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You're Reading:The Instant Cash Club is Only a Funnel of Wealth for the Owners

The Instant Cash Club is Only a Funnel of Wealth for the Owners

by Tasos


Oct 9, 2016




My email is bombarded with that particular offer during the last week.They keep on pushing it like maniacs and they place advertisements all over the internet.So , I have to review that for you as it is another dangerous movie…


What is the Instant Cash Club?



I wonder why you don’t understand.It is what the title says , nothing more , nothing less.A club for people that make instant cash , for rich and wealthy smart entrepreneurs.

But let’s dive deeper …


The homepage cries out …”Sign up now and make over $10000 per day”


The movie starts and we watch a very busy man talking on the phone.He is sitting on a couch with a beautiful lady next to him.Obviously she is a partner or employee.

He is giving instructions to someone named Thomas while the cameraman records everything with passion.


But where is my pop corn?…oh , I need a cola too , oh come on


Now that the phone call is over the man welcoming us to his home and introduces Linda , who just opened an account with the system and she is in profit already.

The experiment begins…they pause the recording as they want to test the software for 8 hours , they will come back to check on Linda’s account.The heat is rising up my friends…


8 hours later they are sitting on the kitchen , how romantic is that…the results are amazing , over $5000 in Linda’a new account.


The Instant cash club software that was running on the background seems like it is working just fine.



The Actors Fail Dramatically



The producer of that video failed to hire good actors so the whole project failed as a result of this choice.


I only watched 1 minute of the movie and the mistakes come and go.Errors , fails … tragedy


This is not how you present a so perfectly designed software.When you try to convince people (OK … for the newbies it might do the trick sometimes) that you have invented such a software capable of beating the trading markets you somehow have to prove your knowledge.

And it does not stop there … there are more proofs that we need before we take you seriously.


You can’t just show up in the web market with a domain registered .. what .. 20 days ago!!! .. and claim you have a software that beats every binary machine.

Because if a company or individual had invented technology to do just that all the world would be speaking about the incident.We talk for the invention of the centuries here.


And if someone had managed to dominate the markets in such a way for let’s say 1 week , then every broker would be broke , it would mean another financial mega fiasko….Come one…nonsense


And everyone in your team is genius , the wannabe millionaires would use the software without doing anything else , and you want to save a special mini group of lucky people.


Very cheap attempt to make people fall in a trap to pay $250 or so for the affiliated broker of Instant Cash Club.








Final Words




As in every industry the leaders and those that know a thing or two , the ethical ones , are those who try to educate.They are not trying to deceive , because they don’t have to.

There are people that can teach you about the binary markets and how to practice in order to trade better than a novice and from there to reach a more professional level.


Have in mind though , that this kind of investments are for advanced players.You need education first.


If you don’t want to get in trouble with risky methods , like the Binary Market , and you want to build a business that is sustainable without big expenses and initial costs then continue here.




That’s it , the movie paused and eventually stopped at 01.20 or so…I am waiting for your comments , have you watched this revolutionary film?..Let’s discuss it … Till next time , your online partner.
















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