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You're Reading:Incomeex – Securing Investments Out of Thin Air

Incomeex – Securing Investments Out of Thin Air

by Tasos


Jan 7, 2017




Under the microscope today is an investing company, one of the hundreds that exist. This is the trend lately as more and more investing projects invade our online lives. People are looking for quick ways to make money but the end results are disappointing as most of these projects soon disappear. The majority of participants lose out money.

Let’s see, is this program less dangerous than the competition?



Inside Incomeex



They say…

  • High gain, low risk investment, guaranteed results
  • Innovation never ends and this is just the beginning
  • Make money online, invest with peace of mind
  • We envision a world where you can be confident of reaching your goals
  • We work for your profit, you don’t have to do anything

The management team of Incomeex are investors and business people. They founded the company due to a gap in the market. Their goal is to assist start-ups in the investment markets with sincere advice / directions. All investment plans are carefully configured to ensure stable earnings for all the members.

A global leader in alternative investments that serves more than 10,000 merchant locations and thousands of investors worldwide.


A recognised pre-eminent investment company that uses highly efficient innovative structures, practices and honesty. Highest priority is to maintain ethical values, and they contribute to the development of the society. A talented workforce committed to reliability, stability and consistency in order to maximize every investment opportunity.


…are you ready to deposit your money yet?….well, I am not….All these fancy headlines are beautiful but I am not convinced. I do expect some numbers, stats, facts that they know what they are doing and more importantly how they do it. Can they prove anything?, let’s move on,…!!!



Investment Packages

They continue…We are a successful group of traders who have made money through investments in the finance industry on a worldwide basis for 10 years

  • Basic – 7% daily, minimum deposit $10, period 20 business days, total return 140%,
  • Business – 2.7% daily, min $50, 20 biz days, total return 154%
  • Silver – 170% profit after 20 days, min $100
  • Gold – coming soon

Payment processors

Payeer, Perfect money, bitcoin, credit cards

Affiliate Program

5% referral commissions on all purchases of your downline.


  • Running days – 138
  • Started on Aug 22, 2016

and that is all….hmmmm

Owners – domain

A whois search uncovers the registration date (29 June 2016), as owner appears only the name of the website, Incomeex.




Final Words



Unfortunately we deal with yet another company that is not contributing to the investment business niche. All I can see is fancy claims, a team supposed to be featured by industry experts with massive experience.

OK, you are a team of experts and you have a website running for at least 138 days. You already have the knowledge, the vision and you want to attract investors from all over the world.

And during those 138 days no one ever published an article on that website, no reports, no statistics, no photos of the owner / trading team, of the facilities, of the market, of happy clients showing their results.

Where is your contribution?…nowhere.


A very dangerous program that I strongly advice you to avoid it. I don’t trust them, not at all.


In my eyes it is another HYIP Ponzi scheme that came to life in order to steal money from people. In that programs only the “Anonymous” owners get the most of funds and have the chance to disappear without getting caught.

A few earlier investors might withdraw some earnings but no one can guarantee that any members would make a profit.

The high ROIs are very suspicious, 170% profit in just 20 days?, out of thin air?….I know, they are trading experts.



How to Make Money Online



Do not take these opportunities seriously. HYIPs are like gambling, no guarantees, high risk, statistics very disappointing for the masses. You are solely dependent on the intentions of the owners. Are they going to pay?…Are they experts?…will they share earnings?…a million questions.

However if you want to make real money online in a consistent basis then you gonna need a website. This is how I started 2 years ago and I definitely love it.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help




That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.














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