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You're Reading:Bitluna is in Pre-Launch Mode but the First Signs are Not Very Positive

Bitluna is in Pre-Launch Mode but the First Signs are Not Very Positive

by Tasos


Jan 10, 2017






Update 11 Feb 2017

Admin announced via email that a new video ad feature has enabled….

“”Hello Members of LUNA Network!

BitLuna Update : Video Advertise

We added video ads feature! now you can add Youtube link to advertise, each view will cost 2 ad credits, Your video ad will last for at least 30 seconds guaranteed which give a higher conversion rate. We promise to deliver you real human traffic and not bots, Im sure many of you are very happy with our advertising conversion rate on Bitluna. “”




I am investigating a company currently in pre-launch mode. Another money making opportunity that in order to participate in the shared revenue pools you have to invest in advertising packages.



Inside Bitluna



The soft female voice welcomes visitors in the most pleasant way…”Hello investors, welcome to Bitluna advertising network, we are a registered UK company…”


A team of dedicated hard working individuals gathered to create one of the best multi money making platform of the year. A platform to help its members make money with many different earnings methods.


Include Luna Wallet for merchants, instant payment transfer, foreign exchange market crypto-currency, online shopping, internet services, marketing and advertising, donations, high security tier level.

You can use the Luna Wallet to accept payments on your website at a very low % fee. (not announced yet)


What makes Bitluna unique

Their own mining coin, called Luna will bring funds that can be exchanged in real time between miners / members.

LunaCoin bringing you a hybrid coin Pos/Pow to mine with ease, LUNA has 0 premised coins giving the chance to others to mine and sell

Mitefx is an exchanger like any other exchanger that allows to echange from Luna. Many more exchangers integrating Luna are on the list and will be announced on Launch date.


DDoS protection and SSl enryption keep attacks away. Additionally the fast web servers will ensure 100% uptime even with high loads of traffic.


Payment processors

Qiwi bank, LunaWallet, AdvCash, Payeer, Solid Trust pay, perfect money, payza, skrill, bitcoin


How it Works – Various Ways to Earn Money

  • #1 – mining LunaCoins and exchange them on Bitluna platform or keep and exchange them at higher prices between other members.
  • #2 – investing in ad shares (ad packs). Each share is bundled with a certificate of investment that will guarantee earning for unlimited time
  • #3 – playing games on Bitluna website, like the weekly jackpot and other games that can bring up to 2000% return on the amount wagered.

Deposit Plans

Minimum $10. You will receive advertisement credits like on every ad revenue sharing platform and you can use them to advertise your sites and offers. Bitluna shares revenue but if you don’t reinvest in the system (by compounding shares or by purchasing more ad packs) you will receive less % of revenue after exceeding the 130% return.

Half of your daily earnings is distributed to your account only if you click on ads daily. The other half is passively given no matter if you click on ads or not.

Withdrawals will be processed in 12 hours without any fees or limitations. Minimum $1.


If you sign up in the pre-launch phase you will receive $10 repurchase balance bonus when launched.


MLM affiliate program

There is a 5 level deep plan for affiliates and representatives

  • Affiliates: 1st level 5%, 2nd 3%, 3rd 1%, 4th 1%, 5th 1%
  • Representatives: 1st level 10%, 2nd 3%, 3rd 1%, 4th 1%, 5th 1%

At launch date you will be able to register only with an invitation link.


How to Mine Luna Coins

Information is missing on Bitluna website so I headed over to Luna Wallet. I could not retrieve crucial information there as well except the terms of service.

LunaWallet is an online payment processor, registered and domiciled in Seychelles. They are working on the Wallet and they will update the site with news as soon as possible.

Donations Plan

Information is incomplete of course but it seems that you can donate directly your uplines 5 levels and expect donations from your downline referrals.


Facebook fan page

No other information found there either, except announcements for the Bitluna program.


Owners – Domain

A whois search uncovers the registration date (14 Nov 2016), the owners are hiding their identities using privacy protection.






Final Words – Pre-Conclusion



As the program has not launched yet it would be unfair to draw a conclusion. However the first signs are not very positive.

First of all the owners are hiding their identities and this is very suspicious. When you build a revenue sharing company you have to be fully transparent. You can not ask from people’s money without exposing who you are.

Affiliates that will deposit funds give the company a reason to exist, without these funds no rev share company can operate.


Even the LunaWallet domain was registered with privacy. Additionally I could not verify that Bitluna is indeed a UK registered company, no records found on the companies house listings.


I tend to believe that Bitluna is another Ponzi scheme, that will use new funds from investors to pay off existing affiliates. I am not 100% sure and I will update the thread when Bitluna launches. But everything points out to that direction.

The donations plan seems likes a cash gifting exchange. You donate to uplines, get donated by downlines.


As an advertising platform Bitluna is a clone of other ad networks that I use on a daily basis. Beautiful layout and dashboard with many features.


All revenue sharing programs are very risky and you should invest in those companies only selectively and after a deep research, otherwise you risk in losing your money.

I never recommend these opportunities and I am not recruiting people, because these programs disappear on average a few months after they launch, so all late affiliates lose money, the vast majority. That programs are designed to make the owners richer and a few earlier investors might enjoy minus profits if they manage to withdraw their earnings soon enough.



How to Make Money Online Without Risks



My favourite route in making money online is by far affiliate niche websites. This is how I started 2 years ago, and I definitely love it.

There is only one catch, your personal work / devotion.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help




That’s it, another review stays open, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. If you know anything about the company or the owners do not hesitate to participate. Till next time, your online partner.















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