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You're Reading:Why the Affiliate Millionaire “Scam Club” Did Not Convince Me

Why the Affiliate Millionaire “Scam Club” Did Not Convince Me

by Tasos


Oct 9, 2015


Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

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When I entered that suspicious website I knew that something was wrong.Their main headline was suggesting me to watch their FREE video , full of valuable information on how to make tons of money daily.OK , I thought , what I have to lose?

…In order to continue please give us your best email…So , I have to lose my privacy after all … Any website doing just that is not legitimate.You mention a Free video and in order to watch it you ask me for my email address?…Pretty unethical, don’t you think?


I feel that this Review on Affiliate Millionaire Club Will Point us to Another Epic Scam


But why are you saying that?…When I am bombarded immediately with false and fake claims followed by bought video testimonials for $5 or less and when at least one of those members is a well know testimonial “Maker” that I met him in another product review , I am sure , 100% sure.


Is this Product any better than these “One Click” get Rich Quick Schemes as its Owner Claims?


More screenshots of bank accounts , mazeratis , harleys , the same menu.Is this program so revolutionary?..I strongly doubt it.But the owner continues , these photos are not to brag , are only proofs that he is living the Millionaire Lifestyle.He is about to reveal a god kept secret , one that will drive us to generate $5K per day , like an ATM machine that prints money.

Another money printer?…I have enough of those

He kept that software under Lock & Key and guarded it with his life…Are you talking to children Mo?


What’s Next? – The Background Story Of Course


Back in the 90’s , a bus boy at a local restaurant making on average $35 a night for 60+ hours per week…Poor boy…He wanted to change that , he spent all his money on crappy software and worthless e-books that never worked.This was the time he started building affiliate websites and making around $20 to $30 per day…Not bad Mo , good progress.

But he had more expenses to take care of.Hosting , servers ,programmers and hire companies for SEO services…It’s not that hard Mo , you could do that all alone , you know.It’s not a rocket science … He bought ads for PPC campaigns.But it was hard.He needed about 3 months to finish one website…In fact Mo , a website is never finished.


He Knew That the Key to Success was to Automate the Entire Process


He was looking for a program to create automatically affiliate websites in seconds , not in months.After unlimited hours on working on this project Mo and his team (yes , he has a team) developed something so revolutionary , a cutting edge solution.In the first week his income was tripled…Mo , I am convinced right now , sorry for earlier , please give me this software.

One month later , his income passed the $10000 mark.10K , unbelievable.A software that creates Mobile Friendly websites in seconds…And these websites are ready to generate income , Mo , right?


What else is included in those fancy websites , Mo?

  • Unlimited hosting
  • Unlimited premium domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited 1 on 1 coaching


A Simple Process

Login with your password , get to the membership’s area , choose a product to promote from the drop menu , type in the website address , place your affiliate link ,and generate money instantly , Mo, is that so?

That’s it , in 5 seconds you have a Unique Powerful Website specialised on the product you’ve chosen.


The software will auto-submit your website to Google and the search engines.Additionally your affiliate link is placed onto various locations on your website.

That’s all you miss to achieve financial freedom…I wish it was so easy Mr Mo…I really wished that , then no one would have to work again.We all would sit down and enjoy our properties and families.


Mo is getting really anxious now…Wait Tasos , OK with one website you can NOT make that much money , I admit it.But the software will help you to create unlimited websites.The more you have the more income.


Wrong Mo , even with one website someone can make miracles.But it needs consistent work , to publish quality content every day and to engage with the visitors…Have in mind Mo , that no website can get ranked in the SERP’s with one page of content only.According to your theory I could imaginary build 50 websites per day and get rich in a month.Mo , you are pushing me to the limits.I want to give you a good rating , do not destroy our relationship.


And another critical question Mo.How can these websites be unique the minute your software automatically creates the same content for all your clients?..Is that a duplicate content occasion?






Earning Commissions on Auto-Pilot


I am afraid that not even Google or Amazon or Coca Cola are making commissions this way.You can not build a business , abandon it and expect to make a living out of it.May be it is possible to another world or universe , but here on Earth , Mo , I am sorry , it just does not work.

Hey Tasos , I can show you another way to generate money with my websites…OK , Mo , show me but give your best , I am angry right now.


Sign Up for Google Adsense and make millions overnight


Yes , I know Mo , with the traffic that my website will be getting (0 to 1) people per month I will make tons of money , right.


More Excellent Features he can’t Reveal Just Yet

  • Social media integration to connect your crappy site on the media platforms.
  • FULL access to his exclusive editing software that will allow you to change anything you want on these websites.
  • Access to the library that is full of e-books , tutorials and other training material…But I thought it was on Auto-pilot , Mo.
  • Access to a unique ticketing system to allow you to contact him and his team for support.


Please Tasos , do not show this software to anyone else


This is not available to the general public..And why is it published on the web , Mo?…The web is not a general public area?



But How Much Does It Cost?


At first he thought to give it for $997 , then he decided to reduce the price to $497.But because Mo is a decent entrepreneur he took it one step ahead.Only for a limited time , the access to the Affiliate Millionaire Club is only $37 , one time payment.


But hey Mo , you said earlier that I can create unlimited websites and I have unlimited premium domains.One domain costs around $7 – $12 per year , if I create 10 websites a day , in a year the costs for my domains only would reach this number.Let’s see 10 X 365 = 3650 X 7 minimum = 25550…$25K dollars only for the domains , Mo


..Have you ever thought of that?..No ,you did not , you only wanted to finish that lousy video , as a typical lazy guy you are , and sell dreams of thin air to the innocent people and the newbies.

I have to punish you a little bit



Final Opinion – Conclusion


Ok , Mo is not that bad , really , in fact , you are somewhat in the same level with the classic Binary Frauds and other scammers.And deceptive as well , this software is not creating websites , is creating landing pages.These kind of pages may have worked somewhat in the past , but in this modern era are totally useless.

If you want to make money out of a website , you will need content.TONS of content.Useful , practical content that can help visitors.Have in mind that in order to obtain traffic to your website you need months , not seconds as Mo claims.If you are consistent with your work and engage with your visitors and if you have a strong presence in the social media as an authority you can make it.But definitely not by following Mo’s words.


So , Mo , you are trying to sell dreams and hopes that do not exist.This is not how Affiliate Marketing works.It is not that easy.

If you are looking for genuine Affiliate Marketing training portals I can suggest you to take a look at 2 of my recommended solutions.I am talking about Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate (top recommended).You will build websites and you will take certification courses to learn everything you need to know about online businesses.


P.S :I tried to exit and the price reduced to $17…A big discount of $20 , Mo knows how bad is his product so he is desperate for any dollar he might get.

Why should I pay even $17 for an awful website builder the minute I can build a beautiful website on my own for Free and get tons of training at the same time?…Useless product , but if you want to try it out be my guest.


That’s it , I hope you enjoyed another review , here on Web Market Support.The comment section is open to anyone.Till next time , your online partner.









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  1. Angela

    Holy cow, Tzortzis, I believe you totally ripped apart and exposed every little bit that you could in this review on the affiliate millionaires club. I am so totally with you, it seems to me to be more of a “snake oil” salesman, offering too many “to good to be true” ways to get the reader to sign up. Hopefully plenty of people will read this eye opening review and put “Mo” out of his own misery.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Angela , another scam exposed , I don’t have much too add , really.You have sent a clear message , the good to be true offers were too many , eventually they did not deliver on any of them.

      Thank you for this visit and for stating your experience here.


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