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You're Reading:Drexel Code – New Movie – Same Old Scenario..a 100% Winning Software?

Drexel Code – New Movie – Same Old Scenario..a 100% Winning Software?

by Tasos


Sep 26, 2016




Another movie today , I know , I became addicted lately.Too much pop corn , I am going to need some physical exercise soon.And not only physical , my mind is getting hurt and is painful.Oh really.

But on the other hand these movies entertain me , remind me that the human race is full of rats , sneaky and spammy , ready to eat the unsuspected victims.


There is an audience for that kind of marketing too , and is huge.


Let’s dive deeper


Earn $343+ K every single month – Absolutely true



Remember – it is a movie


The Mercedes driver is wondering how great those guys where , he is so proud of them.Then the car stops as Mr Cory Drexel parks at the company’s facilities.The music is playing tones of hope , I can smell money all around.


The Drexel Code Incorporated



The lady in the reception announces that the Brew Crew left a pile of pizzas last night….the crew is responsible for the growth of this company as they hack every binary machine as long as they have a reason to do so.

How they work?…this is a well kept secret.


Now it is your time to take action.Because Cory is inviting you to join an Elite group of beta testers for the Drexel Code.Such a program that has never lost a trade in 3 years


….oh my , not again.Yes , again and again..


These advertisements will never stop bombarding people with BS.


Five years ago , Cory and the brew crew created an astonishing piece of trading software that returned over $55 millions in profit in just one year.Not bad at all , if they split by 5 , then $10 millions equal to every member of this atmospheric team.


I wonder how many “no loss trading software” are out there…Hundreds of them , thousands of millionaires make a fortune every day.It is amazing , the internet is full of opportunities we never had thought possible before.


Hopefully there are people like Cory , who contribute to the community while they do not ask anything in return.Just a small cut from their broker …huh?



The first appointment arrives on time , Kari Montoya , what a pleasant interaction she has with Cory.She is so proud of him.He gave her a chance to change her life , she listened and now she is a millionaire.

There is no doubt , every legitimate fraud video production, like this one includes such testimonials.And it’s not only that , the super sized fake pay checks are amazingly deceiving,…Let’s move on a little bit more but then I stop.


Just before Kori left the conference room the next appointment is there at the door.Clay Chancellor , the real name of this man.Another millionaire of the Drexel super Team.


The other millionaires could not make it and travel to Drexel’s properties.But they recorded videos in which you can hear them so happy.

The funny thing is that one of them is wearing a Drexel Code sweater on….Signs of the legitimacy of this company.






Final Words



The movie is different but the scenario is very old , ancient one.I remember those 5 years ago.

Cory and his team created a super trading binary robot to beat the market and gain huge amounts of dollars overnight.Now they need a few more beta testers to eliminate any issues.

But the beta testers will be obliged to deposit $250 in the Drexel’s recommended broker so that Cory make a commission out of them.






Then they will receive a software , the free one , a simple plugin probably , that will give them some signals using the auto trade function.

Do not be surprised if you watch the Drexel machine sucking out your bank account.


When someone claims no losses with the help of a mysterious software it is when I expect guidance and information on how it is working.At least a general plan on the Binary Markets and how to create a sustainable income.But these frauds only promise you to automate everything for you to avoid further details.



Do not believe that there is a software that does not lose a trade and more importantly that is offered for free.If this was the case they would not announce it , they would have kept it secret till their death.

Very much the same like Quantum Code , Quick Cash System and other binary scams.



Instead , step ahead , and build an online business on your own , just like I did.But that won’t happen in a few weeks , it needs some hard work to be done first on your part.If you are willing to move on , check my top recommended business package for newbies.This is how real money can be made online.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help


Thank you for your trust so far , you are all amazing.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner.

















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