I came across another recently launched cryptocurrency HYIP, one that is promising huge earnings for investors. This is the latest trend in the industry, people are searching for “Easy” ways to make money online and pseudo companies come to life in order to satisfy that exact human “Hunger”.

And you might be wondering, is everyone in profit?…is it so easy to make money without having to work after all?…are all those trading companies legit doing their best for clients?…

I have to disappoint you today, but this kind of programs do not last long because in most of the cases are illegal.


This program looks like a copy of low-quality HYIPs created on the go, but let’s dive deep before we make our final decision…



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Inside BitcoinXL



The image used on the homepage background is almost destroyed (too much effect?). The main headline announces a signup bonus and hourly accruals.

They say…BitcoinXL.org is a brand new trading and mining company. They only trade on the best-trading markets on the net. Furthermore, they own the best mining hardware currently available on the market. The company pays all the members hourly without any transaction fees. They are very confident as they are professionals and experts. Thanks to their extraordinary diversification strategy, they are able to deliver steady income for all their members.

I wonder which are those best-trading markets on the net. I am very curious to see the best bitcoin mining hardware on the planet.






About Page

Headquartered in London, the name of the company is synonymous with effective and profitable Bitcoin trading & mining solutions. Their members do not need any trading experience. The formula to success is very simple. Choose one of the four available trading plans, make a deposit, sit back and enjoy the rewards while the BitcoinXL experts do the work for you.

The Bitcoin trading professionals are constantly watching the markets, and trade when Bitcoin prices are slowly decreasing. Once they have achieved their set goals or when the market prices rise, they begin to sell bitcoins at a much higher rate.



  • 0.1 BTC signup bonus
  • Automatic interest
  • Deposit back anytime
  • 24/7 withdrawals
  • Guaranteed profit
  • No risk of losing capital
  • High leverage
  • Initial deposit back
  • No cost of trading


Statistics shown

  • 42267 active members
  • Total deposits 9156+ BTC
  • Total payouts 7544+ BTC


Investment Plans


  • Starter: 0.13% Hourly ROIs, 3,12% daily ROIs, deposits 0.003 – 0.1 BTC
  • Normal: 0,15% hourly ROIs, 3,6% daily ROIs, deposits 0.101 – 0.5 BTC
  • BTC Expert: 0,17% hourly ROIs, 4,08% daily ROIs, deposits 0.501 – 1 BTC
  • VIP: 0,21% hourly ROIs, 5,04% daily ROIs, deposits 1.001 – Unlimited BTC

The maximum withdrawable amount per 24 hours, per account, is 0,01 BTC. You can create a request for withdrawal of any amount that is equal to or greater than 0.0005 BitCoin


Affiliate Program

  • 5% commissions on referrals purchases. You don’t need to invest in order to be eligible for referral commissions.
  • 10% commissions on referrals purchases for BitcoinXL representatives. There is no information on how to become a representative though. You have to contact them via the support page.


FAQ – Terms – Important

  • You can create up to 4 accounts per IP address. The FAQ page also mentions that only 1 account is allowed. Pretty confusing.!
  • Only Bitcoins are accepted
  • You can deposit as many times as you want
  • Address: Aldgate, St. Botolph Street, London, United Kingdom, EC3A 7DT. At this address, there is a company named, Beaufort House, an office space rental agency in London. Many HYIP companies use the same exact address







Registration – Legal Docs

On the FAQ page, there is mentioned a companies number, 10568888. By checking this number I came across this listing as you can see in the screenshot. Hamnah & Hashim LTD credit report. There is no connection with the BitcoinXL program though. This Hamnah company incorporated back in January 2017.

Unfortunately, no BitcoinXL company exists online.


Social Media

The Facebook page does not mention any admin.


Owners – Domain

With the help of the whois database, I uncover the registration date for the domain bitcoinxl.org, 08 August 2017. The owners as usually are hiding from the public using privacy protection.


And this is the point where another HYIP website has nothing more to present.









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Final Thoughts



Are you interested in investing?…Is this company a trading giant as they claim?…can they guarantee profits for all their members?…Read on, for a full breakdown.


This company is not even registered. The number they provide on the official website refers to another company that has no connection with this one. Furthermore, the domain was purchased anonymously, and this is a huge reason for you to stay away from non-transparent companies. Even the address they provide belongs to a rental agency. Many HYIP projects use the same address.

Additionally, the statistics shown on the homepage are fake. How can a brand new HYIP have over 42,000 members in less than 20 days?…Incredible. And almost 10,000 bitcoins already deposited in this project. Really?…Over $30 million at the time speaking.

Moving on, they claim that although they are a brand new trading/mining company their name is synonymous with effective Bitcoin trading solutions. They guarantee earnings for all members and that there is no risk of losing capital. Not only, they say that they own the best mining hardware on the market.

OK, I believe you BitcoinXL.org admin. But I need to see your real face. I want to see the facilities images and the fancy equipment. Do you really think that a company with the best mining hardware on Earth could not publish a single photo illustrating the hardware?…Interesting, at least!


Now let’s discuss about the most important aspect of the program, the investment plans


During the last decades, we live in an era of economic crisis. Now banks can not offer interests that belong to the past. I remember when I was young that I was getting 18% yearly interest with a simple savings account. But things have changed, today bank interests in my country are between 0.2% and 0.5%.

How can BitcoinXl.org guarantee 0.21% Hourly ROIs will remain a mystery to be solved by aliens. They even claim to give you 5% daily ROIs. These ROIs are only fantastic and in the same manner, your dashboard will grow with fictitious numbers.

Or are they able to do that because of their extraordinary diversification strategy?…or is it because they wait till the Bitcoin prices fall in order to buy?…I wish that it was that easy.

But trading on the markets is a risky model, even professionals with years of experience lose money. No one can predict the future, no one can guarantee any earnings by trading activities. And even if BitcoinXL was in the position to dominate the financial markets they would not share their profits with random people online.

Why do that?…does it make any sense?…if you had a system to win all the trades, would you share that knowledge with strangers?

Moreover, the 0.1 BTC signup bonus is fake. They can not offer $340 just for fun to everyone. Did they do that for all their 42,000 members?…


Have in mind that before you decide to invest a penny.


Now let me show you how BitcoinXL is making money in reality. It is a Ponzi scheme. That kind of programs are solely dependent on affiliates and their deposits. There is no other source of income. When someone registers a new account and deposits, this money is being used to pay off those that invested earlier. This is illegal, and the main reason why this program will disappear from the market. When recruitment will slow down, no new money will be rolling in, no ROIs will be delivered.

It is when the anonymous admins will escape shutting down the website, ready for the next Ponzi game. They make money at the expense of their members. The vast majority of participants is guaranteed to taste a bitter loss.


A program that you should ignore





Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.





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