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From 1 ad pack I managed to multiply them into 10. I requested to withdraw only a small part of my revenue. My payment froze on hold, over 15 days now.

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UPDATE – 18 Nov 2016

A revenue sharing site suspended by the hosting provider just today.Hopefully I did not lose any money as I did not buy any ad pack because I was not sure if the admins were decent or not.It is my policy.I invest only on trusted sites after deep research.

I had reached $3.30 by clicking on PTC ads and the cheapest ad pack was set at $5….close…But I lost my time…only….Anyways…we move on










UPDATE – 18 Nov 2016

Another sise suspended eventually.There was something wrong during the last week as I could not login right away.The main page was redirecting to the hosting provider but after a few refreshes it was getting back to normal..

I did not lose any money here either, I was clicking on PTC ads, I had reached $1.5 and I wanted to buy a $5 ad pack….But…life goes on..











Another non paying revenue sharing scam…For a full review continue here











UPDATE – 03 Nov 2016

This is a revenue sharing platform but as with the most of them it has a PTC department.Fortunately I did not purchase any ad pack out of my pocket , this is my policy with every rev share company.First I use the free account to check things out for at least one week.If I see new ads coming in and that there is potential I proceed with a purchase.

I managed to reach easily $1 (first red flag) by clicking on PTC ads and then I was able to purchase an ad pack.The lowest priced ad pack I have ever seen.From there it was easy again to climb to the $2 minimum payout threshold.I asked for money and in less than an hour I checked my dashboard that was updated with the payment.

However , as usually happens , my Payza account was not updated as well….Too bad , for yet another awful advertising platform.

UPDATE – 15 Dec 2016

Finally they got suspended from their hosting provider, now they might been thinking in creating a new scam












UPDATE – 18 Nov 2016

It’s been 3 days now since they removed the PTC ads,very suspicious move..temporary black listed…I did not purchase any ad pack as I was not sure if this revenue sharing company is legitimate








Traffic Monsoon




Another Ponzi scheme collapsed and the owner managed to make a fortune out of over 160,000 people.For a full review on Traffic Monsoon continue here









Revenue Sharing / HYIP

Revenue Sharing / HYIP Monitoring

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