Then a small dance of fake testimonials served as an evidence that the system of Lexington Code works with amazing results.



Final Words



No company in the world is asking from beta testers to pay in order to participate in a research. These 25 free spots make no sense at all.

The video is just a repetition of the same old scam formula known binary filthy marketers use.

A team created a software, they do not lose a trade, you can make $5000 per day from home, no risks and the rest…the luxurious lifestyle showing this time Michael Lexington, a successful businessman enjoying his properties around the city. With the only difference that Michael is just a paid actor.


I wonder with all these automated robots that do not lose any trade how come the Binary market is still open?


Where is the real contribution of the Lexington Code team to the binary options trading world?…Non existent. They want to fool innocent newcomers deposit their hard earned $250 so that they make an affiliate commission from their recommended, probably unregulated bad broker named STBinary.

Then these poor beta testers will activate the Lexington Code random signals plugin, believing that these is a software in place and it is working, but they will watch their accounts go empty.


Stop searching for automated solutions in order to make money. Not only you won’t make any but you will end up losing hundreds of dollars spent on useless software and scam traps.



How to Make Money Online without Risks



If you want to gamble with your money at the risky Binary Market then it is your decision. However I never recommend opportunities that include risk.

If you want to make something remarkable online then you gonna need a website.

And have in mind that is not an automated solution, you have to work to make it happen.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another movie review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.

















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