• ZarFund: Dec 1, 2016. A typical Ponzi system feeds older investors with money coming in solely from early affiliates with no products sold to the retail market. And will vanish because recruitment can not last forever.
  • Automata Formula: Nov 28, 2016. If you use the software do not be surprised if you watch your account go empty.
  • Profit Replicator App: Nov 26, 2016. A simple plugin to give random signals and make you believe that is actually working. But if you use it you will watch your account go empty in the blink of an eye.
  • WindProject.biz: Nov 24, 2016. Is the Wind Project company going to use funds coming for the sale of electricity? or is this just another Ponzi scheme that compensates old investors from the deposits of new members? Likely, the latter.
  • DubaiLifestyleApp: Nov 20, 2016. Have you ever seen beta testers pay to use software from companies that want to test them out? revolutionary way.
  • PlenitudeFormula: Nov 19, 2016. Again you are forced to sign up with the recommended broker of the owner and deposit $250 in order to create an account. So this way they will make an affiliate commission out of your spending.
  • OnassisAlliance: Nov 13, 2016. They present you with a lifestyle, with paid actors that are millionaires and now they want to share their secret of success with us. Well, it is not like that.
  • ZenTrader: Nov 9, 2016. This is how scammers act, they want you to sign up with their recommended broker so they can make affiliate commissions out of you. This is how they make money out of innocent people. Decent companies let you use any account you want.
  • Gemini2: Nov 7, 2016. If I had to fund every broker out there you imagine how many $250 I would have lost by now.
  • ZeusInvestments2: Nov 5, 2016. This was another Hollywood scenario to trap innocent people that want to get started with Binary trading. Do not believe in such bogus claims, no one wants to turn you into a millionaire just like that.
  • CloudTrackTrader: Oct 28, 2016. Cloud Track Trader had nothing to offer than promises of a luxurious life…Apart from that, nothing. Where is the training? Where is the knowledge? Disappointment.
  • OrionCode: Oct 26, 2016. No, I want to make another deal, Mr. Millionaire. If you want so desperately to help people in need, why don’t you send me $250 out of your pocket? I don’t need your millions, I just want $250. Donate $250 to 1000 poor families, if you want to make a real difference. But, that is way too hard, I know…
  • Disrupt Trading: Oct 21, 2016. Beyond the fake video testimonials that can be bought with a lousy fiver on Fiverr, the incredible claims of making thousands of dollars from day one… 
  • Blazing Trader: Oct 13, 2016. The same scam over and over again. Do not get so easily deceived. Stay away and if you want to become a successful binary options trader, then start educating yourself.
  • Polygraph Millionaire: Oct 11, 2016. There is no software to dominate in such a way the trading markets. If it was it would be the invention of the centuries.
  • Instant Cash Club: Oct 9, 2016. Stay away.
  • Playboy Millionaire James Benson: Oct 6, 2016. Do not believe that you can make money so easily. Money can be made with binary options trading but only if you are an experienced player. Even these players do not always win. Stay away from automated systems that promise to trade for you.
  • QuattroBot: Oct 3, 2016. This is the same technique all the binary robot scams are using and I find it very appealing but is far from making you rich.
  • Drexel Code: Sep 26, 2016. Do not believe that there is software that does not lose a trade and more importantly that is offered for free. If this was the case they would not announce it, they would have kept it secret till their death.
  • Brooks Blueprint: Sep 24, 2016. Steven Brooks presents a binary trading robot that promises to deliver only winning trades. Well, that is practically impossible and moreover, Binary Options is not a market for inexperienced gamblers.
  • Terabit Trader: Sep 20, 2016. It is a new era of Binary Options Trading Scams. An era of new technology miracles, incredible speed in data transfer, and no losses when trading.
  • Millionaires Biz: Sep 9, 2016. Do not believe that there is software to make you a millionaire in a few weeks. If someone invents such a system he won’t advertise it. They will keep it for themselves.
  • Cash Formula: Aug 30, 2016. The same old story. The script is a little different but the purpose is the same. To make you deposit your account with the broker so they can make commissions out of you.
  • Quantum Code: Aug 27, 2016. Do not believe that there is a software that can make you rich. Do not expect to find a magic bullet that solves everything on auto-pilot. Stop the madness. Money can be made online, but you have to work
  • Commhubb: Aug 11, 2016. It is funny to the bone, never join such opportunities no matter how fancy they may seem. Disappointment. But I have already analyzed the reasons behind those bad entrepreneurial attempts.
  • Mobile Binary Code: Aug 5, 2016. This program is no different than other binary options trading scams like Sarah Markel’s Quick Cash System.
  • Market Buster App: Jul 20, 2016. Fake promises. There is no program in the world that can dominate the stock market.No one can guarantee that kind of ratios , this is just a hook to trap you and pay the entrance fee of $250 and so that they can grant an affiliate commission.
  • FutureAdPro: Jun 10, 2016. Bad program.
  • Our Traffic Pays: Jun 9, 2016. Bad opportunity.
  • Capital Provision: Jun 7, 2016. This site is fake, they target only your pocket. Stay away by all means.
  • RevenueCentral: Jun 6, 2016. Bad platform.
  • GrandRevShare: May 30, 2016. Not a promising opportunity.
  • MXRevShare: May 16, 2016. It reminds me of Traffic Monsoon, Buxept and other similar ad networks. Stay away!
  • VerifiedTrader: Apr 21, 2016. Avoid it at all costs.
  • Push Money App: Apr 6, 2016. This program is awful , avoid it at all costs , just to be sure and to save your money.
  • Ad2Prosper: Mar 23, 2016. A Ponzi program that has an expiry date.
  • TheMillionaireMaker: Oct 17, 2015. Don’t trust sites that leave you in the dark with no real information , detailed information on how their system work.This program is no different than Larry’s Cash Machine , Millionaires Blueprint or the Quick Cash by Sarah Markel.
  • Push Button Salaries: Oct 10, 2015. Where should I start?…I have been discussing about that subject , a lot lately , as these new binary offers are endless , literally.
  • Bonus Busters: Oct 6, 2015. A very poor product inside the Clicksure affiliate network
  • Auto Profit Replicator: Oct 4, 2015. What can I say, disappointment. “Automated Binary Industry”
  • Binary Backdoor: Oct 3, 2015. P.S Do not deposit money when a webpage is filled only with a video full of sales shouts. Investigate for further content. You need to find tons of free information.
  • Gold Digger Trade: Oct 4, 2015. a recent post I published , that summarises this situation , on the Automated Software Systems.
  • 50K Mission: Sep 26, 2015. Another binary fraud is added to the already extended catalogue.
  • Million Dollar Duplicator: Sep 30, 2015. A bad program on Clicksure.
  • TheFiveMinuteExperiment: SCAM
  • Millionaire Blueprint: Sep 17, 2015. Oh my, really do you believe such stories?
  • 30DayChange: Sep 14, 2015. Another Epic Scam like Sarah MarkelOz Robot , Mr Williamson and more.
  • Larry’s Cash Machine: Sep 12, 2015. Exaggerated claims.
  • Penny Stock Sniper: Jul 21, 2015. I can’t believe how they let such poor products enter their affiliate networks market.These exact products are driving these huge networks to a shut-down….Misery for Clickbank.
  • OZ Robot: Jul 14, 2015. SCAM.
  • Euro Millionaire System: Jun 18, 2015. Not a good opportunity.
  • Great Profit Formula: June 01, 2015. Magic software, stay away.
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The Magic of the "7 Ideals" methodology (beta)

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