You're Reading:BitFerraira – Elegantly Dressed HYIP as a Magnet for WannaBe Investors

BitFerraira – Elegantly Dressed HYIP as a Magnet for WannaBe Investors

by Tasos


Jul 23, 2017



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I came across another modern investing platform that is promising huge earnings for all members. This time, the design work is awesome and the website expresses status and confidence. But is the design of a website enough to justify the activities of the company?…Of course not, this is why we have to dive deep in order to analyze the facts.

Have in mind that all the latest programs had led the industry to chaos. The majority of them are illegal and they disappear from the market after a few short months. This means that many people lose money and only the owners of the programs escape with real profits.

Let’s find out, Is this program any better than the low-quality competition?…



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Inside BitFerraira



The elegantly designed homepage shows a Ferrari in various positions in an attempt to lure potential investors. The red color of the sports car ties with the red logo of BitFerraira.

But is there really a connection between the website and the famous brand?

One and only main headline…

  • Grow your coins






About Page

The page refers to Ferraira Group that supposedly owns the website. However, by performing an online search I came across the Ferreira group (with E). Ferraira group (with A) has a LinkedIn page that is empty.

They say…that their company would be our one and only trusted partner in crypto-world. They can simplify your crypto-investments significantly. They started to provide customers with a beneficial, reliable, and productive template based on the numerous years of knowledge, experience, and capability of the trading team of experts. One of the most successful investing and Forex trading firms in the industry.

Dedication, flexibility, insights to the complexities of the market, transparency, innovative strategies, technologies, and methodologies to beat the competition.

The company hired a diligent team of professionals, with the best of qualifications, skills, and experience in the Forex trading.


Let’s see, can they live up to the hype?



  • Instant payments
  • Registered company
  • Licensed script
  • 24/7 support
  • SSL encryption


5 Steps to Ultimate Success

  • Register a new account
  • Select a Plan
  • Make a deposit
  • Withdraw earnings
  • Invite friends


Investment Plans


  • F12 TDF: 0.30% hourly ROI, 7% daily ROI for 20 days, deposits 0.01 – 1 BTC
  • 488 GTB: 0.34% hourly ROI, 8% daily ROI for 20 days, deposits 1.01 – 5 BTC
  • GTC4: 0.37% hourly ROI, 9% daily ROI for 20 days, deposits 5.01 – 50 BTC
  • 812 FAST: 0.42% hourly ROI, 10% daily ROI for 20 days, deposits 50.01 – 9999 BTC



Affiliate Program – 2 levels 

1st level 5%, 2nd level 3% commissions on referrals purchases


Payment Processors

Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum


FAQ – Terms – Important

You can open as many accounts as you want






Social Media

The Facebook page does not indicate any admin. Till now only 3 posts are published.

The VK account shows a woman’s picture presented as Marcia Araujo. I performed an online search for this image to gather data. The image does not belong to Marcia Araujo. It is a stock image used on various properties. You can tell by the Freepik listing. A free photo entitled…”Smiling female business leader with arms crossed”.










Registration – Legal Docs

Companies house number 10513811, Office A12 2 Alexandra Gate, Cardiff, United Kingdom, CF24 2SA, incorporated on 07 December 2016. The name Marcia Araujo Do Nascimento appears as the officer,  


Owners – Domain

The whois database uncovers the registration date for the domain bitferraira.net, 17 July 2017. The owners as usually are hiding from the public using privacy protection.


And this is where another HYIP website has nothing more to present








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Final Thoughts



Are you interested in investing?…Is BitFerraira a company that is surrounded by experts and professionals?…Can they justify the fancy ROIs?…Keep on reading for a full breakdown…


Apart from the registration number, there is nothing to trust in that company.


The domain was purchased anonymously, as all the latest HYIPs. Nowhere is mentioned who owns the company. They claim that they are transparent but they are not. They say that a team of experts and professionals can ensure profitability, however, this information is totally unverifiable.

Is this really one of the most successful Forex trading firms?…There is no information online to justify that.

The about page refers to innovative strategies, technologies, and methodologies to beat the competition. How exactly they are going to achieve such results remains a mystery.

They say that their customers are successful but no report has been published. The BitFerraira website is empty of content.


I was expecting to find extensive information regarding the Forex trading sector. But BitFerraira disappoints. There is not even an article published on the official website. This is not how legitimate companies attract people.


Before I invest I have to be 100% sure that I deal with real people and not anonymous companies. This is a giant first step that can build trust. Therefore, I expect to see the owner’s image, the team of experts photos and the facilities. Nothing, BitFerraira has nothing to show.


Moreover, the name that appears in the companies house listings, Marcia Araujo, is probably a fake one. The image used to present Marcia is a free image found on the stock market. This means that the BitFerraira owners lie.


Now lte’s discuss about the most important factor, the investment plans


During the last years, the global economy has been under extreme pressure. Bank interests fall, risky investments, stock markets that collapse. Nowadays, any program promising more than 10% yearly is probably fraudulent and should be avoided at all costs. How can BitFerraira justify 7% to 10% daily ROIs?…They can’t, this is just a trap to lure potential investors.

And why would they want to share their knowledge and expertise with random people online?….If you had a system to generate massive profits in the Forex trading markets would you share it with unknown people?…Does it make any sense?


All of the above details leave me no space but to mark the financial opportunity as another Ponzi scheme. In those programs affiliates and their deposits are being used as the only source of income. When someone registers and deposits, this money is being used to pay off those that invested earlier. This is illegal and the reason for the final inevitable collapse. When no new members will be recruited, no new money will be rolling in, no ROIs will be delivered.

That vast majority of participants is mathematically guaranteed to taste a bitter loss. Who is making money?…The anonymous admins and maybe a couple of friends that probably invested on day 1.


A very dangerous program that you bettter ignore





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That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.





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