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You're Reading:Commission Uprising Review – 7 Lousy Dollars for Steven Rounds

Commission Uprising Review – 7 Lousy Dollars for Steven Rounds

by Tasos


Jun 5, 2015


6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23

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6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



The Future Belongs to Small Businesses

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A new approach to online fraud? A legit opportunity? What is the difference between Steven Rounds and scams like Anthony Morrison or Sarah Markel? And what exactly is offered through his video presentation? Steven is promising that you will be earning more money in a month than you did last year but in order to find out how to do that, you have to sit tight and watch it till the end. Here we go!


Commission Uprising Review






First of all, he does not guarantee that this video will be kept live online nor that it will remain Free for you to watch. If you feel that you tried every possible way to make money online and you failed Steven can honestly understand you cause he’s been through all of that. But there is one thing he CAN guarantee, that you never saw anything like what he is going to reveal. His tips will shock you, his brand new method will lead you to make more affiliate commissions than ever before.

But Steven forgets to mention what is an affiliate commission and how that system works. So I bet he is targeting experienced marketers that know what affiliate marketing is. From the very first beginning of his presentation, he fails dramatically to understand his audience and his potential customers.

If someone knows what is affiliate marketing probably he is already making money through affiliate commissions online. Why would he bother to listen what Steven says.?


First conclusion – Steven is not looking for inexperienced people new to online marketing but only those that have at least a basic understanding



Become a Digital Entrepreneur and Transform Your Life

The Beginner’s Ultra Guide to Making Money Online


So what’s next – HIS STORY – what else?






Get your handkerchiefs ready, prepare for a dramatic but yet real human tale. I won’t keep it secret from you but when I watched that part of the video I found myself crying, Yes, I admit it. I am not superhuman, I am not a robot, I have feelings too and Steven broke my sensitive heart.APART.Are you ready? OK, let’s go

Although his wife insisted him not to include his story in the video Steven proves how a real gentleman entrepreneur should act and he reveals that embarrassing but true novel. He was not always a super affiliate, indeed he was far from that. .July 10, 1989.


It was too hot that year that he was only wearing his shorts, not a shirt or anything else. But he was living underneath a stranger’s house. Some people may call that squatting, a homeless reptile crawling underground probably in the basement of that house. But an event put him into instant action and later that action let him become a Super Millionaire Affiliate.

That morning of July 1989 he heard noises of the family, he supposed that they were eating breakfast. He tried to sneak out of his hideout and he was aiming to use their bathroom because he had to wash for so long he could not even remember how long was that.

So a cage man hiding in the basement of an unknown house steps out and goes to the bathroom. Then no member of this family will understand what is going on in their bathroom? If he said that he would try to escape out of the house probably I would believe him but this story is for kids, 3 years old tops. Nonsense but let’s move on, it goes funnier.



His worst fear came true, the little girl saw him and screamed, she knew he was living underneath from his snorts and her mum was already calling the cops to bust him. Poor guy Steven, your wife was right, you would not expose to people that unpleasant experiences. But did Steven kill or kidnapped the girl..?


No, he is a good person, he left away, running as fast as he could till his bare feet betrayed him, out of energy, half-naked in the middle of a public park. Yes, a public park. He was collapsing, he lost everything, he was less than homeless, all gone in a very split second.


But at the same moment, he realized he reached the VERY END BOTTOM…That feeling changed him, gave him the strength to continue, he promised himself to change, he had to change. He would find financial freedom or otherwise, he would DIE TRYING.





Next move was to rent a place in the YMCA, got some loans and gone back to school to educate himself. Soon enough he got involved in technology and internet, in fact, within months he got offers to work for the top Silicon Valley Companies. Do you understand now what desperation can do to humans?


..Can bury them alive or in the case of Steven transform them into marketing GURUS. The next 10 years he worked for names like Xerox, Netscape, AT & T, HP, PayPal, eBay, you name it, he worked for them. That kind of experience want to share with us? No, no, not yet, there is more.



Glamorous Evidence






Before he uncovers his method he illustrates some fancy accounts, money flood, commissions of $ 35000, $ 40000, $12000 and so on blah blah blah. Now it’s time for You to take action because you had been lied on for years. Steven speaks the only truth … Probably once you heard and possibly believed at some point that you have to get a degree, a job and work hard to succeed


….Well…LIES…LIES…that’s nowhere near the truth. If you are among the million victims of this theory you have to decide NOW if you gonna continue to accept that or accept the truth that Steven says if you want to escape being a 9 to 5 wage slave. Stop blaming yourself, it is not your fault, it is society’s slip…OK… Deal…Steven asks.







They need us to be sheep, students with heavy loans, working on jobs undervalued and underpaid. No, this is not what we deserve. We do not need to depend always on THEM. But if you want to succeed, you have to be a leader, not a sheep like everybody else. Step in front, make the difference. NOW…Success is not coming by following the norm, no … success … is as Steve clearly mentions outside of that “Norm”, yes, every successful entrepreneur he knows acts outside of that pattern that is designed to keep us under dependence.




Internet Millionaire Industry



Internet is by far the most active of all industries right now, a Goldmine. Would you let that chance to slip away from You? Now that Steve has proved to you those LIES would not you try to change? Yes, Steven, you had proved very well, your evidence is so well established that even the best lawyer in the world would give up from the very first moment. You got it right Steven.





Now is time for his Plan – He Discovered a Hidden Pattern, his God Kept Secret



Free traffic ladies, not paid one gentleman, Why should we pay for something when there is Steven to guide us.?..No need to do that. Ok, Steven .. go on man..I am all ears…..

SECRET, Don’t Speak Out Loud


You can grant affiliate payments just by spending time on the internet, surfing websites, the latest news and entertainment headlines. Just by finding gossip stories and news you can earn hefty affiliate commissions. In order to make your first money online in less than 30 days, you have to listen to this closely but not straight away because now is the time for.




The REAL Testimonials



While his past story running half-naked got me crying the testimonials got me laughing. So funny. Remember that his video is nothing but a cheap power point presentation where you do not see anyone, just a voice speaking and some written content throughout.

And just because he used a light blue headline, one paragraph of blah blah words and a name underneath again in a light blue color I have to be convinced that these words belong to people that used his system…I never thought that people are getting convinced so easily. Maybe I have to practice more on that methods. All those testimonials are just a headline, few words, and a name. Are you convinced, people? Please tell me now …






The Facebook Commission Rising, the Twitter Rise Package and the Pinterest Rising Book, oh man, Steven is a genius, how can anyone did not try those networks before? He uses that networks to get paid, so impressive. He is gonna teach us (After we pay) how we can leverage these mediums to generate free traffic and turn it to profit. YES…P R O F I T, An encyclopedia of internet knowledge given for FREE just for you, his victims.








His secret – His Social Authority Principle…I like those titles…very effective…That software will help us generate unstoppable affiliate commissions, so easily that we never imagined it could be possible. In the videos that included in the membership of Commission Uprising arena, you will learn that this software is the KEY to allow you to leave your affiliate link on authority sites with huge amounts of everyday traffic at ZERO cost, 100% FREE

…And in the next videos inside the community members training you will find out who will pay you that affiliate commissions with checks, bank wires or even PayPal…You Will Find Out. You Will Pay and Learn, Steven you could be the perfect fit for a Politician. What do you think? I believe that the word “WILL” is the most popular phrase among politicians.


You see everything that is written on those authority sites people take it as a gospel. This is where you interfere and take advantage of that..CA-BOOM…Number # 1, the TOP…You will trick those people, you will push them to click on your affiliate links and therefore to get paid for that actions. Yes, I am convinced once again. I take your words as a gospel Steven.



Let’s make a parenthesis here


Because Steven is not saying anything more on that subject. First of all, you will be forced to use an unknown software made in XXX by XXXX that Steven promises it will let you put your affiliate links on those authority sites. In other words, you will hack those sites administration panel and you will POP-UP probably some ads and new tab windows that will include your affiliate links


…And no one inside these authority sites will understand what is going on…NO…Although those sites are maintained by teams of programmers and specialized personnel Steven has the answer…I wonder how legal would that be. What do you say? Does it sound legal to you.?


…Or does it sound obtainable? And let’s say you have some clicks received the first day, the second day, how long before you get caught? And all those people that surfing through these authority sites will click your ads like maniacs believing that these ads coming from that sites…Yes Steven, GENIUS INDEED…You are The INTERNET KING.



Any Kind Of Training on how this thing works?



Of course, not. None of these GURUS say anything until you pay them, In fact, they won’t say anything even after that. There is nothing to say, no one can hack authority sites, POP up his affiliate links, trick the search engines and make money just like that without getting caught and punished.


And how the Heck you will get paid after all? How will you prove that these clicks made through your affiliate links? Not only that, he says that even the affiliate networks that will pay you will be Partners In Crime with you…But none of this information is revealing…Pay first, Learn later,





How much does it cost to trick everybody with Steven’s Software.?



This is the part of the video I enjoyed most. Steven is getting really better. He won’t sell such secret for $97…NO…Not even for $158 as he should…Not even for $50…YES. JUST 7 LOUSY DOLLARS…You see these online gurus invent any possible method to attract you when you are trying to find your way to online success


….The majority of them offer that kind of software for $ 250, $200 or $600…But Steven is a hell of a gentleman as I already mentioned…that is why he asks for such a small bait. What are 7 dollars when you have the chance to be a millionaire? But it is not 7 DOLLARS exactly. That software comes with a second mystery software that costs $60 and you have access to that for only 30 days. Then you will have to pay for that, additionally. But there is a guarantee. What else should you need.?


7 DOLLARS for the first month, then $60 each month, is that all? I wish it was


That simple…Go ahead, give your credit card details for $7 if you don’t mind losing them and hope that your card will not get violated by this scam artist. Would you trust a guy that is trying to trick and fool authority sites to give him your credit card details even for $7? Well, I don’t, I will never give my details to such con designers…And why there is no PayPal option Steven to pay you? Why would you need our personal data..?

But there are some more hidden fees included if you dig a little more. Do you know what Profit Siege is.?..it is a PDF document created by our hero, Steven Rounds. Domain names, hosting accounts with Brain Host , some crazy behind the scenes PHP programming, CPA networks participation (more FEES) and contextual or DLS traffic, asking hosting services to update their servers in order your software to be accepted (YES – they will do that in a minute for you), BlogSpy updates…



Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions




Go ahead, Join Steven in Jail


Just because he created a 40-minute power point presentation I have to pay him $7 then $ 60, $10 for the domain, X for hosting and more more more…Then he will train me, he will uncover the software in action, he will fool the search engines, the websites and finally the online visitors and the affiliate networks and he will get paid……Yeah right…He wasted 38 minutes talking, in general, trying to impress me and he spent just 2 minutes explaining (not really) how his system works…


Do I have to make any Conclusion? NO…I leave it that to you. Thank you for reading yet another Negative review but that is how internet marketing world works. Is full of scams, con artists, spammers, trickers, bonuses, fake traffic generators, mystic software and BIG FAT ZERO commissions…..





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.






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  1. Jason

    If I had a dollar for every video I watched, hoping that it would lead to some legit income, I wouldn’t need to work haha. They all seem to be the same. Thanks for exposing this scam, how do you find these things? I would have to piggyback off of Riaz and mention that Commission Uprising does sound like a movie. Or a really bad documentary of an affiliate marketer. Take care!

    • Tasos

      You are very kind and your comment is spot on , Jason.And you are funny as well … I needed a break like this right now.I am not worrying about the dollars that I could have saved but for the time I wasted watching garbage videos.

      Thank you for this interaction and for taking the time to read other comments of the thread.I believe Riaz will be smiling if he reads your input.All my best.

  2. Riaz Shah

    Hello there Tasos,
    Commissions uprising sounds like a pretty cool name, especially that uprising word like as though its in a movie lol.

    I really hate these internet gurus who make you watch their videos for very long and then put a very low price for you to join in hopes of hooking you on their bait and when we do actually pay, they slam on us upsells like nobody’s business.

    Thanks for exposing yet another scammer my friend, we need more guardians like you in the internet. It’s getting crowded with people trying to take advantage of others here.

    • Tasos

      My dear friend Riaz , how are you?…Exactly , a typical scam producer trying to make as many dollars as he can before he disappears in the night.

      Thank you for your visits and for your tremendous support.All my best.

  3. Carlos

    I greatly appreciate you trying to help people get on the right track with your page! You provide an amazing amount of content for the reader. The ins and outs are right here on your page, and if I would have found your page a lot earlier, it would have been a lot easier to find what I was looking for.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Carlos , you are very kind.Thank you for these compliments and for your visit.All my best.

  4. Roy

    Thanks for your invaluable information you saved me from buying commission uprising

    would you recommend wealthy affiliate thanks

    Roy B

    • Tasos

      Welcome Roy , thank you for being so kind to inform me about that.Yes , you can proceed with Wealthy Affiliate instead , it is free to try so you can make your decision.Cheers

  5. Jesse

    Great review on commission uprising. I’ve been quite interested in making money online to make some extra cash on the side or even make it a full time thing. Well who would not like it right? I was looking into this program but thank god I stumbled upon your review. But could you recommend a program for a total newbie like myself to delve into the world of internet marketing? I just don’t want to get scammed… Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Tasos

      Welcome Jesse , sure , everybody is looking for some extra cash online.I further recommend people to start their own online businesses instead of a hunt for some bucks.That can be done if you build a website and through blogging.I would point you to Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate as my top rated portals so far.

      You won’t be scammed , you will get knowledge and tools.You have to participate with your work.Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the time to leave your comment here.

  6. Paul

    Thanks for the very thorough and informative review. This is just one more product that I can safely put on the blacklist and ignore. The scary thing is that, if I was just starting out in the world of making money online, I may have fell sucker to this product and tried to make it work. Now I realize that there are so many scams like this out there.

    • Tasos

      What can I say Paul , a disgusting , nearly humorous promotion .I wonder how they sleep with these actions…It’s a pity , a world full of scams instead of people producing beautiful things…May be one day they will wake up

      Thank you for this visit and for your meaningful comment

  7. Chris

    Well the way he suggests he is only interested in more seasoned marketers tends to fill you with a little confidence, unfortunately that soon disappears!
    I don’t really see how this sort of business model will work – well for the purchaser anyway, I can see how our friend Steven will make money!
    Thanks for reviewing this product – not for me!

    • Tasos

      Exactly Chris , with these products only the producers can make some money , but only for a limited time , soon their success will fade away.How many people do they think they gonna trick with these techniques?

      A very poor attempt , really there is nothing more to add , a waste of time.

      Thank you once again for participating in my blog.Your opinion does matter a lot.

  8. Rufat

    Unfortunately, Steven is just another scammer trying to make an impression of being an honest guy. They all do the same thing, i.e. they all claim that they are different from others, they have been through all this etc. None of this is true of course and it’s easy to understand they they mainly focus on making more money off people instead of helping them. As I can see, he is very experienced guy if he made you cry and believe his amazing story about going from zero to hero. The part where he shows his unrealistic commissions looks really ridiculous and annoying. But I can tell you one thing from my experience and what I see around. I review products almost every day and see that most of these lying guys are making good money by making false promises and most people trust them and buy their crappy products. I promote only legit products on my site and it’s very difficult to convince people that they are really legit. Most people tend to trust liars because they promise to solve their financial problems though their promises are nothing more than convincing words. I hope you can help many people avoid this obvious scam and save their hard earned money.

    • Tasos

      What can we say more for this guy , Steven Rounds , he is a joke.As you perfectly stated , Rufat , this man is no different than all these internet masters.He wants to help the world , he’s been through all of that.Yeah I know.

      But I cannot understand people that believe such fraudulent campaigns.They need quick cash , this is mine conclusion.How can these people search for quick money online.?..Did they ever make quick money offline as well.?…If they did quick cash offline why they do not keep on doing it…?..Contradictions.

      They think that the internet will make them rich and they will solve their economic problems at a glance.But this is not gonna happen…Never….

      Let’s hope that people will finally understand that internet is no different than offline business.You need money online – then start working on that.You do not want to work.?…Buy Steven’s software and lose some more….

      Have a nice day man.


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