Clicking Venue – a Classic Revenue Sharing Ad Platform Strictly for Affiliates / Investors

by Tasos


Dec 24, 2016




Under the microscope today there is an advertising platform that is bundled with a revenue sharing opportunity for its members. That particular model is a trend and new companies come to life almost daily.



Welcome to Clicking Venue




…the most powerful revenue sharing and PTC system to boost your business and deliver bulk cash to your pocket.

  • Revenue sharing 22% daily
  • PTC cash links up to 5 cents per click
  • Launch date – 08 Nov 2016
  • Total Paid Out – $28,000
  • Total Deposits – $155,000
  • Total Members 2600


The products

  • Surf ads
  • Banner ads
  • PTC ads
  • Business directory
  • Text ads
  • Login ads

Advertisement Packs

  • Starter – $1 – maturity 110%, daily return 22%, days to mature 5, ad credits 1000..maximum purchase unlimited
  • Advanced – $5 – maturity 120%, daily return 10%, days to mature 12, ad credits 5000, max purchase 100
  • Expert – $10 – maturity 130%, daily return 7%, days to mature 19, ad credits 10000, max purchase 100
  • Elite – $25 – maturity 150%, daily return 5%, days to mature 30, surf ad credits 1000, max purchase unlimited, surf free – no surfing required

As we can see the ad packs are very promising with the first one cost $1 maturing in only 5 days. And even the last one at $25 gives 150% ROI in only 30 days.

Beyond that the no surf requirement for Elite ad packs holders makes the advertising platform a place for hard recruitment. There is simply no need to watch advertisements to make a profit resulting in ad services quality drop (elite members).

I want to note here that members that purchased ad packs except the Elite are required to surf 5 ads daily in order to participate in the revenue sharing.


To unlock the Elite ad pack someone must go up on levels step by step. First they need to purchase

  • 5 starter ad packs
  • 100 advanced ad packs
  • 100 expert ad packs


Repurchase rule

30% Repurchase Rule for the Starter Plan, and 50% Repurchase Rule for all other plans.


Referral Program

Sponsors earn FULL referral commission from new purchases and repurchases to “Commission Balance” available to withdraw. Referral commission is 10% from purchases on the revenue plans available and product purchases. From the ELITE Plan purchases, sponsors earn up to 12% commission on 2 levels: 10% from direct referrals, and 2% from second level Referrals.

Payment processors

Payza, Perfect Money, bitcoin, Payeer, OK Pay


Owners – domain

The domain was registered earlier this April but the owners are hiding their identities.


I am using this platform for a couple of weeks of weeks now. The advertising services are above the industry’s average. The PTC system gives credits even to standard members to place their own banner ads, which is very positive.

The results I got from the banner ads are not impressive though

  • 1 click out of 2000 credits
  • 3 clicks out of 2500 credits
  • 0 clicks out of 300 credits

But the surfing ads section is way more useful. You can place an ad and it counts down only the clicks it gets. If you get no clicks you won’t be spending any credits at all.

I got 35 clicks out of 101 displays…not bad


Update 03 Jan 2017



You can not purchase the $1 starter plan pack from the earning balance (PTC earnings). You can only purchase by depositing fresh funds from your payment processor.

The 2nd ad pack in line, the Advanced Plan at $5 can be purchased only if you own 5 starter ad packs already. The earning balance can be used here, but the conclusion is that you must deposit first at least $5 out of your pocket.

Suspicious and unacceptable practice. Free members should be allowed to click on PTC ads and buy ad packs from earnings. This is the real definition of an advertising platform.



Final Words



As with all advertising revenue sharing platforms investing in ad packs is a risky method to make a profit. No one can guarantee the ROIs and the maturity dates. Because all these programs are solely dependent on affiliates recruitment and purchases.

If no one is buying ad packs the company can not share revenue with the members. If no new money coming in from newly recruited affiliates the program is going to die.

We deal with another Ponzi scheme that mathematically is heading to self destruction. Recruitment of new affiliates can not last forever and so the program will end up disappearing from the scene.


There are no retail products for a healthy external cash flow and traffic products are designed strictly for members / affiliates. Everyone is buying ad packs in the expectation of the high ROIs and no one is interested in watching ads. Most of the ads displayed belong to other business opportunities so we understand that all members are trying to sell their offers and are not interested in buying from others.

Have in mind that ad credits bundled with the ad packs are not real products, is just a vehicle to drive the opportunity attached.


You will never see me recommending risky methods to make money online. I do participate in many companies mostly for the ad section (and not the ad packs) and even if I am making money I am not recruiting anyone nor promoting these programs.


If you want to proceed do it with caution and please do not spend more than you can easily afford to lose.



How to Make Money Online without Risks



If you want to avoid the risky revenue sharing model then the only way to survive online is through a website. This is what I do for the last 2 years.

Long term potential, endless opportunities, minimum start up costs, no risks.

One and only catch, your personal work / devotion.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.











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